6 Ways to Create Generational Wealth And How To Pass It Down To Your Kids

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In this episode, Patrick Bet-David discusses how to grow and maintain generational wealth.

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It’s great to have you guys on get your Paper and Pen ready I’d probably say We’ve put 400 hours of research into into today’s Webinar Um you’re going to want to get the Webinar today we’ll give it we’ll give Access to people that stick around till The very end there’s going to be a bunch Of different things you’ll get we’re Going to cover a lot of different Families Um I’ve called multiple State planners Some that I’m dealing with myself Some estate planners that deal with Billionaires where they have you know 31 Families of 13 billion dollars in net Worth that we’re dealing with my own Setup and uh I just can’t wait to share This with you I know we’ve been getting A lot of commentary on people that want To learn about this at a time like this So let’s get right into it look if you Follow by famous content I know a few Different things about you number one You work very hard for your money number Two you’re an entrepreneur number three You’re an entrepreneur number four you Want to constantly figure out ways to Improve and when we see the economy Today with the direction inflation is Going or the market being as volatile as It is you got to figure out a way to Protect yourself because the value

Dollar keeps going lower and that Doesn’t sit well with me a long time ago I decided to invest into gold and Precious metals this is real kilo of Gold I’m holding three kilos of it right Here in my hands one of the ways to go About protecting yourself against what’s Happening with the market and inflation Is to buy silver or gold and I’m happy To announce that we have decided to Partner with goldco so give goldco call Today to learn more about protecting Your savings and as a valutainer viewer You could get up to ten thousand dollars In free silver yes that’s ten thousand Dollars in free silver when it comes Down to buying precious metals Reputation matters that’s why I’ve Partnered with goldco called them today At 855-598-2758 or click the link below to Learn more about goldcoat.com once again That’s 855-598-2758 okay so a few things number One how to get the most out of today’s Webinar number one uh close out all your Tabs that you have take notes engage in The chat you’re gonna see a lot of Commentary in this one here uh this is a Quote and you’ll see why we’re gonna Talk about Vanderbilts a lot in today’s Webinar he once said any fool can make a Fortune it takes a man of brains to hold On to it we’ll see if he was able to

Maintain to a lot of his fortune in his Family but again turn off your computers I mean turn off your tabs set your Phones aside this could be be one of Those types of messages That can get you to think about your Family Legacy in a completely different Way I remember years ago when I sat There and I said what kind of a life Do You want to build Pat when it comes down To generational wealth I was dating a Girl and I was asking myself would you Let your daughter marry you I was 23 or 24 years old at the Thomas I Wouldn’t let your daughter marry a guy Like you today we got to get our act Together and then I started thinking About you know trying to adjust to the American culture where you know kids do Sleepover and all this other stuff I Said later on in life when they want to Do sleepover are you comfortable with Kids sleeping over other people’s house Are you comfortable later on when your Grandfather with your grandkids wanted To go to your kids in-laws house instead Of your house what are you going to do For them to come to you one day what Kind of kids do you want to raise what Kind of a family Do you want to build These are thoughts that I had very very Early on uh when I was coming up to see What was important me it wasn’t what Wasn’t important to me and I’m sure many

Of you that are on this webinar you Probably thought about those things as Well I’m probably not alone on that Subject so why this topic few different Things why now uh number one how I make Content I make content based on whatever I’m learning today or going through Today so so if I’m doing a video on how To raise money I’m raising money or I Just raise tens of millions of dollars If I’m going through selling a company Or hiring or firing or Investments or Anything that I’m teaching you is Because I just went through or I’m Currently learning because it’s a topic That I think about a lot so how it’s Evolved so why generational wealth uh I Was talking to my kids the other day and It was a very interesting conversation This is about a month ago a month and a Half ago because this has been the Content that I’ve been thinking about a Lot we were sitting there and I said hey Tico Dylan I got a question for you they Said what I said what happens to uh Daddy’s money if he dies And uh tikon Dylan they both said well Daddy the money goes to Mommy I said Okay you’re smart so I didn’t say mommy And daddy so what happens if Mommy and Daddy is die and what should happen with The money And my oldest said well the money should Go to me I’m the oldest

And you see my uh youngest son he’s like Well that’s not fair how about me I Should get some of the money So then Tico and Dylan they say well Daddy I think half of us should go to Tico half of us should go to me And my oldest says I think that’s fair 50 50. then my daughter is eavesdropping In the conversation she says well how About me I should get some of the money and you See the broad so interesting while They’re going through it you see uh the Brother say well Senna we would take Care of you she says that’s not fair do I get any money myself and she’s like Well I think we should probably give Some money to her then I say I said how About Brooklyn the fourth baby she’s 17 Months well Daddy she’s too young right Now so what if she’s not young later on Well we’ll take care of it should she Get some of the money I think she should And then eventually I said well what if One of you guys decides to do bad things In your life you go to jail you do drugs You do alcohol and you over you’re not Responsible with money you’re making a Mess with your life you’re not me Setting a good example and you see all Of them say I don’t think that kid Should get anything and I said Interesting that you guys are saying it Now because that’s what’s in the trust

Where you have to make certain decisions The proper way or else you’re not going To be participating any of that stuff And the reason why I’m saying this is Because if you do the generation of what The right way not only can you keep your Family closer if you don’t do it the Right way there’s so much infighting That they don’t want to be around each Other you’re going to see some of the Families those that did it right and Kept the families together and those That didn’t do it right so some of the Things that will get we’ll be covering Today is A few different things we’re going to Talk about six components of Generational wealth and how these guys Did it the generational wealth cycle how Generational wealth is made how Generational wealth is lost five Generational wealth Killers 14 wealth Creating habits and 11 rules of Investing so get your papers and pens Out we’re going to go through this and We’re going to spend probably another Hour or about an hour and 15 minutes Together so let’s get right into it Who are we going to learn from this is The Medici family if you haven’t heard About the Medici family there’s a lot to Learn from this family and then we’re Going to learn from the carnegies we’ll Learn from the Vanderbilt family we will

Learn from the Ford family and it will Also cover a little bit of Rothschild Dynasty obviously Rockefellers and uh Those will be the families that will Focus on here today so who’s on the Webinar today three types of people Those who want to learn how to create Generational wealth that may be you Those have a little bit of wealth and Want to get more and some of you that Are already wealthy and you want to Learn how to preserve the wealth that You currently have so either if you’re One two or three we’re going to cover All three here together so Andrew Carnegie Said with access to books or educational Content like this back then they didn’t Have courses but I’m sure if they did he Would have said courses as well and the Desire to learn could educate him or Herself and be as successful as he had Been one more time anyone with access to Books and the desire to learn like Yourself that you’re on right now could Educate him or herself and be as Successful as he had been so here’s What’s taking place right now a few Different things Amazon is the first Company ever to lose a trillion dollar In value that happened this year uh we Got FTX files bankruptcy bankman free Steps down we know the story about this You’re seeing it everywhere they’re

