“$400 Billion is LIGHT” – YouTube Is Worth More Than Disney and Comcast Combined

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss reports that YouTube is worth more than Disney and Comcast.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Analyst Michael Nathanson forecast YouTube Standalone valuation to reach an Impressive $400 billion driven by its Reported operating profits of $5.5 Billion and revenue of $45 billion in December 2023 with anticipated growth Stemming from subscription services like YouTube TV despite its significant Financial Cloud YouTube often eludes Scrutiny in discussions in Online safety By the US Senate Judiciary Committee Contrasting starkley with other Tech Giants like meta snap and Tik toac which Were grilled during a recent hearing on Big Tech and an online child sex Exploitation crisis a comparative Analysis underscores YouTube's dominance And the media landscape as its projected Value surpasses the combined market cap Of Industry behemoths Disney and Comcast Standing at $224 billion and $172 Billion each underscoring its pivotal Role in the streaming domain and digital Advertising Market Tom well I think what People need to understand about the Story and forget that it's Insider let's Look at the reality of what's happened To YouTube YouTube has become basically Comcast who had Direct TV forever I mean Direct TV right all what 17 20% and Direct TV was a home of NFL Sunday Ticket YouTube TV is now a cable service Including live television including DVR In the sky and including NFL Sunday

Ticket the exclusive home of the NFL for All those games and I'm not promoting That I'm just saying that's just it That's been announced so YouTube has all The user generated content YouTube has All the live video podcasts such as this One YouTube is operating UTV YouTube TV And they are basically you know um a a a Cable op they're an MSO now and on top Of it you know they've got the the Streaming and over the top so when you Say oh my gosh it could be this value it It's really not about the value it's About the clout in what's happening and The changing face of how we distribute Content how people will consume content And at the wall Garden is dead and so This doesn't surprise me I think the $400 billion is light because YouTube is And by the way comparing it to Disney Disney stock is up recently they have Some changes are announcing layoffs and Now doing things but think of Disney When you think of Disney just say theme Parks and library and when you think of Comcast just think of distributor and so Content Library and distributor and more Is YouTube and it's worth more and it's Not saddled by all of uh Comcast not to Get into details but Comcast is saddled By a lot of infrastructure all that Cable and hardware and everything that Runs around your neighborhood and the Boxes that's in everybody's house that's

Comcast they have to invest in that YouTube's investment Net Zero they have Servers and they it's all that's Necessary they don't have all the Facilities everywhere so this is really Talking about hey 400 billion Pat I I Think that's light because of where YouTube is going and what it's replacing I don't understand the economics the way Uh Tom does uh makes sense to me what He's saying I think the most important Aspect of YouTube is that it is a Marketplace of ideas and I think that That is the most important commodity in Media and look they do plenty of Community guidelines stuff and and they Have their own internal policies uh I Believe as Vinnie was uh mentioning Earlier we have to get away from the Mindset that it's okay to limit things That you don't like we have a great Mechanism for it it's called the law if Something is Illegal then you can't be saying it Doing it Etc short of that let people Decide and who should want that or the People with the best ideas exactly I Want to hear the people who are putting Out mys or disinformation or BS Let It Go it makes it easier for me to be Compelling when you censor you Empower Things YouTube hasn't done that the way The other platforms do and I think it's Seen as more of a ironically safe space

Not that you can't find freaky stuff on There that might scare you but that you Know it's up to you to decide and I Think that's the commodity that's the Precious thing and we're losing it so Good for them yeah I will I will tell You today YouTube hasn't but during Co The first two years YouTube was brutal y I cannot tell you how many guys were Taken down who were doing great content Couple million subscribers channels Wiped out business is taken down Demonetized they were making 30 grand a Month 50 Grand a month some $100,000 a Month gone some of the smaller guys They're making $8,000 a month doing all The edits themselves they're gone so YouTube did some of that stuff and a lot Of times people will contact me and They'll say yeah how come you're not Going on all you this platform and how Come you're not doing this and how come You're not going to rumble and how come You're not going to these places I love What rumble's doing I think they're very Necessary and I think Chris is a stud of A guy and him banino all those guys Salute love him I think we're about to Have banino on in a couple weeks I don't Know when it is Rob is it the next Couple weeks that he's going to be on May may early May he's going to be on I Think Dan is I thought Dan was going to Be the face of fox I love him I'm

