7 Life Lessons ln 2022 – My Father, $30m+ In Software & Influence

Times are changing. You can feel it yourself. And, unfortunately, it’s probably for the worse.
There’s still a way out tho: achieving financial, location, and time freedom. The best way to achieve that? Through an online business. In this video, I reveal the best one to start as a beginner in 2023:

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So this year is coming to an end and Just like last year I'm going to share My seven life lessons I learned in 2022. This is an opportunity for me to talk About things that I probably wouldn't Share anywhere else and honestly I have No idea how long this video is going to Be but I think it's probably gonna be a Long one and for some of you it might be Worth clicking away but for the rest of You you're going to get a very intimate Look into my mind into my personal life Things that as I said I don't normally Really make videos where I would feel The need to share this sort of stuff so On that note the first lesson I learned In 2022 is that the tide is Shifting and For those that are aware you still have A chance to break free but for 99 of People it's Superfluous it doesn't Matter the wheels are already in motion The chains are already put on and the Train has left you know you saw this Interesting phenomenon in 2022 where a Lot of these Concepts that used to be Sort of underground the past few years I Mean even if you look at the stuff I was Seeing this exact time a year ago back When I was still a pretty small you Channel I was talking about all of this Stuff and I've been talking about this Stuff for years But um you know I will talk about very Sensitive topics I'm not you know very

Comfortable losing customers clients Friends uh for being the totally Opposite of politically correct the Things that are coming and you can even See in the past two years the things That have happened They don't apply to you if you have Money and the way that things are gonna Go in the next 10 years right way you Think this thing's gonna stop like in a Month two months there are gonna be more And more and more lockdowns and there's Going to be another you know there's Going to be once all the stuff is over There's going to be lockdowns for Another reason which as I said I won't Get too much into here but there's gonna Be another reason that they're gonna Lock you down I'm gonna say you have to Stay inside you know to protect everyone Else for this other reason or they said I mean I have to talk about that and Some some other video what have I been Saying to you guys for the Longest time what have I been trying to Drill into you So you can see in that video that I was Talking about this stuff a year ago in Fact I've been talking about this stuff For almost three years it's just it Sounds like it's a brand new Theory you Know I was uploading videos in 2020 About the whole and you know how is one Of the biggest scams and forces the

World has ever seen and I was getting YouTube strikes all the way back in 2020. it's just I don't know what Happened but for some reason this year The world started to listen you know Just for some reason when I was talking About the stuff three years ago I was Labeled a conspiracy theorist crazy Insane how could you even say such a Thing whereas now it's I'm not saying Mainstream it's common knowledge but People question things and people are Questioning a lot more things a lot more Things that are put in front of them Than they used to even a year ago I've Noticed so for the people that know it's Very good but for the people that don't Things are looking very very Bleak you Know I have to refrain from using Certain words but we've got the rollout Of certain currencies which are track Trace everything to the T in fact it's Programmable money and not in a positive Way in a way that you know let's say for Example you you drive your car a little Too much okay cool the next time you Apply for a mortgage your rate has just Gone up because your social credit score Has just gone down so this programmable Money will be fully in place by 2025 and Anyone who is sort of in the know back In you know 2019 2018 we all knew this Stuff was coming but as I said it's Super interesting to see sort of it

Start to go mainstream you know people Are starting to look at it in question And people are starting to question okay Why is it that I'm not allowed to eat Meat why is there such a heavy push on Veganism why are they trying to shame People for having meat you know it's Good people are finally starting to Question these things you know people Are finally starting to question why You've got idiots like Al Gore Who are saying that all beachfront Property will be underwater by 2020 yet Conveniently they own lots of beachfront Property it's so funny when you see all These people who are advocating for oh You know the Earth is getting warmer It's getting warmer everything will be Underwater and then they fly to these Summits in their private the Jets and by The way don't you dare tell me I don't Care about the environment because we Are ruining our oceans pollution is a Very real thing what we're doing to the Forests are disgusting but that's not What they're focused on what their focus Is is a very similar Focus to what they Did for two years which is try to make You believe that your actions are Leading to someone else dying when quite Frankly they're not they're gonna make You believe that you getting in your car And going for a drive is leading to People dying when it is not and I don't

