ACCEPT YOURSELF JUST THE WAY YOU ARE | The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life -Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, #1 for nonfiction in 2018 in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil and Norway, and slated for translation into 50 languages.

Jordan Peterson’s a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He authored Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief in 1999. He worked as an associate professor in the psychology department at Harvard University.

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[Music] The Greeks had the maxim know thyself How do we come to know ourselves in Terms of our personalities and more Importantly potential One of the first ways to come to know Yourself is to understand that you don't You know you can learn to kind of watch Yourself like you're watching a stranger But you have to adopt a position is a Position of radical humility I would say [Music] Humility in two senses so one sense Would be the humility of recognizing Your ignorance so you have to understand That you don't know who you are And that's not easy to understand Because you think you know but then you Know you remember you can't control Yourself very well you're not very Disciplined you're full of flaws maybe You don't know yourself as well as you Think But it's hard to get Low enough To understand how deeply it is the case That you are ignorant about who you are Now there's an upside to that too which Also is that you're also ignorant about Who you could be and so the discovery of That you know is some reward for the Horror of determining who you actually Are Then I would say well then you watch

Yourself you know and and you tend to Your conscience and you see you watch Yourself like you're watching a stranger Watch what you say and you listen you Think well what what sort of person Would say that and how am I reacting Emotionally when I'm communicating in That manner You know is that making me feel stronger Weaker is it is it is filling me with Shame is it helping my confidence Um am I am I laying out a lie am I Deceiving Myself and other people am I adopting This personality at parties that is Designed to impress and to amuse and it Comes across as nothing but like Self-centered narcissism Um what are my dark fantasies what are My aggressive fantasies Um what is it that I'm willing to do What am I interested in so that I'll Spontaneously pursue it what do I Procrastinate about and why what am I Unwilling to do What do I think is good What do I congratulate myself for Accomplishing and what do I berate Myself for failing to confront and to Implement Those are all incredibly complicated Questions and you don't know the answers To them so that's that's a start And then in terms of potential well

You'll discover a little bit more about Your potential as you discover who you Are especially the darker parts of Yourself Because then you discover your potential For Mayhem there's some real utility in That [Music] It's actually something that strengthens You because The first thing That a realization like that can in fact Produce is the ambition to incorporate That danger into a higher order Personality that dangerousness into a Higher order personality and that can Make you implacable I can make you someone who can say no When you need to say no you know that Can make you someone who won't avoid Necessary conflict and so that's that's Unbelievably useful And so that's one of the potentials that You might discover [Music] The other thing you do to discover your Potential is to Well you challenge yourself You know it's like Rule four in my book 12 rules for life Is compare yourself to who you were Yesterday and not to some who someone Else is today and that's kind of a good Way to start this it's like well

Take a bit of a look at yourself and Think about what's not so good that you Could improve That you should improve by your own Standards and that you would improve you Know and set yourself a little goal You know maybe you're not studying at All at your University or maybe you're Maybe you're at work and you've got this Stack of paper there you know and you Haven't looked at that damn stack for Like a month and you know that you Should be and you're bored bothering Yourself at night because you're Avoiding that it's like maybe I think I've avoided that stack of paper Completely for one month I'm quite a Coward when it comes to whatever snakes Might be hidden in that stack of paper How about tomorrow I just like put that Stack of paper in front of me on my desk And I like I glance through it for 15 seconds see if I can do that It's like well You set yourself a goal of improvement You know it's a humble goal because Really are you such a coward that the Best that you can bloody well manage After a month of avoidance is 15 seconds Of exposure to a stack of paper you know It could easily be you've been avoiding It you're obviously afraid of it and so The situation could be that dismal and Dire

And you might think well geez it's no Bombed my ego it's no It's no it's not fostering the strength Of my ego to recognize myself someone Who could only withstand 15 seconds of Exposure to that thing I'm afraid of and So that's a form of humility too it's Like There's things you could do to improve And you know what they are and there's Small steps that you could take that you Might take that would put you in that Direction and then the question is are You big enough to take those small steps You know are you capable of grappling With the fact that you're fundamentally Flawed to the point where you have to Break things down into almost child like Steps in order to manage them an answer To that is yeah you are [Music] People vary in the degree to which They've conquered them and you do meet People from time to time who are Extraordinarily disciplined but most of The time they've got disciplined in Exactly this manner it's through slow Incremental Improvement and then you Challenge yourself it's like well could I do this that would be better And you find out and then you think well Is there something slightly larger and More challenging that I could do that Would be better

And you tried and you find out and as You try it and you find out generally You get better at it and you can take on Larger and larger challenges [Music] You know you take responsibility for Yourself that's part of standing up Straight with your shoulders back it's Like Take On The World man but only in the Only at the level that you can manage You know when when you're Deeply When you're ignorant and biased and Deeply flawed and immature it's where Everyone starts You don't want to take you don't want to Bite off more than you can chew but it Doesn't mean that you can't wrestle with With part of reality You know some part that's small enough So that you have a good shot at Victory And then you attain victory over some Small part of the chaos and then you're The person who's Victorious over chaos You're just a beginner but that's who You are and then maybe you can get Unbelievably good at that and maybe you Can align to that the ability to recast Tyrannical order into chaos and Restructure it into something [Music] Deeper more profound and More suitable for human habitation

[Music] To put yourself together with just to Follow the path of redemption To follow the Redeemer If the Redeemer is a type of Personality That you could in fact be inhabited by Or manifest then this first steps Towards that is to allow yourself to be A fool Right it's because You you don't know what you're doing you Have to admit that and there's going to Be a loss of ego or destruction of ego Arrogant ego that necessarily Accompanies that but you need the laws Of that arrogant ego because it's Precisely what's interfering with your Movement forward you know it's part of The adversarial process mythologically Speaking that stops moral progress You're too proud of who you think you Are to notice what you're like so that You could change properly you don't want To sacrifice that part of yourself it's Probably associated with some delusion That helps you maintain a positive Although very fragile self-image you Know in the absence of genuine effort It's not to be recommended So You know yourself by watching and paying Attention It's watching like you're like you're a Snake

[Music] Because a snake watches like Cold-bloodedly With no Emotional reaction just to see what's There Doesn't allow symbolically speaking Doesn't allow what Is wanted or desired to interfere with What is observed so you watch yourself Like that as if you don't know who you Are Well that's the beginning and then you Challenge yourself Continually To see how far past yesterday you can Push today and tomorrow And to continually experiment with Expanding the domains not only of your Competence but of your ability to Increase that confidence and It's not obvious to me the upper limit To that is proportional to the moral Effort that you put into it The more that's Guided by the highest of All possible Visions right the alliance With the highest of all possible Conceivable good And the more it's motivated by the more It's accompanied by truth in speech in Action the more you will develop your Potential And so You also I suppose have to be willing to

Undertake that as an adventure because It's a hell of a thing to bear that kind Of responsibility You know it it takes it takes a person Out of the ordinary it takes them out of Themselves and there's an inaliate There's an alienation and an isolation That goes along with that and a great Sorrow all of that together But there's deep meaning to be had in it And it's And there isn't anything better that you Can do so That's the answer to that question [Music] Foreign

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