10 Lessons I Learned In 2022

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In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the 22 lessons he learned in 2022.

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A lot of strange things happen in 2022 Today I'm going to share with you Lessons we can learn from 2022 so we Don't repeat many of these mistakes in 2023. [Music] All right so let's get right into it I Have a lot of different points the first One I'm going to talk about is the Following one don't believe your own Hype here's what I mean by it a lot of People made a lot of money in 2021 going Into 2022 so these folks in real estate Were making 50 100 200 300 Grand a month The crypto people were making money There was a bunch of crypto millionaires Nft millionaires all of this stuff and They started believing that maybe I am Better than I really am maybe I'm really Smarter than everybody else and then the Bad economy shows up the way you and I Can judge ourselves if we should even Believe the hype is when you win during A great Market but also when you win During a bad Market 2022 filtered out a Lot of people who only won during the Great Market listen the second one I Don't even know why we do this but we All fall for it don't buy into polls Polls tell you a bunch of different Things let me tell you it's going to be A big red wave Republicans are going to Do this and there's no Blue Wave you Know this person is going to win that

Person is going to win we have put way Too much trust in polls it's time to Only give this much credibility to post And see what happens because events People things we say things politicians Say it's so volatile right now that Anything can change at any time no Matter how much credibility a poll has Had for 10 20 30 40 50 years all right Third one a lot of people became experts At zooms oh my God I love to do Zoom so Hey would you like to uh talk to a Little bit more about our business and What we're doing yes let's do it on Zoom Let's do it on Zoom let's do it on Zoom So people got lazier and lazier and Lazier and lazier and lazier and then They realize Zoom work during covid and Zoom is a good tool to use all the time But Zoom doesn't build culture you saw Zoom stock drop the same way Zoom went Up like this is the same way zooming Down like this when people realize there Is power in the handshake there is power In this I told the story the other day To one of our guys that's 28 years old Who was sitting there saying I'm going To be doing Zoom for the rest of my life And it was single I said listen let me Explain to you zoom versus face to face I said uh you go on dates for girls he Says yes I said I want you about if you Go on a date with a girl on Zoom no Matter how good of a job you do spit and

Gain No matter how good of a job you say Saying anything to them you know ain't Nothing happening tonight I said but if You go on dinner with a girl same girl And you're at dinner you're going to Bring your game why because if you spit Good game good things may happen to you Right Zoom was good temporarily for Covet and it's good to use on subtle Different things if you're dealing with People internationally but nothing beats Face to face to build culture no matter What industry or business we're talking About so two stories I want to share With you crazy just last week an email Goes out to a bunch of our employees From me apparently asking for their Phone number so a bunch of our employees Send the email back saying hey Pat Here's my number how to get a hold of me Then a number text them for credit card One of our employees ends up responding Back with the credit card she lost 400 Because they thought it was me why would Ask for 400 but that's what happened to One of our employees another story is When a guy sends me messages on WhatsApp Saying hey Pat just so you know your Past word your information is on the Dark group I said what so finally we Decided to partner with a new partner Sponsor we're very excited about Aura What Aura does for a living is protect Against any of that stuff happening to

You let me tell you how so Aura protects You from scammers and hackers by Scanning the so-called dark web where Criminals sell stolen information Looking for your email's password and Social Security numbers and what Aura Does is it alerts you fast if it finds Anything they also can help fight back Against those annoying websites that Make your personal information public For automatically requesting removal of Your info this helps reduce those Robo Calls they'll protect against any kind Of suspicious credit inquires boom You'll get alerted by them they protect Devices from viruses malware spyware I Mean I can go on and on talking to you About what they're doing against kids When your kids have four kids when they Use phones what they can have access to The the password all of that stuff Aura Does in one place some of you may be Having certain companies that do one or Two of these things but Aura does all of That in one place having said that or do The hard work of keeping you safe online If you sign up right now with aura they Will give you a two-week free trial with My link go to aura.com forward slash pbd Once again aura.com forward slash pbd to Start your free trial also link below in The description this one's very Interesting a lot of people try to bully Employers in 2022 and it backfired Q3 of

2022 why in 2021 everybody was Recruiting sixty thousand dollar salary Hey this other person's willing to pay Me 80 if you don't pay me I'm leaving Today with a ten thousand dollar bonus Oh my god let's pay him the bonus Boom The next the next the next the next they Did that once twice three times until People realize during covert you had two Three jobs you kept doing all this other Stuff now everyone knows a lot of things About you so now a lot of people are Going to have resumes with gaps where They're gonna say well during this nine Month period I was helping my mother Because she was sick I was helping my Father because he wasn't doing too well No you abuse an employer and you know They're not going to say good things About you so on your resume there's Going to be a gap now if you didn't do This you're like Pat what are you Talking about I didn't do that there are A lot of people that did do that and Employers are starting to realize that That was gamesmanship and just so you Know that doesn't help a lot with Credibility for those who do that now Those employees who during covid stayed True to the company and they brought Value and they grew the company they Have the most leverage today because They showed loyalty and the company Knows hey man we value that's the

