Analyzing the Controversy: Ryan Garcia’s Failed PED Test Before Facing Devin Haney

In this article, we delve into the heated controversy surrounding Ryan Garcia’s failed PED test prior to his highly anticipated showdown with Devin Haney. Stay tuned as we analyze the implications and potential repercussions of this shocking revelation in the world of professional boxing.

Analyzing the Controversy: Ryan Garcia’s Failed PED Test Before Facing Devin Haney


Ah, the world of boxing, where drama and controversy often come hand-in-hand. Recently, the spotlight has been shining on the young and talented boxer, Ryan Garcia, for all the wrong reasons. A cloud of suspicion looms over him after being allegedly caught with Ostarine, a banned muscle booster, in his system. Let’s dive deep into this unfolding saga and unpack the layers of this gripping narrative.

The Allegations

  • Was Ryan Garcia really caught with Ostarine in his system?
  • What repercussions does this hold for his career in boxing?
  • How are the fans reacting to these shocking allegations?

Garcia’s Denial and Vow to Rematch

Straight out of a Hollywood script, Garcia vehemently denies any form of cheating and vows to rematch in a bid to clear his tarnished name. With emotions running high and tensions escalating, the boxing world waits with bated breath for the next chapter in this saga to unfold.

Accusations Against Eddie Hearn

Adding fuel to the fire, Javante Davis openly accuses promoter Eddie Hearn of orchestrating this scandal to derail Garcia’s career. The plot thickens as more individuals are dragged into the web of deception and betrayal in the high-stakes world of professional boxing.

Criticism from Devon Haney

Devon Haney, a fellow boxer, wastes no time in criticizing Garcia for resorting to unfair tactics and disrespecting the sport they both hold dear. The boxing community watches as a rift forms between the once-respected peers, now embroiled in a war of words and accusations.

Garcia’s Political Play

In a bizarre turn of events, Ryan Garcia is accused of tying his situation to Trump’s storyline, blurring the lines between sports and politics. The controversy takes a surreal twist as Garcia navigates uncharted waters in his attempt to salvage his reputation and career.

Garcia: A Master Marketer or Troll?

Labeled as a top troll and master marketer by some, Ryan Garcia’s controversial persona continues to polarize opinions within the boxing world. Is he a genius strategist manipulating the narrative, or a misguided soul spiraling into his own downfall? Only time will tell.

De La Hoya vs. Canelo

Meanwhile, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya claims that Canelo Alvarez’s success is solely due to Golden Boy, leading to a bitter conflict between the former partners. Canelo issues a warning to all young boxers to watch out for De La Hoya, who he accuses of having sticky fingers in every deal.


As the dust settles on the tumultuous events surrounding Ryan Garcia’s failed PED test, one thing remains certain: the world of boxing is a rollercoaster of emotions, controversy, and high-stakes drama. How Garcia navigates through these turbulent waters will define his legacy in the ring. Stay tuned for the next round of this gripping saga.


  1. Is Ryan Garcia’s boxing career in jeopardy due to the failed PED test?
  2. How are other professional boxers reacting to the allegations against Garcia?
  3. Will the rematch with Devin Haney be the ultimate test of Garcia’s innocence?
  4. What impact does this controversy have on the reputation of the boxing industry as a whole?
  5. Can Ryan Garcia’s image recover from the damage caused by these scandalous accusations?
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