5 Books To Read Going Into 2023

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In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the 5 books you need to read in 2023.

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So while times are scary the number one Thing you can do is to make sure you Improve so you get better strategies I've been consuming a lot of content Lately more books this year than I did The year before and the year prior to That there's five books I want to Recommend you to read number one is how To my default by Jim Collins it's not a New book but you must read it because it Talks about the five stages companies go Through and societies go through when They fall number two is a book called After Steve it's about after Steve Jobs It's a newer book that just came out the Stories you will learn about Tim Cook How he dealt with President Trump versus Obama versus how he got his job how he Was recruited what happened to the Company what his strengths are what jobs Did I've not heard this I've heard a lot Of stories I've consumed a lot of Content on Apple and Steve Jobs you will Not be able to poke put this book down Number three is how to invest by David Rubinstein four billion auto man founder Of Carlisle group he's got one of the Best personalities he's a great Interviewer of these people and he goes And sits down with Larry Fink he sits Down with Ray dalio he sits down with Everybody that build a great great hedge Fund Financial firm and you'll learn About their investment philosophies of

How these Behemoth investors hedge fund Money managers became who they became It's it's a perfect time to get clear on Your investment philosophy number four Number four is going to be Atlas Shrug If you've never read it and you've never Gone through it and you don't have a Personal relationship with John Galt This is the season to go read the book Download the audio just take a break at Night in the morning when you wake up go Finish Atlas Shrug you'll sit there and You can thank me later when you read This book on how powerful of a book it Is so book number four is Atlas Shrug And last but not least one of the Craziest stories a billionaire who Married John F Kennedy's wife after she Was widowed and the arrangement of his Marriage to Jackie which was forever you Were married he passed to pay roughly 10 Million just a wild story of how this Person made his money Onassis I think It's called the extra extravagant life Of Onassis if you've never read it the Audiobook is fantastic highly recommend You make that as one of the five books To read during this season and by the Way if you're an entrepreneur you've Never seen my top 52 books to read as an Entrepreneur in a year and you want to Take up that challenge click on the link Over here you'll get an email or PDF to Find that the top 52 books to read as an

Entrepreneur take care everybody bye [Applause] [Music]

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