Talking about this who’s tied to who’s Not celebrities those who endorse them It’s a messy situation how Insight was a Part of it BlackRock Sequoia so many big Names a 32 billion Auto Company got two Billion dollars out of 32 billion Evaluation boom like this it’s it’s gone Okay Meadow leaves off more than 11 000 Employees and the layoffs keep coming Left and right homeowners have lost a Trillion and a half dollars in equity Since May as housing market continues to Decline And I can give you 50 other things on What’s going on I can talk gas prices I Can talk the direction they’re Predicting you know uh uh unemployment To go on next year interest rate Inflation there’s so many things we can Talk about but if you consume the Content you’ve already seen a lot of That so the six components to generating Creating generational wealth Number one mindset number two timing Number three habits number four Compounding five strategy six Relationships so let’s go through a Mindset Creating generational wealth you have to Have the right mindset if you don’t have The right mindsets not going to happen And that’s not going to happen overnight So how do you get the right mindset by Being on the right webinars the right

Courses the right books you’re Constantly trying to see how those who Created a ton of generational well think And how different it is than yours I Remember years ago 21 years ago I had One of my affirmations that said the Following you know you are where you are Because of the way you think and if You’re not happy with the with where you Are you have to change the way you think So if you’re not happy financially where You are it’s because the way you think If you’re not happy with your personal Life it’s because the way you think That’s part of the mindset number two is Timing this is a very important season Right now of timing there’s a lot of Uncertainty a lot of fear we just came Out of midterms elections in two years Presidential you just saw Trump coming Out he’s running is it going to be the Census is it going to be Newsom your People are worried on what’s going to Happen with the economy the doubt was up But is it real credit cards are up People are are spending more money on Credit cards right now than ever before What does that mean why are people Getting home equity line of credits Today and Home Depot stock is up and Walmart stock is up does that mean People are using their credit cards to Go spend money where they’re doing okay But at the same time the Savings in

America from q1 we had 2.3 trillion Dollars in savings we collectively were Trillionaires and that’s gone from 2.3 Trillion dollars to every quarter losing 300 billion dollars we’re down to 1.6 Trillion dollars in savings that’s like You going from twenty three thousand Dollars into banking cash to now sixteen Thousand dollars you think that’s Something you’d be talking about to your Husband or your wife at night we’re Saying babe just six months ago we had Twenty three thousand dollars in our Savings we’re at 16. that means we can Only do this for three or four more Quarters then we’re running out of Savings how are we going to handle this In 2023 people are thinking which means Timing matters on how you react when the Market is afraid number three habits We’re going to talk a lot about some of Their habits and what they did number Four compounding which requires a lot of Patience you’ll see what their strategy Of patience means to them and then some Of the strategies will cover that and Then obviously relationship the types of People you meet the types of contacts You make the types of people you go into Business with all of that matters a lot That’s the six components of Generational wealth so now the family Cycle we’ve read this before this is not The first time you’re seeing this this

Isn’t my quote this was said by somebody Else but we’ve heard it hard times Create strong men strong men create good Times good times create weak men and Weak men create hard times I saw Aaron McKee who played for John Chaney said John Chaney once told me to follow him He said my grandfather walked 10 miles To work every day my father walked five Miles I drive a Cadillac my son drives a Mercedes most likely my grandson will be In a Ferrari but my great grandson will Be walking again okay So what does he mean by this when he Says my great-grandson will be walking Again it says talking but it’s we’ll be Walking again what does it mean that Means most people don’t prepare Generational wealth and generational Habits What needs to transfer are the habits Not just the money too often all we Think about is man I hope I get the Money passed down to my kids no you hope The right habits gets passed down to Your kids because that’s what keeps it Within the family so now the Medici Family fortune starts through a few Different things Banking and commerce They Rose to become one of the most Important families in Florence some Estimate that they put their net worth At 129 billion dollars adjusted for Inflation

Um a few other things you need to know About this family their family influence Lasted 500 years producing four popes Two queens of France they were the bank For the Vatican think about it they were The bank for the Vatican their art Patronize patronage earned them the Nickname Godfathers of the Renaissance They sponsored Michelangelo Donatello Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael and this is Not the ninja turtles by the way we’re Talking about the legit ones not the Stuff that you and I saw as kids growing Up the book The Prince by Michael Valley Was offered to Piero de Medici okay so You already see their resume they ruled Tuscany from 1437 to 1737 they had the Right Network kings queens popes and Royalty they were more efficient than Others they adapted systems and Structured a bank like a corporation They let ego be their downfall the Lineage started crumbling when the Success got to their head and they Stopped focusing on the bank so that’s The Medici now the next one is the Carnegie family he grew up poor in Scotland and was making 1. a dollar 20 At his first job in U.S Andrew Carnegie’s Fortune peaked at around 309 Billion dollars he was the richest man In America after selling his company in 1901 Carnegie entered the steel industry In 1873 and started his first company

That evolved into the Carnegie Steel Company a few things about their family Legacy at his death Carnegie donated Most of his money to build over 2509 libraries and schools like the Carnegie Mellon University he’s referred To as the patron saint of libraries that Was a big part of his mission on what he Wanted to do with his life he left his Wife and nine children with a trust of About 10 million dollars each and the Properties he owned By the second generation they began Donating their land to the National Park Service in the 1970s due to expensive Upkeep So what can we learn from these guys he Was an early Pioneer Pioneer by bringing In Bessemer process of making steel to The U.S and created a fortune in the Process Carnegie grew up poor and Believed the way to wealth was through Self-education this is something that I’ve applied myself you hear about the Song valuetainment and many other people Who are self-educated folks this is one Way he created his mind and his wealth As well his legacy involved giving back To the schools and libraries so that People just like him could access the Resources he had that allowed him to Build his wealth you can create a legacy By helping more than just your family so What’s the point here with Carnegie what

Is your legacy what do you want to leave Behind you know you hear me talk about Capitalism all the time in books and Business and Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship what is it for you that Gets you excited about it is it Orphanage maybe that’s something that is Part of your passion is it Kids is it you know women men is it Businesses what is it that you want to Leave behind that’s part of your cause And your crew say this was a big part of Carnegie’s DNA next we have the Vanderbilts when Cornelius Vanderbilt Was 16 years old he turned a hundred Dollars into a hundred million dollars Which is 200 billion dollars adjusted For today’s money his mom gave him 100 Million 100 and he turned into what it Is 200 billion dollars today it was Roughly equivalent to 50 percent of U.S Treasury at the time think about that Right there 50 of the U.S treasury at The time this is how rich Vanderbilt was Uh during his time he created a fortune For himself through his Ferry and Railroad companies he was known to be a Harsh man who rarely trusted his family With his business and money with 13 kids He only left one of his sons with the Skills to handle his money and his Business okay so think about that I Think he had eight daughters I don’t Think he left the penny for anyone one