Care how many University students that Have never experienced The Real World Have never had to do any critical Thinking or be responsible for anyone Let alone themselves I don't care how Many of them throw Soups On paintings to Try to make a big statement it is a Whole load of BS and it is another one Of their traps they've been saying this Stuff since the 80s they said in the 80s They buy 2 000 the levels would rise so Much much that all of these cities would Be entirely underwater and you know what They did they kicked the can down the Road 20 years oh by 2020. look what Happened in 2020 Nothing so now We have to kick the can down another 20 Years oh by 2040 and while all of this Is happening they are very conveniently Buying up all of the beachfront property While Mr Gates is telling you don't eat Meat you're a bad person he's very Conveniently buying up all of the Farmland it's funny how these things Work isn't it so ladies and gentlemen I Want to congratulate you because you're A part of the people who are awake and See where this is going and the scary Thing is is that I'd say by the end of 2023 even if people wake up Too late the damage would have been done And if you don't escape their systems And do what I've been telling everyone

For five years publicly which is get Financial time and location Freedom Location freedom is very important by The way so that way when they do tell You once again that you can leave your House you just pack up and leave so Ladies and gentlemen the first lesson From 2022 is that the tide is shifting And it's a very beautiful thing to watch Now my second lesson in 2022 was Realizing the value of building a Company to sell and sort of realizing You know I've always thought the net Worth as a you know a whole load of BS You know I had friends of mine last year They're worth 10 times on paper net Worth what I was worth so what I Realized they didn't do the wrong thing They just did it in the wrong order the Order you need to go is you need to Build a cash flow business that's what I Did for six years with my agency and Then in those early stages you need to Invest it in medium to high risk Investments that have an asymmetric Yield as in you know there could be a Decent amount of risk but the reward is So high that the risk is actually worth It now obviously you know don't go Putting that money into a meme coin or Something like that but you basically do That until you have a nest egg of a few Million and then you basically just go For safe Investments you know these days

It's it's so funny I am so risk-averse These days it's really just about Managing the money I have growing it Steadily not being too crazy with my Investments and that was basically my Formula to go from zero to 25 million Earned was Cash to a business and then Invest now this year in 2022 80 percent Of my focus has been on my software Company agency flow you know what we're Doing with agency flow is insane in the Last 28 days and I'll get the actual Statistics so I'm checking now we have Grown our mrr which means monthly Recurring Revenue it's gone up by 39 Months to date our active subscriber Count has gone up by 149 and that was actually because we Implemented a new scaling plan you know Basically for those that try to cancel Their subscription before they cancel we Give them an option for sort of a Cheaper plan but you know because we Understand for a lot of people they Might be focusing on signing their first One or two clients you know after your First one or two clients paying 95 a Month or 245 a month is very little and Agency flow actually saves you money Because all the money you would have Spent on all these other softwares it's Cheaper just to use agency flow but Anyways we implemented a new scaling Solution and so anyways our active

Subscribers are up 149 that is insane Our churn is down 32 so that doesn't Mean that let's say 40 announce 30 32 it Just means it's down you know 32 percent You know so let's say for example from Four percent to 2.8 obviously I can't Tell you the actual numbers you know Obviously any company that's looking to Buy it they don't want other people Knowing the numbers so that's why with Agency flow I can't tell you guys the Specific numbers I can tell you guys Ranges and you know there's a lot of Smart people out there that have kind of Started to figure it out so yeah it's Been beautiful I'd say the number that I'm you know most happy about is Definitely the churn rate the more we Can get the churn rate down the better Obviously it's a software so I mean Obviously if someone's unhappy within The first 14 days they can ask for a Refund we give a refund no questions Asked but outside of that it's it's a SAS which means they pay monthly which Means every single month we need to make Sure that people love agency flow they Would never think of another solution Otherwise they cancel and then our churn Rate goes up so it's very very good to See that a lot of the features we're Rolling out people love and the real Crazy thing about agency flow and all of This growth is we spend zero dollars to

