An Invitation to the Future

Recently, on the Joe Rogan Experience, I announced the establishment of a new international organization, open to the public, devoted to developing an invitational vision of the future, trying to collectively formulate the answer to six key questions. More details will be announced soon. We will have our inaugural convention in London on Oct 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2023 in London, England; we will be inviting all those who might be interested in what we are doing and contributing to the conversation, as soon as possible.

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I set up an international Consortium Based in London I can't tell you all the Details yet but we're we're we're trying To put together Something like an alternative vision of The future say an alternative to that Kind of apocalyptic narrative that's Being put forward at least implicitly by Organizations like the wef you know and That's the virginal Planet rapacious Tyrant you know all devouring consumer Religion and it's more like something Like well we want to ask people six key Questions Okay so How do we get energy and resources at The lowest possible cost as rapidly as Possible to the largest number of people Around the world That's one question and so there's a Presumption in the question and here's One of the presumptions you don't get to Save the planet by making Energy prices So expensive that no one poor can afford Them that's off the table So if you want to develop alternative Energy sources no problem you know Because hey man the more energy sources We have the better but you don't get to Impose your utopian Vision in the Service of your narcissism on the poor We're going to try to make the poor Rich Kind of try to Alleve the eight absolute Poverty pro-human view on environmental Stewardship front that's the next

Question what are the major problems That are confronting us how do we take a Sophisticated multi-dimensional view of That how do we prioritize our attempts To establish our states and our International relationships properly so That we prioritize human well-being you Know in harmony with nature to the Degree that's possible but human focused And not predicated on the idea that There are too many goddamn mouths on the Planet to feed and that you're evil if You just think about having children So then on the governance front this is Where it gets kind of more left-wing I Would say is none of the people involved In this Consortium so far are very Thrilled with global corporate fascist Government media and uh and Co and uh Corporation collusion you know and we're Seeing this at the high end it's like a Tower of Babel is that the the powerful Players in the world are increasingly Collaborating to impose a top-down Vision of the future on everyone and That's a future that's predicated on a Zero growth model and the idea that well We'd need five planets really to support Everyone at the current standard of Living that obtains in the west so the Best pathway forward is to deny loans by The World Bank to developing countries So they can't develop you know energy Sources which all that'll mean is

They're going to burn wood and coal Obviously so so that's the third Question is you know how do we arrange Systems of governance to stop The march of something like pathological Gigantism this is why I like people like Russell Brand and also you to some Degree politically you know because you Guys are very What would you say sensitive to the Danger of that kind of corrupt collusion That regulatory capture that occurs when Corporate entities and media entities And governmental entities are all in bed Together like the FDA and the CDC and And so forth and so on Without End so That's that's the third question the Fourth question is what do we put Forward as a vision on the family policy Front to facilitate the what would you Call it the encouragement and the Maintenance of long-term monogamous Couples who are child centered and to Make increasing the birth rate part of That policy to put policies in place That would support long-term stable Monogamous families two-parent families And child centered you know because in The west because we're very immature we Think that the purpose of a marriage is The happiness of the people who are Involved in the marriage the husband and The wife and that's just not the purpose Of marriage at all the purpose is

Long-term facilitation of their Psychological and Spiritual Development And the establishment of an environment That's beneficial to children that's a Responsible way of thinking about it and So we need to have a serious Conversation about what that means and You know It's tricky because Like I think the ideal has to be Long-term committed monogamous Heterosexual relationships and I had a Big conversation with this about this With Dave Rubin you know Reuben's gay And he's married and him and his partner Now have two infants and we talked Through how that was it's a very hard Thing for them to arrange obviously why Well they're both male so that poses a Severe problem on the reproductive front Right and so they manage that and they Have two infants but it's very complex And it isn't it's obviously not a Solution to the problem of relationship And reproduction that's duplicatable Across long large numbers of people just Takes too many resources now I do think We have to have an ideal At the center of every concept but the Ideal can't be too rigid you know Because people People aren't perfect you know in my own Family there's lots of people who are Divorced lots of people in lots of People's families there are people who