Of them because he didn’t didn’t think There’s any benefit to leaving women or His girls any money very interesting guy Vanderbilt was well let’s see if this Philosophy worked or not so here’s his Legacy when Vanderbilt died his son William took over his fortune and Doubled it to 200 million dollars by the Time he died in 1885 however within 50 Years of cornelius’s death the fortune Was completely gone so think about it in 50 years 200 billion dollars Gone there’s no money Anderson Cooper’s Mom said we may be part of the Vanderbilt’s family but there’s no trust Fund here kid not going to give you Nothing you got to go make your own Money so whatever money Anderson Cooper’s made he’s made on his own the Third and fourth generation grew up Ridiculously lavishly and spent their Fortunes like crazy that the sentence Were prone to family competition Building huge mansions to rival each Other and this is one of them by the way When you see this Mansion you think this Is a hotel this is not a hotel this was Built as a vacation home finished in 1895 30 000 acre estate 250 room French Renaissance Castle took Six years and cost nearly six million Dollars to build which in today’s money You ready

1.6 billion dollars by today’s standards Why does somebody need a 250 room French Renaissance castle for vacation well That’s what these guys did and what Happened to that money it disappeared Builtmore builtmore house is considered The largest privately owned home in the Entire country and is still operated by The Vanderbilt descendants today Uh 179 000 square feet give or take with 35 bedrooms for family and guests 43 Bathrooms 65 fireplaces and three Kitchens in this place okay so what can We learn here don’t bring family into Business and teaching them the trade They didn’t do that he didn’t want to do It he said I’m just going to do one of My kids out of the 13 but I don’t want To teach the kids how I made the money Lack of wealth habits led to poor money Management and entitlement Wasted the wealth on crazy lavish Lifestyle don’t be like the Vanderbilts That’s pretty much the story of Vanderbilt if there’s one family you Don’t want to be like it is a Vanderbilt Okay specifically in generational word To creating wealth be like Vanderbilts To pass the end of wealth you do not Want to be like the Vanderbilt here’s The Rothschilds Mayor Rothschild returned to Frankfurt In 1763 at the age of 19 joined his Brothers in the trading business started

By their father okay Mayor Rothschild return to Frank then Rothschild banking empire grew rapidly During the French Revolution before he Died he left strict instructions for his Heirs on how they should handle family Finances so their strict instructions Being left behind so he was Progressive He was prepared he knew he wanted to get These guys to think the right way in the Early 1800s Rothschild sent his sons to Live in Naples Vienna Paris and London In addition to keeping the sun in Frankfurt the five linked branches Became the five link branches became in Effect the first bank to transcend Borders lending to governments to Finance War operations over several Centuries provided the Rothschild family With ample opportunity to accumulate Bonds and build additional wealth in a Range of different Industries the Family’s Network peaked at around 500 Billion dollars after the Napoleonic Wars when they were financing both sides So what can we learn from these guys Traditionally irath’s child’s Fortune is Invested in closely held corporations Today the Rothschild Corporation have Continued to see success most family Members are employed by these Corporations directly or are invested in Operations that generate family wealth The remarkable success of the family has

Largely been due to a strong interest in Corporations being entrepreneurs in the Practice of smart business principles The family motto is Concordia integritas Industria which means harmony integrity And Industry so the family had a certain Set of values and principles that they Keep teaching therefore the family still Has been able to keep the money next This one’s also an interesting one the Ford Fortune Henry Ford’s Fortune peaked At around 200 billion dollars his wealth Was almost three percent of the U.S GDP In 1913. Start at Ford Motor Company in 1903 and Quickly became the largest automotive Manufacturer in the world okay their Legacy upon his death Ford left most of His vast well to Ford Foundation Arranged for his family to control the Company permanently Fords collectively are worth around 2 Billion dollars it is the fifth Generation of fourth Sons grandsons and Cousins to own the company the family Owns nearly 40 percent of voting power In Ford company so now what can we learn From these guys upon his death trusts Were in place in order to practice Protect most of his wealth from excess Taxes and transfer wealth by the way This is something that most people don’t Realize when it comes down to estate Planning Elvis died with nothing being

Passed down to his family his kids so Did MLK so did Abraham Lincoln there are A lot of families that were not prepared For this and they didn’t do proper State Plannings a lot of celebrities a lot of Athletes Babe Ruth up nothing pretty Much for his family just because they Didn’t take the time to think about Generational wealth they were just Looking at the money in themselves in Their lifetime they didn’t say well one Day I’m gonna die I’m sure that day is Going to come out be ready when that day Comes and they never get prepared most People don’t get prepared for this the Fact that you’re on this webinar right Now tells me this is something that’s Important to you and kudos to you to do What most are not willing to do this Gives you an advantage of over other People and uh obviously everything will Come down to execution but you do have An edge the fact that you want to learn How to do these things so they managed To keep the business within the family And each generation took the company and Moved it forward the transfer of wealth Was Swift and the business Acumen and Wealth habits were left intact okay so Whatever they learned he passed it down And the kids and grandkids kept using Those skill sets to grow the company to The next level Rockefeller started out as an assistant

Bookkeeper making 50 cents a day his Fortune peaked at around 418 billion Dollars again another three percent of U.S GDP around the same time as a uh Ford started Standard Oil in 1870 and Grew to control 91 of oil production and 85 percent of oil sales in the United States okay Upon his death all the money went into Trust control by male Heirs of the Fortune that were designated designed to Maintain the wealth There are over 150 direct descendants of Rockefeller and their net worth is Estimated to be 8.4 billion dollars the Fifth and sixth generation are aren’t Likely to be able to live off of their Family Trust according to people close To the family they currently hold no Money making family businesses it’s Purely Investments the family members Individually donate 50 million dollars Each year and the foundation donates 170 Million dollars every year generational Skipping trusts were in place which is a Beneficial thing to have in place Rockefeller had trusts in place to make Sure that the money was event evenly Distributed so this isn’t something Where one got more than the other the Approach he took he wanted to be evenly Distributed the family had developed a System of values traditions and Institutions that have helped the family

