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Now we weren't cool enough to be invited On GQ so we're making our own at-home Version NOW essential number one for me are Cigars for me it is my down time it's my Chance to relax reflect on the day take Some time for either myself or commit to A conversation with someone else I've Been smoking cigars seriously since Around summer of 2020. for me a cigar is Either a moment to reflect and pause and I know it sounds weird but it's almost a Little bit meditative it's always such Weird form of meditation because you're Focusing on your breathing and most Importantly you're slowing down your Breathing as well you can't be breathing Super quickly and enjoying a nice cigar And number two it's committing to a Conversation with a person you know People can go outside and smoke a Cigarette real quickly but a cigar is It's a ritual it's a practice and that's Also why you need some accessories so Here we have a Patek Philippe cigar Cutter which they very graciously gave Me as a gift because they know I like to Smoke a little too much and this is my Favorite lighter which is a limited Edition Dupont this is nice because you Flick it open it looks super badass Twist and you have soft flame and then Push up and you have blue jet flame it's See what we actually have in here so we

Got two Monte Cristo number twos in here And we have a Cohiba siglos six so I'm a Pretty fast smoker but this will be Around a 45 minute to 60 Minutes smoke For these two so that's either a Commitment to sit alone with your own Thoughts for an hour or to enjoy an Amazing conversation with someone so Next essential for me wherever I go in The world is a watch and most of the Time it's not just one watch and Sometimes they can even be cheap 50 Watches from Amazon for example I've got A Timex Snoopy which is one of my Favorite watches But whatever it is I usually dress Pretty plain pretty simple and watches Are a chance for you to have a little Bit of fun so in this watch rule right Here you've got a 5205 classic Patek Philippe so it's amazing for night for a Dress watch for more formal occasion Let's say you're doing something a Little bit more active you're out in the Day you've got your rubber band oyster Flex this is actually a beautiful Daytona it is with the meteorite dial Once again if you want something to wear With a suit or with just a t-shirt you Got a nautilus 5740 here and if you want To have a little bit of fun not take Yourself too seriously then you've got This Richard Mill 6702. In this watch roll I actually really

Love the 6702 because of how thin it is But I'd say if I had to have one only I Would definitely take the 5740 Lawless Super comfortable to wear you can wear It with a t-shirt with a suit any Occasion and you're gonna look amazing Quite all I'll see Now the next essential is a phone and Not really a phone these little apple Portable charging magnetic things which Are horrible by the way they barely even Charge your phone but in sticky Situations it does keep your phone alive And gives you a little bit of extra Juice so not only one phone I have five Main phones that I use a couple sit in The vault and are used for specific Purposes and then a few of them also go On the road with me as well when I first Started my businesses I was at my desk For 10 12 hours a day every single day Just working and these days it's crazy But I'm on my phone for 10 to 12 hours a Day also just working running the Businesses I remember I never used to Understand people that were just on Their phone all the day and that was Their work I felt like that wasn't Serious work but now at the scale and The size that we're at 115 Blues between The companies my work is a lot more just Staying in communication with my teams And anytime I'm traveling I bring an Extra phone with me just in case I got

Brand new extra phone because I have That much anxiety about a phone being Broken or something happening to it and Me being stuck on a trip oftentimes I'm In very smoke places and just stuck with No phones so all the things that I used To hate when I was younger about being Someone who's stuck on their phone 24 7. Well I became that guy it's a lot of fun Yeah five necessary when we're as busy As we are yeah so next up we have Cologne we have a selection of clones Probably my favorite at the moment and My favorite cologne brand in general Clive Christian Myself this smells amazing as like a Nighttime dinner date occasion this one Right here x nilo this you can really Wear nighttime or daytime smells amazing And this one right here I like to always Just try new ones experiment and Sometimes you just you want to smell a Little bit different to what Traditionally smells nice or what you Consider nice this is a very like it Kind of just smells like it's got it Just smells terrible but I like it it Smells like fresh grass I don't know About you guys but I like to smelling on Point 24 7. your outfit can be so basic And classic and Timeless just some well Fitted trousers some sneakers and a T-shirt but if you are wearing amazing Cologne and also if you're in a place in

Life to afford a nice timepiece then you Will always look like a million bucks And you'll smell like a million bucks as Well now next essential for me is a film Camera whether that be something like This which is fully manual you even have To focus manually and this is a Leica M6 This thing's built like a tank so this For me is more of a camera if I'm in a Place like Iceland or let's say even Places in Europe with my friends this is An amazing camera that I will personally Shoot with then we have this which is Probably my favorite camera ever made in History this is a contacts T3 point and Shoot just the photos you get from this Are incredible a lot of very fun in the Moment photos that come from this and it Doesn't matter your experience level With cameras all you gotta do is turn it On Hold there flash will engage Automatically if need be so you can Always just take this camera pass it to Your friends and like I don't know just Like the raw in the moment photos you Get from film cameras I just think is is The best thing ever and then you've got Something like this which is a little Bit more of it in between this is still A point-and-shoot but it's got some more I guess Pro or Advanced features on here So this is the contacts uh G2 I believe So next essential for me is sparkling