Are gay you know there are lots of People in unhappy marriages nobody Attains the ideal Said the idea has to be surrounded by a Fringe of Tolerance but that doesn't Mean you sacrifice the ideal and the Ideal has to be well we know there's a Literature on fatherlessness you know It's a bloody catastrophe fatherlessness For obvious reasons you know human Children are complicated you think you Can maybe if you struggle madly as a Single parent you could do a decent job And lots of single parents do but You're asking a lot you know for a woman To work 50 hours a week and then spend another 40 hours with their kids and to do both Of those optimally with no help you know And we know perfectly well that when Women get divorced especially if they Have kids they tend to fall down the Economic hierarchy so it's very Difficult so that's another one of the Policies then another question we're Trying to make these into questions Rather than You know we have the answer the other Question is well It's pretty clear that we have to live Inside a story And one story is power rules everything But that's not a very good story it's a Very pathological story it's more like a

Confession too if that's the story you Insist upon it's like so you think power Governs everything do you okay I know What you're like so that's what you Truly believe see I believe the spirit Of voluntary play governs everything not The spirit of power it's like voluntary Association that's what we're doing in This conversation You know we're playing towards an end And we're doing it voluntarily and we're Taking everybody along for the ride no One's forced to do it so that's the Other thing no compulsion here it's got To be Invitational and so we're trying To work out what the story has to be and On that front I just finished Seminar in Miami and it first eight Parts of it were released on The Daily Wire three months ago Exodus seminar we Walked through the story of Exodus Exodus means ex-hodos means the way Forward so it's the archetypal Narrative Of progression from tyranny and Chaos Into the future that's what the story is And we uh we did half of it released it On the daily wire Eight Episodes two Hours long And we just recorded the last eight Sessions two weeks ago and that was an Absolute blast I really Stellar people Participating man I learned so much I learned so much it's gonna take me

Like two years to digest it but uh the Daily wire is going to release it all on YouTube for free starting in two months One episode a week for 16 weeks and then We're gonna keep it on YouTube and the Daily wire for free for four months and So and it it lays out a vision of uh of Appropriate governance as an all that's An alternative to tyranny and to Chaos so in The Exodus story So here here's this is this is very Germane to the notion of what might Constitute a proper story so the Question that you put forward in your Life is something like what Spirit Should guide you as you move ahead And you might say well I don't need a Spirit to guide me it's like yeah you Don't have that option Some Spirit guides you might be your Stomach Might be you might be a worshiper of the God priapus right he's the god of giant Erections that's what happens if your Whole identity is staked on your Sexuality it's like some spirit is going To guide you that's life the question is What is the highest spirit that could Guide you so in The Exodus story The proposition of the story is the Highest spirit that could guide you is The spirit that objects to tyranny and That calls the enslaved to freedom and That's the representation of God in

Exodus so that's what God is in The Exodus story now that's not all that God Is in the biblical stories but that's God In The Exodus story and so That is the god that if you abide by That God then you believe that tyranny Is implicitly wrong even if you Tyrannize yourself and that there's Something implicitly virtuous about Striving for Freedom especially if You're enslaved so anyways that's the Voice that speaks to Moses and the voice Tells Moses to Tell the Pharaoh the Tyrant to let his People go that's that famous line let my People go but the line is actually let My people go So that they may worship me in the Desert okay so anyways God through Moses calls the Israelites Out of Tyranny and he punishes the Tyrant and So if you believe that fate punishes Tyrants you're already immersed in The Exodus story to some degree if you Believe that tyranny is implicitly wrong Of course most Americans believe that Okay so now the Israelites leave the Tire tyranny you'd think hey man great Freedom Because now you're out of the Tyranny But that isn't how life works this is Why people won't drop their tyrannical Presuppositions

Because you go out of the tyranny Into the desert Not to the promised land Desert first and where it's what's the Desert everyone's lost no one knows Which way to go everyone fights everyone Turns to the worship of false Idols Everyone wants the Tyrant to re-assert Himself that's the situation we're in in The aftermath of the death of God In The West And so So that's really useful to know because One of the things you might want to know In your life is why do people cling to Their own tyrannical presuppositions and The answer is well at least they're Orienting structures pathological as They might be if you drop them you're Not redeemed you're just lost and the Idea that being lost is freedom That's preposterous idea no one lost is Free they're just enveloped in chaos Okay so what happens in that Exodus Story is now the Israelites are out in The desert wandering around for like Generations and uh they get all Fractious and fight and and Complain and start worshiping false Idols and Um they're scrapping with each other and That's because they have the habits of Slaves they don't know how to govern Themselves and so they ask Moses to sit