Stay together and preserve the wealth Think about that one right there what Set of values and traditions uh do you Want to pass down to your kids think About a person sitting there to think About that and say hey babe this is one Of what I want to pass on to my kids Here’s what I want them to be doing These are our values one of the things We talk about a lot in our family is Lead respect improve love those are four Things we do as a family we don’t bully We don’t get bullied and there’s four Things we pray for courage wisdom Tolerance understanding obviously There’s a lot of other values I’m giving You the basic of what we teach you can Tell these families think about these Things and it’s repetitive and they keep Talking about it over and over and over Again I’ll never forget a story Arnold Told the first time he met When he married Maria Shriver he said The first time I met one of the Kennedys He said so what’s your favorite color And he said we like red He says no no what’s your favorite color He says yeah we like the color red He says I I don’t think why are you Saying wheat what do you like he says we The Kennedys like the color red why Would somebody say something like that Because the family talks about we like The color red so how detailed is that to

Say this is our color of what we like Something again to be thinking about not Saying go pick your favorite color and Say in our family we like to color Purple purple but the point is they’re Thinking about details like this so and The last one even Rockefeller made Mistakes when he came down to planning Uh there’s a certain number that uh I Think you had a 1.4 billion dollars of a State when he died at the time obviously Today’s money is 400 billion dollars but 1.4 billion at the time 70 percent of it Got taxed just so you know only 400 Million dollars ended up going to the Family 70 percent because there was no will in Place Rockefeller had no will in place a Basic will Cost you a couple hundred dollars to put Together there was no will cost the Family Seventy percent of 1.4 billion dollars Think about that just taking the time to Put together well again our job is to Learn from what people did right and Learn from what they did wrong and do What they did right and don’t do what They did wrong so what did they have in Common few different things Number one they all chose a grown Industry and were early adopters number Two they found a problem and created a Solution three they had equity and

Businesses that grew and last but not Least this is a tough one for many People It took them 24 to 40 years to amass Their wealth do you have that kind of Patience 20 to 40 years to amass that Kind of wealth a lot of time people talk About well Elon Musk is worth a few Hundred billion dollars in today’s money Et cetera Etc well I mean Elon Musk has Been doing this for a long time nearly 30 years He’s been doing what he’s doing with Business when he’s when they saw PayPal For one and a half billion dollars his Share was 180 million dollars you know What he did with his 180 million dollars He put 100 million dollars into SpaceX He put 70 in Tesla and I think he put 10 Million in the Solar Company and that 180 million dollars turned into 250 Billion dollars today give or take Depending on how the economy is because He’s a long-term thinker Warren Buffett Today is worth 109 billion dollars you Know how long he’s been at it a long Time he’s also a long-term thinker this Is very common when you look at people Who create a ton of wealth so getting Rich is different from staying Rich okay Slow money Long Money the longer it Takes it eventually takes to accumulate The longer you hold on to it they all Spend 20 to 30 years building their

Wealth fast money quick money therefore 70 percent of lottery winners end up Broke within a few years think about This this is a study that MIT did didn’t Somebody just win two billion dollars Right now at the lottery what do you Think is going to happen with this Regular person that gets two billion Dollars you think they know how to Manage two billion dollars if the Person’s Never Had a Million Dollars Their identity if their job is fifty two Thousand dollars a year they get two Billion dollars what do you think you’re Going to be doing with that money how Quickly think that goes away even though You may say come on Pat you think a Person can run through 1.9 billion Dollars in no time yes absolutely Because if you don’t know how to manage It and if your identity doesn’t believe Your worth 1.9 billion and you think You’re only worth twenty two thousand Dollars of savings in the bank somehow Some way either someone’s gonna rob you Of that money someone’s going to take That money from you you’re going to Break the law you’re going to pick up Bad habits like drugs alcohol and then Boom the money disappears most of the Time according to MIT the people who get Rich quick lack something crucial to Generational wealth generational wealth Habits this is exactly what we’re

Talking about so number one they invest In sure bets to something that these Guys did number two investing in Appreciating assets three structuring it Generational they think about how am I Going to get this money to go to the Kids and to grandkids it is something They think about practicing Apprenticeship what can I do to develop These leaders what can I do to teach my Habits to them they come to work they See how Mommy’s working they see how That is working they see how you growing Your business whenever I’m doing a Conference call I like my kids to listen To many of these conference calls so They see how I’m negotiating they see How I’m talking and then afterwards They’ll ask me question that is a form Of apprenticeship my six-year-old Daughter I went home right now to pick up a few Of these uh kilo of gold because I was Doing a video for gold my daughter Immediately Daddy can I come back to the Office can I come back she just wants to Be here and I’m like absolutely you can Come here today she had to do homework And she had something she had to do or Else she would have been here think Everything about duplicating good habits To your kids most of the time kids will Only see the bad habits but think about What good habits we can do duplicate to

The kids being pioneers and trendsetters So some of you guys may say well Pat What do you want me to do with oil That’s already done railroad who the Hell is going on I’ve never been on the Train before I’m not going to get on Train planes what can I do that’s going To be revolutionary either be Revolutionary or join a revolutionary Either be a Pioneer or jump on a Pioneer Ship playing and say I’m going with you Wherever you’re going I’m going on this Rocket we’re going places I’m going to Bring my value to you but either way Either be a Pioneer and trendsetter or Join a Pioneer and trendsetter changing The business with The Changing Times They knew how to pivot and adjust Recognizing and capitalizing Opportunities that’s something you got To be thinking about and you got to be Looking at teaching the family early not Waiting till later on to teach them the Right habits staying away from the Spotlight very interesting to say stay Away from the spotlight this is this is Interesting where this was a big part of Philosophy where they want to be a Little low-key even if you think about The Koch brothers or Rothschild you Don’t hear a lot from them you may even Not be able to say that you hear a lot From many of these people who made their Wealth then it’s very different today

It’s hard for Bezos or musk or a lot of These guys to stay away from the Spotlight today because we have Something called social media and Whether you like it or not the media is Going to somehow pull you in but do your Best to stay away from the spotlight This is what some of these guys did Leadership and family is based on Merit Which means you gotta earn it kind of Like how I talk to my kids when I said Hey what if one of you guys does Something bad should that person still Get the money no you should you know Okay great perfect no problem so Families have certain set of values in Place to get that wealth you talk about That early very simple the other day I Was walking with one of my neighbors This guy’s family they have 7 000 Employees classy guy we always talk I Give him value stayed up till God knows What time for him to create content and We are like oh my God I can’t believe How to do this how to do this you’re Going to be great but while we’re Walking and uh this is uh Halloween and We’re doing trick-or-treating while We’re walking his son walks by and uh so How you doing great his son’s playing Football And he says um yeah he lost his Technology privileges for seven weeks I Said what do you mean technology

