Andrew Tate’s Lawyer Reveals The UNTOLD Truth About Arrest

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David and Tina Glandian talk about Andrew Tate’s arrest.

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The cases you've worked out these are Not small cases these are heavyweight Cases uh you know uh whether it's Michael Jackson whether it's Justin that Was very controversial whether it's you Know the other ones brown or Keisha all Of these things we can go through how Different of a jurisdiction I am not a Lawyer how different is it uh dealing With the laws that we go by in the States let alone dealing with somebody That you're representing who's in Romania do you have to are you are you Working with their laws do they kind of Push you around do you hold them Accountable to you because there is the U.S citizenship how to do those Dynamics Work Sure so I think typically in high Profile cases already there are so many Additional factors that go into Representing a client that isn't there In a standard case when the attorneys Actually just get to focus on their Defense on the legal strategy and it's Very clear cut and typically in those Cases the defendants also really are Presumed Innocent so those cases are Much easier to handle The high profile cases to begin with Once information is and it's almost Exclusively leaked by the prosecution or The police the information comes out It's always out of context the defense

Can't really respond to it as far as to Address the details but because there's An ongoing investigation you're not Supposed to be Talking about those facts so you're Really at a disadvantage and the public Starts getting a false picture of what The case is about what the evidence is And so you know already in a high Profile case you're dealing with the Court of public opinion everything That's coming out combating the Misinformation that's circulating and so Those are challenges now you add to that You know all of this happening in a Foreign jurisdiction and yes it makes it Much more complicated there's you know Difficulties like for now I have not Actually been able to visit the Tate Brothers in jail while I was in Bucharest I went numerous times to the Jail with my Romanian colleagues we took All the paperwork and I was told that It's ultimately the prosecutor's Decision and the prosecutor until now Still hasn't approved the request I mean We're still trying and hopefully I will Um get to see them of course my Preference would be to see them out of Custody but depending on the timing However Um you know it's it's difficult to You're in a different time zone all of The documents are in the Romanian

Language so we have to have everything Translated or I'm relying on my Romanian Council to interpret things for me their System is different so it's you know in The politics of it are different so it's Certainly very challenging Is that a protocol that the prosecutor Can use according to the Romanian laws To not allow you to meet with your Client I mean is that a common thing They do there or uh do you have a Leverage to say no I have to see my Client this is how the laws work So unfortunately I don't think it's very Common for U.S attorneys or I should say Even attorneys who are not Romanian to Be trying to visit Romanian clients in Jail so it's not a common occurrence to Begin with and according to my Romanian Council they say it's this is how it Works it's standard now if this was not The Tate brothers would this have been Approved by now I'm not sure do uh does does the role of Uh well I'll come back to that so I Guess my other question would be when You were working with Jesse and he was Being accused or you know the the things That we he was going through with what Happened to him I believe he was still He was not in jail when he was going Through it right I know the detention And I may be wrong the detention here This is the third round of 30 days and

They can go up to 180 days but they're Still we still don't know fully what is Going on the key word that's being used Is allegedly allegedly allegedly of Human trafficking allegedly of this once Again is this a uh uh a common thing That that Romania does as a government To say whether we have you or not you Got to be in here mostly some of the Times people don't know they live around The world American laws are different Than Romanian laws are different than German or UK so it's to understand how These things work so the whole 180 days That they have we keep extending it at This pace what are some of the criterias That you can use to get them to be at Least at home while they're going Through this So yes this is very Us because this is how our system works He Typically and it varies a little bit by Jurisdiction but typically they have 48 Hours to you know hold you before they Either have to charge you or release you Romania has a different procedure and They refer to it as preventative arrest Where they they initially held held the Tape Brothers for 24 hours and then they Applied for a 30-day extension and as You correctly said they can extend that Up to 180 days so

This period is actually still an ongoing Criminal investigation so they have not Actually had an indictment returned Against them they have not been formally Charged and again this is really Contrary to our Notions of Justice which Is that you know pre-trial deprivation Is really to be a measure of Last Resort Unless there's substantial factors Warranting keeping somebody in in Custody that they should be out and when You said allegedly allegedly is a word That you use even you know after the Charges are filed here we're not even There yet we're still in an open Criminal investigation and so if that Answers your question I think the Process is very different in Romania Than we're used to here in the US and I Think a lot of other places how are you As the attorney adapting to that I mean Are you uh uh I bet this is a tough job You have I mean you went to school here You went to grade school you've done Phenomenal for yourself so to learning How to work with the laws here to to Represent your client and then to go Over there are you like on a overdrive Of learning all the laws and you're Reading this and that to see what the Adjustments are you're looking at all The cases is that kind of what you're Going through as an individual Definitely I'm doing a lot of research

