“A Classless Act” – George Stephanopoulous Shaming Rep. Nancy Mace Backfires

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Hollywood forcing John Cena to appear nude at the Oscars.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

D Stephanopoulos very weird by the way I Don't know what happened here Rob if you Can pull this clip up so Stephanopoulos Battles nany ma an explosive Showdown About her backing up Trump and despite Uh the jury finding he's liable for rape This is obviously mediaite so the story That's being written but watch this Exchange and a lot of people are asking For George to have to apologize after This but go ahead and play this Rob yes this morning and you've endorse Donald Trump for president uh judges and Two separate juries have found him Liable for rape and for defaming the Victim of that rape how do you square Your endorsement of Donald Trump with The testimony we just saw well I will Tell you I was raped at the age of 16 um And any raped vimin will tell you I've Lived for 30 years with a incredible Amount of Shame over being raped I Didn't come forward because of that Judgment and shame that I felt and um It's a shame that you will never feel George and I'm not going to sit here on Your show and be asked a question meant To shame me about another uh potential Rape victim I'm not going to I'm not Going to do that it's actually not about Shaming you it's a question about Donald Trp Shing you've endorsed Donald Trump For president Donald Trump has been Found liable for rape by a jury Donald

Trump has been found liable for defaming The victim of that rape by a jury it's Been affirmed by a judge criminal court Case number one number two I live with Shame and you're asking me a question About my political choices trying to Shame me as a rape victim and I find it Disgusting and quite frankly een Carol's Comments when she did get the Judgment Joking about what she was going to buy It doesn't it makes it harder for women To come forward when they make a mockery Out of rape when they joke about it does It hard for women to come forward when They it makes it harder when other women Joke about it and she's joked about it I Find it offensive and I also find it Offensive that you're trying to shame me With this question I'm not trying to Shame you well in fact dealt with this For 30 years you know how hard it was to Tell my story 5 years ago when they were Doing a fetal heartbeat Bill and there Were no exceptions for rape incest or Like or rape or incest in there I had to Tell my story because no other woman was Coming forth no rape victims were Represented and you're trying to shame Me this morning and I find it offensive And this is why women won't come forward Women won't come forward because they're Defamed by those who perpetrate rape Donald Trum they are judged and they're Shamed and you're trying to shame me

This morning I think it's not shaming You at all I told my story it took me 25 Years to tell my story I was judged for It I still get judged for it today I'm Asking you a very simple Question Vinnie what I I just by the way I just love by Stephanopoulos he's the He's the the Clinton family hack leftist And again no apology if that was anybody Else he'd be canceled cuz he's actually Is shaming her but the fact that he's Bringing up by EG Caroll I don't believe A single word that comes out of that Psychotic woman's mouth he's he's going You know he's stating that the legal System time found him liable if any that We've learned over this past two years Especially with Trump I have zero trust In our legal systems because they're all Bought and paid for by the political Left and they could do whatever the hell They want with I I've never had respect For this guy and I lost even if I had an Ounce of it I lost of it more he should 100% apologize to her he's trying to Make it political she was actually raped Yeah look he had one objective for this Interview Corner her that was the Objective for the interview and the Producer in his ear was coaching him Saying look Corner her on supporting Trump who you know has had these things In court Corner her and so he does that And then he pursues it and he ends up

Looking like a complete prick because She had a very strong retort based on Personal feelings that no one can Counter because that's her experience That's what happened to her crime was Committed against her and this guy kept Pressing the point and I think that just Shows how desperate he was to just make The point and Corner Trump and he didn't Care what he did to her he didn't care What happened and now it looks pretty Bad on the reflection of public opinion And objective analysis after it's over Uh I'm trying to think of where I've Heard this name um Peggy mace was it It's uh Nancy mace she's in Congress She's a no exactly well when when you First heard her name she was one of the Few members that aligned with Matt gates To get Kevin McCarthy ousted as the Speaker of the house and she I believe Was one of the her district is Charleston South Carolina which is a Charming place that typically goes blue But she's a republican she was elected There and I I I remember going down the Path of like who is this woman why did She align herself with Matt Gates she's Pretty moderate in the Republican side Of things she was actually the first Woman to graduate from The Citadel core Of cadets program she served in the Military she's a beast she's a elite Leadership yeah Elite leadership right

There um horrible to see her story Horrible to see what uh Stephanopoulos Tried to do to her um and we'll see what Happens to him likely nothing yeah but Um you know what it is it's just a Turnoff that's all it is you know you're You're bringing somebody in you you Brought them in because they were going To talk about what their current agenda Is and you flipped it and you put this About her against Trump and it's it's It's something you can choose to do and When you choose to do that you can also Have the heat that you get from the Marketplace saying that was a classless Act and you know what good for you uh For Nancy for standing up for yourself Respect to you and George you get to Choose how you want to handle this Moving forward because your organization Claims they're big on uh Dei and they Claim they're big on women power and me Too and all this stuff this woman Actually went through it the only Problem is does Dei apply to Republican Women white women or is it just like Democratic I wonder what those I haven't Read fully all the criterias of what Georgia and is Camp follow when it comes Unto de I'd be curious to know if the White Republican women that vote for Trump also fall in that category maybe I'm wrong but uh he will have to decide How he's going to respond to that this

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