7 Ways To Make Your First $100,000 Online

These are my top 7 business ideas that you can start right now, from the comfort of your own home. But this one remains my favorite:

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Ladies and gents making your first Hundred thousand dollars in the year we Live in is kind of like making your First thousand dollars back in 1995. There is money literally everywhere all You need to do is have the right game Plan and execute and that’s why in this Video I’m gonna show you seven ways to Make your first hundred thousand dollars Online Now a lot of these come from my own Personal experience and me actually Paying other people a hundred thousand Dollars in order to do this so I’ve Literally paid people six figures for The exact same thing that I’m gonna Suggest to you today now majority of These will help you make your first Hundred thousand dollars but will be Very difficult to make a million dollars A year from so if you want a business Model where you can not only make a Hundred thousand dollars a year but even A million dollars a year then earlier This year I actually evaluated the eight Best business models of the pros the Cons the likeliness of succeeding for The best different business models and Then basically came to the conclusion of Which one you should start depending on Your situation I’ll leave a link in the Description down below and you can check It out now the first way to make your First 100K online is by being a remote

Sales rep even if you’ve never sold Before it’s still a skill that you can Pick up relatively quickly now I would Say for everyone watching there’s a Third of you that’ll be incredible Naturally at sales there’ll be a third Of you that can learn and easily make a Hundred thousand dollars a year by being An online sales rep and there’s a third Of you that I would just say avoid sales Like it’s just not your calling it’s not Your strong suit and it’s better you Make money elsewhere but as I said for Two-thirds of you you’ll have a natural Talent at selling or it’s something that You’ll be able to pick up very easily And go on to make 100K your plus now I Have sales reps for some of my companies For example my software company we’re Literally within five weeks someone Starts with zero experience and they’re Making five thousand dollars a month Literally within the space of five weeks And that’s definitely a great pay but Honestly as an online sales rep you Should be targeting 120k a year in fact One of my sales guys for one of my Companies did thirty four thousand Dollars last month in commission so That’s pure take home profit that’s his Money in pure commissions the best part Of being a sales rep these days is the Fact that you can be remote and Obviously that’s a big plus and a big

Positive and look if you’re watching This and you’re thinking uh I don’t know What makes me special compared to Another sales rep well then when you Start agree to half the commission that Normal sales reps get and then as you Start hitting certain benchmarks have Your commission structure go up to match Basically what everyone else is getting At the company now the second way to Make your first 100K is by flipping Sneakers now this is a world that I am Not too involved with but I have become A bit of an end consumer I usually dress Like a grandpa on 90 of my wardrobe is Laura Piana zenya Brunello but one of The things that I do like are sneakers You know so a lot of times I’ll throw on Some Travis lows or maybe some dunks and You need to understand I’m going to be Spending three to ten times the retail Price of the shoe so this is a very Lucrative world and if it’s something That you can educate yourself on well Then you can capitalize and it doesn’t Even need to be a pair of super hype Pieces for example it could just be some New Balance 550s which I actually have a Pair of and these shoes go for double Retail so whether you have the right Systems in place to actually get it at Retail Market it correctly and make a 20 To 30 markup on eBay there’s undeniably A lot of money to be made in the world

Of sneakers it reminds me a lot of the World of Watches which I know like the Back of my hand I can’t argue plus the Benefit is that the stakes are a lot Lower so mistakes are less expensive as Well so look you will never see me Flipping shoes like Benjamin kicks but I Have seen with my own two eyes just how Profitable it can be the next way to Make your first hundred thousand online Is with YouTube you know for all of you Watching this I’d say only 10 of you Have the it Factor needed to be Successful on YouTube but even just the 10 watching you know let’s say this Video gets half a million views that’s Still 50 000 people who can start YouTube channels and go on to make their First 100K online with it so for those Of you that have the ability attention Really is the new currency I can’t tell You just how life-changing creating a YouTube channel is and it’s not too late Either you know you can make great money On YouTube I personally make between 80 To 100 000 a month from AdSense and I’ve Also been offered between 100 to 120 000 A month in sponsorships by an agency That represents the top talent in this Niche so you’ll notice that I’m probably The only person in the space above 500 000 subscribers that talks about Business finance that doesn’t do Sponsorships and that’s because I like