Privileges he says he lost his Technology privileges what do you mean By that well you know I phoned video Games stuff like that I said why did he Lose it he says oh in our family very Basic in our family if you don’t have Straight A’s you lose technology Privileges I said really he said yeah if You don’t have straight A’s you lose Technology privileges think about that So I sat there and I came back and I Said I’ve been thinking about a way to Talk to my kids about getting a phone Because a lot of people are having Phones uh they say oh how am I going to Get these guys the phones now there’s a System so the point is leadership in Family is based on Merit that’s a merit You want technology uh uh you want Technology you got to make sure you have Straight A’s so these are some of the Things that you borrow to create in your Own family next maintaining strong Family connections keeping people Together reunions traveling together I Remember I was dealing with this one Insurance guy very very successful guy And uh who had had a massive exit and he Had started a annuity company out of Kansas City and one day I’m sitting down With him talking to him I said so tell Me some of your family traditions the Guy was in his 70s so I would like to Learn a lot from people that are super

Successful he says every year I take 89 Of my family members On a vacation and I pay for the whole Thing I said what really he said Absolutely two weeks I take him I said Are you joking he says no he said let me Show you some pictures he shows me this Is a cruise this is 89 of us and he Starts telling me I started doing this 20 years ago first one we did was only 11 of us then it went to 15 then it went To 20. imagine the pictures he’s shown Every year he says now it’s 89. all These grandkids all these boyfriends and Girlfriends it says 89 we go together so Why do you do this he says believe it or Not it keeps the family united we’re all Together I’m like wow very interesting He told me this in 2009 when I started The insurance company 14 13 years ago This Christmas I tell my wife when it comes down to one Thing that I don’t hold back it’s Experiences with the kids this Christmas We’re probably going to spend four to Five hundred thousand dollars on our Christmas last year was three hundred Thousand dollars there’s one thing that I’m gonna do to bring the family Together is something like this you get To use your resources to create the Family to come together when I was Thinking about as a 23 year old one day I want my grandkids to choose to come to

My place I want to build an estate where Kids can get to play swim do whatever They want and the in-laws can be in a Complete separate house so Christmas Thanksgiving summer vacations all my Grandkids want to come to me because I Want to stay close to my kids and my Grandkids those are some of the things You do to keep the family connections Together again so some people may say Pat you’re out of your mind that’s Important to me what’s important to you This doesn’t apply to everybody but That’s what I think about it what do you Think about and finding ways to maintain Strong family connections next build Strong business networks you know Connections is a very big thing today I Just get a call out of nowhere and this Guy says hey Pat uh uh uh one of our Guys here that we work with he says hey You know there’s this guy just talked to And he just came up to me and he’s been Following by attainment for a while and He wants to be our contact for Hollywood For Grammys for all this stuff and there Are people that want to be the agent Because they want to you know they’re Seeing what’s going on here where we Have a lot of exposure on social media And the internet but we don’t have it on Mainstream media and they want to talk To you this is a connection of a Connection of a connection when you

Build strong relationships you know I Remember when first time I read a book About Bill Clinton running for office When he was a governor in Arkansas and He became the president beating George Bush Senior he said he wrote 20 000 Handwritten notes that he gathered on This Rolodex forget about all the bad Things you may think about with Bill Clinton the man was an incredible Networker he took his 20 000 contacts That he had gathered Rolodex wrote Everybody a note I am running for office here’s a reason I would love to get your support and Then boom all these connections helped Him eventually become a president it Doesn’t matter what it is your contacts May want to be your kids contact very Important to build strong business Networks Being cautious of who you bring into the Fold very very uh interesting you talk About who dates you who dates your kids And saying and breaking it down to find Out who the family of the kid that’s Dating you you know kind of being a Little bit more proactive hey hey Daddy I love this guy great let me meet his Family You know hey Mom I love this girl great Let’s meet her family it doesn’t matter What it is you want to keep them close To see who they’re getting close to

Friends hey I hang out with this guy Named Joey great bring him over for a Pool party and then you look oh Joey was Smoking weed over there at 13 years old Yeah we’re gonna have a problem here we Gotta figure this thing out now I know I Talk to the family we’re being proactive You got to be proactive you have to stay Paranoid Ray dalio said something very Interesting this last week I watched a Clip of his and he said you know if you Worry you won’t have to worry but if you Don’t worry you will have to worry what Does that mean if you worry about the Economy you’re probably not going to Take a massive hit because you’ll be Overly prepared he says but if you don’t Worry about economy your kids how you Raise them finances rates you know Politics if you don’t worry about it Guess what you’re gonna have a lot to Worry because it’s all going to impact You the whole concept is to be a little Bit cautious of who you bring into the Fold very very important the way this Applies to lawyers estate planners Accountants firms Consultants very very Careful who you bring on the inside 14 Capitalizing of certain aspects of the Law they talk about loopholes but this Is the benefit of having the right Accountants overpaying for accountants To protect you against laws that change I’ve had lazy accountants before if you

Got lazy accountants just because They’re a friend or family and they’re Working independently they’re by Themselves and you’re starting to do Very well maybe it’s time to fire your Account as much as you love them you got To move on my recommendations always to Go to a top 50 accounting firm Because a top 50 accounting firm they Have responsibilities and if God forbid One of their accountants does something Bad to you they’re held responsible to Have another team come and fix it and They typically have tax planning you Know laws changing they’ll tell you I’ll Talk to my account they’ll say hey let Me tell you for the State of Texas this Change for Florida that change for California this is what’s going on so we May be able to do this for this day but Not the other state so again very very Important to know what’s going on with Tax laws and the loss of your industry Period so that’s that now generational Wealth Killers number one lack of wealth Habits very simple if you have lack of Wealth habits sudden wealth syndrome you All of a sudden get money you don’t know What to do with it your identity didn’t Catch it didn’t match your money you may All of a sudden get 10 million dollars But you’re only used to making 60k man You better change your identity up to Upgrade thinking like a 10 million

Dollar person which means don’t do Anything with the money anytime soon Until you start thinking what it is that 10 million dollars so sudden wealth Syndrome is very very problematic this Happens in sales you’ll see somebody That’s making four thousand dollars a Month ten thousand dollars a month and All of a sudden they sell a four million Dollar home and they get 150 000 check Or a hundred thousand dollar check and They buy four Rolex as a Ferrari and a Lambo thinking this is going to happen Forever boom six months today they lose The Ferrari they lose the lambo they Sell their watch that bought for twenty Thousand dollars for two thousand Dollars two or five thousand dollars to You this is called the sudden wealth Syndrome I lean towards buying things That I can’t afford today typically You’re two years later ah not yet ah not Yet not yet not yet at 250 000 in the Bank at 27 28 years old and I was Driving a Ford Focus and everybody was Saying Pat are you broke I’m like no I’m Not ready to buy an exotic kid and my Friends were like well if that’s my Million dollar home let’s buy this Because this was the ninja side no Income no assets no jobs I’m like I’m Not buying nothing yet eventually I’d Have had a half a million dollars I took That Finance by insurance company and