As a judge And so he does for Stories very unclear about this but for A long time years and years morning Dawn Till midnight he's judging the Israelites like mad and adjudicating Their squabbles and uh imagine what he's Doing eh If you had to make peace Between a thousand people who were Squabbling with their you know their Wife or their or their friends or their Enemies You have to render judgment on that you Know and for judgment to work the people Who are judged have to see the Judgment As just because otherwise you have to Impose it by force right so if I hear You arguing with someone and I try to Mediate I have to come up with a Solution that you'll both accept that Means I have to extract out of that Chaos some principle of order imagine You do that a thousand times or five Thousand times so now you start to Understand the nature of the principles Of order Okay so now two things happened Jethro Who's Moses father-in-law comes along He's in midianite a foreigner he says You've got to stop doing this You can't sit as judge on the Israelites There are two reasons they need the Responsibility

And you shouldn't turn yourself into Another pharaoh So if you take all the responsibility Unto yourself you become a tyrant and The Israelites stay slaves so he says to Jethro this is a signal moment in the Development of Western Culture by the Way he says you take the Israelites you Divide them into groups of ten and you Have each of the ten elect an elder And then you take the groups of Elders And you have them elect a meta Elder and You do that all the way up to ten Thousands And then you have the judgments that are Necessary rendered at the lowest level Of the hierarchy possible So you know if I'm arguing with you First we go to our Elder and then if the Elder can't figure it out he gets the Elders together and maybe they render Judgment if they can it goes to the Council of Elder elders and all the way Up and if it isn't mediated by the time You have the groupings of ten thousand Then Moses gets to weigh in and that's Called subsidiarity and the idea is you Have to produce a hierarchy of Responsibility distributed Responsibility as an antitheist to Tyranny unto the desert and that's the Model for good governance and that's Symbolically equivalent to Mount Sinai And it's also the model of the Ark of

The Covenant and the and the Tabernacle So Jonathan paggio did a lovely job of Explaining that in this and so And so part of the model that we're Trying to put forward in this group that I'm describing is based on this Principle of subsidiary in the idea that We want to encourage everyone to take as Much responsibility as possible at the Most local level possible right so take Responsibility for yourself Until you're good enough at that so you Can take responsibility maybe for a wife And then if you're good enough at that Maybe you can extend that to some kids And then maybe you can serve your local Community and then maybe you can serve Your state and maybe if you really get Good at it you could serve your nation Right but you're taking the Responsibility and here's the basic rule All the responsibility you abdicate will Be taken up by tyrants That's the that's the cardinal rule of Social organization And so we're trying to build out this Story That's based on the deepest elements of Western tradition that's an an antidote To the Well to the to the false claim that it's Only Power that rules because it's not That's not right and there is a model of Of proper governance in there this idea

Of a hierarchical structure of Responsibility it's the proper Computational structure it's not Top-down tyranny with fractionated Individuals and it's not utter chaos It's ordered freedom and that's what God Tells Moses to tell the Pharaoh when he Says Let My People Go Let My People Go No tyranny so that they may celebrate me In the desert it's ordered freedom and It's the ordered Freedom that comes Along with being oriented towards the Highest possible good And so we're trying to work all that out Now we're going to have a conference in London October 31st November 1st and November 2nd we're going to bring about 2 000 People together that's an invited list We want to bring in people who are Cultural figures and political figures Business figures and uh invite them to This discussion and but we want to make That completely public and we want to Open up the organization to Broad Membership as broad as possible and then You know if if it's a success then we'll Open up the conferences as the years Progress to larger and larger numbers of People but we can't you know we don't Have the expertise or the wherewithal to Manage that first off but we've got the Venue Already set up in London I've got all

Sorts of people on board in Australia And all through Europe and through the UK and all through the United States South America all sorts of people are Interested in participating and so we Want to help Put forward a vision That's enticing and inviting it's like Imagine you could have the world you Wanted You know none of this male enthusian Limits to growth nonsense we get our act Together everyone can have it can have Enough and maybe more than enough There'll be enough educational Opportunity for everyone no one will be Scrabbling away in the dirt burning dung Poisoning themselves not food for Everyone

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