“Americans Will Be Poor Overnight!” – Reaction To China & Brazil Agreement To Ditch US Dollar

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to China & Brazil agreement to ditch US dollar.

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China and Brazil strike deal to Dish the US dollar this is a Zero Hedge story and You know they have reached a deal to Trade in their own currencies bypassing The US dollar this deal will allow the Two countries to conduct their massive Trade which amounts to 150 billion per Year and financial transactions directly Exchanging one for riosis riosis uh vice Versa this deal is part of beijing's Latest move against the US dollar Extending its bilateral U.S dollar Attempting currency Arrangement Beyond Countries such as Russia Pakistan Saudi Arabia to now include Latin American Exporting Powerhouse while we are still Strong long away from the one replacing US dollar as a global Reserve currency The current U.S ruling regime is Destroying the world's faith and Confidence Not only in the dollar but in what was Once a superpower in and is increasingly A third world Banana Republic Tom So I I think what most people need to Understand and this is where I think Americans need to step back off Headlines and just learn something very Very quickly and that is 1944 there was Something called Brenton Woods and That's where the U.S dollar was tied to Gold in other words the value of the US Dollar was connected to the value of Gold and between Fort Knox and other

Areas we had gold reserves so the U.S Currency on a global scale was deemed as Being valuable tied to gold and stable And in 1944 everyone came to this Agreement to say hey let's Peg the value Of our currency to the dollar because The dollar is pegged to gold and it Brought International global stability It also created the dollar as the World's Reserve currency well what does That mean that means if you have extra Reserves and you bought them in dollars They were stable because they were tied To the gold now Nixon we can talk about What you just referenced a minute ago Was Nixon taking us off the gold Standard 72-73 which had nothing to do With the Vietnam War and political Instability in the economy at that time It was deeper I'm with you it was deeper Reasons that was the front excuse The right now you know what the average Is right now on world reserves 62 Percent of countries reserves are held In U.S dollars 62 right now and so even Though we went off the gold standard Were the reserve currency so people see The United States currency as very Stable that's what's important and what We're seeing here is the one everybody Here is the one and well that's a unit Of measure the actual currency in China Is called the raminbi that's their Dollar dollar equals remind me one is

Like a unit And so what they want is they want to Slowly remember trying to place a long Game they want to slowly replace the Dollar as the world's Reserve currency Because they succeed huh well they Succeed well they're taking one step at A time and they're starting with African Nations that they put into by the way You can also go study mercantilism where You come in and you take all the Resources and then you sell them back Things that are made out of the Resources so China is in an active state Right now of assisting many small Regional Latin American and African Nations on deals that are intentionally Going to go bad and then leave them with The collateralization of the country They've just Pillaged and so long term if somebody Doesn't stand up long-term sure China Could be successful because they're Playing this not The way the West plays it the West has Played the game in terms of history in Terms of regimes a regime of leadership China is playing this long term in terms Of of decades dynasties what do you Think oh sorry Yeah I don't mean interrupt uh I agree I Think the dollar it's gonna it's gonna Hit a flat line because Germany South Korea and Japan are not going to drop

The dollars of world Reserve currency And especially Germany and Japan uh they Pre they produce a lot of value and a Lot of wealth and so the Euro Backstopping the world Reserve current Meaning the dollar being the backstop of The euro is actually in our benefit but India is going to be the big question Right if India Falls that's a growing Market Brazil is a totally corrupt Country they're a broken country the Bulls on Brazil have been wrong the last 20 years it's like a trillion dollar GDP You could fact check me on it they're Mainly a natural resource Hub and they Have a real hard time with their own Homegrown industry and there was like 1.6 trillion I was about right uh it's Actually flatlined and gone down in Recent years so the Bulls on Brazil have Been wrong and with Lula now becoming President they're going to become a Wholly owned colony of the Chinese Communist Party basically that's what Catastrophic for the nation it's Terrible yeah the future of Brazil is Put in permanent Jeopardy because of Bolsonaro not be you know staying as President prime minister and everybody Thought brick through the 90s was just An acronym for emerging Nations you know Brazil Russia India China it wasn't it Was a coalition over there that wanted To undermine U.S Authority on the global

Trade basis so we need a new president Because I don't think Joe Biden seems Awfully worried that the dollar is no Longer becoming the world Reserve Currency you couldn't say that it wasn't A good idea for us to become the world Reserve currency however it's a fact That if we stop being the world Reserve Currency every single person in America Gets significantly poor overnight the Fact that people have to turn their Goods and services into dollars is kind Of a stimulus boost just baked into our Economy we're we're kind of a we're a Place of Last Resort a refuge if you Will it's a built-in advantage that we Don't even recognize or realize till we Travel the world but I think we have More staying power than people realize There's a lot of entrepreneurs we create A lot of value in this country as some Very valuable companies despite the fact That we're service based we still have a Lot of Natural Resources we have a Manufacturing Beast that can still be Unleashed if necessary so we have a lot Of advantages with that being said Though this current Administration seems Unbothered by any of this and I mean What we need is a new regime you're Right we do think in time in terms of Regime hopefully it's president Trump And we go directly after the CCP but a Lot of this is centered on a border