Obviously we just were able to sell the Company for a few hundred it was a very Good experience when that took place but It’s sudden wealth syndrome okay three Lack of concentrated wealth okay lack of Concentrated wealth you know it’s it’s All over put a place you know you don’t Have it too focused yes you want to make Sure you have a you know diversification Maybe a good thing but if you want to Create true wealth typically it’s better To have it more focused in certain Sectors and too many different places Some may disagree with me and say Pat What are you talking about you got to Diverse about I get it totally Understand it’s all about your risk Tolerance and your time Horizon but if You want to create true true wealth you Got to be a little bit concentrated in Industries you’re looking at I went Insurance industry one industry 20 some Years I’ve been in it till today 21 Years one industry Pat try loans nope Guys call me Pat what if we team up to Do real estate nope hey what if we team Up to nope I’m Insurance well that’s a Boring industry really not so boring for Me I love this industry look what we did To it there was a problem in the Insurance industry what was it only 17 Percent of Agents were women We build an insurance company 54 we’re Women only Hispanics nobody was selling

Them Insurance we’re 51 Hispanic the Average agent was a 56 year old white Male our average agent became a 34 year Old Hispanic female everybody was stodgy And you know boring when he would go to Conventions our conventions are wild a Kevin Hart will be doing a one-hour Irresponsible tour and make 6 000 people Laugh we brought a President Bush to Talk about what happened with his life How he became a president will bring the Lake Kobe Bryant will bring people like Billy Bean and entertainment and hey you Know Sebastian Maniscalco come and give A performance make everybody laugh we’ll Have Shaq come up Mike Tyson come up We’ll put up a concert with Nicky Jam We’ll put a concert with Nelly but we Saw a leak in an industry that was Traditionally known as being boring we Made it exciting and we changed it up so So that’s that’s something you got to be Thinking about so break down in trust And communication no next parents not Preparing children and not talking to Them Jamie Johnson and heir to the Johnson Johnson Healthcare Fortune says In his documentary born rich that he was Clueless about the extent of his family Wealth until a young schoolmate read his Father’s listing in the Forbes 400 out Loud to the entire class let me read This one more time to in case you missed It Jamie Johnson had no clue she just

Thought I’m just Jamie Johnson she had No idea she was an heir to the Johnson Johnson family And the documentary born rich which is a Good documentary watch that he was Clueless about the extent of his Family’s wealth until a young classmate Rather’s father’s listing In Forbes 400 he’s like wait that’s my Dad wow my dad’s a billionaire this kid Never knew his dad was a billionaire Think about how those parents raise the Kids right preparing parents not Preparing kids right So now here’s a few different things 11 P’s when it comes down to investing These are my 11ps on what I look at when I invest into different things some of It you can borrow some of it you may say No it’s not for me number one I invest In people meaning operators I feel musk Is a good operator so if I had a chance To invest into Twitter I would have Risked a few million dollars to invest Into Twitter because I trust in him as An operator is there risk there of Course there is he’s been targeted but I Like to invest in great operators okay Like there’s a story on Business Insider This one guy who was friends with Warren Buffett I don’t know what year this was By the way Tyler if he can look it up 1950s or 60s early on maybe even 74 or 72 and this guy says look I was friends

With Warren Buffett he told me to put Ten thousand dollars in Berkshire Hathaway I did and I never looked at it I went back to my regular job he makes 80 grand Year by the way but he put ten Thousand dollars on Berkshire Hathaway He said why did you so I really believed In the person Warren of it you know how Much that ten thousand dollars worth Today you ready a billion dollars ten Thousand dollars he put never touched The money the guy’s a billionaire Because he invested in the right person He said this guy’s going places and he Was right okay so first P invest in People second p Invest in Perpetual things I like Perpetual things that money keeps coming In Netflix you’re paying 12.99 per month Okay different types of services where The money is being paid on a regular Basis it’s a membership model which is Perpetual number three is phenomenons or Phenomenon uh phenomena right now I I Just bought a few massive cars I bought A you know I bought the pat Mahomes the Second best card it’s a one of one RPA Beautiful card I’m a Joe burrow fan I Bought his card I bought Pat Mahomes Card one of one as well I think it’s his Second best card as well both of them Second best card I just bought mbappe’s Best card if you guys know the soccer Player mbappe I own mbappe’s best card

Spend a couple hundred thousand dollars On it World Cups coming up if France Wins and he’s a superstar there I think They’re third right on the odds to win That’s a phenomenon that’s a risk but It’s a risk I’m willing to take right Some people did Netflix uh the nfts that Was a phenomenon that a lot of people Invest some money into it phenomenons Are not something you invest a big post Your money into every once in a while You look at phenomenals number three Number four problems ubereats solves a Problem Lyft solves a problem number Five preventative this is gold okay I Got three kilos of gold sitting here This is purely preventative I’m not Expecting this gold to help me become a Billionaire not at all but it’s Preventative I own some gold in case Something happens this is not going to Make you super wealthy but it is Preventative by the way insurance is Also preventative I want a lot of life Insurance it’s preventative number six Patents someone’s got a good patent They’re typically not good operators but If there’s a real good patent and a good Team behind it I’ll consider it number Seven is product what product it is Sometimes you see a product we like I Just really like that product and I use That product I want to invest into that Product great it is a product I

Personally use number eight predictable You just know it’s a very predictable ETF or EFT or mutual fund something very Predictable that people put their money In prep property uh depending on Commercial or residential 10 Priceless This is me and my family last Christmas This Is Us in Whitefish Montana Had a great time we flew in on a private Jet stayed there for a week At a 20 some thousand square foot home Right behind us do you see right behind Us is where they’re skiing I don’t know If you see that now or not to the top Left right behind my nanny uh right There people are skiing so you look out The window you see skiers snowboarders We had a couple of our guys I think I Think even Mario tried to go out there And ski it was a very bad situation We’re just happy he’s okay live here With us we had a couple of our friends Matt and Rodolfo try to ski they both Nocho couldn’t stop skiing you can tell That some people don’t know how to ski They went into a community because they Didn’t know how to stop funny story but They’re all healthy nobody broke any Legs these are Priceless Memories I will Talk about forever it’s an incredible Time we watched a Christmas movie can You guess what Christmas movie we Watched Tyler I guarantee you you can’t Guess what Christmas movie we watched