My freedom to be able to speak about you Know how when people scam how climate Change is all a hoax to control people Even further tax them even further on Just their day-to-day living I like the Fact that I could talk about that stuff On my YouTube channel so for me I Literally turned down 1.2 to 1.5 million Dollars a year and that’s at the current Rate and we’re growing super quickly so That will probably be 2 or three million Dollars and I mean look who knows if I Can still talk about that stuff and Still get great sponsors I believe in Then who knows maybe in the future I Will so between AdSense and you know Sponsorships if I wanted to take it I Could be making 2.5 million dollars a Year just from YouTube now bear in mind I am in the highest paying AdSense Niche So I get paid a lot of money for every Single one of my videos I honestly think That not everyone is cut out for YouTube But it is a work in progress I mean I’m Just gonna play a couple Clips right Here from 2015 when I first started my YouTube channel guys I severely Underestimate just how much time effort Commitment goes into making YouTube Videos I just want to talk about Something that’s been on my mind and That’s disassociating yourself from Negativity negative people as you saw in Today’s video I’m getting paid a good

Amount of money to run their branding so Just remember you won’t be great to Start with but it’s worth taking the First step the next way to make your First hundred thousand dollars online is By Drop Shipping so Drop Shipping is Finding products online and basically Marketing them through Facebook ads Google ads Tick Tock whatever it may be And then having a third party actually Deliver the product so that way you’re Basically just the middleman so you make The margin and never have to deliver the Product now that sounds amazing Until You realize that the gross margins are So small and then you’re having to spend So much money on Advertising that by the End it’s just not even worth it and yes For that reason I’ve never been a fan of Drop Shipping in the past because more People lose money from ads and they Actually do succeed but the reason now I’m mentioning it is because with free Sources like Tick Tock you can actually Get free traffic so that means it’s Costing you nothing from an advertising Perspective and then obviously you’ve Got someone else to deliver the product So you know your margins aren’t the best But still even at 30 margins 20 margins It’s still a very viable business model Now do bear in mind that finding a Winning product is a lot of trial and Error just a lot of like banging your

Head against the wall and trying to find Something that works and then obviously Once you find something with the works You actually have to get all the free Traffic so not everyone can succeed not Everyone can win in it but I think it’s Definitely a very viable way to make Your first hundred thousand dollars Online by the way Drop Shipping was one Of the eight business models I talked About in that video where I go over the Money making Matrix so as I mentioned Earlier I will leave a link to that Video down below now courses are one of The best ways to make money online if You’re very knowledgeable about a topic That said most people are so scared to Launch and it flops or people are Unhappy and request refunds I can Honestly say that launching courses and Being successful long term is a very Difficult business to get into it’s been One of my businesses for four years back When I launched a course in 2018 Eventually made that an education Company brought on proper employees Started taking some of that profits and Using that to build schools in Nepal Which we’ve actually successfully done Five of and then from there actually Building a custom e-learning platform so It’s been a very long and difficult Journey and at my education company Great agency we have 60 full-time people

Who work at the company with over four Million dollars a year in payroll so When I talk about that AdSense money for Example that’s great Until you realize I Have three full-time thumbnail editors I Have three full-time video editors to Actually market and actually show people The brand I have 12 full-time student Success concierge these are basically VIP concierge staff they get assigned to Every single person who enrolls in one Of our programs plus all the other fun Stuff you need in a company coo Operations manager this that it’s very Difficult business to do it at super High level like I’ve done it and that’s Because I love online education but for Most people they just want to be able to Sell a course be able to sell their Knowledge and just make some good money From it the highest earning online Course I believe it did over 100 million Dollars in sales was actually a course On how to use Excel sheets so for Example if you’re really good at Organizing and using notion then you can Make 100K a year online from it and I Will say that half of the puzzle is Making the program good the other one is Getting eyeballs to it and that’s really Where most people struggle and don’t Realize just the amount of effort that Is needed to actually do marketing and Get customers so this is why I always

