5 Habits That Made Me A Multi-Millionaire By 21

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So listen to me if you want to build an Incredible life it's not a matter of What you do today tomorrow or the day After it is a culmination of the daily Habits that you do for years so in Today's video I'm going to run through The five daily habits that made me a Multi-millionaire by the age of 21. and If you implement all five of these into Your life I know that you are going to Achieve incredible things so the first Daily habit was setting daily challenges To speak to new people and here's what I Mean when I was 14 or 15 and I was Either taking the public bus or the tube To school I would actually set a Challenge to myself to give a compliment Every single day to just one stranger And if anyone's ever been in London they Know what the tube is like the tube is Not a very friendly place especially in The morning in the morning everyone in The tube does not look like a very happy Camper and I knew that whatever I wanted To do in life and funny enough at the Age of 14 15 16 I actually thought that I was going to become a real estate Agent learn about the real estate game And then eventually get into property Development in my late 20s turns out That I went for a very completely Different path creating online Businesses software companies and things That are very unrelated to what I had in

My mind and in my vision yet all of the Principles still applied I knew that There's certain skills in life that if You learn no matter what you do it's Going to pay dividends and being able to Go up to a random stranger and just give Them a compliment I don't care if you're A real estate agent I don't care if you Have software companies like me I don't Care if you become a YouTuber whatever It is these are skills that will pay Dividends for the rest of your life Being able to break the ice with someone Being able to network with someone being Able to understand someone's body Language you know another thing that I Used to do when I was younger and living In London is I would force myself every Single day to go up to three girls and Just say hello no pressure on what it is That I said or getting their number or Anything like that but just say hi and Introduce yourself and you know what Maybe they're busy of rejection and Failure helped me to then go on and Start my first business which was Actually an advertising agency I had That business for six years and it's What made me my first few million Dollars that I was then able to then go On and multiply build my wealth with and Also build my other companies with so Whatever social challenge you set for Yourself tomorrow just set something I

Mean what is the worst that could happen If you go up and you just compliment Someone I mean imagine the blasphemy how Dare you go up and just give someone a Compliment you know you should really be Scared I mean what if after you give Them a compliment they punch you or Something like that obviously you guys Know that I'm joking here but that's the Way that a lot of people's minds work People are scared people walk around Life on eggshells scared to interact With people they want to interact with Scared to network with the people they Want to network and listen we all Understand that you miss a hundred Percent of the shots that you don't take So if you can develop the skill from a Young age to just engage I mean if You're someone who's naturally Introverted here's the funny thing most People don't know this but I Am Naturally introverted I get my energy From being alone I just happen to be Very gregarious and when the time is Necessary and the time is needed I can Be out there I can speak I can converse With people but that didn't come Naturally to me I was the shyest kid you Have ever met in your entire life it was Only once I started practicing these Skills when I was 14 15 16 did I come Out of my shell did I learn how to break The ice and build rapport with whoever

It is so if you're someone who's shy the Next time that you go into an Uber don't Put your earpods in don't put your Headphones in speak to the Uber driver And do that for a year for two years up Until you get some point there you are Very confident that you can engage with Anyone and by the way I'm not saying Here that if you're introverted you need To become an extrovert because that's The only way you can succeed in life I Mean even to stay a lot of times I'm in Large groups of people and I have my Time where I'm gregarious and the entire Table is looking at me because I'm Saying something that I feel is Important but most of the time I'm quiet Most of the time I'm one of the quietest People at the table because I'm just Naturally introverted and in big groups I don't feel the need to always be the Center of attention so don't think that I'm telling you that you need to be Extroverted to be successful I'm just Saying build up that muscle and it truly Is a muscle of being able to interact With other people because no matter what You do in life it's going to be Necessary the next daily habit that made Me a multi-millionaire by 21 was Constantly choosing the right vehicle For where I was in life based on my Skill set and also my appetite and Here's really what I mean by this I say

Probably the reason that I am where I am Today day is because I didn't skip the Process I didn't go from here and want To end up here without going through all Of these mini checkpoints and let me Explain what I mean even when it comes To my businesses my first main business Was a social media marketing agency at The age of 16. so for two years we Basically just did social media Marketing services and that was great That got me up to around thirty thousand Dollars a month but then I decided okay The Next Step the next iteration the Next vehicle is Pivot and change to an Advertising agency and once I did that It wasn't straight away it was an Instantaneous it took time it took Effort but relatively quickly after that I started hitting a hundred thousand Dollar A month's profit with the agency And around that time I was starting to Get a lot of different offers to start Software companies and I always said to These people listen I'm not ready as an Entrepreneur I don't have the abilities Or the skill set in order to execute all That and quite frankly I don't have the Appetite for that right now that's one Of my favorite things in life to say Because even in my position where I am I Get a bunch of different Venture Capital Guys that are like you have so much Money tens of millions of dollars a lot

