$100M CEO Alex Hormozi On The Reality Of Starting A Business #shorts

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Alex formosi crossed 100 million dollars In net worth by age 32. so I asked him What most people get wrong about Starting a business and his advice was Surprisingly straightforward and I think The big problem is that people expect That they're going to have a perfect Business I can't think of an Entrepreneur beside Chef Bezos who's a Freak of nature most people have a Graveyard of failures behind them the Idea is you start not with the intent of Saying this is going to be the one thing For the rest of my life which is the Fallacy that employees have when in Relatives I just have to do a thing that I'm good enough at that I can learn the Game and the thing is once you start Taking steps The Next Step becomes Illuminated you trying to think a Hundred steps into the future when you Have no context is irrelevant because Chaos is going to break your plan and a Lot of people think they need to have Some novel idea the best way to start a Business is just look at what everyone Else is doing and just try and do it Better what are things that I already Know how to do or I have past experience In what things because I have past Experience I know that other people Struggle with that sucks about this Thing and then I will solve that Specific problem and it could also be a

Problem that other people solve too you Just try and do a little bit better Thank you

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