3 Tips To Build The Best Morning Routine

I want to share a few tips that I have Learned through trying to build my own Morning routine over the last several Years you can absolutely keep it simple Just get up have a shower go to work get Up have a shower make a coffee go to Work get up have a shower go to coffee Maybe do a little bit of meditation Maybe do a little bit of journaling you Can layer these things one by one one at A time but it's generally a mistake to Try and construct an elaborate one from Scratch it's like building any habit if You're going to stack habits together You want to do it slowly you want to do It one at a time secondly not checking Notifications first thing in the morning Having my phone across from me so that I'm not tempted to just go and check Notifications immediately it means my Brain is just going to get bombarded With other people's requests of me and Final tip I wanted to say is this idea Of the daily highlight this thing of Just asking yourself every single Morning what is the most important thing That I want to do today and I find that On days when I actually set my daily Highlight I feel like the whole day Comes together a little bit nicer and I Feel like I'm actually spending my time More intentionally

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