7 Reasons Why ChatGPT and A.I. Can Make or Break Your Business

Are you using AI to grow your business? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about 7 reasons ChatGPT and A.I. can make or break your business.

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Would you be surprised if I told you Most people still haven't logged on to Chad gbt and have not even used it one Time most people Mr Pat that's not even Possible I'm hosting an event at the Boca resort with 230 entrepreneurs these Are guys that are doing a million to 200 Million dollars per year these are Business guys 100 employees 50 employees 300 employees I said raise your hand if You've never used Chad gbt people raise Their hands I said stand up they stood Up 80 of the room stood up then the Other 20 I said those of you guys that Are using it regularly give us ideas on What you're doing and everybody was Blown away today I'm going to give you Seven ways you can use AI to speed up The growth of your business if you get Value at the end of the video you give It a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel let's get right into it Point Number one risk and legal so they did a Crazy experiment taking a group of top Lawyers competing against AI gave them Four hours to review documents to see Which one of them after reviewing it Would have the highest success ratio of How much information they retain well The law lawyers took 92 minutes and AI You know how long it took 26 seconds Then they took the test you know with The success ratio on the test was the Lawyers got an 85 success ratio and AI

95 lawyers can't even directly compete With AI anymore so how are people using AI for risk and legal here's what They're doing it can help answer complex Questions scanning vast amounts of legal Documentation drafting reviewing annual Reports identifying Clauses within Contracts and compared with other Documents and a matter of fact recently According to statista 58 believe using AI allows for more consistent decision Making in a significantly shorter time Frame so if you're not using AI for that That's one of the ways to leverage AI Number two is customer service which is I mean you've been to many different Websites when the thing pops up on the Bottom right you're like oh okay here's A question that they want to ask you and Some people say well does that even Really work or not here's what it comes Down to in my business I sold Insurance I've sold a lot of different products Over the years but I have an FAQ real Estate has an FAQ mortgages has an FAQ Every business has an FAQ but for the Most part if you ask somebody give me The most common questions people ask and They'll say these are the 90 of the time It's these five questions perfect AI Knows the answer to those five questions And it'll respond back to the customers Asking those questions based on a Chatbot that they have and according to

Salesforce 23 of customer service Companies are currently using Ai and on Top of that here's what IBM just said Using AI Bots the chat Bots can reduce Your customer service costs by as much As 30 percent so if you're not using it Right now this is one of the easiest way To save some money number three is Training and getting content out of it So if you look at Chad gbt there's a Couple different things that people are Doing I know right now thousands of People that are making Tick Tock videos By simply asking Chad gbt what are 10 Topics for finance that's going viral Right now for me to create that works Very well on Tick Tock and it'll give You boom boom boom give me 10 scripts on Financial Wars that are going viral on Tick Tock or video for me to make it'll Give it to you what are top 10 Common Objections that a realtor gets when Selling a home to a luxury Community Million dollars above creating meal Plans that does it for you it doesn't Matter what it is it can be your Personal trainer if I want to tone up And lose 100 pounds I'm 220 pounds right Now you know what do I need to take away From my diet to be able to reduce my Body fat percentage you can pretty much Talk to this thing it'll give it to you But that's the point with training if You're somebody that's training your

Guys managers seven mistakes managers Make when trying to address conflict Gives it to you again I can go on and on And on but the whole point is a recent Statistic that came out from employees Is 49 of employees working on companies Want to be trained on how to use Ai and They don't this is one of the things That you can start testing chat gbt to Help you out with that a lot of people Are using today there's this one stat That's going around that's got a lot of People concerned saying 20 of all jobs Are going to be replaced in the next Five years by Ai and people are reacting To it in two different ways one they're Panicking doing nothing about it two People are taking courses to learn on How how to get better at AI one of the Ways people are doing it is through Udemy udemy has over 200 courses to Choose from 100 specific on AI one of Them that they have with 23 000 reviews On udemy is called artificial Intelligence A through Z 2023 built an AI with Chad gbt4 if you're somebody That doesn't know that much about AI That's running a business you're in a Very competitive environment you may Want to take this course on udemy or Others and learn for yourself on how to Use AI to accelerate your success of Your business having said that there's a Link below you can click on to learn

