4 Habits To Boost Brain Health – Sophie Medlin, City Dietitians

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We kind of touched a little bit on kind Of brain function and mood and Concentration and things I wonder if you Could just sort of you know if someone Was was being like okay Sophie how do I How do I change my diet such that it Improves my brain function or makes me Happy improves my mood what are like the Top recommendations here yeah great Question so Um Omega-3s are super super important For our brain structure as we've talked About and they can also help to protect Us from excess inflammation in the brain Which is linked to anxiety and Depression and stuff like that so either Make sure you're having at least two Portions of oily fish a week or take Care Omega-3 supplements B vitamins are Incredibly important for our brain Health they they produce they make Things like serotonin melatonin all of Our they make dopamine Gaba all of these Really important brain chemicals that we Really need all the time so B vitamins Are really essential for brain function And we've got some really interesting Work showing that you can use B vitamins In controlled circumstances in Replacement of ssris so anxiety and Depression treatments and they work in a Very similar way in the right doses at The right moment for the right people so B vitamin is super super important for

General brain function and brain health And then we also think about things like Antioxidants and particularly the the Sign-ins from blueberries are amazing For our brain health so not just Blueberries but anthocyanins come in Like red cabbage other dark purple Vegetables and there's some amazing data Showing that if children are given a Blueberry smoothie before an exam they Perform better in that exam than the Children who haven't had a blueberry Smoothie and then when we swap them over And the level of the exam stays the same And the first children are given the Blueberry smoothie not going to be with Me second to an R the children who had The blueberry smoothie always perform Better than the children who didn't have The Booboo smoothie so what we think is Happening there is it's getting better Blood to your brain and that is meaning That you can have a better mental Performance in a very like short like Period of time so it's having that Direct impact on your brain health in That moment and so with the smart Probiotic smart supplement we've got B Vitamins we've got other things like Iodine that are missing from people's Diets that have a big impact but we've Also got vitamin D which you really need For your brain health as well I should Have mentioned that but we've got Amigas

B vitamins and anthocyanins as kind of The core components with the other Essential things around it and I mean I Designed this right and then you you do All the research and you put something Together and you think you know I think That's going to work really well given The research that we've got but you Always always have this kind of slight Skepticism and then when the reviews Started coming in for it I was like oh My God it's really working for people And it really works for me as well I Think with my ADHD and stuff those Nutrients are so important to me and it Really helps in terms of brain function For lots of people and The reviews really kind of speak for Themselves on that Can we zoom into Vitamin D what's going On with the Trinity sure everyone just So everyone knows everyone should be Taking vitamin D in the winter months in The Western Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere sorry because we just don't Get enough sunlight so the darker your Skin the less able you are to synthesize Enough vitamin D from the sunlight so The way that those studies are conducted Are that people of all different skin Colors are put in the Spanish sunshine In the summer for an hour lunchtime and They see who how much vitamin D is Increased and they can see that the

Darker your skin the longer you need to Be in the sun to synthesize the same Amount of vitamin D and the light of Your skin the less amount of time you Need to be in the sun to synthesize Vitamin D I'm a ginger I synthesize more Of Imaging than anyone else in the world Uh superpowers so vitamin D is really Really important for loads of different Things we think of it more as being like A hormone now rather than a vitamin so We see it within that capacity and it Helps to protect us from cancer it helps Protect us from it you know it's really Important for our immune function it's Really important for our brain health Vitamin D is a really really essential Nutrient for all of us and it speaks to How our society has changed now that we Work indoors and we stay indoors all day That you know such a huge percentage of The population are vitamin D deficient Especially at this time of year so Vitamin D supplements are super super Important I take them all year round I Think everyone out should too but it's The government recommendations are that Everyone takes them between October and April hey friends thank you so much for Watching if you enjoyed this clip then Click here for the full unedited episode And if you like that then do please Consider subscribing to the channel it Means a lot thank you so much and have a

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