Of times just even sitting in different Accounts across the world some of which Is being managed by big wealth Management firms some which is being Privately managed by me and my family Office and they always look at that and They're like you've got money and you've Got an audience so why don't you get Into the Venture Capital game and start Investing in businesses roll up Companies then sell that on and the Thing that I say to them is I don't have The appetite for that right now and Quite frankly for where I am right now I Don't believe I have this skill set and When I know I'm ready I'm gonna go for Making tens of millions a year to Potentially even hundreds of millions a Year but I think it's very important to Be wise it's very important to be aware And it's very important to know where Are you in your journey and pick the Right vehicle for that now if you want To find the right vehicle for you this Year what is the best place to get Started with an online business probably The question I get asked more than Anything else well then I want you to Click the YouTube video that I'm going To leave in the description it's my most Popular YouTube video to date and I Basically create a money making Matrix That compares the most popular eight to Nine business models and basically from

There I'm going to show you the pros the Cons so that way you can get a clear Understanding of what might work best For you so I'll go ahead and leave that YouTube video as a first line in the Description and hopefully that helps you Understand why even to stay I recommend Certain business models that I no longer Do because I'm in a different stage of Life I'm no longer at the stage of life Where I'm looking at the hundred Thousand dollar a year or the three Hundred thousand dollar a year or even The few million dollar a year Opportunities unless the opportunity is 10 or multiple tens of millions a year Or it's an opportunity to eventually Cash Out My Equity for hundreds of Millions well then that's just not where My head's at and my current stage but The thing that I'm so grateful for was That I have always been very wise I have Always understood when is it time to Press and where is it time to not Because a lot of it has to do with how Much ammunition do you have right now as It currently stands I am more powerful Than I have ever been I have more Resources than I've ever had between all The companies having 150 employees I Have someone for everything I have People in my corner for every single Problem that the businesses May face Whereas even three years ago I didn't

Have that sort of ammunition and three Years ago I was smart enough to say hey A very difficult business for example Like my software companies maybe now is Not the right time maybe let me stick to Some of the easier business models which I was actually implementing back then so You know really all of this to say that Understand you you need to pick the Right vehicle for the right phase of Your life the next daily habit that made Me a multi-millionaire by 21 is creating Rather than consuming you know for Example I've always never been the Biggest fan of watching football because Rather than watching it I'd rather just Go play it I don't know for me rather Than scrolling through Tick Tock or YouTube I would rather just create Content myself so whatever it is in life Rather than consuming you must create And I also viewed that when it came to Business you know I was always very Cognizant and very aware of what things Was I using in my life that was bringing Me value and I was paying for every Month or every quarter or every half a Year and how could I eventually get to The point where rather than consuming That thing I was actually creating it And I was profiting from it so whatever Area of your life that it may be you Always need to focus on how can you Create rather than consume the next

Daily habit that made me a Multi-millionaire by the age of 21 is I Never put people on a pedestal this is Gonna be something very very hard for You to implement but you need to Understand your biggest Heroes maybe Even including me we are just like you Listen to me I am you you are me we are No different all you need to do is go Look at my YouTube and go look back to Videos in 2015 2016 when I was just a Little kid I was going to the gym every Single day I mean let alone going to the Gym every single day I was going to School and then you know there'd be Periods where I would do protocols like Squat every day so I would squat every Day which meant I was also going to the Gym every single day I was committed to Reading a book every single week Meditating every day and all of this While I was broke while I had nothing to My name but I was building I was Building me I was building my character I was building my discipline and Discipline is far far more important Than motivation so just understand don't Put me on a pedestal I'm no different to You okay I am simply you seven years on Okay so you may be watching this and You're like I can never get to eman's Level okay cool then go watch videos of Me when I was 16 years old with acne on My face with nothing going for me no

Resources nothing in my corner no Ammunition no Firepower except for Discipline and a belief in a future Vision and if you have those two things Then you are going to make it as long as You stop looking at this like like uh Maybe I can get rich by the summer or Hey maybe you know if I try this for 90 Days you know it might work out rather Than looking like that instead you need To look in five-year 10-year terms and If you can do that if you can commit to Being better day by day for the next 5 10 15 20 years then you're gonna be so Far ahead of the competition because Most people are simply not patient Enough so understand when you're Watching my videos we're the same all it Is is confidence comes from competence When you are competent at something when You know you're good at something Because you've done it for so long then Of course you're going to be confident Of course I sit down on my desk I walk Through life I do all these things Because I have been through the ringer But in order to get to this position you Have to put one foot forward in front of The other and you're not going to be Able to do that if you think that There's some intrinsic thing that's Different from me compared to you or Maybe another person you look up to Compared to you we're all the same quite