About these courses and get a discount As a value tenor so if you haven't yet Started click on the link below go to Udemy start your courses now number four You can use AI for data and by the way For me some of the best hires I've ever Made is anybody that's been a business Analyst on Predictive Analytics the data They give me I can sit there and look at And say you know what this pattern I'm Seeing we're not doing this good on this Way I'd like to be able to make Projections better on this thing here According to Forbes the most recent Research in indicates that a combination Of AI and big data can automate nearly 80 percent of all physical work 70 of Data processing work and 64 percent of Data collection tasks so think about if It gathers the Intel and it says to you What would it be worth you to know that Your best selling hour of the week is Thursdays at 4 28. from 4 to 5 is your Best out well you can get that kind of Data right what would it be worth you For you to know you know what months you Do best or what hours you do best or Your audience where it's coming from and It does it all for you automatically Because it's AI again unfortunately this Takes jobs away from a lot of people Today that are doing Predictive Analytics because AI is going to do that Job for them but you may as well start

Using it because this is not going away Number five sales and marketing remember How I explained to your point number two Was around customer service how you can Use a chat bot to answer the questions Which is more like reactive is there any Questions I can answer to you yes what About this you can do this what about That you can do that what about this you Can do that have I been able to answer All your questions for you yes and it Goes away right now imagine on the sales And marketing side for AI this thing can Now go and see when you're on a page That you're clicking on what you're Clicking prompts there's interest in This product but you haven't bought yet And asks you a more specific question Because it's proactive to say I notice You're looking at an SUV here is there Any specific color you were looking for I'm looking for a white one great you Know what is the best number to get a Hold of you to contact you so we can Give you more answers to your questions So the customer service is reactive the Sales and marketing AI that they're Creating is now proactive takes the Customer off and somebody can call to Set them up so the closers can close so They're also using that AI for sales and Marketing size nowadays that's Essentially taking the setter out in the Sales process and this sets you up for

Somebody to close the deal and matter of Fact according to a Harvard Business Review using AI in this area increases Leads by more than 50 percent and Reduces call Time by 60 to 70 percent Because a lot of that has already been Addressed by AI this next one's kind of Weird because it's copywriting and SEO Optimizers which by the way a lot of the Copywriters you're hiring right now and They're working for you and you're Thinking they're spending hours writing They're not they're actually using Chad Gbt because they're able to take 20 Customers that they can manage where it Used to be four because they were Actually manually writing so they're Generating more income so you if you're Able to understand how to use Chad gbt You don't necessarily need a copywriter You can literally ask I need 10 titles For a video to give it to you you can Ask give me five examples of a great Mission statement for a real estate Company targeting middle income families And wanting to have their dreams become A reality for first-time homeowners boom Here's all these mission statements Anyways you can use Chad gbt for so many Different ways for copywriters and save Yourself 60 70 80 000 per year for Copywriter because AI does that for you This last one you're probably already Using and you may not even be aware of

It but you can even take it to a whole Different level which is automation you Can create rules for emails you get an Email and somebody says something you Can create different rules on how to Respond if they say a question that's Being asked about this respond back with The following answer and send this Brochure to them or link to a video or You know I'm gonna CC my assistant here So you can get a time to get on the Calendar with you and all of that can be Automated with different rules that you Create you know an answer within five Minutes don't answer right off the bat Dude within nine minutes listen there's So many different things you can do with The automation side and some of us are Going through right now on Facebook say You have a group and a lead comes in and They have a phone number it can Automatically be automated to go into HubSpot where somebody from sales again This is something you need to take a Course to learn more about what's going On with AI because based on the meeting I had this last week at Boca Resort and I asked this question all I realize is There's not enough people using AI right Now by the way again the community that Says well I'm scared because of what It's going to do it's been around for a While it's just accelerating and if you Don't trust me your competitors are

Using AI for some of you that have no Clue what Chad gbt is and who started Who's behind it why is musk's name being Thrown around and why is musk so worried About it today click on a link here Above I made a video explaining the History behind chat gbt having said that If you got value from the video give it A thumbs up subscribe to the channel Take care everybody bye-bye Foreign

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