Acquire a customer because quite frankly That is what education and e-learning Company is for and you know that's a Very smart and astute people on YouTube That have basically figured it out and I've seen a couple of videos so I'll Drop some clips in here So Iman has so far got over 2.6 million Views on his digital Renaissance event Now let's say very and I want to Highlight very conservatively only 0.1 Percent of them views convert into an Enrollment for his education company no Let's say 50 percent of them actually Signed some clients and end up signing Up for agency flow at 95 US dollars per Month that's 127 000 extra in mrr now if you turn that 127 000 of mrr into ARR annual recurring Revenue and times it by 10x valuation Multiple it will increase the value of a SAS Company by around 15 million dollars Bringing his SAS value to around 50 Million US dollars in less than one year Of running So for example with Ross his video he Was pretty much spot on numbers are a Little off they're actually a little Higher but he was giving the example of Digital Renaissance digital Renaissance No digital residence it really doesn't Make a difference I mean you know in Full transparency when we ran the event We did three million dollars on a

Regular month at the education company We do a million dollars and the crazy Thing is we do that on a regular month With no ads in my YouTube videos I never Mentioned the program I never tell People to buy it I never people to check It out nothing you know you can check The last 10 to 20 YouTube videos I've Uploaded I never tell people oh check Out my program nothing you can check the Description I don't put the link to my Program anywhere on my entire YouTube Channel except for you know an event Like digital Renaissance I have the link To my program on one video and that's it You know we literally get all of these Customers we get a million dollars a Month in Revenue just through word of Mouth that's it literally just word of Mouth that's all and we get all those Customers through word of mouth because It's just that good now look I know that A million dollars a month sounds uh you Know insane or wild but the margins on That business are very very small I have Like 30 margins by the time that I paid For my team and I have a massive massive Team at gya I mean it's insane we're Over a hundred people like that's wild So by the time that I pay for the team By the time that I pay for the custom Platform because we're always updating You know we have this beautiful custom Platform that we spent a few years

Building out and in fact in 2022 we gave It a facelift so I spent a lot of money On developers and stuff like that you Know by the time that we build all the Schools in Nepal I'm left with around 30 Margins and you guys are watching me Over the space the last few years I've Been very fortunate to build a few cash Flow businesses the main one being my Agency and then look I will never say That I'm a crazy investing expert anyone Who invested money in 2020 made a lot of Money in 2021 so the reason I say that Is you know a business that you know Profits a few million dollars a year you Know it really doesn't change my life at This point what does if I'm being honest Change in my life is a software company I'm gonna sell my software company in a Few years for half a billion dollars Mark my words this time last year I told People that in 2022 I would hit 500 1 000 YouTube subscribers we're nearly at 1.5 million and quite frankly even if I Don't sell the company I don't mind the Cash flow is insane you know pretty much 80 of my wealth now comes from my Software company and I've been having Such a good time with software and it's Also just a very like clean respected Business you know I'm going to talk About sort of online education in one of The later points but online education Just still has the stigma of oh it's a

Dirty industry whereas for some reason If you're in software people really Respect you so anyways that's actually Why I bought another software company Last month and I had a very interesting Interaction with a guy called John Danes Who was one of my students back in 2020 In one of my old iterations of program And he's now making 180 000 a month from His agency and he's actually one of the Coaches in agency Navigator so I was Messaging him and I was basically saying Like hey you know do you use the Software can you vouch for it and you Know he came back said glowing things Very very good things and at that point I actually already made the offer and it Had been accepted and he was like oh why Do you ask and I was like oh I just Bought it so that was definitely a very Interesting action and I know this Portion was a little bit long winter but The reason I say all of this is because Before I never cared about net worth now I've started to realize that the Wealthiest people on Earth the reason They're multi-multi multi Multi-billionaires is not because they Have a hundred rental units the reason They are multi-multi-billionaires is Because they have a company that's Valued at multi-multi tens of billions And they just take a loan out whenever They want and the best part is loans are

Tax-free now I live in Dubai so I don't Need to worry about tax anyways but That's really how you get to the Hundreds of millions you know I've been Very very fortunate to get to the tens Of millions and now next year I'm Looking at nine figures in the space the Next few years I'm looking at multi Multi-9 figures who knows maybe even the Big B All right this will be an interesting One So the third lesson I learned in 2022 And this isn't so much of a lesson but I Guess a realization or a thing that I Experienced was this was The first year I think in my entire life where I wish I had a father now I um I haven't told anyone this Um I haven't shared this with anyone I haven't really spoken about this but In the same way I think if you lost your Dad or your mom of course it would be a Horrible thing to go through but I think It would almost be It'd be weird for you to go through life Without let's say your dad I have the opposite to me it's almost Weird the idea of having a father you Know for me growing up without one it's Weird the idea that I would go on my Phone and and text my dad call my dad And and ask him for advice or ask him