Frankly I know this sounds very crass we All wake up we all take dumps we all get Hungry we all have low moments we all Have high moments the only thing that Separates us is time and discipline and If you can do those two things if you Can stay in the game long enough and you Can be disciplined and well then listen You'll probably make my eight year Business Journey look like nothing in Comparison to what you're going to Accomplish and the other thing that you Need to understand is that once you get To a certain position in life you know For example with me with the team that I Have behind me you have this layer of Protection losing is actually kind of Difficult it's almost kind of guaranteed That you're gonna win it's kind of like Listen if you were given 100 million Dollars and you weren't an idiot all you Have to do is just not lose it if you're Given 500 million dollars all you got to Do is just invest it in the lowest risk Possible stuff and you are going to Succeed you're going to be fine and That's kind of what life gets like to a Certain point once you get to a certain Point you have so many connections you Have the right people in your corner and That provides a safety net and a safety Layer for you so the reason I say all This stuff is because the only Difference between you and I is I've

Been in the game longer and once you're In the game longer now at this stage Because I know there's a lot of people That look at what I do with YouTube like How are you killing the YouTube game how Are you outgrowing absolutely everyone They look at what I've done with my Software companies my e-learning company And they're like how are you doing all This it's because I stuck in the game Long enough I was disciplined and then Eventually I built an army behind me That all believe in a vision and once You do that it's really game over no one Can compete and that's my secret sauce That's my secret formula you can now Please take me off the pedestal because I should not be there I'm human just Like you I've made mistakes I will Continue to make mistakes but that is Part of the human nature and that is Also part of one's relationship with the Creator whatever you believe in whoever That is to you whether you're religious Or not that is still part of the Relationship between you and whatever Higher power you believe in or hopefully At least you believe in some higher Power but anyways that's a conversation For another day now last daily habit That made me a multi-millionaire by the Age of 21 is thinking in second order Consequences now when I was younger I Played a lot of Chess as I said I was

Very introverted so I would play a lot Of Chess and I was actually in school I Was part of my chess club now when You're playing chess you're always Thinking of sixth or seventh order Consequences you're thinking about if I Do this then what will happen you're Constantly thinking about the ripple Effect of your next move not in one move Or two moves but five moves ahead and I Carried that too for the rest of my life Because I always thought in second order Consequences you know most people think Let's say you buy a TV should I buy the TV for two thousand dollars but they're Not thinking about the second order Consequence which is when you sink that Much money into a TV then you are gonna Feel obliged to use it and the second Order consequence is now you have to Actually use the TV now you actually Have to spend time watching Netflix to Make sure you feel like you got your Money's worth and there's many things in Your life where you need to consider Second order consequences Tick Tock for Example when you download Tick Tock like Ah it's fine it's just an app okay well What's the second order consequences Let's say you get on Tick Tock and now You can't do all of the other things That you want to in life I'll give you Another perfect example so let's say You're too needy with a girl and she

Rejects you that's hurtful and that's Needy the reason why it's not good to be Needy with a girl is not just because That one girl may reject you it's Because you no longer respect yourself You no longer look at yourself in the Mirror and go hey I am a man and by the Way I think for my eight percent female Viewers you can still apply this to Yourself but you don't look at yourself In the mirror and go listen I am a man Who's on a mission who's on a purpose Who has drive and No One's Gonna Stop Me No one is more important than the vision For the version of myself that will Eventually raise beautiful kids with a Beautiful queen and No One's Gonna knock Me off that path so it's not just about That one girl who shuts you down or who Rejected you it's about the fact that You embodying those characteristics and Embodying those traits of being the sort Of person who quadruple texts and if Girl doesn't text you back within an Hour you know you're following up and You're on her case it's not just that One girl now the second order Consequences you feel shame you feel as Though there's something fundamentally Wrong with you and it's very hard then To as a man go out and crush your goals Your dreams and set Implement and Execute on your vision everywhere you Look in life you need to understand

Second order consequences I say this all The time to make my first million Dollars I basically didn't drink for Three years because sure first oral Consequences is you may have a hangover The next day but a second order Consequence is then you are making Decisions in your life in a hindered State and the third and fourth order Consequence of making decisions in an Unhinged State can be even more Catastrophic so please just understand This concept of second order Consequences and Implement that every Single day into your life now ladies and Gentlemen I hope you take heed of these Lessons I hope you implement these Lessons and just remember as always I'm Watching from afar and I'm rooting for You

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