AMC Faces Pressure from Activists: Controversial Documentary on De-transitioning Removed

AMC Under Pressure: Controversial De-transitioning Documentary Removed Following Activist Pushback


In recent years, the topic of transgender rights and the transgender movement has sparked intense debates and discussions worldwide. With changing societal norms and growing acceptance, it is crucial to understand the different aspects of this movement. One of the recent controversies surrounding this issue involves AMC, a well-known entertainment company, and a documentary on de-transitioning. The documentary, which aimed to present the perspectives of D-transitioners and experts, has been removed from AMC’s screening list amidst immense pressure from activists. This article delves into the details of this controversy, discussing the panelists, the reasons for the documentary’s removal, and the implications it has on free speech and censorship.

Panelists: Oli London, Erin Friday, and Luka Hein

The panel discussing the transgender movement, hosted by Patrick Bet-David, featured renowned panelists Oli London, Erin Friday, and Luka Hein. Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective to the debate, sharing their experiences and insights on the transgender journey.

  1. Oli London:

    • Known for their controversial plastic surgeries to look like their favorite K-pop star.
    • Advocate for body positivity and self-expression.
    • Shares their thoughts on the transgender movement and how it intersects with identity exploration.
  2. Erin Friday:

    • A transgender woman who has been vocal about her experiences.
    • Advocates for transgender rights and the importance of inclusivity.
    • Offers a personal account of transitioning and the challenges faced by the community.
  3. Luka Hein:

    • Non-binary activist and artist.
    • Takes a holistic approach to the transgender movement, focusing on intersectionality and social justice.
    • Shares insights on the need for better understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals.

ProtectingKidsCA: A Call to Action

During the panel discussion, the panelists emphasized the importance of protecting transgender youth and creating a safe environment for them. This led to the introduction of ProtectingKidsCA, an initiative aimed at advocating for the rights and well-being of transgender children and adolescents. Through education, awareness campaigns, and policy advocacy, ProtectingKidsCA strives to foster an inclusive society where transgender youth can thrive.

“Gender Madness” by Oli London

As part of their journey and advocacy, Oli London has released a new book titled “Gender Madness.” In this thought-provoking book, Oli shares their experiences, challenges, and insights on the intersections of gender, identity, and self-expression. Through personal anecdotes and powerful narratives, “Gender Madness” aims to ignite conversations and promote a deeper understanding of the transgender movement.

PBD Town Hall Event with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Another event of relevance in the realm of the transgender movement is the PBD Town Hall event featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Scheduled for December 6th, this town hall aims to shed light on the broader implications of the transgender movement while exploring its impact on healthcare, society, and personal freedoms. It is an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to engage in informed discussions and gain perspectives from renowned experts.

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To stay updated on informative discussions surrounding various societal issues, including the transgender movement, it is advisable to subscribe to VALUETAINMENT and other related channels. These channels provide a platform for thought leaders, experts, and individuals with diverse viewpoints to engage in constructive dialogues, fostering a greater understanding of the world we live in.

AMC’s Controversial Move: Documentary Removal

Recently, AMC faced significant pressure from activists and interest groups, leading to the removal of a documentary on de-transitioning from their screening list. The film, intended to present the perspectives of D-transitioners and experts, explored the complexities surrounding the transgender movement.

The decision to cancel screenings of the documentary raises concerns about the limits of free speech and the influence of activism on artistic expression. While it is crucial to consider the sensitivities and experiences of all individuals involved, it is equally important to allow the open exchange of ideas and diverse perspectives. Censoring content that challenges prevailing narratives can hinder progress and limit opportunities for deeper understanding.


The removal of the documentary on de-transitioning from AMC’s screening list demonstrates the challenges faced by those seeking to explore complex and controversial topics. The transgender movement, like any other important social issue, deserves thoughtful discussions that incorporate multiple viewpoints. It is through understanding, empathy, and an appreciation for diverse experiences that we can foster dialogue and create a more inclusive world.


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