There is nothing about this movie that Has to do with Christmas Now you know what we watched we watched Primal Fear who the hell watches Primal Fear for Christmas the bed David family We sat there in the movie theater and we Sat there and watched Primal Fear why Because I just loved the scene when you Know Edward Norton goes like this to Richard Gere anyway these are our Memories I invest in Priceless Memories With my family we just bought the box Seat at the Tampa Bay Bucks playing Against Cincinnati Bengals 36 people I’m Taking a bunch of friends and clients And customers and agents we’re gonna go There and I’m taking the kids we’re Gonna watch Joe Bro play Tom Brady could Probably be the last game they’re going To play against each other that’s a nice Investment it’s Priceless for us right And then the last one the last P of Investing is planning Planning this is the one that’s boring To most people but this is what pays a Lot pays very well if you do planning so The lack of planning in your life will Ruin the financial future of your Planning of your family let me explain What’s the one thing you can spend hours And hours building day in and day out Does anybody know what I’m talking about It’s Legos okay you ever seen these Legos I don’t know if you’re a Lego

Person or not we like to build Legos Matter of fact this Lego right here I’m Gonna show you my kids just finished Building this last night and I told them I’m going to bring back so they can see It they spend so much time building this Layer I don’t know if you guys can see This or not can you see it just take a Look at it Did it break You got to be kidding me I dropped that Thing can you see it real quick Oh my God Seriously that thing broke can you take A look at if it broke By the way I did that intentionally just So you know that my kids didn’t spend Time building that last night okay this Is what I built here well you know I’m Showing you this here’s what happens if You and I don’t plan This breaks You spent time putting this thing Together You your family You spend time creating your wealth You spend time working your tail off to Make money Don’t you think it makes a little bit of Sense to put time and planning Hours how hard do you work if you’re Watching this How hard do you work this is obviously a Little the guys wanted me to bring the

Big what do you call that big one the Biggest one that Lego has do you know The name of it the Star Wars there’s a What’s it called I don’t think it’s I Think it’s another one the Falcon the Massive Falcon we did one with my kids Took us five hours to make but myself Adam Mario we decided to do the biggest Piece Lego ever had you know how many Hours it took us we made a YouTube video We try to break the German MIT graduates Record we failed miserably we’re not Going to bring that to break it that Took a long time for us to build right The same way you treat your wealth to Not break it you got to protect it comes Down to planning my kids like Legos Their daddy likes Legos they sit there If you want to find a way to irritate my Daughter guess what have my sons come in Break her Barbie house if you want to Find a way to upset my son here he likes To build forts with pillows and blankets If one of the kids breaks what he built With his four words fights breaking out In the house Photon fights breaking on The house why because you spent hours Building that you’ve spent out building Your current business now you ought to Protect it right that’s the whole reason Why we’re doing this So if you spend time then someone breaks It and you weren’t prepared for it it’s Your responsibility we ought to figure

Out a way to prevent people from doing That it’s not going to feel good when That happens So now what happens to that thing that You are spending your life building when You pass away and you’re not prepared For it have you planned who is going to Take care of it some of you may be Watching the same pad I didn’t come here Because I got generational wealth I want To find out how to create generational Wealth well regardless if you have it or If you don’t have it generational wealth Equals planning FYI watch what happens When you talk planning with people out There you and I don’t like that topic Because we’re looking for that special Potion to take to create a ton of wealth We don’t like the topic of planning just The ward itself is boring but this is What these guys do this is what I’ve Learned to do my entire life lacked Planning until I understood the power of Planning right now I’m working uh Um Working on this book I’m writing with Penguin we’re so excited about this book It’s not coming out for another year and A half and we’ve been putting hours on Top of ours my whole mind is around Business planning and life planning Right now penguin bought the book we’re Excited about it portfolio the whole Concept is 12 building blocks of writing

A business plan because most people Don’t know how to write out a business Plan and that’s what we’re talking about With this book so there’s three types of Planning there’s business planning There’s financial planning there’s Estate planning This session is not for financial Planning or state planning Financial Planning and estate planning will help You keep your wealth this whole session Was about business planning business Planning is what will help create wealth So for those of you that want to help Create wealth that’s what we’re talking About today and by the way what season Are we in this is uh we’re going into The third week of November Thanksgiving Is a week from today I believe today is Thursday right a week from today’s Thanksgiving like this Christmas is here Like this is January 1st 2023 is here are you prepared for it Have you done a lot of planning this is My season when I start thinking about Next year’s planning for 2023 a Psychology professor in California did a Study on goal setting she found that you Are 42 percent more likely to achieve Your goals just by writing them down so This is the season to think about how You’re going to be writing your business Plan down but here’s the issue with most Business plans it feels like homework to

Most people if you talk about business Plan they think they’re doing homework And it’s back to school and how many of Us just love doing homework if you’re Like me you probably don’t like doing Homework Starts working on it end of December It’s kind of too late it’s kind of like I got to get a business plan fourth week Of December you put an hour to do it Just like as if you got something done I’m gonna lose 20 pounds I’m gonna make This much money I’m gonna get a Promotion boom it’s rushed you stop Looking at it by the beginning of February too logical not enough emotion It’s over that’s 99 of people’s business Plan that’s how I wrote business plans And I never looked at the business plan Again Until I realized what was missing in my Business plan do you think Rockefellers Treated his business and business Planning that way do you think any of These guys did it that way Carnegie Ford Any of the ones that made the money and Kept it with their families what do you Think they did differently They had a life plan that included the Right building blocks once I structured My business plan with the 12 building Blocks my life completely changed okay And by the way these building blocks When I explained to you it’s going to be

Different than what you’ve heard before Because too often everybody links a lot Of logic to business plan and most People don’t realize that emotion is What makes the business plan work not The logic making a business plan work Let me explain to you too often when you Look at these building blocks on the Left side you see the word skill many of Us sit there and say oh my God I gotta Learn how to sell I gotta learn how to Negotiate I got to learn how to handle Difficult conversations that’s the skill I need yeah but how are you going to Improve your willpower When it’s Friday night you had a bad Week you didn’t sell anything things Didn’t go your way you know and you’re Like well you know whatever I’m gonna do It next week and you still have that Next week mentality instead of let me Get it done today your willpower is I Said I’m gonna go to the gym this Morning I’m gonna do it tomorrow every Time you say tomorrow your willpower Gets weaker every time you do it now Your willpower gets stronger so yes you Want to figure out a way to improve your Skill set but how are you going to Improve your willpower you tell me Anybody who won at the highest level You’ll see somebody that has strong Willpower in sports they’ll use the Phrase they will themselves into winning