Water Sam Pellegrino is my sparkling Water of choice it's funny I have been Roasted online since 2018 for drinking Sparkling water people have been very Confused and made spoofs of why I like Sparkling water I'm going to be honest With you it's for one main reason and That is it makes drinking water more fun Or more interesting for me the idea of Drinking a liter of water which is a Great way to start off your day half a Liter a liter of water the idea of doing That with Still Water I don't know it's Just so boring to me that for me Sparkling water just kind of it just Makes drinking water more fun so in 2017 Once businesses started to take off I Started to make some decent money then I Swapped out tap water for sparkling Water as it was out the bottle yeah Because this is a good sized one 750 ml So you can still hold it tight I drink Sparkling Water first thing in The morning I drink it at the gym I Drink it all the time and my favorite Thing if you really want to get funky With it if you're at a restaurant ask Them and for example if you don't want To drink that night ask them to bring You sparkling water with some ice and Some lime but bring it in a wine glass So that way you feel like you're kind of Drinking a cocktail or something like That and it might even look like you're

Having a gin and tonic or a vodka soda Or something but you're actually just Drinking good old sparkling water the Next essential and it is dirty it is Beat up this has been all around the World with me this banging Olsen speaker Is by far my favorite speaker the sound That this produces is insane considering The form it's got a nice little top Handle here so you can kind of carry it Around from room to room and if I'm Somewhere I'm outside I'm enjoying a Cigar with my friends business a little Bit of music playing in the background Some Amy Winehouse some Otis Redding Whatever it may be a little bit extra Music always livens any mood and the Size of it I think realistically Anything bigger than this it would just Be impractical to travel the world with But this fits into my suitcase and for Me I will actively take things out if it Means that I get to take this with me I Need to get this thing a little passport Or simply get some stamps speaking of Traveling we got this bad boy right here This is a remoa I remember Seeing this at the airport I remember Always seeing people at the airport and They have these like super cool Suitcases they look sort of like Metalish and stuff like that and for Super long time I didn't know what they Were I looked at the prices and I was

Like I'm not buying that and eventually A few years ago when time was right I Bought a full set and now it's quite Funny whenever I travel with And now it's quite funny whenever I Travel with some of the team like we'll Be like 8-10 people in my company and Everyone has a remote like I always buy These as gifts for my friends or for my Team I just love these things so much There's certain things in your life Where it just makes traveling that much Better and the main reason is there's Two main things for me number one this Sound never gets old It just feels like you're packing Something important so that's number one And number two is that these things are So well built I currently weigh 87 kilos But I literally sit on these things I'll Sit on these things and I'll just ride Through airports and for me this is not Only just a suitcase it is a physical Chair it is seating that I take with me Everywhere so Ramos I love them they're Built like tanks uh and I think they Look pretty cool as well so the next Essential for me is a good pair of Sneakers or shoes I have a bunch of Different shoes from a bunch of Different brands but there are two that If you have these two you can pretty Much wear with anything and you're Pretty much covered for the rest of your

Life the first one is a pair of Laura Piana summer walks these I stepped in Something these are the mtos which are The made to order so these are custom Black on black custom lining as well and Then my initials here at the bottom so We got some murdered out summer walks we Got some murdered out open walks we have Some knit open walks I know they're Probably for a lot of American viewers They are looking at this and they are Thinking I have absolutely zero RIS but Trust me you can wear these with shorts You can wear this with a suit you can Wear this with pretty much anything and You're always going to look fly as hell These are for south of France south of Italy sometimes even here in Dubai a Nice little linen Vibe with these so Summer walks and open walks I have Honestly this is pretty shameful but Maybe 20 pairs but as I said they cover Me in every single situation then when It comes to sneakers I have a lot of Sneakers because every once in a while I'll try to convince myself that I Should act my age and try to be a little Cool but the one that I always always Wear I love these shoes more than Anything are the Travis lows I have Every single colorway so I start off With these which are the fragment I saw My friend a pair these with some white Linen pants and a nice top here in an

Event in Dubai so I picked these up and Then I got the originals after that came The reverse mochas and then these to be Honest I don't even know what these are Called but just the blackout ones and Then I have these which are the lows not The Travis Scott these are the uh Dior Collab and yeah to be honest I picked These up thinking that I probably would Not really ever wear them but I wear Them every once in a while as long as You don't wear them with a flashy outfit Like a super plain low-key outfit I Think that these are pretty cool as well So for me it's either LPS or Travis Lowes if I have those two shoes in my Suitcase then I feel confident in Anything I feel confident in a suit I Feel confident in some shorts whatever The occasion I feel like I'm gonna show Up and feel my best self now my last Essential are these which are the gadget G1 blue light blockers as you know I Work a lot I also change time zones a Lot so these are really amazing to help With screen eye stream a lot of people Get headaches if they sit at their Computer for too long or even if they Sit on their phone for too long for me Personally say I don't suffer from that Issue I actually use these I Chuck these On around three hours before bed pretty Much just to signal to myself that hey It's time to unwind it's time to

Mentally start preparing for bed and These help block out a lot of blue Lights I've got my favorite colorway Right here which are the blue havanas And this is actually our old summer Collection the packaging on this is just Insane it's beautiful this nice velvety Finish we've got the quote here the only Thing worse than being blind is having Sight but no vision now I know the first Thing that you are going to be wondering Is hey let me go order these Unfortunately you can't they constantly Keep selling out but if you are watching This from June of 2023 onwards we're About to do our biggest restock to date And hopefully it takes a little longer To sell out this time this is one of my Fun little side businesses for me it's Almost really cool to use products that I'm very proud of and I'm very very Proud of the g1s that we made so I hope You got a little insight into my 10 Essentials and who knows maybe next time You'll see me on the official GQ

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