5’11” – PBD Interviews Desantis on His Height and Boot-wearing Reasons

Welcome to the latest installment of our exclusive PBD (Personal Brand Development) interview series! Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the charismatic and enigmatic Desantis, who stands tall at an impressive 5’11”. In this captivating conversation, we delve into the reasons behind his choice of footwear, exploring the intriguing correlation between his height and his fondness for boots. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Desantis’ unique style and learn more about how he uses it to enhance his personal brand.

5’11” – PBD Interviews DeSantis on His Height and Boot-wearing Reasons


In a recent episode of the PBD Podcast, host Patrick Bet-David sat down with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss an intriguing topic – DeSantis’ height and his choice of footwear. The conversation shed light on some interesting facts about the governor and revealed a surprising side to his personality. This article dives into the details of the interview, explores the reasons behind DeSantis’ boot-wearing, and highlights the platforms available for accessing the podcast.

Patrick Bet-David questions Ron DeSantis about his height and choice of footwear

During the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David seized the opportunity to address a widely-discussed topic amongst Floridians – Governor Ron DeSantis’ height and his penchant for wearing boots. Bet-David put forth engaging questions, aiming to provide viewers with a better understanding of DeSantis’ choices. The interview, titled Episode 321, quickly garnered attention, resonating with both fans and critics alike.

The interview is part of the PBD Podcast, Episode 321

Episode 321 of the PBD Podcast featured an in-depth discussion between Patrick Bet-David and Governor Ron DeSantis. Like many other episodes of the podcast, this one offered a unique insight into the personal and professional life of its guest. True to its reputation, the PBD Podcast continues to provide a platform for thought-provoking conversations with renowned individuals, leaving audiences both entertained and informed.

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Download the podcasts on various platforms

To stay up-to-date with every episode of the PBD Podcast, download it on your preferred platform. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or any other popular podcast platform, you can easily access all the insightful conversations hosted by Patrick Bet-David. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable insights into various aspects of life, business, and personal development.

Visit the website for more information

For more information about the PBD Podcast and its episodes, visit the official website. There, you’ll find detailed summaries, intriguing teasers, and links to various podcast platforms. The website serves as a centralized hub for all things related to the podcast, making it easy for avid listeners to catch up on their favorite episodes and discover new, thought-provoking conversations.

Text “PODCAST” to 310.340.1132 for real-time updates

Stay in the loop and receive real-time updates about the PBD Podcast by texting “PODCAST” to 310.340.1132. By subscribing to this service, you’ll never miss an episode and will be notified whenever a new conversation is released. This convenient feature allows you to stay engaged with the podcast and ensures you won’t overlook any captivating interviews like the one with Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis discusses his boots and height in a viral TikTok clip

If you’re active on TikTok, chances are you’ve come across a viral clip featuring Ron DeSantis discussing his boots and height. In this amusing video, DeSantis addresses the curiosity surrounding his choice of footwear and humorously comments on his 5’11” height. The clip, which gained millions of views, showcased DeSantis’ ability to connect with the younger demographic and demonstrated his genuine and relatable nature.


The interview between Patrick Bet-David and Governor Ron DeSantis shed light on the intriguing topic of DeSantis’ height and his choice of boots. This captivating conversation provided viewers with valuable insights into the governor’s personality while offering a glimpse into the world of podcasts. To stay updated on the latest episodes, connect with experts on Minnect, get business advice from Bet-David Consulting, and download the podcasts on your preferred platform. With the text “PODCAST” to 310.340.1132, you can even receive real-time updates directly to your phone. Don’t miss out on the engaging conversations and thought-provoking content that the PBD Podcast has to offer.


  1. Q: How can I access the PBD Podcast?

    • A: You can access the PBD Podcast on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
  2. Q: Where can I connect with experts for business advice?

    • A: You can connect with experts on Minnect, a platform that connects entrepreneurs with experienced professionals.
  3. Q: How can I receive updates about the PBD Podcast?

    • A: Text “PODCAST” to 310.340.1132 to receive real-time updates about the PBD Podcast.
  4. Q: What does Bet-David Consulting offer?

    • A: Bet-David Consulting offers expert business advice and tailored solutions for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.
  5. Q: What is the viral TikTok clip about?

    • A: The viral TikTok clip features Ron DeSantis discussing his boots and humorously addressing his 5’11” height.
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