On how the Romanian process works Reading some of their cases and some Decisions even by the European courts as To how they've applied Romanian law and Whether they've sanctioned this type of Conduct I'm of course talking to my Romanian colleagues who are the best Source of information as to what is Common there so there's a lot to take in But obviously you know when you ask how I'm dealing with it for me it's much Easier to deal with as the attorney on The outside it's much harder to see my Clients who are in jail and it makes my Job a lot harder when I can't easily Communicate with them so that's the Biggest I think Factor here is the fact That I wasn't I would have stayed in Bucharest had I been granted access to Visit with them uh frequently but that's Been the biggest challenge for me so far In in if that happened in America you Could make calls to get Congress or Somebody a senator or Congressman or Congresswoman to make the call and say What is this all about you can't be Doing this right so who can you call Because the part that makes it Complicated with this if you have a Political figure let's just say you have A political figure and if they're a Democrat the president's Democrat well You make the phone call Hey listen this Is a you know if you have a republican

Trump saying hey Roger Stone hey you got This can you what is going on over can You guys make the call this doesn't make Any sense who can you call to say this Is not a fair thing they're doing I mean who I did call when I was in Bucharest was the U.S embassy to see if I could get assistance with this but They they pretty much just deferred me To my Romanian Council and said I have To work with them and follow the Procedure that they recommend so Ultimately they weren't really much help In me trying to achieve that how much of That do you think uh is because him Being a controversial figure and he's Called that pretty much everybody Under The Sun you know they tell you there's Three things you should never talk about Two of them are politics and religion And as a my mother would always say hey Patrick why are you talking politics I've told you for years never talk Politics just talk business why are you The fear right he's called out everybody So how much of that has to be with uh Him calling out the people in power They're like if there's anybody we're Not helping we are definitely not Helping Tate You know I would be guessing but I Certainly would think in a case that Didn't involve maybe Andrew Tate that The U.S embassy would have been more

Helpful when it involved a U.S citizen Yeah that's just I would probably give The answer as well if I was in your Situation but for me and many other People that are listening they would be Uh uh uh thinking maybe there's some of That going on as well let me transition I got the WhatsApp messages I want to Get to a part of that as well with the Messages that came out but uh the other Question I would have for you is With them saying hey uh now that these Messages have come out you know we are Thinking we are gonna I'm gonna be suing Him for 300 million dollars I'm sure you Saw that tweet that came out I saw your Answer on this but some of the audience May not know about it are they actively Personally do they have access to the Internet are they Tweeting or is all the Tweets that are coming out or the Messages or the email that's coming out It's somebody else emailing tweeting on Behalf of Tates It's not yes they don't have access to Twitter or social media so they're They're in a jail cell with a very Limited access to just phone calls that Are all recorded they don't have access Uh to social media so yes they're not They're not posting anything themselves Got it you said phone calls that are all Recorded So whoever they have a call With it's all recorded

Yes And and so So even if you want to talk to your Client They're recording all the calls you're Having with your client Yes so as I said it's very challenging To oh God not be able to visit the Client in person and to be You know having limited Communications Which of course Um you know are recorded phone calls How do you strategize how do you uh how Do you How do you say Hey you know because you Need intel so who do you get Intel from To be able to defend there's only so Much you're gonna get if you can't have A and you can't ask the question if you Know it's going to be recorded because Who do you trust if you know the calls Are being recorded you almost can't Trust having any conversations with them Because you know it's all going to leak To somebody how do you manage that We we're aware of the fact that the Calls are recorded as are the clients of Course Um and you know at this point the Strategy really is just for us to try to Get to the truth and how do we find the Truth so it's it's obviously limiting But and you know we keep the Conversations short and discuss what we

Need to but it poses certainly a big Challenge Tina is that also the case in America so if if if you want to talk to Klein of yours and you're going to go And have a conversation with them is is It a hundred percent recorded you have To assume that everybody else can hear The conversation or are you able to have One-on-one combo with your client Without anybody hearing it So typically jail calls are always Recorded now when it's an attorney call And you announce that at the beginning Of the call and you say this is Tina Glandian and this is an attorney client Phone conversation they're either Supposed to stop the recording or later If if it was you know automatically Recorded they are not to listen to Anything that's attorney clients so even If that gets bypassed in some cases they Can't use it because they're not allowed To record the attorney client's Communications but it's it's it's not It's not unusual because calls are also Recorded here however when you get to Visit in person in an attorney-client Context you should be in a setting That's not recorded do you do you trust It in America like does it is it even a Thought like do you guys as a group sit There and say listen ask the question But make sure it's not all the questions Just be aware that somebody could be