Recommend for people to actually launch Courses on skillshare but skillshare has A very similar royalty model to Spotify And I have personal friends of mine that Make over fifty thousand dollars a month Just by launching a course on skillshare And obviously skillshare is the Marketplace so skillshare kind of does All the marketing for the Creator so I Would say this is definitely the best Way to launch a course with sort of your Training wheel Wheels on the next way to Make your first hundred thousand dollars Online is also great because it involves Zero work to actually make the product And that is affiliate marketing now Affiliate marketing involves you taking A product or a service you know maybe Even software and basically you promote It and get a kickback from it some of The biggest companies on Earth for Example Amazon even have affiliate Marketing programs now I personally make Forty thousand dollars a month for Affiliate marketing and that’s just one Product and I don’t even mention the Product publicly anywhere so if I really Wanted to and I wanted to promote Certain different softwares and stuff Like that I could easily make between 100 to 200 000 a month from affiliate Marketing now a few years ago I would Have said that this isn’t a real Business model because the only way that

I can earn this money from affiliate Marketing is because of sort of the Brand that I have not everyone can Replicate that as I said I have three Full-time editors and three full-time Thumbnail people just for YouTube alone So I never used to consider this sort of A beginner friendly business model but Now these days with free traffic sources Like Tick Tock or even Twitter I’m Really seeing the ability for someone to Gain free traffic and use that to Convert affiliate sales and make a Full-time income the best part is If the Product isn’t High demand it basically Sells itself and this is basically what You saw earlier this year with Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University it was a Simple affiliate marketing program and Tate was growing so quickly and in such High demand that there were people who Were literally making five ten thousand Dollars a month just by taking podcast Clips of him and basically posting it on Tick Tock YouTube shorts reels whatever It may be it was great for them and it Was genius from Tate because he went on To be the world’s most Googled man so Promote a software a course a supplement Whatever you know is in line with your Beliefs whatever you believe is actually A great product because that obviously Makes it a lot easier to promote it and Then find a traffic Source preferably

Something that’s free and if you can Build up those free traffic sources well Then you can sell affiliate offers from It now the final way I’m going to Recommend to make your first 100K online Is by becoming a high impact video Editor and this is kind of what I Actually did back in 2016 I learned how To use a camera I learned how to edit And basically at first my agency I was Just shooting content for local clients You know shooting content editing it and Then from there I basically started a Creative agency and that’s basically What morphed and turned into my Advertising agency IG media that I ran For six years and at the age of 17 I was Making between 15 to 25 000 a month as Basically a creative agency then but Really I was just a glorified freelancer These days companies are really starting To realize that video marketing is the Way forward and there’s a lot of very Smart influencers and companies that are Realizing this and hiring heavily Because of it I mean even myself as I Said I have three full-time video Editors I have three full-time people Just for thumbnails and I have 19 Full-time people and Spencer who leads The department for the content Redistribution team so they basically You know take clips from podcasts videos And post it on Tick Tock accounts reals

Accounts shorts etc etc and these people All work for me and me only they’re a Part of daily team calls for different Departments so I’m investing a lot of Money into organic content not simply Because as I said earlier tension really Is the new currency so if you can become An editor for high impact content and You can specifically say that hey you Know my editing has returned this sort Of Roi or my editing has improved watch Time or retention you know if you can Really sort of made clear what makes you Special compared to just regular editors Then you’re gonna have a big advantage And if you can attach yourself to this Massive Creator economy boom that is Happening at the moment you’ll really Serve Yourself for the rest of your life So ladies and gents these seven ideas Were just some ideas right they were Surface level so if you really want to Go deep then go check out that money Making Matrix link below I hope you guys Enjoyed and on that note I’ll see you Next time

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