Leverage the employees got who became Entrepreneurs and leaders for the Company during covet while everybody was Running around sleeping around with a Bunch of different employers credit to Those that stuck on with the right Companies that had the right opportunity For them five bad policies and ideas Have consequences what do I mean by this Politically we have consequences let's Print money send money to everybody People got rich next thing you know oh My gosh this money is gone what do we do Now hey Disney we're gonna go do this With cartoons and movies great idea no It's not the audience didn't like it hey Netflix here's what we're gonna do no The audience they don't like it that's a Bad idea hey all of these people that Have bad policies or bad ideas the Market said to them we don't like your Ideas and policies bam they took a big Hit so it's very easy next time you're Thinking about coming up with a policy Or an idea process it with other people Not just with people you agree with Specifically with people that also Disagree with you to see that you may Have a blind spot that you're not seeing Don't ever give two billion dollars to Somebody without an exchange for any Board seats and what I'm talking about Is SBF this guy's Sam bankman freed is The next you know Warren Buffett of the

New era which is a bunch of different Guys we're talking about I took two Billion dollars he manipulated the Marketplace made a bunch of money stole A bunch of money pure Criminal on what He did and a lot of it's not coming out That a lot of people from both sides are Noticing what he did and in exchange all These big companies like BlackRock Insight race two billion dollars never Ask for a board seat those ideas are Playing that Reckless us and aggressive With investors money showed in 2022 you Cannot pick your winners too early they Got to prove themselves but again this Is going to happen again and again again Except in 2023 you're going to see a lot Of these money people actually pay Attention to the right data that matters Instead of just winging it the way they Did in 2020 2021 and early 2022. the Business model of a bully is a short Life span you can't bully for too long Let me explain to what I mean by this Social media was bullying a lot of People canceling you know censoring all This other stuff oh we're not censoring Anybody oh we're not doing any of this Stuff a guy named Elon Musk comes and Buys Twitter Twitter files comes out all Of these people got exposed because Bullion doesn't work fauci here's what You got to do you got to take that you Got to take this you got to do this or

Else or else or else or else or else now Those files are coming up bullying work For a couple years but it's not a Business model long term not in politics Not in business not in church not in Anything eventually Bullies Are Gonna Face the one thing they feel you the Most and that's the truth and a True Believer a leader who doesn't fear their and that's happening right now In 2022 and this by the way will Continue into 2023. we learned in 2022 Just because somebody calls somebody a Journalist doesn't mean they're actually Doing the job of a journalist and we Realize we're starting to believe Citizen journalism more than actual Traditional mainstream media journalism Which is kind of weird citizen Journalism people are listening to Podcasters what kind of weird thing That's taking place but that's becoming More and more and more you're going to Start hearing about these journalists Working at mainstream Medias are Frightened of Citizen journalism because God forbid if their business model Doesn't work and they have to go start Their own podcast without the massive Engine behind them they may get exposed Realizing how hard it actually is to run A podcast and a show without a Teleprompter right in front of them They're just they're just reading what a

Producer or somebody wrote for them it's A very interesting thing we learned in 2022 this is another one of those things That I think is going to go go and show Up again 2023 24 25. the world Population ain't slowing down even Though we're not having as many babies As we typically were having before we Just crossed 8 billion people and even Though we have 8 billion people the World is smaller than it's ever been Before because we're 40 years ago when Something happened in Taiwan or Korea or Russia or the Middle East it would take A minute until we felt the residual Effects of it here for today anything That happens in the world we find out About it within seconds due to social Media so the world's gotten bigger 8 Billion but it's gotten smaller because The impact has immediately felt all over The world just because you have more Land doesn't mean you're stronger Military than another one that's got a Smaller land backed up by a bigger Government who am I talking about Russia's got all the land in the world Ukraine is this big but they're getting Support from NATO and U.S they are Standing against a country like Russia Which by the way we still don't know What's going to happen going into 2023 a Lot of weird conversations are happening But that's a David and Goliath story

Going on so people are actually noticing It matters to have a stronger military And some people that you thought were Stronger are not really as strong as we Thought they were so very interesting That happened between Russia and Ukraine So those are 10 other lessons we learned From 2022 and by the way I can add Another 10 more Bots if you want to be Prepared for the following year and you Want some hacks on how to properly write A business plan I did a video on 12 Building blocks that I used to drive you Both emotionally and logically if you've Not seen that highly recommend you watch This video click here to watch the video About the 12 building blocks take care Everybody bye-bye Foreign [Music]

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