For guidance or or just a feeling of Safety like someone has your back and I Think this year I don't know why I just Started to dawn on me that I I really have no one I really am alone In this There's no one that I can call there's No one I can turn to And I think even if I had a dad he'd Probably you know he probably wouldn't Be able to understand the things that I Have to go through on a daily basis the Pressure is the crazy things I have to Deal with the responsibility that I have On my shoulders at this age but I think This is the first year where I wish I Had someone who who shared my blood who Created me who I could Call even if he didn't know what it was Like to run multiple companies just Someone to call you know just I think I'm just going around sir Because I think I just realized this Year like I don't have a dad I never Have and you know some of you guys may Know little tidbits of my story some of You guys may not But um Basically my uh biological father uh he Was an alcoholic abusive so My mom tells me the craziest stories About that and the reason it's funny is Not because of the things the things she Went through or horrendous I wouldn't

Wish it on my worst enemy They're the reason I laugh is because my Mom is just so Russian the way that she Tells me I mean it really is insane I Mean it's just very Russian it's very Crazy my stepdad was by far the most Evil man on Earth that I have ever met Bar None and I guess I have to be Grateful because that shaped the person That I am today but ladies and gentlemen I wish I didn't know so much about Satanism I wish I didn't know so much About evil I wish I didn't know the dark Cold realities of what goes on in this World I cannot explain to you the Feeling When you watch Monsters Inc When you're seven years old And everyone thinks that it is a movie That it's a child's movie it's just Another Pixar Disney They're just a friendly Pixar Disney Movie And you're seven years old and you Realize that that movie is about Satanism You're seven years old and you realize That Just like real evil just like real Satanism You think of everything that God is and I've been very public for very very many Years that I have always believed in God I've never been an Atheist and the

Reason I believe in God is because of Evil Because I understand there's dark and There's light you think of everything That these holy texts preach and then Think of the opposite think about a World where you get rewarded for Imparting evil onto others ladies and Gentlemen Watch Monsters Inc again and then you Realize something very very scary about A lot of these children's films which is All which is that it Which is that it's all about Satanism And ladies and gentlemen that is what Runs the world And who knows I might even get deleted For that but anyways I think That's a very long story for another day The main point is I realized this year How alone I am I have the most Incredible support system my close Friends are the people who were there When I had nothing I generally could not Ask for more incredible circle around me My gift from God was a mother that is so Amazing she makes up for a mother a Father or grandma or Grandpa she's the Only family I need but at the end of the Day I am alone I'm alone I have no one to turn to and It is a level of loneliness Very very few people will understand and

I don't know why but I just had this Weird Feeling this year for the first time in My entire life That I kind of just wish I had a dad and Maybe it's just his fantasy in my mind That you know if I had a dad that I Would have someone that I could turn to That I feel like could that could make Me feel a little less alone in my Endeavors and my conquests and my Pursuits and everything that I'm doing But who knows maybe if I had a dad he Wouldn't be any of those things so maybe It is just that maybe it is a fantasy And who knows maybe my great gift is That I have an incredible mother and me And that's about it I'll be lying to you If I sat here and I said that It does not plague my mind and it does Not matter what skin color you are it Does not matter where you went to school It does not matter what what college or University you went to there's not a Single thing on Earth that puts you at a Bigger disadvantage than growing up in a Single parent home and let's be honest 90 plus percent of time that means Growing up in a single mother household And I'm very proud of myself for Fighting through all of that overcoming Adversity overcoming challenges but I'm Not gonna lie I live in a 10 million Dollar beachfront Villa here in Dubai

And I said sometimes outside on my Dining table I smoke a cigar I look out Into the ocean And I wonder why does he never call me Why has he never tried to reach out so As I said who knows maybe it's It's just some fantasy in my mind and Who knows maybe I'm a lot happier Without a dad but hey I've never tried To Hide things from you or sugarcoat my Life for the past seven years I'm not gonna start doing it now All right swiftly moving on the fourth Thing I learned in 2022 is that it's Okay to have a year where you feel Nothing and that's actually quite a Funny juxtaposition of the last point That I was making for the most part in 2022 I felt very little emotion there Are years where I feel 101 different Emotions I'm there's just it's a very Expressive year 2022 was not one of those and I'm like This is terrible like it feels like this Year just went by so quickly it felt Like I didn't I just I didn't really Feel too in the moment or I didn't feel Like I experienced that much and I Realized that's fine It's okay to have mundane years it's Okay to have years where everything just Kind of Blends into one as long as those Years you get ahead and this year has