Dispute on eastern Ukraine all of this Is it if that was not happening the way It was happening a lot of these chips Would not be falling into place in my Opinion that is the beginning Domino Because then Russia said okay screw you We're going to go grow closer to China You know we're no longer for the first Time ever Russia has just dropped Basically all their dollars out of the Central bank because we made them when We put sanctions on them by the way what Is that what does that say for World Reserve currency status is why our Leaders are so stupid we basically Confiscated the dollars out of the Russian Central Bank that's not exactly Safe and secure basically countries are Saying wait a second you can just Confiscate our dollars like we went After them and just grabbed the dollars And said Yep they're no longer valid you Know converted into ruples and Russia Said okay well that's an act of War Which it is And so I think a lot of this is centered On this Eastern you know border dispute We could talk about that if you'd like I Think it's incred incredibly important I Don't think people have really thought Through the ramifications Of our involvement in Ukraine and then When G comes over and says hey I have a Plan B for you in this currency thing

Tell you what let's take something Really valuable I've got it energy yeah I need energy and energy has a hard unit Of value coming out of the ground just Like gold does and so what XI did is he Got value in the form of resources for The raminbi in a in a deal that looks Like a trade deal but it's a currency Deal with Russia right yeah it's it's Bad all across the board but make no Mistake with the proper president the Right President we can crack that Alliance in nine months these countries China has a lot of domestic what would Trump do so okay you're saying that so Trump gets a let's just say it's 2024. He wins what's he doing well first he Could go back to what we already had Which is you have a piece immediately Brokered in eastern Ukraine immediately You go in there and you end the stupid War you end this proxy war you you then Try to create intentional separation Between Russia and China and keep them In their own Corners you go to the Saudis and you say knock it off you're You're going to keep on using the dollar For the Petro dollar you save OPEC which Will increase the dollar strength of the World Reserve currency and then you have To go after the CCP in like a 15 Point Targeted plan you pull their visas from Being able to go to Europe you put Targeted sanctions on them there's

There's again I'm not exactly saying Anything that hasn't been thought Through through really serious Scholars But we have to have a serious plan to Punish the CCP for what they did with The virus covering it up and lying about It and then also their hyper aggressive Action with Belton Road cyber warfare Infiltrating the American economy some Of that comes with a price and a cost But then more than anything else Trump If he becomes president again will be Energy independent again there'll be Economic confidence restored I think That we'll see inflation put under Control because we'll actually have a Rebirth of Market stability right now People are confused they're uncertain They're afraid of their own shadow Everyone's looking what the central bank Is doing Entrepreneurs can't operate in an Environment like this and that's why You're seeing business startups go down You're seeing Acquisitions slow down Whether in a recession or not I think we Are in a recession it really is an Indictment of the lack of confidence Coming from the current regime we don't Know if a big tax bill is going to be Passed we don't know if The Regulators Are going to be thrown at us we need President Trump to do what he did for Four years which is to unshackle the

American economy Don't leave out Taiwan is that the Question between China and Taiwan is Market share of semiconductors this got Nothing to do with righting wrong on Chiang Kai-shek yeah that's correct That's why we should build as many Domestic semiconductor plants this is Not lost on Donald J Trump and Taiwan Will not happen that Taiwan won't happen That way and they know it and they know Old Portuguese name for it yeah my Question to Charlie is this I'm glad you brought up the acronym Brick which I think has now been updated To Bricks because uh Brazil Russia India China and now South Africa is now the Latest South Africa Um all facetious is right there I don't Mean to make fun of South Africa it's Not exactly a world power Elon Musk is Going to be very upset when he hears you Uh commenting on his name I think you Would agree this is an African American Natural here's my question I don't think There was anything like China was going To do this regardless we know that They've been trying to come after the American superpower and that's just What's on their agenda China 2030. Russia was never going to Cozy up to America they're always going to be Aligned with China in some regard my

