5 Bad Habits Keeping Men Weak

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Gentlemen I believe that from the moment You're born the odds are stacked against You I believe that in the modern world You are set up to fail we've got Testosterone declining we've got men Being shamed for being men really let That sink in for a second you are shamed For simply wanting to be a man and Embrace masculine values and now you're Villainized for being a man you're Villainized for being what God set you On this Earth to be we're told that We're evil we're told that we're Toxically masculine but quite frankly I Don't think that we are I think we want To protect we want to provide and we Want to fulfill our duty as a man I Believe that as men we take great pride In the things that we can do for our Sisters for our mother for our wife the Issue is the modern world makes it very Very difficult with all the traps that It lays out for us so in this video I'm Going to tell you the five worst habits That keep men weak now the first one is Extremely controversial and that is Prescription drugs you're a little kid You have so much energy you have so much Potential inside of you you could become So much be so much and you're not meant To sit in a classroom for six hours Being static not moving that's not Natural that's not right and we build All these unnatural structures and when

A kid does not want to follow that System we label it as ADHD and then we Numb them with Adderall you're feeling Slightly depressed don't worry don't Don't face the issue head on don't Tackle it it's okay just you know take Some ssris and be enslaved for the rest Of your life because Prozac will fix all Of your issues just take the pill don't Question it how dare you question the Science and by the way this is coming From someone who has had an extremely Extremely difficult life this is coming From someone who went through an Extremely difficult depressive episode In the summer of 2020 so much so to the Point point that I even considered Deleting myself and not thinking maybe I Should do it once it gets scary is once You ask yourself how am I going to do it And you know what I did I consulted my Most trusted advisors I consulted my Most trusted masculine role models and I Worked through it naturally I worked Through it by completely cutting out Alcohol completely cutting out Stimulants like caffeine going through a Process of an Elimination Diet and also Doing a lot of meditation alone time Trauma work just sitting with myself Working through things but you know the Modern world will tell you that that's Stupid because you could have just taken A pill just like with sleep if you're

Having a difficult time sleeping don't Bother to try to address the underlying Health issues just just take a Xanax Ladies and gentlemen they built the jail Cell and you walked straight into it and Unfortunately the worst and saddest Thing to see about this whole situation Is most of the time it's not even these Kids or these teenagers fault most of The time it's the fault of the parents Because they do not educate themselves On what these teenagers these kids are Going through and then they pretty much Enslave their children for the rest of Their life because they teach them from A young age if you have a problem don't Worry about it prescription drugs will Fix all of it ladies and gentlemen these Big Pharma companies are not your friend And you must understand that and look I May not be a doctor but this is just my Viewpoint I genuinely believe from the Bottom of my heart that you must do Everything in your power maybe not to Get fully off your prescription meds but Start weaning off of it as much as Humanly possible I want you strong I Want you awake I want you living and not Being a half dead zombie slugging their Way through life now the next habit that Keeps men weak is prawn Instagram and Only fans and of course prawn is the Most aggressive and the worst version And the worst manifestation of this

Problem but then again you look at Instagram and it's pretty much halfway There at this point now let's of course Some people do use Instagram for Business but that's a very small Minority you know it's a very small Minority that actually creates on social Media and uses Instagram for business Purposes outside of that you need to Understand that Instagram is the biggest Dating app on Earth it is an endless Cesspit of sexual images but then again At least it's nowhere near as bad as Only fans at least it's nowhere near as Bad as giving up your hard-earned money Simping and lining the pockets of girls That will never even acknowledge Your Existence and here's the issue with and It sounds very crass beating your meat It signals to your body and your mind That you have accomplished something When quite frankly you have not you're Not where you want to be you didn't go To the gym that day you didn't go out And Conquer your career you didn't do Any of the things that traditionally you Would have to do in order to get the Reward of a sexual partner so please Gentlemen I understand that it's very Difficult with the modern world that we Live in but stop giving away one of your Most powerful for Life forces to just Some random screen now the next Habit to Keep men weak is current events and news

And I'm telling you it is done Deliberately they plant things and by The way it's usually around the same Time that they are passing some Bill or Some law that is Draconian that is Tyrannical that is pushing the world in A worse Direction and just around that Time they'll have some new celebrity Drama or some new event something to Keep you distracted anything for you to Argue about us versus them and this Sounds very very harsh but the worst Part is they want you to believe that Your opinion matters when quite frankly It doesn't because listen to me your Wife still works when she doesn't want To your mother is in an old person's Home rather than living in a massive Mansion with you and the rest of your Family and instead you want to spend all Your life in energy talking about Russia Versus Ukraine when you live in the west It has nothing to do with you shame on You listen to me very clearly this is Going to be extremely harsh but you need To hear it the only way you can make a Change in this world is through Influence or money and if you have Neither then shut the up and save Yourself first and once you save Yourself then save your family and once You save your family save your friends And once you've done that save your Community and if you have checked off