Been incredible for me for work for my Team for a lot of things in my life There was a lot of successes this year So I guess the point that I'm trying to Make is that it's okay to have a Practical year it's okay to have a year That just kind of flies by as long as It's not flying by because you're Playing video games and eating Cheetos And every day just day and night Blends Into one because you never leave your Bedroom that is not okay you cannot let That happen but if there's a year where You basically just work so much that it Feels like the year went by like this But you also accomplished so much and You set such strong foundations then That's fine that's amazing and as I said I just think there's so much fluff in The whole self-help world do you have to Have balance and you have to optimize For your happiness and all this stuff It's a whole load of listen there's Certain years pull up your boots do what You need to do I still had a lot of fun This year I guess it's just interesting I had a lot of fun but it just I didn't Really remember much of it it's just There was so much work that clouded it And there was so much sort of important Stuff to do that clouded it that I said Just the year kind of went like that and What I'm really trying to say is that's Okay like it's okay to have yours like

That now the next lesson or the next Observation that I had in 2022 was that Is that I'm starting to see a shift in Online education or at least the Perception of it you know I think people Are really starting to see that online Education really is the way forward but I'd say that the vast majority still Want to hate online education for some Reason and look I will say I do Understand sort of the public perception Around it but I think things are also Starting to change in the same way Jeff Bezos and Amazon was called a scam for Many many years and then 10 years later He looks like the biggest genius on Earth I think the similar sort of thing Is going to happen with education I Think look at that day there's only so Many times universities and colleges can Take the pace and literally ruin People's lives with student loans I mean Think about it if you wanted to get a 200k loan at the age of 18 for a Business first of all maybe one in 10 000 would get approved for it and second You best believe that it has to be a Bulletproof business plan there has to Be a proof of concept that has to be a Business plan and it has to be an Airtight case yet any 18 year old can Get a 200k loan in the United States for A liberal arts degree oh what are you Gonna do with that degree I don't know

I'll figure it out I don't think people Realize you actually have to pay back Those loans at some point it's not free Funny money it doesn't just come out of The sky and it's funny online education And universities are in two different Leagues in terms of the way that they Have to conduct themselves in online Education you have to provide refunds You have to have a refund policy now I Will say there are some refund policies That in my opinion aren't very ethical I See a lot of this like action-based Guarantee you know if you work 25 hours A day eight days a week and you can Prove that you worked every single Minute of every single one of those days And hours then we'll give you a refund So I just think a lot of those are very Manipulative you don't have agency Navigator we have a very simple no Questions asked 14 day money back Guarantee and yeah sure that means that We have you know five six percent refund Rate and I'm totally fine with that I'm Totally fine that you know five six Percent of people come in and they Realize oh you know what actually this Is a little bit more work than I was Expecting or they realized oh you know What actually maybe this way of life or This business model isn't actually for Me or or whatever it may be and I'm very Happy with that you know so just very

Funny for me to watch the people who Call online education a scam you know Who say that a program that is one one Hundredth one two hundredth the price of You know a college education and you Know actually give you real tangible Skills to make money in the real world Or maybe not even make money maybe even Just get a skill that then means that at Your job you can then command a higher Raise and a higher pay you know I'm just So passionate about online education and I'm starting I think the shift is I Think we're really going to see it in 2024 2025 and I think you know the People who do things the right way I Think by 2030 they are gonna be heroes In the same way Jeff Bezos you know in 2001 everyone called Amazon a scam they Called you know Jeff Bezos an idiot all This stuff and then 10 years later he Was literally this business mogulous Same people they're calling him a scam You know now think he's this business Mogul this Titan and you know Unfortunately that's just the way the World Works especially for people that See ahead of time they see where things Are going and you know for anyone who's Been following me for a long time you Would have seen that in 2017 my bio and You know this way before I had an Education company or you know or us Actually building full e-learning

