A Message to People Struggling With Faith | Biblical Series: Exodus

In part 7 of Jordan Peterson’s Exodus series, the table discusses chapters fifteen through eighteen, specifically, God parting the Red Sea, Moses leading the Israelites out of tyranny, Pharaoh’s Egyptian army dissolving, the influence memorizing the Israelite song had on their perspective, and God providing mercy and nourishment through manna in response to hunger with the exception of the Sabbath. The scholars address the right hand of God, study of science as an apprenticeship, crossover of order and chaos, freely chosen consent, plagues brought about by tyranny, prayer and daily remembrance, and the human condition.

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Here they are they just saw the most Incredible Miracle of all he Transcending even the ten plagues the Crushing of Pharaoh's Army they are Walking through a sea that allows them Dry land now they fear God and believe In God and believe in Moses they already Have faith in both for at least yes this Will last right you can count it in Hours that is just again it's such a It's brilliant that it has that line hey Guess what they just saw this they have Faith for her yeah totally finite amount Of time Miracles don't work and people Should not rely on them for Faith well That's the difference between faith and Proof in some sense right that's a very That's good that's right yes but even if You've got proof it doesn't last a Miracle should be proved right right no That's what that's also an indication of Their inadequacy well the thing the Thing about proof even proof in some Sense if you think about it technically Proof can't work in relationship to the Horizon of the future because if it's True that the future differs Qualitatively from the past which seems To be the case that it's literally not Predictable then even if something did Work in the past that's the scandal of Induction just because something did Work in the past doesn't mean it's going To work in the future and so that means

That in some real sense I think this is Fundamentally true in some real sense You cannot confront the Horizon of the Potential of the future Without faith there that is what you use To confront that because other otherwise It's mere repetition of the past in Which case it's not really the future at All it's not potential and so that must Be Associated too with that the idea of The word that confronts potential at the Beginning of the time time that's truth Serving love in some sense but it's also Going to be something like faith in the Ability of potential to bring forth the Order that is good because he never Confronted otherwise And so so science no the Natural Sciences need a kind a degree of Faith a Degree of credence when when you're Trying to sort of make make predictions Of scientists trying to make predictions And apply hypotheses you're right there Is well the faith would be that that That which corrects your prediction Because maybe you'd like your prediction To be true but even more fundamentally You have to believe that the Transcendent object that corrects your Presuppositions is good yeah and that And that on making contact with that Serves the good and governed by Regularities and patterns and Life-giving orders well otherwise you'd

Think you'd think more like Prometheus Right you'd think well we don't want to Make contact with the Transcendent Object as scientists because we'll be Presumptuous it'll just destroy us like You could easily and you know there's Some reason to think that way because God only knows what you're to discover Scientifically but that isn't how Scientists Orient themselves they think Well we're following our internal logos And we're making contact with the logos Of the world and if we do that Diligently and ethically then the result Will be good that's a replication of the Biblical pattern my secularists never Have a view of freedom because cause and Effect is always looking back right and You can't look forward to the scientific Method yeah well in that well this the Thing is in some sense at that point Science devours itself because I don't Think there's any credible scientific Evidence that we're deterministic and I Think there's a fair bit of credible Scientific evidence that not only are we Not but we can't be and neither is the World it's more that they can't couldn't Possibly be scientific evidence that we Are free because the determinist just Says it takes takes a step of faith and Says that all of our actions can be Explained all our Behavior can be Explained in terms of physical causes

And physical effects but the person who Believes in free agency just says that's Not an exhaustive account of how we act Now there's no scientific way to settle That you might say look I believe that I'm free I believe that I can lift up This cup and I've believe that more Firmly than any skeptical argument you Could bring okay sometimes Penrose Certainly believes that we cannot Compute The Horizon of the future Deterministically and so even if we Don't have free will We have something that isn't Deterministic because determinism per se Doesn't work but Penrose does believe in Proofs he comes up with the famous whole King Penrose Singularity theorem yeah Behind the Big Bang so UK and he's a Kind of platonist as well I think we Talked about talked about this before so If you're kind of you can say that there Are mathematical proofs there are proofs Sure but they couldn't be in this as it Were in the physical order so you know We'd be perfectly happy giving kids Mathematics textbooks from the 1950s if They could still kind of understand them We'd be very worried if we were giving Kids physics textbooks from the 1950s Because science is moving along all the Time and so there does that there's just Not you know the skepticism is healthy In scientific inquiry in fact you can

Almost guarantee that the science is Going to be very different in 2031 40 Years time and yet it's because it's Acquired this kind of sacred status Scientific knowledge a kind of this is Actually the source of all certainty Well science is actually the process not The consequence in some real sense right And it sounds like a science denier well Certainly well one of the things you Learned Thomas too is that it's very you Cannot teach people to be a scientist By you cannot teach a person to be a Scientist by teaching them scientific Doctrines or scientific facts because People like to think of science as a Collection of facts but if you look at How science is practiced it's actually Primarily a system of apprenticeship so You go into a lab with a scientist who's A practitioner and a researcher and you Learn in an embodied sense how to Conduct yourself as a researcher and Most of that some of it's technical Some of it's administrative but a huge Part of it is ethical and that's Especially true on the statistical front Because If you don't treat the revelation of Your experiment 100 ethically you won't discover Anything that's real and you warp your Career in the scientific Enterprise so Fundamentally what you're apprenticing

In is an ethic of an ethic of humble of Humble approach and responsibility and That's the embodied training as a Scientist and no one says that really in A scientific paper because it's a given But but it's not it's not an obvious Given when you start to think about it Philosophically this is also the thing That that Larry was bring up last night About teachers being taught teaching Methods rather than having a Philosophical basis from which to teach And we see this a lot [Applause] Right where there's a lot of courses and Programs and degrees and certificates That teach you writing and you can study Writing all the way through but then you Have all the skills and craft of writing With then what are you going to write About because you've only been studying How to write right and this is part of That you and I we talk about this a lot About that the dislocation between Avatars of meaning and what they're Supposed to be attached to it's like There's this floating away and it's the It's sort of like the senseless rote Work that's removed from the Undergirding meaning in all these fields And the attempt to reduce to Method well The ethic you talk about the one of the Maddest maybe the only time my father Got mad at me academically was in early

High school and I was like debating like Fudging some results exhausted at like Two in the morning and nothing was Working in a science lab and he was like There's no like he was mad at me with The full Fury of his hypocratic Oak oath As a physician it was like you don't do That right you don't do that that's not Allowed as something that you can do Right well that's well and that I can't Help but see that as a religious vow it Is I will not falsify the data and That's the data if it's real data that's A pattern there's a pattern in that and What the data represents is the Transcendent object and and that's a Technical part of science because you're Trying to falsify your hypothesis

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