Question is India I don't I don't think China and India are aligned whatsoever Not natural Partners so they're not Natural parishes whatsoever exactly so What's their role in this because I Always thought that they as the the most Populated democracy in the world yeah Outside of America where is India's role In that not that you're this the India-pacific expert but no I mean I Seem to have a very good look I mean India is a tricky country you can't Trust their government they're doing Deals with Iran and they're doing all Sorts of weird stuff for energy but India should be the most natural partner In hedge you could squeeze China through A bilateral agreement with Korea Japan And India and that's why America needs To be actively involved in the room and Calling balls and Strikes using Sanctions and tariffs were necessary and Using the global Reserve currency status To be able to effectuate meaningful Geopolitical change which of which you Know we do not have right now I disagree A little bit I think Russia's run by a Bunch of thugs and Mobsters I think Russia wants whatever is best for Russia I don't think necessarily Russia and China are these natural Partners I think We made it that way I think what Donald Trump was trying to do was he was trying To keep Russia in some sort of a kind of

Ambiguous middle neutral area phase and Then jab at China remember Trump put he Put sanctions on China he you know Improved a lot of diplomatic diplomats Be expelled from China he was putting a Lot of different he was trying to kind Of create some form of a jab against the CCP the problem right now is the CCP is Able to run undeterred right now there There is no counterbalance from America So I mean look for example if we had an Actual regime that cared about saving America like okay China you're going Down to Brazil to go do a new deal 15 Export now tariff immediately on pick Your product just make him feel it a Little bit a little bit of you know make Them think twice he said there's no There's no cost to it and look China has A lot of domestic problems they have Hundreds of millions of people living in Legitimate third world poverty despite The appearance that Gigi ping puts on Like he's the most popular leader ever There's legitimate dissent against the CCP the CCP is run by a group of Mobsters and thugs with no more than Five percent of the popular support and So they got their own ticking Time Bomb They have ghost cities they manipulate Their currency they have Bank runs that Happen far too often they suppress a lot Of the news there they're not a free Society they think they can kind of do

This Marxist orwellian digital Surveillance State I actually think That's unsustainable I think it's going To break eventually I could be wrong and So China likes to posture as this really Strong man we could destabilize the Chinese Communist party in nine months With a proper president Um the question is do we want to the Only question then is why don't we it's Because they've captured our Elites and They call it Elite capture in actually Mandarin they have purchased the head of The NBA they purchased the Wall Street They'd purchase you know the top people Peter Schweitzer put this in his book Red-handed where he talks about about How the American Elites are bought and Paid for by the CCP there's a great Expression in Mandarin and it's roughly Translated uh little bad talk big help Which means they might talk a bad game Against China but they're a big Act of Help Um you look at the cover he has Elon Musk on there which I think is a little Unfair but he has Joe Biden John Boehner Nancy Pelosi LeBron James I think that's Henry Kissinger and then Bill Gates all Of which who benefit tremendously from The Chinese Communist party and then you See what happens when like a famous American actor like John Cena steps out Of line yep immediately put back into

Place in uh Mandarin or the NBA was Regulating who could wear things in the Stands of free uh free Hong Kong Protester shirts remember that it's kind Of a story that was suppressed a couple Years ago with Daryl Moore yeah you were Not allowed to even go into a National Basketball Association game with free Hong Kong t-shirts so it's a hyper I Mean you think about it it's These associations Hollywood especially Hollywood Banking and sports are the Three major industries that are Controlled by the Chinese Communist Party Hollywood there's more than that Attack two but not even as much as Hollywood Banking and sports Fact that we're being apologetic to them Like Hey we're so sorry what can we do To make you happy and you can easily and You America helped China become who they Are today with the relationships over The years yeah I mean I don't mean Interject but without us giving them Favored nation status without the 1999 World Trade Organization treaty they are A third world country yeah period and we Basically said okay we're going to read Domicile our manufacturing assets we're Going to close down our ability to make Stuff and we're going to do this massive Labor Arbitrage where we're going to set We're going to send all the jobs to you And we get a bunch of plastic we do not

Need in return and the robber barons That made those deals and I don't say That lightly because I'm a capitalist But it was bad for the West Design this Entire thing and but when you have a Relaxed monetary currency which we do it Necessitates neoliberalism who are The Architects of the deal in 1999. Um well Bill Clinton signed it but it Was largely driven by Consultants McKinsey and Company was the largest Company that was basically pushing Um you know the kind of idea that we're Going to go to a company and say we'll Be able to solve you see right there McKinsey and Company right there it was That 2019 yeah and we're going to go in We'll save you you know Pennies on a Dollar you know you could make this Trinket in China for this even this tie Right here is made in China I was like Wearing it earlier you kidding me why Can't we make this here it's because you Know we want to try to get the lowest Cost and for certain products that made Sense but why do we make penicillin and Vitamin C 90 of all our vitamin C comes From China like that makes no sense and So we we offshored our critical Infrastructure to a country that seemed To be kind of a passive Country and it's now turned into our Greatest enemy and what have we gained From that just lower prices when you go

