“Americans Are Panicking About Dying!” -How Big Pharma Is Creating Hypochondriacs Through Fear & Ads

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick explain how big pharma is creating hypochondriacs through fear & ads.

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Do you think it's okay for Farm big Pharma to advertise on TV events Sporting events all that you think That's okay I don't have a good I haven't thought About that I come from a place where we Don't so I I haven't thought yeah but But why don't you guys because you do Come from a place that though it's only Two places that do it's us in New Zealand why don't you guys why don't the Other 190 whatever amount of countries That we have why don't they advertise That's a good question they're not Allowed but by the way I'm not I'm not Saying that we have the answer I'm just Saying let's have the discourse why like What can we speculate why they don't Allow Pharma companies to advertise in Those countries so I know when I come to The US I I see all these ads on all Kinds of things they can do and I'm sort Of like oh I should do that because It'll make me more safe and then I'm Also starting worrying oh my god do I Have this do I have this disease could This be yeah I I don't know I'm I'm I'm I'm just freewheeling here but I'm Guessing that a lot of this uh uh you Know leads to some anxiety as well and It also leads me to vastly overspend Because I'll you know I I know so when I Go to have you ever guys ever gone to Get vaccinated for some thing then they

Tell you did you know this bug And you know you have no idea is this Something that bites one person in Sweden every year or is this something We all die from but you feel like maybe I should get that vaccine you know it's It's not Advertising on things you have virtually No sense of is probably not the right Way to you know get information imagine If they did it for for Boeing and Airbus Uh you know they were advertising do you Really want to get on a Boeing flight Don't you want to go with a more safe Air but you know that can you make these Decisions it's probably nice to have Other people making those decisions Whether we should Certify them as airworthy what do you Think Tom Um I'm against Pharma advertising and Um I I go back to a case study that was Um Back when I was growing up there were Afternoon soap operas were very popular In the United States and um when they Would on General Hospital or Um The Young and Restless there are These very incredibly popular shows that Were like The most popular shows on television at The time And they would invent some random malady

To create a storyline intention And an amazing amount of let's face it Mostly Housewives who are home watching These things used to call their doctor Or go to their doctor and say I think I've got these two symptoms I think I Have Because they saw at a general hospital And so I think there's a certain Psychosomatic effect that you can have On the populace and I do not think that A a hyper-medicated populace is a good Thing and I don't I'm not in favor of Pharma you know advertising for two Reasons one I don't think there's the Societal benefit is there to scare and Induce and then also Pharma has to get Back the cost of their advertising and The drugs in America are already Expensive Pat and so now if you're Advertising a Super Bowl commercial well Then the Super Bowl commercial cost is Going to be in in that medication and I Think that you know we did very very Well in the rest of the world with Pharmaceutical Representatives educating Doctors at symposiums and then doctors You know Um you know prescribe them accordingly As the various fdas of the world in the Various countries or collections of Countries did it so I I am against Um uh medical advertising for that Reason uh psychosomatic effect on the

Populace and I and it increases not Decreases the cost of the medications at The end unit because you got to get the Advertising dollars back and you create This and suddenly you create this Monster where You're a research organization looking For the next problem and you're trying To find you know the next problem on a Grand scale and you do make a good point That eradicating malaria which is one of The things that the Gates Foundation I Don't agree with them on everything at All but the Gates Foundation one of Their Charters was hey what are one of Our beehags big hairy audacious goals to Quote a popular Business book and they Said let's eradicate malaria on a global Basis and it's not that it's still a Problem in sub-Saharan Africa it said It's down to sub-Saharan Africa and the Progress has been made you're going to Help Elevate the quality of life for Those folks you know what you guys maybe Think about both of you So while you're talking I went up there And I looked up because what you said You said there's a part of when you look At you oh my god do I have this am I not Taking this maybe Chris all the suds Right and in time the way you dicks Inside you know you start kind of being Worried about it so I went online have You guys ever had anybody in your life

That's hypochondria do you have anybody Close to that type of country do you Have anybody you probably don't because You live in a country that they don't Advertise but you have somebody it's Fortunately not close to me in my Immediate family but there is a member Of the extended family that we don't Need the details it's just close that's Right the name the name please give us The name phone number So people listening can go got it I know What you mean yeah so do you have Somebody in your life that is uh yeah The hypochondriac's a real thing they Think they're sick they get and they say It's like so you know crazy you know What's crazy about them It's like I'll sit there and I'll listen To them and I'll be like man I would hate to be you Because you have so many sick did you Know that if you do this did you know That if you do that did you know what The weather did you know that this did You know that did you know don't touch It oh my goodness what must you be Thinking about all day long but here's The question how did you become this can You pull up data Rob type the following Increase in hypochondria cases in America okay increase in hypochondria Cases in America we're jealous because In your country this doesn't exist

