A Unique and Engaging Post: The Postmodernist Drinking Song Revealed on YouTube

Introducing an Unconventional Gem: Unveiling the Postmodernist Drinking Song on YouTube

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey unlike any other? Look no further, as we present to you the captivating and thought-provoking Postmodernist Drinking Song, now unveiled on YouTube! Get ready to be enchanted by a fusion of eclectic melodies, witty lyrics, and avant-garde visuals, all encapsulated within this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

In this exclusive blog post, we delve into the intriguing allure of the Postmodernist Drinking Song and the creative genius behind its conception. Shedding light on its deeper meanings and the artistic techniques used, we invite you to join us on an exploration of this legendary phenomenon.

Capture the essence of postmodernism through this extraordinary composition, blending elements of tradition with innovative expressions. Challenge societal norms, question the boundaries of art, and find yourself immersed in a revolutionary experience that surpasses conventional expectations.

Whether you are a lover of music, an enthusiast of avant-garde artistry, or simply seeking something refreshingly unique, prepare to have your senses ignited with the Postmodernist Drinking Song. Embrace the unconventional and indulge in a sonic adventure like never before!

Discover the Postmodernist Drinking Song on YouTube today and prepare to be mesmerized by its unapologetic creativity. Soothe your soul with this exceptional auditory experience that transcends all expectations, blurring the lines between art and entertainment.

Prepare yourself for a musical revelation that will challenge your perceptions and leave you hungry for more. Brace yourself for an enthralling encounter as we pull back the curtains on the Postmodernist Drinking Song, only on YouTube.


In the age of social media and viral content, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon unique and engaging posts that captivate our attention. One such post that has recently caught the internet’s attention is the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” revealed on YouTube. This catchy and thought-provoking song has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, challenging Postmodernist intellectual stupidity while presenting a satirical take on some of the most renowned thinkers today. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating aspects of this song, its creators, and the underlying message it conveys.

The Postmodernist Drinking Song is a response to Postmodernist intellectual stupidity

Postmodernism, as an intellectual movement, rejects “grand narratives” and questions the concept of objective truth. However, it often falls victim to its own critiques, straying into what some may consider intellectual stupidity. The “Postmodernist Drinking Song” cleverly responds to this by exposing the flaws and contradictions within Postmodernist thinking, all while doing so in a humorous and engaging manner.

The song features various characters, including Jordan B. Peterson and renowned thinkers

One of the reasons the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” has gained so much attention is due to the inclusion of well-known figures such as Jordan B. Peterson. Peterson, a renowned psychologist and professor, has been a vocal critic of Postmodernism and its consequences on society. His presence in the song adds credibility and sparks curiosity among his followers, while also attracting a wider audience who may not be familiar with his work.

The song also features other influential thinkers who have made a mark in the intellectual landscape. By including these diverse voices, the creators of the song highlight the importance of open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, even when they are at odds with one another.

The lyrics are written by Jordan B. Peterson, and the video is directed by Skutch Tully

The lyrics of the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” are the brainchild of Jordan B. Peterson, a compelling writer known for his thought-provoking works. Peterson’s expertise in dissecting complex topics and presenting them in accessible ways is evident in the song’s lyrics. Through his words, he challenges the inconsistencies of Postmodernist thinking while offering alternative perspectives.

Skutch Tully, a talented director with a knack for storytelling, takes on the role of bringing the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” to life through captivating visuals. His direction complements Peterson’s lyrics, creating a harmonious marriage of words and images that leaves a lasting impact on the viewers.

The puppet design is by Nunavut John, and the puppeteers are Nunavut John and Jack Bride

An essential aspect of the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” is its creative use of puppets. Nunavut John, a skilled puppet designer, brings the characters to life, infusing them with distinct personalities and quirks. The attention to detail in the puppet design adds an extra layer of depth to the song, making it visually engaging for the audience.

Nunavut John and Jack Bride, the puppeteers behind the characters, deserve commendation for their expert manipulation of the puppets. Their seamless coordination and performances breathe life into the puppets, making them relatable and endearing.

The cinematography is by A. Sertian Ukrainian, and the visual effects are by Will Dano

Another crucial element contributing to the success of the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” is the exceptional cinematography by A. Sertian Ukrainian. Ukrainian’s keen eye for capturing the essence of each scene adds a cinematic quality to the video. The use of lighting, angles, and visual compositions further enhances the overall storytelling experience.

Will Dano, an expert in visual effects, lends his talent to the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” by seamlessly blending real and animated elements. The visual effects add an enchanting touch to the video, immersing the viewers in a surreal world that mirrors the complexities of the Postmodernist discourse.

The song is produced by Skutch Tully and Christian Anderson, mixed and mastered by Christian Anderson

The production quality of the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” is nothing short of exceptional. Skutch Tully and Christian Anderson, the masterminds behind the song’s production, have both played pivotal roles in ensuring its success.

Skutch Tully’s expertise in music production and Christian Anderson’s prowess in sound engineering have come together to create a harmonious and immersive auditory experience. The careful mixing and mastering of the song elevate it to a professional standard, allowing listeners to fully appreciate the intricate melodies and lyrics.

Links to social media, courses, and books by Jordan B. Peterson are provided

For those who wish to explore more about the “Postmodernist Drinking Song,” links to relevant social media channels, courses, and books by Jordan B. Peterson are conveniently provided. These resources offer individuals an opportunity to delve deeper into the ideas and concepts discussed in the song, encourage critical thinking, and foster open discussions.


The “Postmodernist Drinking Song” is a unique and engaging YouTube video that stands out in a sea of online content. It artfully challenges Postmodernist intellectual stupidity while incorporating renowned thinkers such as Jordan B. Peterson. Through expertly crafted puppets, cinematography, visual effects, and captivating lyrics, this video captivates and entertains viewers, all while sparking thoughtful conversations. The “Postmodernist Drinking Song” is a testament to the power of creativity, satire, and intellectual discourse in the age of online media.


  1. Q: Where can I watch the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” on YouTube?

    • A: The “Postmodernist Drinking Song” can be found on Jordan B. Peterson’s official YouTube channel.
  2. Q: Are the lyrics of the song written by Jordan B. Peterson?

    • A: Yes, Jordan B. Peterson is the talented writer behind the thought-provoking lyrics of the “Postmodernist Drinking Song.”
  3. Q: Who directed the “Postmodernist Drinking Song” video?

    • A: Skutch Tully, a skilled director, had the honor of directing the visually captivating “Postmodernist Drinking Song” video.
  4. Q: Who designed the puppets for the video?

    • A: Nunavut John is the creative puppet designer behind the distinct and memorable characters in the “Postmodernist Drinking Song.”
  5. Q: Can I find more resources related to the ideas discussed in the song?

    • A: Absolutely! Links to social media, courses, and books by Jordan B. Peterson are provided for further exploration and engagement.
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