A $6 Million Dollar Lesson from a Jewish Businessman

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In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

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I want to tell you about the first time I was 21 years old and I saw six million Dollars of cash right in front of me I Couldn't believe it I'm like you got to Be kidding me that's what 6 million Looks like insane how the hell can I get This kind of money one day and the guy Who had the six million dollars was a Jewish businessman who owned dealerships In San Fernando Valley area and he gave Me an advice at 21 that completely Changed the way I do business till today By the way if you get value from today's Message give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel here's what This Jewish businessman told me I said How is it possible you got this much Money and you're in your mid 30s six Million cash he says Patrick there's one Thing you need to know about Jews I said What's that when one makes money five Make money I said what he says when one Of us makes money in a business five Other Jews make money because we like to Make money in groups I said so what's The benefit of that he said everybody Keeps doing business together he says Too many people ethnicities Nationalities cultures backgrounds they Just want to be the one making money They don't want anybody else around them Making money and eventually they wonder How come nobody wants to go into Business with me because when you make

Money nobody else makes money so ask Yourself the question number one the Person you're working for does he make Money and do you make money and number Two the people that work with you who Report to you if they give their best do They also make good money the way you're Making money if the answer is yes you're In a great place go do your part and Eventually you'll make your money like That Jewish Mentor shared with this 21 Year old 24 years ago 23 years ago if You got value from this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel And if you've never watched a video 20 Rules of money how actually money Works Click here to watch the video 20 rules Of money take care everybody Foreign

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