Because in your country you're you're Not being advertised left and right at The end of the world is coming I I see If you can pull up a chart because the One I have right now is shown that it's Been an increase and more and more People are dealing with hypochondria They're afraid that they're not healthy They're not good you know they're having Issues you know I don't know if you're Able to find it or not but keep looking Forward while you're looking forward We'll talk about it you know uh here's An article here that says anxiety is the Most searched symptom on Google but how Does that happen though like like here's Who we asked the question last week when We were talking a couple friends who Gets the best out of you right and we Thought about a couple names and then The follow-up question was I want you to Think about the person that gets the Worst side of you who gets the worst out Of you okay so then the next question Becomes who do you listen to on Television that by the time you're done You have anxiety Who do you listen to on YouTube or Television by the time you're done You're like man you know we got this Right so if you watch advertisements on Health like I'll give you an idea you Know I I almost don't want to I can't tell

The story it's too it's it's it's a Terrible it's a funny story but I can't Tell this story it's a very now you have I'm telling you I can't feel this you Have to I mean yeah I can't you don't Have to name your name she's gonna feel So bad he's gonna feel so bad but I'll Give you one of the stories I won't tell The swords whole story but by the way This one 30 years ago so we had 30 years Yeah past the statue of limitations on The story I'm gonna tell you the story I Won't tell the other one but I'll tell This one because this is not as dark as The other one we had a guy that were Playing basketball one day 13 14 years Old conversational masturbation comes up Okay this is where we're going obviously Nobody here has ever masturbated but Some do okay You've heard yes statistics right but my Boys are getting to that age so they're Going through puberty class that we got To sign off and all this stuff and I'm Looking at the content of this puberty Class that they got to go through I'm Like dude I can teach it to you in five Minutes as a father I'll break it down For you how this stuff works but so We're going through is playing Basketball one of our guys asked a Question because there was a story that We can school about AIDS okay and the Story was that you know AIDS is starting

To spread So then one guy has a question he says Can you get AIDS by masturbating And so we collectively as a group are Like of course you can get it we're Playing a prank on this guy this poor Guy gets so scared obviously it's a Dirty prank that you know she sometimes Stop the stuff that happens This guy gets worried he goes to the Doctor he starts panicking for a couple Weeks he asks this mom to go to the Emergency room goes to the doctor asks His mom to step out of the room and asks The doctor can I get AIDS from Masturbating and the doc starts laughing This is what he mean he says no I'm Telling you because they're talking About in school right now that this can Happen this was a topic of discussion in The school for about a month Look at Tom's face for a second Tough by The way as dumb of an example as I'm Giving you right now go back to when you Were a kid and how somebody would say Something to you I had a cut one time Here okay we got into a fight and I got A cut and the other guy's blood touched My blood About the cape you're gonna die because That guy's sick you know for a week I Was I'm like this is it I'm going around Telling everybody my family mom I love You

It hasn't been to I love you if Something happens I love you nothing's Happening right so again I'm giving you Very Simple example here as When We Were Young what we feared because somebody Bullshitted you into thinking you could Die from XYZ because you're doing this In a young boy's that's a conversation Boys have amongst boys when you go Through this phase right You think bring that up to 45 years old And you're sitting and watching a Basketball game ESPN have you been Farting a lot lately there could be a Cause that you have liver cancer and With this medicine that's out here right Now by this FDA approve of it or not They're not FDA approved but if you take This medicine you need to see your Doctor because if you have farted more Than 17 times in a day that may I know This is a joke but people are sitting There saying maybe I have liver cancer Because I fart one too many times maybe I have this there's a part of me that's Convinced based on what both of your Answer was not Based on data there is a Reason why these other countries don't Allow big Pharma to advertise because it Probably increases anxiety how many can You Rob can you pull up a commercial to See what percentage of commercials on TV Are about uh uh some drugs or

Prescription or brick Farm I'm so Curious to know what percentage is 70 Drug drug I was in a low therapeutic Value study finds no I want to know what Percentage of commercials on TV what Percentage of commercials on TV are big Pharma yeah I just want to know what We're solving for one out of every ten Commercials Point six billion I hate Big Spenders Big Pharma spent 6.6 billion dollars On ads last year 6.6 billion dollars find the total ad Spend overall I just want to know what Percentage is Big Pharma that is all I Want to know what percentage is Big Pharma and that 20 of that is that High-speed talking at the end of the end Of the end yeah okay there you go I just Found out this include genital rest and Loss of head okay watch what I just Found check this out check this out Tom Pharmaceutical industry TV advertising spending in the United States from 2020 it's shown the dollar Amount but it's also shown on this uh Website statista Uh that says in 2020 TV ad spending of The big Pharma industry accounted for 75 Of total ad spend what did you Tom did You hear what I just said wait a minute What okay okay so let me send this to You rob go Google this type in what oh You found it