To Walmart I'll tell you what we've Gained our homes are twice as big as They were in the 1950s with twice as Much garbage that we do not use and They're half as they're um half filled They're twice as empty because we have Less kids so we have we have piles of Plastic we do not use and factories that Are empty and then in return we fill our Entire communities with fentanyl made by The Chinese Communist Party pumped Through by the sinola drug cartel and we Lose 107 000 people a year to drug Overdoses and we'll take another step Closer to home and I'll teach I'm Teaching people new words today Pat Mciladora mequiladora means little Sister maquiladora was the concept of Putting a small Factory in Mexico where The labor was cheaper and products could Be made and then they would take a very Short walk to the United States so if That WTO deal doesn't happen in favor of China it would have turned Mexico into The larger manufacturing power and what Would have happened to the Mexican Economy you would have had the eruption The good eruption of the middle class in Mexico and you can trace it right back To the issues that we have with Mexico To the gang style violence that there Are in terms of controlling government Areas in Mexico whereas if this happened You would have turned them into to 1950s

United States manufacturing power and What would have that done to our Relationship with Mexico it would have Made our continent a superpower Continent is what it would have done why Did not we have the foresight to do Something like that because you could Make it for cheaper they were chasing The labor costs absolutely correct and And I hate to be that blunt but the Chinese Communist Party basically said Pennies per wage hour For us to be able to make a shoot and They were chasing the wage hour and look I'm a capitalist I'm a free market guy But also I want markets to point towards Something virtuous and good and not Every deal you do is going to always be In that proper context the Chinese Communist Party deal is a bad deal and The people that defend it It's indefensible I mean what we have as A casualty is we have become more in Like an owned and operated colony of the CCP it's breakable it's breakable for Many reasons because we still have a Free society and they don't the fact we Have somewhat of a free Society is our Great competitive advantage that right There is how we beat them if you Unshackle the American entrepreneur we Run circles around these people because You cannot possibly quantify or measure 20 or 30 million free people taking

Risks that will be to CCP oligarch every Day that's a planned economy now they Have a mixed economy but they still are Not figuring out entrepreneurship there Because they have to comp they have to Control they have to confiscate wealth It's still fear-based a true free Society economically could destroy these Guys in a decade and what you don't Realize is you're seeing a reflection of 1950s and 60s Soviet Union where they Tried to put in place these five-year Economic plans centered around crop Plans and Agriculture and we're going to Export to Europe and that's where we're Going to get our power out of it and They they had a couple things they had Uranium they had limited lnc because of The extraction that they were going at That time blah blah blah blah well guess What that is exactly what you're seeing Happen here is these limited economic Plans that are based on control of the Populace the labor force are not working For China just the same way they didn't Work for this is the Soviet Union can I Ask you a question Pat because I know This is something that's near and dear In your heart obviously you know Entrepreneurship capitalism the back Backbone of what valuetainment is all About you've interviewed whether it's General Robert Spalding countless people That uh what's the one gentleman that

You've had multiple times the he's an Expert in China relations So when you say that China is fear-based And Charlie corrected out uh you know You have 20 30 million entrepreneurs in America that can spur American Exceptionalism again right economically What where do you like what do you when You say fear-based with China versus Yeah so so if I go to TSA Pre to get my TSA pre-card you're in fear because You're dealing with a government Organization customer service is Non-existent the lady's talking to me as If I work for her I told you to be here 15 minutes ago I'm like you got to be Kidding me I'm driving up Are you Seriously I said yes I told you I'm like Wow then go to clear you go to clear you Know how they'll talk to you oh my god Thank you so much for coming and thank You for this and thank you for that Rob If we can grab a bottle of water so Clear will give you customer service Because they want your business TSA Pre Knows you don't have a choice you best Respect us right fear free TSA fear Clear but free America is free still China is fear you're afraid walking Around you got to make that guy happy This guy happy that guy happy this guy Happy it's all about that this is why Some by the way earlier question I asked Of you guys and I asked Charlie uh Kelly

You can just bring it up earlier Question I asked of a uh Charlie I said What would happen thank you to America Today if Elon doesn't buy Twitter If Spotify doesn't drop if Spotify drops Rogan let's say and a rumble isn't there What would happen Entrepreneurs are going to fix 95 Percent of the world's problems because In climates like this you don't think YouTube in their board meetings they're Talking about Rumble right now they're Talking about you don't think Facebook And YouTube and all those guys are Sitting there pissed off at Elon for Allowing freedom of speech you don't Think there's you don't think YouTube And all the Silicon Valley people are Not pissed off at Sweden Daniel if we're Not dropping Rogan how dare you not drop Rogan how dare you not drop Rogan Capitalist expose bad arguments and That's what what's happening right now So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here

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