Listening to it or is it a code where It's like no talk freely as long as you Say it's a lawyer you don't have Anything to worry about No we're always a little bit cautious Because again rules get broken and just Because someone's not supposed to do Something doesn't mean it won't happen So we are cautious in all cases sure so You know during covid uh uh uh I've I've Run an insurance company I've been to Financial industry for 20 years so You're dealing with lawyers all the time I've spent a lot of money on lawyers so We've we've kept a lot of law firms in Business because you have to deal with It but during covet when we were dealing With lawyers or courts everything was Super slow and I'm talking hey things That would get done in 30 60 90 days Nine you know nine months to 12 months To get anything they're not coming in They're not doing this they're not doing That and it was very annoying because You couldn't get things to be resolved Quickly are you dealing with any other Factors that is delaying uh you being Able to get to the bottom of what's Going on there was it just purely the Government saying hey this is how slow We're working we can take our time if we Want to and there's nothing we can do About it With their procedure with their

Preventative arrest procedure that they Have in place they certainly you know Have the protection that they could Extend this to 180 days and there really Isn't much we can do if they continue to Try to take the position that they Shouldn't be released because you know They might be a flight risk or they're a Potential danger and things of that Nature so Um I do find normally that in high Profile cases that because there are so Many eyes on a Case typically those tend To move a bit faster than maybe a normal Case wood that gets put on the back Burner and nobody's in a rush to Prosecute that So typically they do move a little Faster now in this case this has been an Extremely slow investigation so I know They've been in custody since the end of December but what a lot of people might Not recognize is this investigation Actually started in April of 2022 and There was allegations made at the time You know police did a raid they Investigated and there was nothing to Those allegations so but they did open Up you know a bigger investigation and Another fact because you did bring up The 300 million dollar Um you made some reference to a Potential lawsuit about that and so just To make this clear what happened is

After this investigation happened in April and it was shown that Um the allegations were false and the Police you know made no arrests at the Time the tape Brothers actually filed Criminal complaints in Romania against The two women who made these accusations And again that's not a fact that's been Widely reported but that is an open Criminal investigation against the women And that started you know almost eight Months before the Tate brothers were Ever arrested or you know investigated Really for any of the criminal Accusations that they're currently being Investigated for so the lawsuit that you Referenced and the cease and desist Letter that is part of that original Criminal complaint that was initiated in April by the brothers when they were not Charged or being investigated for Anything further and when they were the Victims of false allegations and they Were pursuing their legal rights And that was in April so from April till February now but they put him in jail uh You know the timing of that to me There's there's a lot of theories out There and I'll just pose the question You know you you're a pro you're going To give whatever response you're gonna Give Sometimes you know certain events happen You know it could be ironic it could be

Like coincidental or it could be like ah You know it's a little bit this you kind Of cross the line with who you went After with the Greta thundberg and all This other stuff and here's what you did In booming and all of a sudden two days Could they have done what they did to The Tate brothers What they did two days after Greta could They have done the same exact thing and Started detention in April in May and June uh you know what I'm saying like Could they have just automatically said Hey why not wait till this time it just So happens they did it two days after That so there's some theories where Maybe he crossed the line a little bit You're pushing a little bit too much of The envelope and this is the time to Take this guy down to silence him So I guess to break it down a little bit What they were initially the allegations That were made in April were that these Women were being held against their will By the Tate brothers and that was Investigated and that there was Absolutely no truth to that so they were They were not you know their status when The investigation started of the Tate Brothers were as Witnesses and so Romania has different categories that They put people in you could either be a Witness a suspect or a defendant so they Started in April they were witnesses to

This allegation the police investigated There was nothing there and that's what The criminal complaints that they filed In April were about you know those Particular instances now Since that time I think you know police Began to to surveil the brothers and Were I think trying to find something to Further investigate Um and again I don't want to speculate As to the reasons why they were trying To you know find Further further you know allegations to Investigate Um but the timing of it yes it's Obviously it was many many months later What may have triggered that particular Uh date it's hard to say so so in other Words they could have done that earlier Right so they could have because if it's Allegedly human trafficking rape they Could have done it in August they could Have done it in July they could have Done it in June they just so happened to Choose to do it two days after that and I know that whole one thing where people Were like well if you're going to order Pizza why would you put the pizza that Was already debunked and that's not even A part of the conversation if they Wanted to get them they're going to get Them it's not like they're going places They're not going avoiding places this Is specific about the fact that could

The government have Come in and taking him to jail and put Him in detention in any other month Except the time that they did it at Yes because again this is preventative Arrest it's not like they had you know Enough evidence to charge them with Crimes this was a preventative arrest Because they were investigating they Certainly could have done this you know Weeks earlier if that's what they chose To do so so what that does is that gives A lot of credence to the audience that Is saying this guy's being set up Because of who he called out in the Establishment to that audience that goes I told you so I knew this I know well You're giving them credit if you're Doing it this way so I I almost think Um I almost think that works against Them and it works in your favor why are You waiting this long until you're doing XYZ so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here

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