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I think there's not enough people in Businesses that just keep pushing like Even if you get a pushback no you can't Do that or you know it's going to take Time go no we'll figure out another way And I think those are the people in my Business that I go yes I'm so glad I've Got you because I think people who don't Take no for an answer or don't take Pushbacks for an answer are the ones That succeed 100 so I think tenacity Um the second thing that I would do is Clone anybody that is super curious so One of the things I do I test people in Job interviews and I go have you got any Questions and if they go no I don't Think I have They don't get the job Anybody that wants to be successful or Is you know going to be good at their Job are curious they're gonna have a Million questions and I want a million Questions I want them to ask me Carrie What do you do day to day or how much Money do you make or you know and what Are the problems in the business or What's the first thing you would like me To do or whatever it is people who ask Questions they're the ones that succeed The most and they're the ones that do Well in things like pitches if they're Asking their clients questions all the Time tell me about this tell me about That how do I know about this like like

How do I learn as much as possible about You and your company they're the ones That succeed so I think those are the Two things that I mainly focus on is Tenacity and curiosity Um and then lastly I think it's just Enthusiasm I think people that are just Every day positive about their job and I Think obviously we're not all positive You know I go through days of negativity And feeling no I don't want to really go To work today whatever it is but I think If you have a positive outlook mostly on Life I think you can change the Perception of most most things basically Can you think of many people that you Have that have those category those Characteristics but you would still say Are underperforming like is there a Because we we talk about kind of like Personality traits curiosity and Enthusiasm yeah is there like a kind of Tangible performance element as well That's Decor related from those things It kind of tends to go together Tends to go together I think there's a Couple of things that I noticed Repeatedly in those people that they Need to improve on usually those people Aren't very good at Um Delegating work they're like protective Over I can do this I can do that you Know they they force through things and

I guess they're not very good at Delegating work down and working as a Team and things like that but overall They're usually the high performers I Call them the a players everyone has Like businesses have a plays and B Players and I'll not list who they are Today or anything like that I have many A players and one of the things that I Always say is if you a good business is Based off how many a players they're Having a business so if you have 30 People in your company and Um 15 of them are a players you've got Very good company I think people usually Have what two three a players Um and it's really hard to get them by The way Um but yeah I I try to aim as many as Possible And can you tell in an interview that Someone's going to be an a player or is It like within a couple of months of Seeing them like when when do you find Out usually I can tell in an interview And it's usually those three traits I Just mentioned and I usually ask them When was the last time you pushed Through something to that show tenacity Like you didn't take note you didn't Give up Um have you got any questions curiosity Um and then enthusiasm I just asked them Tell me something that you've done

Recently and just see how enthusiastic They tell and you go you just know that They are going to be your a players and You find that prediction holds true when You see them yeah yes it does the only Thing is a players don't usually stick Around because they become entrepreneurs They usually go and start their own Businesses and that's what happened with Me I had a lot of people leave and go Start businesses which I'm very proud of I'm like wow like I hired 100 overall I've had 140 people in last three years And so many of them have gone to start Their own businesses and I'm proud of That because I remember thinking like I Want my people to work here and go and Work for Netflix or Disney or you know Amazing brands or go start their own Businesses and I'll be very very proud And that's my success metric if I can go And create that so yeah the fat people Have gone and started their own Businesses is a good thing but it did Mean that I had to constantly replace People because they they come they learn And then they move on and go start their Own thing and so yeah a play is a very Very valuable but they're very hard to Keep Hey friends thank you so much for Watching if you enjoyed this clip then Click here for the full unedited episode And if you like that then do please

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