The Super Bowl hence Patriots against Atlanta Falcons when They were down 28-3 it wasn’t just skill That got him to win both sides of the Team were skilled one side had a leader With willpower his name is Tom Brady Who’s won seven championships can you Imagine what he’s going through right Now and how he’s handling the two Victories he had back to back how do you Do that with the mess marriage personal Life FTX and you’ve won two games and You’re four and five by your first place In your you know division because There’s nobody that’s good in your Division imagine how much willpower it Takes to be Tom Brady today so this next One people I I got to figure out a way How to write a plan I need a right plan That’s great we’ll teach you how to Write a plan but what’s your mission What is the mission you give me somebody On a mission they’ll figure out a way to Write the plan out you give me somebody That’s on a serious mission you can’t Get in that person’s way so instead of Just trying to figure out a way how to Write the right plan what’s the mission Systems I need to write systems on how To process business I need to write Systems on how to sell I need to write Systems how to raise money great no Problem you can find all the systems but What are your dreams

And I’m talking real dreams I remember Being a guy who was broke forty nine Thousand dollars of debt in my Ford Focus at 23 years old driving around Given a keynote speech closing speaker At an event there’s nothing about me That was a closing speaker at an event At 23 years old but I’m given the speech And it’s like the next person we’re Going to bring up is Patrick by David I’ll go And I would get up hey thank you John For the warm introduction folks it’s Great to be here with you and I was Going to tell my story and I would play This role of a story I’m telling in my 50s and 60s I was 23 years old I had a Dream Would get me so excited I had a dream About you know family kids life America Iran I’m Assyrian I’m Armenia I got a Lot of Dreams your dreams I was in DC Yesterday Washington DC giving a talk to This group of people in Calverton a Small City with 17 000 people there There’s a few hundred people in this Room and I’m talking to these folks I Said Do You Feel Like Your Dream Machines kind of been shut off for the Last couple years and then if yes tell Me why Weren’t we all dreamers what happened There you know when somebody’s got a Dream and they’re chasing it they’re

Pursuit of their dreams their eyes have A little twinkle in it you see the fire If somebody doesn’t happen doesn’t have It they just look like it’s just life Regular life what are your dreams next Hey I need Capital if I only had a Million dollars I would be able to start This business if I only had a hundred Thousand dollars if I only had ten Thousand dollars if I only had it’s the If I only had money is not hard to find A vision is You give me somebody with a real Vision They’re gonna find the money You give me somebody with a real Vision With the right team around them that People have bought into this Vision Trust me money will show up we had a Real Vision when we started the Insurance company it was very simple People thought I was crazy but the Vision was real all of a sudden 40 years Later some guy comes and says hey I’ll Give you a million dollars cool Four years later another guy came in hey Oscar De La Hoya Gabriel Brenner these Guys are interested in investing to the Company no problem here’s 10 million Dollars 2017. So I’m going around telling people my Vision and we’re growing the company we Got great leaders in the company and Boom well who’s this mad guy the Sheena Guy this George guy this Jose guy this

Vargas guy this oh these guys got a real Business these guys got real leaders This guy’s got Tom else this is awesome This is crazy 10 million hey 35 million Hey few hundred million because there’s A vision Capital showed up even when I Was broke if division was real money Eventually showed up Too many people just want to study their Competition well let me see what the Competition is doing in the real estate Industry yeah you can go get all the Stats you can get all the data but who’s Your real enemy What do you mean by enemy do you have an Enemy Robert Greene was a friend of mine He uh wrote a book 40 Laws of Power Wrote another book called 33 Strategies Of War When I first got involved in business I Was very naive I thought everybody Wanted to see me win and I would say Good things otherwise and all of a Sudden I started beating some of the Guys that were telling me I can win and I noticed some of them turn I’m like Wait what happened here You were nice now you’re talking behind My back what happened there then I Realized not everybody wants to see you Win okay there’s real enemies out there So for two years you know what’s the one Book I read every day and listened to The audio on Replay for two years 33

Strategies a war because when I started An insurance company I realized business Is a form of War Sports is a form of War America right now being number one you Think we have a lot of enemies there’s a Form of War China wants to beat us and Be number one this war is not like a Nuclear war we’re talking about but Business is war competition is okay Having an enemy produces a different Energy a guy named Michael Jordan knew How to identify his next enemy you may Need an enemy you’re bored out of your Mind right now you don’t have an enemy Right now like Pat what’s an enemy an Enemy isn’t somebody you want to hurt an Enemy could be a father that’s no longer In the picture with you you know I Remember one time reading the story About Tyler Perry When Tyler Perry made all the money and His dad showed up he said man you’re so Rich I’m your father I’m this I’m that He says dad here’s what I’m going to do Listen to what Tyler Perry did it’s a Very interesting story I don’t know if You know this or not Tyler Perry He’s got a good name by the way Tyler Perry Ends up buying his dad a nice car buys Him a house gives him some money with One caveat never call me ever again I Don’t want you in my life

The years I needed you weren’t there now I want you to feel my pain think about That You think a part of Tyler Perry Building The place that he’s built and being the I think he’s a billionaire already if Not on his way you think it’s just Because he wants to make movies or he Think there’s an enemy where his father Wasn’t there to support him and tell him That son I believe in you you think a Steve Jobs who was given for adoption Doesn’t think about the fact that how Dare you give me up for adoption you Think you don’t think that’s a form of An enemy what do you have to produce That kind of fire for you these are the Kind of things that you got to take Inventory of we’re going to spend a lot Of time talking about this Supporting Cast man if I have find a right recruit The right running mate it’s going to be Amazing that’s great but what kind of a Culture you got Is your culture the kind of place that People want to be around do they want to Stay late do they want to go home is it Just like well clock and clock out 459 Club I can’t wait to leave boom you’re Out of here you’re bored out of your Mind well maybe we need a better culture Where you’re at so these whole 12 Building blocks I can talk about this For days on top of days because there’s

Specific strategies on how to do this Here but these are the 12 building Blocks so you heard three different Types of planning financial planning Estate planning business planning due to Popular demand last year a lot of the Businesses like consult said Pat can you Put a course together for business Planning I said no problem we did it Last year a hundred page workbook that Gets sent to everybody that registers And buys their tickets it’s on December 16 this year last year we had people From 100 plus countries this year will Be the same as well we’re expecting a Very big turnout because right now I’m Working on a book with penguin portfolio Where we’re talking about how to write a Business plan that’s going to come out Next year if you want to join me on this Webinar on December 16 click here get Registered dirt so we can spend a day Together and make 2023 the beginning of The greatest years of your life go get Registered I’ll see you there December 16th [Music]

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