75 percent What what do we talk so no wonder people Have hypochondria in America wow no Wonder people are panicking that they're Dying no wonder people are so worried About everything because of these at 75 Of the time My question a lot of times I'll go I'll Go from this let's just have a very Strong argument in some area right and I'm a capitalist to the core so I prefer To talk to Communists and socialist so I'll have a Sam cedar or a Jank or cow Or Pac-Man or what was that Vivek Um Not Vivek uh uh one the bigger Socialists he's got an interesting name A communist or Richard Wolff the Professor who's the number one socialist Professor in America according to Forbes 2016-2017 and I'll talk to them and I'll Say ooh there's a leak right there for Your capitalist argument got it oh okay You see that they have a point there They have a point here right and you're Kind of trying to strengthen the Argument 75 percent of AD spend is by big Pharma If you're sitting there you're wondering Why the other 190 something countries Don't allow Pharma to advertise you have To ask the question why so what would Happen in America if in 2024 moving Forward we took a six-year break big

Pharma not permanent let's just take a Six year break let's see how much Anxiety drops in America Let's see the levels of anxiety drop in America I'm never going to hear about This story end of the story I just gave You about my friend who back in 13 14 Years old he thought he was going to get AIDS from masturbation I'm sure that Story is going to come up quite often When people ask me questions he's in the Lobby with a rifle pack This is why you do it in the fall That's not that you can't get out that They can't get in exactly right man what Do you think about this stuff what do You think about why these countries are Not doing it am I just like you know Going crazy right now thinking about why These other major countries in the world Don't out allow big Pharma to advertise On their TVs I think we've just Underlined it and you can take a look at All this let's take a look at all the High look at the cost of all the the Hypochondriacs uh needless trips so how Much doctor's time would we save how Much you know deductible expenses Fifteen dollars a time and then and the People that are hourly that are not paid A salary but then they don't work those Hours because four hours they're not There because we all know it takes Forever to sit in a waiting room so they

Have to take half a day off and then They got to pay 20 bucks add all that Stuff up Pat look at all the time and Costs and societal benefit you would get Out if we just could cut Hypochondria in half in America But and also my guess is that the the Bigger problem is that we're really all Worried about you know have you ever Have you ever read one of those doctor Books you know when or go on net doctor And see you know what what are different Kind of symptoms It's very easy to get to feel that you Know there's a lot of things that could Worry you I don't think we need to be Hyper contracts to actually you know get More worries uh so so it would cut a lot More anxiety than just for the for the High so I so high contracts I'd like to Just uh you know because I think Actually we've sort of ended up in a Place where we're talking very much About the same thing that we worry about With climate change that we're in some Ways allowing everyone to expand on all Their fears and worries and if you then Confirmed constantly on TV yes you are Going to die yes that next hurricane you Saw is actually the one that's out to Kill you and it's just going to get Worse from here on out we're essentially Allowing if you will Pharma ads and uh Uh

Browsing on WebMD for the climate Conversation as well and maybe we should Ask for a little more sensibility so That people wouldn't be as scared both On on uh on medical issues and on Climate well climate in pharmaceutical Industry have one thing in common they Had they they use the prospect of Tremendous Doom to get a purchase Decision and so call it what you will When you line up with a with a Uh Saying you know I'm I'm in I'm Supporting all the following elements of Climate change I'm going to do this You've made a purchase decision you've Been sold you've been marketed to you've Been lobbied and you made a purchase Decision and so now you're now you're With that with that group with that mob And that's what the pharmaceutical Industry is doing they're finding pick a Doom get it out there amplify it and Then be the be the solution Yeah I I think accidentally we have Started a conversation on a topic that I Would love for you to do more research On that's why you came here today I Don't know I got a job and I gotta go Back in a year yeah you you if you could I would be so curious to know the link Because I tell you you know how Miserable life can be if you have Somebody who has hypochondria you know

How much it hurts the people around you Do you know why because uh the folks who Have hypochondria they they don't know It and they're not trying to hurt you They're sincere I don't think they're Playing games because they need Attention I sincerely believe they are So afraid that the world is coming to an End with their help that they're dying That everybody around them constantly Has to hear the message you have no idea How sick I am right if you only know how Sick I am you don't know how sick I am Shame on you do you know what I'm going Through you know how sick I am and we Have if we don't bow down and say oh my God you are so sick and you say the Opposite that's why you don't do Research you don't sympathize for people Like the other person I'm like look man I love you I understand you you know you May have some things here but where does That fear come from now we know thanks To Big Pharma 75 of ads spent is these Guys so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here [Music]

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