All of those boxes then and only then You can hear about the current events in The news and actually make an impact but Until you've done all of that stop Arguing about useless stuff you will Have no change no effect on if you want To stay poor keep watching the news news Is propaganda and news is simply there To keep you arguing about the same old Because quite frankly why do you care About Qatar and their laws your mother Still works she's not retired she should Be enjoying her last few decades on this Earth and instead you want to sit there And write stupid tweets about Qatar and All of these geopolitical issues shut The up shame on you King wake up You have real work to do and this Applies to YouTube by the way if your YouTube subscription box or your Recommended channels are all of these Reaction channels and these hit piece Channels that are perpetuating Everything that's wrong with the world Well then quite frankly you have an Issue you need to cut out the noise Listen if your friend wants to have a Heated argument about whether Will Smith Should have slapped Chris Rock and your Mother still works politely excuse Yourself from the table and back to work And if you're on YouTube get the home Feed blocker you need three to five Quality channels that you follow because

Quite frankly everything else is noise Now next habit keeping men both weak and Poor is video games and I'm gonna sit Here and you can tell me all of your Excuses and all the reasons why please Go for it you can write in the comments About how it helps you socialize and how It helps you relax gentlemen everyone Gets their sense of self-worth from Somewhere so why not get it from The Real World we are literally living in Sims you can continuously wake up every Single day and upgrade your character I Really want you to zoom out and look at Yourself from the third perspective While you play video games just really Imagine it in your head do you look Heroic do you look like the hero in your Own story now compare the way that you Look in the third person when you hit a Crazy workout or when you get an amazing Few hours of work in that's gonna Further you to your goals and now that Is something to be proud of you need to Be the hero in Your Own Story I need you To start living as if God is watching at All time because quite frankly he is and There's no way that you can tell me if You're being truly honest that video Games make you a stronger person now Last habit is poor sleep hygiene listen When I was building my first business at The age of 16 to take care of me and my Mom I was still in high school so I was

Getting three to four hours of sleep a Night on average and it wasn't ideal but I did what I had to do my only regret is That I didn't focus on the quality of my Sleep more so when it comes to sleep Hygiene and that's really what it is Hygiene you need to focus on the easy Wins so remove all the lights from your Bedroom try to get blackout curtains any Little red dot or anything emitting Light put black tape over it and if you Still have too much light coming in well Then consider getting a high quality Sleep mask it will suck for the first Few days and weeks but in the long run It's going to be worth it my next Recommendation is a weighted blanket Preferably something that's ten percent Your body weight I optimize all areas of My sleep the weighted blanket was the One thing I actually didn't try for Years and once I implemented it I Immediately noticed a big increase in my Deep sleep so give it a try you can find Most weighted blankets out there for 30 40 50 try it out give it a couple weeks To get used to it and if you don't like It who cares it was 50 bucks the Temperature is also a massive thing I Know some people like to sleep with it a Little warmer but just try to Continuously decrease the temperature And make it colder and colder the colder The room the better your sleep is going

To be the next thing is trying to remove All blue lights at night I know this Nighttime I've got this little light Dome and that's not ideal but usually The last few hours before bed I'm Wearing blue light blockers as a lot of You guys know I ran an e-commerce Company called gadget for a couple years We made these incredible blue light Blockers I kind of had to put that to The side in 2022 so that way I could Really focus on my software company but In 2023 and in fact in the next few Months we've just ordered half a million Dollars worth of stock so the gadget Blue light blockers will be coming back Very shortly and those were absolute fan Favor it's but if you don't want to wait A few months or you just want to use a Different brand there's many other Brands out there really just take your Pick whatever you like the most and last Thing is a night time routine everyone Talks about a morning routine but no one Focuses on a nighttime routine because a Nighttime routine really sets you up for Having good quality deep sleep and if All this sounds stupid or over the top To you you know what sounds really Stupid to me letting someone else get Two to three times the deep and REM Sleep it's not a matter of how much time You spend in bed the most important Thing is how much deep and REM sleep do

You get so if all this sounds a little Intense or a little too much okay you Have your fun go to bed and spend eight Hours in your bed and let some other Person spend six hours and get twice as Much quality sleep as you which means They're gonna have significantly more Energy more testosterone more ability to Build and maintain muscle all of these Benefits just because you thought that Sleep hygiene wasn't important my Friends there are traps absolutely Everywhere that you look and you need to Sidestep them so that way you can keep Trudging along to your mission so I know That I've been a little harsh with you But it's only because I believe in you And I'm rooting for you

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