A Father Son Conflict To Be Aware Of

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the three phases fathers go through with their kids that apply to business and life.

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There's roughly 74 million fathers in America today and every single one of Them at some point is going to Experience these three phases you go Through with your kids that applies also To business and in life so before I get Into it if this gives you any value give It a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel what are the three phases first Phase it's a beautiful face it's when Your kids totally idolize their dads oh My God my dad is so awesome we play Catch together we go out and have a good Time together my dad is amazing and then All of a sudden kid gets a little bit Older then Dad does things wrong dad Doesn't have a clue what he's doing then You go through the demonized phase my Dad is horrible he's so controlling he Doesn't care about me he doesn't do this He doesn't do that and you may go Through a phase of a couple years maybe Five ten years sometimes it lasts over 10 years well you just totally demonize Your debt your dad can't do anything Right and then one day you wake up Typically it happens when you become a Father and then you start humanizing Your father and you say man He's kind of right you know things He said that was kind of right this was Right all this other stuff that takes Place so again you may be watching this As a kid saying I'm in the face right

Now but you don't understand my dad is Different he's horrible he's this he's Dead fine no problem by the way this is Not a fatherless home statistic I'm Giving you set those fathers aside that Are not there they're absent they're not Around you can say whatever you want There I'm not talking about that I'm Talking about somebody that is active is There is tough on you challenges you Kicks your butt pushes you all this Stuff where you have many opportunities To have a demonizing type of an energy Towards your father let's look at a Couple different things my feedback on Both okay on on both meaning the person That's like that's not fair versus the Person that's kicking their butt and Challenging them right I've been both Places in my career as a father as a Businessman as a CEO anybody in your Life that is going to get into the face Of Heaven to challenge you Mentor you Expect more from you there are millions Of opportunity to dislike this person Because you're going to be like when is It ever going to be good enough for you I let you down I didn't get this Deadline I didn't do this you're Automatically gonna resent that person a Little bit if you're able to have wisdom And look at it and realize maybe you Didn't keep your end of the bargain Maybe you said you were gonna do

Something you didn't do it maybe you're The one that is frustrated with yourself But you're taking it out on the easy Target which is your dad or your boss or Your CEO or your entrepreneur whoever You're working with you're like it's all His fault but in reality when you buy Yourself 10 years later you say It's kind of my fault I had a guy I was Working with love this guy great guy but He left on bad terms because I Challenged him I thought this guy was Going to be like Rockstar 10 years later He gives me a phone call he gives me he Texts me first and say can we get on a Call I'm like why is this guy calling me This guy didn't say a lot of good things About me when he left he demonized Everything I was doing well we had lost Contact so I didn't know what he was up To he says uh you got any time to get on The call so sure let's get on a call to You we got on a call I said what's up I Said am I not the person that you hated And I did this and I did that and I did This he says Pat I was 24 years old I Have no clue what the hell I was doing I Said okay cool how you doing so I wanted To call you because it's very emotional For me I've been wanting to call you for The last six months I've had a hard time Giving you a call so what's that he says I am officially the bank president for XYZ bank and this was in San Diego it's

A UniBank president he says yes really Yeah how good are you doing very good I Said that's amazing I always knew you Had it in you to do something big and he Is quiet now he's not saying anything he Said what's up why are you quiet he says Pat everything you taught me for that Year and a half that I work with you on The way you challenge me you push me you Did this you did that you did this I Applied all of those things to what I'm Doing right now and I eventually became A president and I now have people that Resent me but everybody that resents me I go back and I think about the time That I resented you for a couple years And I just want to say sorry and I want To say thank you it's the weirdest phone Call but I love the phone I get a lot of Those calls nowadays because I'm in a Tough position I'm always you know for The most part I've been a person that's Challenging but this guy had to go Through his phase of idolizing oh my God It's the best working with Patrick Demonizing man he's so tough on you all He cares about is this and then humanize Damn I kind of have to do the same thing He's going to develop the next you know Get to the next level as well so you got Those three faces but there's three Other things that you got to be thinking About if you are the father if you are The boss because you can't say oh it's

My son oh it's all on them no part of it Is on us as well so what is it on the Father what is it on the seal what is it On the leader three things first phase Is body face you have to win their trust You have to win their love they have to Know you care about them with your kid Your kid has to know I love you last Night Dylan and I are practicing this Scripture for him he keeps getting the One word but on what is unseen Scripture Corinthians we're going back And forth for 30 minutes eventually he Starts oh my god dad you're making I Said buddy one more time one more time We did this for 30 minutes until boom You got it right and he comes in and I Say hey who loves you he says you love Me so of course I love you but I want You to crush it tomorrow because I know What you're trying to do with your Scores first thing in the morning I'm Taking them it's like hey tell me the Description Bam Bam Bam three times you Get it back to back to back to back Right I'm in a tough position but he has To know I love him number one is Buddy Number two is mentoring I would do this If I were you I would do that if I were You try reading this try doing that do It this way do it that way how about This how about that look at this read This article look at this video look how He's doing it do you see how she did it

Try that it's mentoring so body Mentoring try this way and then the last One which creates friction is challenge And the challenge is you said you were Gonna do this why don't you do it that's Friction with your son oh my God he's Always on top and looks leave me alone Can you give me a freaking cut me some Slack hey I thought you said you guys This month you guys weren't gonna do This number what happened here so you Challenged I think you guys can do XYZ Well you guys putting the right effort You guys giving your best are you Staying focused I notice a lot of times You're watching Netflix while you're Working why are you watching shows at Work hours why are you always having a Movie playing in the background and You're looking you're working like this You think you can stay focused like that Oh my God if it's like I can't do Nothing at work but your boss may be Right but your leader may be right but You can still say it and then let them Know I believe you can be x y z if you Do a b c but if you as a leader or a Father forget to inject the belief and Love in the person that you're leading And you're driving they think that maybe You don't love them anymore and maybe You don't believe in them anymore Sometimes all the leader has to do is to Remind the person how much they believe

In them for the individual to say I'm Willing to receive the mentoring and Being challenged because I know for a Fact this guy loves me and cares about Me something I had to learn in my 20s And it's not something you're ever going To perfect that's something that's a Constant reminder to us fathers and to Us leaders to know this is going to be Happening you're never going to perfect This you got to constantly be aware of This if you want to have stronger Relationship with your kids and the People that you're leading so if you got Value out of this video give it a thumbs Up subscribe to the channel I got Another video for you to watch I did a Few months ago titled the fatherless Crisis in America if you've never seen This before click here to watch it take Care everybody Foreign [Music]

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