Telling you I thought banino was going To replace O'Reilly and Tucker I thought That guy was going to be the guy that Were going to get behind it's now Jesse Waters Jess is going to be on the Podcast I think this Saturday if I'm not Mistaken B was super sweet to you at UFC But he was very kind he came up he said Hello he looks great by the way Yeah but he's a stud he's a voice and He's correct yeah but but the point is But the point is we need Rumble to do What they're doing uh Twitter super Necessary the fact that Elon bought it By the way if Elon doesn't buy Twitter Youtube would be a bigger bully today The reason why YouTube is not bullying Is because of Elon and if Elon doesn't Buy here's a crazy you know uh uh uh you Know scenario what do you call it not Scenario yeah prediction is if Elon Doesn't buy Twitter Rumble today's a 10 Billion Auto Company if Elan doesn't my Twitter Rumble today would be A10 Billion company if Elon doesn't my Twitter and Truth social would also be A10 billion company today if not higher If Elon doesn't buy Twitter Elon buying Twitter eliminated a lot of other things So for me going back to YouTube I think YouTube's got a great technology their Product is a good product if your job is In the business of converting people you You want to convert people here on

YouTube you can come here and talk about All these other things you wonder like You know uh sometimes you're like wow You know how about this how about that No YouTube's got a very good platform I Love what Spotify is doing but the fact That they're 400 billion a company I Wonder Tom strategically like do you sit There if you're running YouTube you got A 00 billion company 45 billion in Revenue 5.4 billion in net profits do You sit there and say okay what are we Not in sports what do we have boom boom Boom boom boom cop America's coming up Here do we want to pay to do cop America On YouTube maybe da do we want to do What you know uh uh who did the the Miami Dolphins game against Kansas City Chiefs Amazon I believe not Amazon it's It's the other company's name what is The name uh no who took the Miami Dolphins game against Kansas City Chiefs Peacock right and they paid $110 million For that do we do that the music they're Already dominating all these music Channels do we go into the movie side And do we we already are doing it should We go do we go into the do we go into The like I would be YouTube could Sincerely dominate the game now if Elon Flips and he does something on the video Side like on Twitter here's what doesn't Work with Twitter with video yet there's Still not a surge I can't search to find

Out what's going on I can't fully put a Description with a link and time you Know all that stuff you you can like Tucker does it but it's not fully there If Elon wants to compete with the YouTube business there's plenty of money To be made there and I still by the way You know this was it a month ago I got In trouble and we got a strike I got a Strike for the the the VW about the Covid I said I Dr Malone said something Factual his opinion his professional Opinion I got a strike because I said Well everybody knows on YouTube that's We're going back to your point don't go Deeper on this Vinnie no no I'm not it's Insane how still something picked up and Went oh how insane is it that we have Something called the VW it it is very It's not an opinion for me okay uh you Know as a speech person uh this is Really concerning I get it both ways Right I am given this uh odd symbolism As someone who is a vaccine proponent Um I was doing the job of reporting what We were being told and asking questions As we go you were saying earlier we Don't know I really believe the virus Came from China and we should have Stayed on it and I don't care if they Wouldn't give us access that tells me Everything I won't let you in my house It's because I know what's in there I Start doing I have long Co I see it in

My blood I'm not happy that I see the Spike protein in my blood I didn't want To have this day I have it right now I'm Doing a long covid protocol right now uh With with a doctor called Robin We're going to see if my blood work Changes Spike protein is a problem Because it creates micr clotting and it Can go into different organ systems so You got to take care of it all right It's a thing a lot of people have it Okay we don't know if the spike protein Comes from the virus or the vaccine You've got to ask they've got to start Getting answers you got to do the Research they keep taking down my Content so I'm the guy who's supposed to Be Mr jab like you know I'm I'm Junior Fouchy and I'm getting censored because I'm raising a question about which way It goes this is very unhealthy for the Democracy this is very unhealthy for the Democracy you have to let people be the Discerners of what information they want To take in if you don't agree with what I'm asking as questions answer them with Better information than what is supposed In my question and you will win and they Will listen to you and say okay it has Nothing to do with that it has to do With this but that will never happen if You silence my idea CU it only gives it Power and I'm worried about that you Shouldn't have to say the VW people

Shouldn't send me coded messages that Have like asterisks in the place of Letters they're afraid of getting Flagged by you had Peter mcll Malone on Or no no would you yes okay I'm open to The conversation where you have unknown Because all I know is that the places That are supposed to be getting us the Answers Aren't curious enough about it because There's too much political price when You go anywhere near Co the amount of Traffic we're getting right now with man Is unbelievable yesterday I can't even Tell you how many mans came through Yesterday for me great conversations People booking 15minute calls Tom is About to cross 2,000 manets okay he'll Be the first person to have 2,000 paid Manets uh uh there I know Chris uh is Probably one of the fastest to respond On man I think he's a 24-hour guy at 100% responds back to answer so if you Have any questions today if you disagree With me or agree with Tom or Vinnie or Adam or Como these are their QR codes Ask them any question you want on man There's a 95% chance you get a respond Back on Instagram you get respond backs 5% on LinkedIn 5% on Twitter less than 10% on man there's a 90 to a 95% chance They're going to get back to so if you Like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you

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