Platform at gya my Instagram bio said I'm on a mission to reform the education System and this is as I said way before I had any program it's always been Something important to me because for me Education is the way out I know I got a Little emotional earlier on this video You know pull out the world's smallest Violin whatever I didn't have a dad Growing up okay or cry me a river but Maybe my love for online education maybe I'm just projecting but I had to learn This Online I had to learn everything online In the first few years of me starting my Business I was buying programs 24 7. Whenever I had extra money I would buy a Program because I would understand that Okay let's say it cost you know a Thousand dollars or two thousand dollars Or five hundred dollars I might learn One small little thing but that will Help me then run my business and grow my Business and you know and then Eventually gets a point where I'm making Millions and millions of dollars a year From my businesses so for me education Has always been something that's Important in fact my long-term goal and I'm talking in 10 years time is Definitely not for me to still be Teaching my long-term goal is I Basically just want to create something Like master class I don't know if you

Guys know but master class is worth Three billion dollars with a B three Billion dollars and I don't know if you Know about it their revenue is something Like 140 million dollars a year you know It's funny I could probably turn ads on And run ads 365 days of the year and gya Would be a 60 million dollar a year Company you know I have a lot of friends In the education space and they all Shatter Me they're like bro you realize You're leaving like tens of millions of Dollars on the table because because you Don't post your program Link in any of Your videos you don't mention agency Navigator and any of your videos the Only time you mention it ever is we do Two events a year and at the end of the Event we give some sort of special offer And by the way I don't think I'm gonna Run those events anymore because it's The first time I've overtly like Actually explicitly made an offer or Sold anything pretty much all year and It's so funny to see you know my team For YouTube I spend hundreds of Thousands of dollars a year I have three Full-time thumbnail editors you could Literally spend hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year trying to help people and Then if you sell something once they get Angry ladies and gents do you notice There's no sponsors on my videos I do my Utmost best to never sell yeah so to be

Honest as I said I don't think I'm ever Going to run an event because it's just I like the fact that a gy I never have To sell I never have to talk about I Never have to it just all Word of Mouth Which is like the most beautiful thing Ever and yes sure I can make tens of Millions of dollars a year more by going On podcasts talking about it having my Links everywhere having all this stuff But it's not my main business I love the Fact that it's literally just word of Mouth so yeah anyways back to my point Master class I really love online Education I know that some people find It very funny that I build five schools In Nepal using the profits from gya I Know they find it funny because they're Like you love online education but you Build physical schools and that's Because I don't believe online education Makes sense for every person I just Think it's a much better alternative to Spending tens of thousands if not Hundreds of thousands of dollars on College education so yeah obviously you Know my main thing long term will be my Software company but I'm starting to you Know I'm really starting to think more And more about building a different Version of masterclass you know after First year maybe even selling a 10 or 20 Even just to lock in the valuation I Think it'd be very very cool you know to

Have I think masterclass has done really Really well the only issue with Masterclass is they spend so much money On Advertising they're all profitable Whereas I know how to do this stuff Profitably you know with an organic Audience so yeah I guess that's the Other thing I noticed in 2022 is I Started to see I think more and more People are starting to realize that Online education is more pure online Education is actually held to standards So I think it's very beautiful to see That people are coming around and Starting to realize that online Education is the way forward so the Sixth lesson I learned in 2022 and I Guess I've been learning this over the Years but I think it really started to Hit home in 2022 was the realities of Money and fame and I want to make Something very clear I'm not famous I'm definitely no Celebrity I'm not famous but I am very Very well known and I'm definitely very Public and it's insane I probably spend 150 000 a month just on protection what I mean by that is lawyers a good family Office to actually manage my operations Manage all the headaches that come Around all the compliance all of this That so as I said lawyers family office Uh security I have a whole Workforce I Have a whole team behind me multiple

Multiple staff as I said probably almost Two million dollars a year I have to Spend just on security ladies and Gentlemen every single week every single Month we try to hack into my own stuff My own team hacks into my own stuff it's Something known as penetration testing And it's a very ardious very timely and Very expensive task everything from that To simple stuff my mom isn't allowed to Use her real name anymore I don't let Her my team doesn't let her when she Goes to a coffee shop if she's at Starbucks she doesn't say her name Anymore she has to use a different name And I know that might sound pretty Ridiculous I know that might sound crazy To you guys and bear in mind three years Ago I didn't need to do this stuff as I've gone more and more public as I've Become more and more of a Target ladies And gentlemen one day I'm sure in 10 Years or 20 years or 30 years I will Tell you guys the war that I go through Every single day I wake up and it's Something new my life is not very Peaceful it's some new crazy thing I Need to go through and when I say the Realities of money and fame this is what I mean everyone thinks they want to have Tens of millions of dollars a year and You know all this Fame and all this Stuff I can tell you right now it comes With a lot of baggage and you know I'll

