9 Types of Intelligence

There are 9 types of intelligence people fall under. In this episode, Patrick Bet-David explains them for you to identify yours and gain an understanding of others as well.

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Get interacted with somebody that what They do in their area of expertise they Do it in a such a fluid effortless way Which is in a way intimidating to you to Say I can never be like this person in This area and it actually discourages You from giving your best well in Reality there's nine different forms of Intelligence that you need to know about And if you directly compete with another Person in an area that comes to them Very naturally good luck beating them The goal is to find out which one of These nine is yours so stick around to The very end on top of the nine there's One additional one that we rarely hear People talk about but I think there's There's something there there are people Who have that that is a form of Genius But I'll share that with you at the end So let's go through it so the nine Different forms of genes Foreign Number one numerical intelligence now What are we talking about with this These are people that numbers come Naturally to them they see everything Through the lens of a mathematician Everything is angles formulas numbers Data stats they love anything to do with That riddles puzzles strategies let's Solve this problem let's solve that Problem to them everything the world is A big problem that we're all trying to

Solve and they think they have the right Solution for every problem next one is Musical intelligence you ever meet People they can pick up a musical Instrument and just start learning by Themselves naturally there's people like That out there guitar piano they hear Something they can come back 30 minutes Later and they can just do it on the Piano or they can be in the car saying And they can come back and do it right Now you may say I can never do something Like that but there are some people that Naturally have musical intelligence it Just may not be you third type of Intelligence a spatial intelligence this Is the kind of intelligence where Somebody like me I go into a house if It's already fully designed Arts Furniture where the bedroom is where the Office is where the gym is where the Saunas I'll say wow this is beautiful But ask me to do it from the beginning To design a house with where everything Needs to be I have no desire to do it I Don't have that lens some people have That over there you need to put a clock Over here would be a great place for us To put this little thing here some People have this some people don't if That's you that is a form of Intelligence called spatial intelligence Next one is linguistic intelligence this Is people that writing abilities put an

Email together incredible giving a Message delivering a speech at the right Time using the right words in a Sensitive situation they know how to do It perfectly well okay that is one of Their strengths that is a form of an Intelligence on how to put words Together and delivered in a beautiful Way next form of intelligence is Kinesthetic intelligence these are People that are naturally athletes the Way they dance the way they walk the way They perform the way they play sports You give them a basketball boom you're Like if this is the first time you play Basketball it's my second time how did You just do that I don't know it's kind Of easy hey here's a baseball hit it Boom just naturally they have that Athletic ability to pick things up you Ever met somebody that has zero Kinesthetic intelligence and you try to See them dance have you ever heard Somebody or met somebody that took dance Lessons for five years and still when You watch these people dance you're like You know how to dance but you're still Doing it in a very mechanical way versus Somebody who naturally can pick it up Within two three months of watching People they dance as if they've been Dancing for 10 years it's a form of Genius it's a form of intelligence next One is interpersonal intelligence these

Are people that are very self-aware They're sometimes labeled as loners but They process issues very well by Themselves they have the ability to Reason they don't have to be around People they can be by themselves and They're fine they're enjoying their own Company this is very hard for some People to do but for them they can be Known as critical thinkers as well as Their thinking and processing issues This is a form of intelligence now this Next one is a complete opposite called Interpersonal intelligence these are People that put them in a room they'll Meet someone they'll exchange cards in Formation make friends very quickly They're able to negotiate they're able To broker deals they're able to talk to Others and get them to collaborate and Get them to work together they're Bridge Builders it's a very very good quality In the world of business and that is a Form of intelligence called Interpersonal intelligence next one is Naturalistic intelligence my son my Oldest son since he was eight months old I've gone back in this one house that we Had and I would walk him by the ball and He would walk to the dirt crawl to the Dirt at eight nine months I'm like what Is this kid doing I would take him on The other side to see if he wants to Play and build Lego he would go to the

Dirt and he would start playing with Dirt he's a year and a half he meets a Cat he just goes up to a cat Fearless he Starts petting the cat he sees an iguana He just walks up to them starts petting Them this kid in nature he is just a Very unique character on how he views Nature it's a beautiful thing to see This kid we took him to Alaska and we're Walking in the mountains going up it's As if it was his favorite trip ever he Would much rather go to Alaska to see Nature then go to Bahamas to be on the Beach he loves nature some people have It naturally and it is a form of Intelligence next one is existential Intelligence you ever you ever had a Friend that they would ask all these Deep questions you're like Johnny what's Wrong with you tell me why we exist how Do we end up here philosopher Aristotle Said this but Plato said this but Socrates said this but this person said That and how about this what happens When we die who came first very Spiritual very much about philosophy Ideas that is their form of intelligence Which it's called existential Intelligence and last but not least this Is not one of the nine but I think it's Something for us to be thinking about Because the whole concept of Photographic memory some say oh that's Not a real thing there's no such thing

As photographic memory matter of fact if You got photographic memory what a Miserable life you have to live you ever Had a phone that had one too many Pictures videos text files what happened To the phone it's slowed down if you do Have a photographic memory and you have All of these things here in your brain What a miserable life that individual Could have but there are certain people That maybe you've met who can remember Names some remember faces some can Recite a conversation with them yet 17 Years ago and you're like how the hell Do you do that some it's in formation Some it's numbers and stats that just Remember certain things some do have That if you look at it from the Scientific standpoint a lot of people Will tell you there's no such thing as Photographic memory but that is a gift That some people have and you know if You do know people like that you know Exactly what I'm talking about if you Don't you're like Pat there's always Something like that exist there are some People that have that and that helps Them as well in many different areas of Their life to me that is a form of Genius as well so you may be asking Pat What do you want me to do with this Information this is great I'm glad I Learned I didn't know some of this stuff But how what do I do now about this very

Simple number one the person that overly Impressed you is it got an intelligence In a certain area that's not yours but What is your area of intelligence and What you need to do to increase that two Levels that maybe this person cannot Reach right my son I got two boys one of Them is intrapersonal the other one is Interpersonal one is naturalistic Intelligence the other one is very Kinesthetic linguistic both of them have But what are you going to do you're Going to try to compete them with an Area that's natural to them against this Side it's not fair or get him to be Natural no it's saying hey this is the Area you're strong at all these other Areas let's try to improve it and learn A little bit for the heck of it but are We going to become a Mozart one day Probably not are you going to become the Next LeBron James or the next probably Not but let's do it anyways for the heck Of it to learn and improve so we can Have a wide range of experiences in life So personal other people around you are Working with as well as your kids this Information was interesting to me so I Decided to share it with you now if you Enjoyed this video I got another video I Did four months ago shocking facts about Monopoly with education right it's an Interesting phenomenon on what's going On with colleges and universities if

You've never seen this clip before this Video before click here to watch that Video take care everybody bye bye [Applause] [Music]

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