2 Types of People To Distance Yourself From In Life

Do you have energy vampires in your life? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David breaks down the two types of people in your life that can add value and the two types of people that can drain you.

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There's four types of people in the World the wrong ones can ruin your life The right ones can improve your life the Key is to be aware of the four type and Knowing which ones you gotta cut out of Your life and which ones you got to go And get more of in your life today we're Going to talk about those four different Types of people in your life Okay so let's get right into it for them By the way if you get value from this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel for types subtract those Who divide those who add those who Multiply very obvious subtract they take Away from you they never give anything To you they always take they take away From your energy they're negative you Feel exhausted after you around them These are these subtract people in your Life number two is divide they always Have a wedge between you and somebody Else in a relationship in a work Environment if your boss is a divide Person they're gonna be distancing you From people above you because God forbid If they find out that you're really Better than him you may pass them up That is a person that's a divider right They'll go he always Shields me from Everybody else it could be in Friendships it could be in relationships It could be in many different places That they divide they always come in

Between you and your friends they always Come in between you and your siblings They come in between your new appearance This happens politically this happens Organizationally this happens in a Family it happens everywhere so so far We've covered too subtract divide third One add those who add to you you're Around them you feel better hey did you Read this book hey did you see what Happened here I really like what you got Going on hey you look good today they're Adding hey a thing you may want to Consider doing this it's constantly Adding to help you improve they're Adding to your life number four is those Who multiply somehow some way when You're around them you get better Strategies you get into better circles That provide other opportunities that All of a sudden you get into an Investment you make a million two you Got connected with this one place they Say hey here's what I'm doing with this Investment you may want to look into it Here's what I'm doing with this part of My job you may want to look into this And your ability to do anything gets Better you lead better you sell better You negotiate better you add it better You Dr everything becomes better because They're sharing that part with you so Gradually you're becoming a better Leader by the way in the marketplace

Those who add and multiply their market Value always increases those who Subtract and divide they gradually go From one organization they find somebody To blame they go to the next Organization they find somebody to blame There's always a problem no matter where They go they keep going to a new place New place new place now let's go to you It's easy for you to watch this content And to say well let me tell you the Reason why I'm not winning is because There's a person in my life that's a Divider what if you're the divider what If you're the one that's right what if Somebody shared this video with you and They didn't want to tell you this but They shared it with you you're the Actual divider you're the one that Subtract and you say no never me I would Never do it really no problem here's how To measure whether you are a subtract Divide or whether you're a multiplier And an ad the people in someone's life Who keep winning around that person's Life that person is probably a Multiplier I was watching documentary The other day about a person that did Very well in media and everybody around Him got better on media their show got Better everything they did was better Because he was a multiplier somehow some Way everybody improved in sports a coach Who multiplies better coaches around him

Who go out there and win that's a Multiplier right in business somebody Who or people around them start making More money their life improves that's a Multiplier in a mentor of a father Figure that develops other men that Become good Fathers that is a multiplier Typically it's very easy to figure out Who's a multiplier and who's somebody That adds based on the people around Them winning it it's also very easy to See if people around someone are Dividers and subtractors because of what Happens in people in their lives if People in your life are constantly going Through fallouts and issues and negative And all this stuff there's probably Someone in your life or you that's Attracted to that step number one to This is self-awareness whether we know It or not we have to ask the question if The way you lead gets no results you're Probably following this category or you Don't have a better hack so now here's The other part some people say oh my God So what do I do I got to present it to My life that's a divider or a subtractor What do I do about this you know if You're the one that's leading them you Have a shout out doing something with it If you're in a place where they're Leading you where you may have a problem There but let me explain this part to You if somebody has body odor but they

Don't know you don't tell them they're Going to continue having body odor if Somebody has body odor you tell them Listen you got body odor they change or Maybe they were oblivious to it but now They change they no longer have a body Odor if somebody is negative and they Don't know it but they're like that Because their mom was like that their Dad was like that their brother was like That their former boss was like that and They're divider and say hey John I just Want to talk to you about something here I've seen a handful of things that Happen here that I get a feeling you're Negative and when you are negative you Divide different departments I want to Bring this up to you are you aware of This oh really yeah we like you I think Long term you can do some or a friend Dude I like you you're my friend we've Known each other for seven years yeah But yeah but yeah I don't think that's What they want yeah you typically go to Negative 10 and quite frankly it's Bringing the energy down amongst the Friends are you aware of this dude I'm Not aware of this you're open to the Idea of working on this of course I am And if they do well guess what they were Oblivious you pointed it out but if that Keeps continuing to happen that's the Moment where you got to cut some Relationships out of your life

Specifically the subtractors and Dividers let me explain to you why Something might say that doesn't make Any sense let's say you got five people In your life Investments you got five Investments one investment makes you 20 Every year the other one makes you 25 The other one makes you thirty percent The other one makes you 35 all of them Are evenly you got 100 Grand 20 20 20 20 20. one page 20 25 30 35 but the last One loses you 80 every year you know What ends up happening it doesn't matter That these four Investments are doing Well this one's sucking up your rate of Reach it's areas like this in your life Where you can't say well let me make an Exception for this no no you're losing Money on this investment it's time to Sell this off and bring another Relationship in here it's hurting your Organization your relationship your life Your family same exact way you look at Investments is the same exactly you got To look at relationships either you're Pouring into them they're pouring into You or you're taking from them and They're taking from you you got to make A decision what you need to do there so If you got value from the video give it A thumbs up subscribe to the channel got Another video I want you to watch is how To identify who's a running mate Relationship that may be a long-term

Relationship potentially running mate if You've never seen that before click here To watch the video take everybody bye Bye Foreign

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