Tell you what one of my guys basically He basically just calls the insurance You know touchwood you never need Insurance but when you do you need it Really bad and that's a little bit what Cyber security and physical security is Like most of the time you don't need it But when you need it you need it really Bad and most people aren't prepared for This stuff everything from that to just Life adjustments you know if you ever Meet me in Dubai come up say hi no Worries and to be honest wherever you Are in the world I you know I kind of Talk about money and fame the reality of It let me tell you something I'm so Grateful for every single one of you it Puts a massive massive smile on my face I will always I don't care who I'm with I will always stop I'll always have a Chat most importantly I will always ask You your name I want to know a little Bit about you I want to know how you Found out my stuff now bear in mind this Is very very rare but if you come up to Me and you're like oh I think I saw you On Tick Tock once can I get a photo you Don't know me you just want a photo Because you think I'm someone important I might not even be someone important at All I may be a horrible person but as I Said that's very very rare that's the Only time where I'm not really willing To you know entertain something but 99

Of time when someone comes up to me they Go hey I love your videos or hey I love Your perspective on this or I watched Your videos six years ago or hey you're The reason that I believe that I could Do it because I watched you as a broke 15 year old that you can afford to eat a 15 pound meal it's too much money so That's why I was on a diet of pot Noodle And I don't know if any of you guys for Everyone else just ignore this but for Everyone from Britain I'm not proud of This in the slightest to me this Is absolutely shameful it's disgusting That I did this but but whatever I'm not Gonna lie to you you know in Sainsbury's You go and you have all the cookies and All the bakery and stuff like that and a Lot of times I don't know if it's the Same now but you know back in 2015 they Would put the price on the bag and then You would have to input with the prices I would just put it as one pence so Whenever I was buying food for myself And the one thing I want to always give Credit to my mom she always made sure That I was well fed any money that she Made from being a a retail clerk at Harrods making minimum wage or making Minimum wage working front desk Assistant at the NHS Hospital whatever Money she made she made sure I was well Fit so I want to make that very clear But whatever I bought stuff it was pot

Noodle it was the Sainsbury's cookies And I would put the price as one pence So as I said I'm so appreciative and I'm So grateful when people come up to me And they tell me these stories and I Will always entertain it but the reason I say all this stuff is Dubai there's no Safety there's no security concerns That's one of the reasons I love it but Anytime anywhere in the world I am Except for Dubai you may not realize and That's kind of the whole point but I Always have my CPO close Protection Officer with me sometimes I have my main One sometimes I have another one as well Anything more than two security is a Little ridiculous because at that point If you're a person that's wanted that Badly like that that bad they're gonna Get you either way so the reason I say All this stuff is just you know most of Last year I didn't have security this is Really like a 2022 thing you know when I'm for example on dates with girls and I'm in the restaurant and I know that my Close Protection Officer is at the bar And let's say for example I'm walking on The street I guess it's just a life Change to know that there's someone Literally three meters away who's Literally there to make sure you're safe And security who follows you everywhere And I don't want this to sound like a Pity party thing but it's just it's just

Life is different and it's Yeah it's just different there's no Other way to put it so I guess 2022 Definitely made me realize and I do not Even want to know what it's like to be Real famous because I'm not famous I Mean actually this is probably a good Leeway into last point and the seventh And last thing I learned in 2022 is I Started to really understand my Influence you know I may not be super Famous but statistically speaking I am The fastest growing YouTube channel in History you know apart from mindless Prank channels or you know 2016 2017 Vlog channels anything to do with Self-improvement health business finance Anything to do in this world I think we Grew 350 000 subscribers in November or 340 something like that that is the Fastest growing YouTube channel ever There is no one that has grown faster And we're not slowing down anytime soon So I guess I'm really starting to Understand the influence that I have as I said most of the time I don't really Leave my house I live in a big Villa in Dubai I have a chef I have a driver I Have a living maid I don't really never Need to leave but it's crazy especially When I go abroad like London or Miami or Bali or basically anywhere that's not Dubai I don't know why but for some Reason I don't know why in Dubai it

