A Major Mistake First Time Millionaires Make

Are you trying too hard to please everyone? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the consequences of pleasing everyone and how those most important to you should be the only people you consider pleasing. Try our sponsor Aura for 14 days free – to see how many times your personal information was found on the dark web today.

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Who in your life are you trying to Please meaning your life are you Trying to hear the magical words I'm Proud of you right like are there Certain names on that list now you may Say I don't need to please anybody I do I have a list and I'm very comfortable With it and you should have a list as Well and some tells me you do but let's Unpack this whole concept of who to Please who not to please and what Happens when you succeed if you get Value from this video give it a thumbs Up subscribe to the channel let's get Right into it so I want to give a quick Shout out to our sponsor Aura this is Very important for you to take advantage Of a service like this you know my son's Instagram right now I'm going back and Forward to getting his Instagram account Back my sister had her Instagram taken Down we have a bunch of people in-house Here when they went on aura.com one of Our guys had 41 of their passwords on The dark web that others are using this Is becoming a very common thing right Now 53 billion dollars is how much it Costs last year on cyber crime cyber Theft today officially passed robbery Home robberies first time ever in the History of America that this is Happening and for you to protect Yourself I highly recommend you take Advantage of Aura one it secures your

Online accounts IDs and personal info to Prevent Financial losses with fast fraud Alerts three stop viruses from stealing Your info and last but not least keep Your online activities secure and Private so to take advantage of this go To aura.com forward slash valuetainment To get a two weeks free trial once again Aura.com forward slash value 10 you'll Get two weeks free as we succeed as you Succeed somehow someway you're gonna Have more people in your life because With more success you have a bigger team You need more people to help you out Right so you got more team members more Support more customers more clients it's Just kind of how this thing works and When you start winning you're in new Communities you make new friends you Know if you get married you know her Friends his friends your friends kids Parents kids friends parents you're in All these different communities right And then you know gradually what happens Is you reach a certain level which is Kind of confusing for certain people It's called guilt management and so some Of the people who maybe you knew when You were in high school I got a message From a guy like I get messages from guys From high school do you remember we were Best friends and I I remember people I Don't remember this guy being best Friends I think we had one class

Together and I know my friends that were Close friends but we were you don't have Time for anybody you don't have time for This guilt management guilt management Guilt management is going to happen to You over and over and over and over Again what do you do with that You're winning you have more money you Have more success oh you've changed all You care about is money you follow Yourself now sometimes it is true Sometimes it's not sometimes money just Makes you more of what you are if you Were full of yourself when you were 17 Years old and you were an now You're 42 you're following yourself you Just got more money you still follow Yourself but if you were chill you were Cool you were good to be around when you Were 17 years old you're just chill cool Good to be around you just were 10 Million 5 million you have more money Right that's money is going to make you More of what you are right now so how do You handle this guilt management how do You manage all these people today trying To please just because you succeeded you Know more people the amount of people You please should decrease Sunday night I'm sitting down having a conversation With Mario and Mario just got married And you know we're having a conversation About what things he has to do now to Make sure his marriage works out

Becomes a good father he becomes a good Husband he becomes a good leader you Know you can't try to please everybody In your family at what cost your Marriage at what cost your relationship With your kid no I want To make my kids proud I love my kids a Lot I want to make these four kids proud Right I don't care to be perfect so if They're going to be like solving me to Be perfect I don't solve for Perfection I don't have the standard of perfection For anybody in my life but I want you to Become a leader that's my standards Right but I want to make my kids proud I Want to make my family proud I want to Make my you know a short list of people That matter to me proud it's not a long List it's a short list the most people The people that are a hundred percent Loyal to our vision it's very important To me to make them proud because that's A relationship and it's very emotional For you to bind to the vision of what We're doing whether I ran an insurance Company or I'm running a media company It doesn't matter if you're 100 loyal I Want to make you proud to say you made The right decision being loyal to the Cousin helping the company get to the Next level those people matter because It takes a lot of effort to be at that Level but do I want to please everybody No do I want to please every you know

Person that's ever been in our lives Know every relative definitely not why Not it's impossible It's impossible you try to do that you Will not live a happy life other people Will try to get sucked all the energy Out of you you will not live a happy Life you know who you should never Explain yourself to you know this whole Concept they'll tell so tell me why you Were late I got into a car accident on The way here here's a picture here's Where I was at look at the time at the Top 738 Pat I'm never late you know what You're right cool you're good everybody Get a backpack everything's good I'm Here I'm gonna get the things done you Mind if I take an hour to go get the car Situated because honey do your thing Because there is that right now people Who you can't ever do anything right in Their eyes guess what never explain Yourself to them let me say this one More time to you people in your life That you can never do anything right in Their eyes and they use guilt against You never explain to yourself can I ask You guys why you did that no we just did Everything that's good no I want to know What happened no I don't need to explain It to you we made our choice because This reason and you move But the people you love the people who Have your back the people that are loyal

To the people that go above and beyond For you the people that believe in you The people that challenge you do it if They're able to reason with you can ask You why the deadline didn't happen on WE Screwed up man it's all good can we make Sure we hit it tomorrow we're probably Gonna hit it tomorrow next time can you Tell me if you got too much bandwidth That you can't handle like your Bandwidth isn't there let us know Because it's important for us at the Time totally get it I screwed up my Fault won't happen again great when two People reason and you explain Solutions you know you come up with a Solution when two people can't reason And one's using guilt you're going to be Constant feel like you're already idiot Here you're not this person's using Guilt against you only reason with People that have the ability to reason Make sense so going back to it you Succeed more people enter in your life Phenomenal awesome fewer people you Should try to please and uh that list Should be a very very small list if you Want to enjoy the process of doing Something big with your life if you got Value out of this video give it a thumbs Up and subscribe to the channel also if You enjoyed this video I got another one For you to watch Tyler I wish I knew This earlier click here to watch it take

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