All Founders Have This One Skill🧑‍💻#shorts

If you want to be a founder in 2024, coding is a necessary skill.

If you want to be a Founder in 2022 you Have to learn how to code you don't have An option not to here's the things that Are important to consider number one you Do not need to be good at math to be Good at coding number two you don't need To be good at spelling to learn how to Code number three you don't need to know English or be good at English to know How to code given that there's no reason For you to not learn how to do it you Don't need to be the best but you need To understand it okay so if you want to Manage Engineers or have Engineers work With you you have to be able to under You know know what typescript is what no Js is what react is right what do you Use llang for whatever memory management Like you just need to be able to use These words number one number two There's so many good mental models that Come from coding right first in first Out you know topography math MAP like Find the highest point it helps so much In decision-making and Strategy

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