8 Key Policies PBD Plans to Implement as President: Your Complete Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 8 key policies that the PBD (Prosperity for a Better Democracy) plans to implement if elected as President. In this blog post, we will delve into each policy, providing you with all the essential details you need to know. From healthcare reform to economic revitalization, education improvements to environmental sustainability, the PBD aims to bring about meaningful change in our country. Join us as we explore these policy proposals, offering you an insightful and informative breakdown of each one. Whether you’re a political enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or simply curious about the PBD’s vision for our nation’s future, this guide has got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover what the PBD has in store for us if they assume the highest office in the land. Read on to learn more about their bold and ambitious plans for a brighter tomorrow.

8 Key Policies PBD Plans to Implement as President: Your Complete Guide


When it comes to envisioning the policies that would foster a better future for the United States, Patrick Bet-David, the renowned entrepreneur and host of Valuetainment, has some intriguing ideas. Known for his insightful and bold perspectives, Bet-David has laid out an 8-step policy plan that he would implement if he were to become the President of the United States. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into each of these policies, exploring their potential impact and the reasoning behind them. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey and explore the visionary proposals of Patrick Bet-David.

#1 Welfare, Pharma, and Military Reform

Policy Proposal

Patrick Bet-David believes that reforming the welfare system, tackling the pharmaceutical industry, and transforming the military structure should be top priorities for any President. He suggests a multi-faceted approach to accomplish this:

  1. Stopping Financially Rewarding Women Having Kids Out of Wedlock

Bet-David proposes redirecting resources from providing financial assistance to single mothers towards incentivizing married couples with three or more kids. The aim is to promote stable family structures and create an environment that fosters better opportunities for children.

  1. Raising Retirement Age and Zero Taxes on Income for the Elderly

According to Bet-David, increasing the retirement age from 65 to 70 and allowing individuals above 65 to pay zero taxes on income up to $250,000 can alleviate the strain on entitlement programs and encourage older Americans to continue contributing to society.

  1. Reduction of Entitlement Programs and Drug Testing

To address the rising cost of entitlement programs, Bet-David proposes a 7% annual reduction over a span of 10 years. Additionally, he suggests implementing drug testing for individuals receiving benefits in order to ensure that the system is not being exploited.

  1. Curbing Big Pharma Influence

Bet-David aims to curb the influence of pharmaceutical companies by stopping their advertising on television. Furthermore, he plans to incentivize these companies to sell their patents to encourage price reduction and enhance competition in the drug market.

  1. Reforming the Military Structure

Bet-David believes in optimizing the military’s efficiency by implementing technological advancements and streamlining the chain of command. He advocates for a comprehensive review of military operations with the objective of reducing waste and improving effectiveness.

#2 Education Reform

Policy Proposal

Understanding the importance of education in shaping future generations, Patrick Bet-David proposes an education reform plan to instill the values and principles of America. His vision includes:

  1. Incentivizing Private Schools to Compete with Public Schools

Bet-David suggests incentivizing private schools to enhance their competitiveness with public schools. By encouraging innovation and choice, he aims to raise the quality of education and offer parents more options for their children.

  1. Teaching American Values and Principles

To promote a strong sense of national identity and foster unity, Bet-David believes that schools should prioritize teaching American values and principles. By equipping students with a deep understanding of their country’s history and core values, he hopes to cultivate informed and engaged citizens.

#3 Immigration and Border Control Reform

Policy Proposal

In an effort to prioritize American families and address immigration challenges, Bet-David proposes the following reforms:

  1. One-Year Suspension of Immigration

Bet-David suggests a one-year suspension of immigration to allow for a thorough evaluation and improvement of the current immigration system. This pause would enable the government to better address the needs of American citizens before extending a welcoming hand to foreigners.

  1. Incentivizing construction of affordable starter homes

To alleviate the housing crisis, Bet-David proposes incentivizing builders to construct starter homes under $400,000. He suggests a zero percent tax on these properties to make them more affordable for first-time homebuyers.


Patrick Bet-David’s 8-step policy plan is a thought-provoking exploration of key issues and potential solutions for a better America. From welfare and pharmaceutical reform to education and immigration, Bet-David presents a comprehensive vision for the future of the United States. While these policies may generate debates and discussions, they undeniably showcase Bet-David’s innovative thinking and desire to shape a prosperous nation. As we analyze and evaluate these proposals, we are reminded of the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and visionary leadership in tackling the challenges we face.


  1. Are Patrick Bet-David’s policy proposals realistic?
    Patrick Bet-David’s policy proposals are rooted in his unique perspective. While some may find them unconventional, they prompt a fresh dialogue around critical issues.

  2. How does Bet-David aim to incentivize private schools?
    Bet-David suggests implementing incentives such as grants and tax breaks to encourage private schools to compete with public schools and raise the overall standard of education.

  3. What impact will the reduction of entitlement programs have on vulnerable populations?
    The reduction of entitlement programs over a period of 10 years aims to address long-term sustainability. The process will require careful analysis and consideration to ensure minimal impact on vulnerable populations.

  4. Will the one-year suspension of immigration harm businesses that rely on immigrant labor?
    The one-year suspension aims to address concerns related to immigration and border control. Strategies can be developed to minimize any negative impact on businesses while prioritizing the needs of American families.

  5. How would incentivizing builders to construct affordable homes affect the housing market?
    By incentivizing the construction of affordable starter homes, the aim is to provide opportunities for first-time homebuyers. This could potentially create a positive impact on the housing market by addressing the growing demand for affordable housing.

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