Doesn't happen too much maybe it's Because the only time I ever leave is Really just at night when I'm having Dinners or you know lunch meetings or Stuff like that I mean really it's just Insane it's constantly all the time People are coming up asking for photos Showing love spreading positivity as I Said I really don't want you to think That any of this I take for granted and I personally love it and I said I love It because for me I understand that People are coming up because of me their Guests are certain stage and by the way I don't think I'm ever going to get There there gets a certain stage of Fame Where people are coming up to you just Because they want the clout of having a Photo with you they don't give a Who you are they don't respect you they Don't they don't care none of that all They want is just a quick selfie so that Way they can get the validation and they Can get the likes and I'm very blessed To say that no one that comes up to me Is like that it's all love it's like I'll be honest I've personally loved I I Wouldn't call it Fame influence right I Love the amount of people that I reach I Personally love it it comes with Complications you know my life is Definitely different and it's just I Accept it but personally although there Is a lot of drawbacks that come the net

Net I definitely enjoy it and now with Understanding my influence it makes me Think and a lot more mindful of what Direction I'm going to take because I Want to continue to spread this message And everything you know I've said a lot Of things here that people get for and I Don't want you to take that lightly Ladies and gentlemen there are a lot of Deaths that happen especially with a lot Of artists a lot of very famous people And they say these people deleted Themselves they didn't delete themselves These people got deleted because they Were about to shine a light on even one Of the few things that I've talked about Here today you know I can point back to A lot of things obviously in my Childhood a lot of I guess anger and and Pent-up emotion for evil and darkness And the bad out there but it's just Insane the things that were coming out Of my mouth at the age of 14 I literally Looked my mother dead and I at the age Of 14 and I told her the things that I'm Going to accomplish in life I will Probably get Want to say the word deleted for I told Her that when I was 14 years old and by The way I still wholeheartedly believe It and I guess for me the game that I'm Playing is how long can I keep doing This and I've talked about it before but My main goal is to be the Trojan Horse I

Want to look like just another Finance Business YouTuber you know I don't want Anyone to bat an eye at me and I'm gonna Keep my titles and my thumbnails very Vanilla and very simple and very upbeat And nice and happy but I'm gonna sneak In a message in there in the same way This the seven life lessons I learned in 2022 let me reflect with you but I'm Also going to sneak some stuff in there I'm always going to tell you things that No one else is going to tell you or the People who would tell you they're long Gone they've had their platforms taken They've been banned they're gone ladies And gentlemen I'm the only one standing I'm the only one left and I understand That and it's a very very scary Responsibility it's a very scary Responsibility knowing that you have This message and I refuse to water down My message I refuse just like I've been Doing ever since 2020. I mean ever since 2018 saying stuff publicly that you're Not meant to you're not allowed to say Publicly so I'll never change I'll never Water down my message I just need to be Very clever how I deliver it because Anyone who genuinely believes that Losing your Instagram or your Twitter or Your YouTube you'll just be fine without It that it doesn't affect you it doesn't Hurt you is quite frankly delusional YouTube is by far without a doubt the

Most powerful platform on Earth for Spreading your message for building an Audience and for making sure that the World goes in the right direction so for Me it's very very interesting figuring Out how to continue to navigate these Waters and do it in a smart way and Relating back to what I said when I was 14 years old I always knew my destiny I Don't know why from a young age I knew I Was not destined for a life of Peace of A life of a passive income sit by the Beach I almost knew I was destined for Something difficult I always knew I was Going to tackle an industry or problems Or challenges that was big and scary and Would probably get me in a lot of Trouble and ladies and gentlemen that's Exactly what I'm trying to do so on that Note those are my seven observations or Lessons from 2022. I quite frankly don't Know if I'll even release this I'll see How you know once it gets cut down and My team you know maybe puts music over The top so it doesn't sound as Depressing I'll see maybe I upload it if Not then this is a fun little journal to Myself I love and appreciate all of you Watching 2023 is going to be hard I hope You're ready for it I'm not gonna beat Around the bush and say it's gonna be Easy as the saying goes Hard Times Create strong men so and for the eight Percent of women that are watching this

So I'll see you guys in next week's Upload

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