“Anti Patriarchal Rampage” – Are Woke Women Destroying The Family Nucleus?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss why women are filing for divorce more than men.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Lily Allen says having children totally Ruined her career and parents can't have It all career coaches say she's right Again folks relax because this is Insider uh Insider the person that Probably wrote this doesn't have any Kids and probably I don't you know this Is speculation we'll actually verify That as well so Lily Allen openly Discusses the impact of parented on her Career bluntly stating yes my children Ruin my career and rejecting the notion On having it all asserting quite frankly You can't as she reflects on her Decision to prioritize her children over Pop stardom emphasizing some people Choose their career over their children That's their prerogative but my parents Were quite absent when I was a kid and I Feel like that left some nasty scars That I'm not willing to repeat on Mine Courier coaches Elizabeth Pearson And Sarah Madera Echo Allan sentiment Acknowledging the challenges faced by Working parents with Pearson emphasizing The struggles of balance and family and Crew responsibility standing doesn't Mean we don't love our kids but if People think that kids don't tie an Anchor around your ankle while you're Trying to swim in an ocean with crashing Waves they're high Tom thoughts on this Well I used to wonder why filicide in The United States was up f i l i c a d e

Just go look that up and now I think I Understand I think I understand why Filicide in the United States is up but I think what a horrible thing if you're Trying to set you know I love you I care For you you know now that you're in my Life I'm going to do what I can to raise You and to give you a vision and a last Name you'll be proud of and then you Know this is horrible you know um you Know how can you hate your kids like This how can you just you know not like Your kids what do you think's going to Happen it's just horrifying to me that That's what I think about it and now These kids are going to grow up and They're not going to care for their Parents they're not going to take care Of their parents and In retirement what a surprise look uh I Have this conversation what video is This Rob what video is is this her Saying that yes this is actually want to See how she says it go ahead never Really had a strategy when it comes to Career uh but yes my children ruined Michael what The I mean I love them and they complete Me but in terms of like you know pop Stardom totally ruined it Yeah that's such a good I'm Someone say that every was like no of Course not does not mix it really annoys Me when people say you can have it all

Because quite frankly you can't and you Know some people choose their career Over their children and that's their Prerogative but you know my parents were Quite absent when I was a kid and I feel Like that really left some like nasty Scars that I'm not willing to you know To repeat on mine and so I chose Stepping back and concentrating on them And I'm glad that I've done that because I think they're pretty well-rounded People by the way it sounds worse than The way she did it it sounds SS a lot Less mean and but I do have thoughts on This as well go ahead no you can't this Is why you can't just read into the Headlines cu the headlines basically you Would suppose that she hates her kids And she regrets having kids she's Actually saying the exact opposite and She's basically saying what I tell women All the time is that I'm not saying it's Impossible but it's very near to close To impossible as a woman that you can't Have it all you can't be the biggest pop Star in the world but then also be a Good mother and be home with your Children it's impossible unless you're You know Joe Biden you have a fake Person out there running around like Vinnie accuses Biden of but you can't Have it exactly you can't you can't do It all she's basically saying that the Children ruined her career meaning she

Look if you're don't not familiar with Lily Allen she's basically a British big Singer she was you know like Amy win Housee if you remember her pretty big This is like 2006 2008 she had some massive songs uh in The uh early to mid 2000s but you know I Had a conversation on man yesterday We've all done thousands plus mans you Know I would say the vast majority 90% Of the conversations I have are with men A and A lot of times it's money Success Vision career you know self-improvement All that with women it always gravitates Back to family and kids the conversation I had with the lady yesterday it started Off the conversation she said what's the Best investment for me is is it whole Life insurance or my 401k that's how the Conversation started do you know how the Conversation ended she I said well what Are you solving for you're asking about Insurance you're asking about Investments like that's a very small Part of what you're trying to do in your Entire life and I said you know a scale Of 1 to 10 how Happ she's 33 years old She's probably watching this right now I Won't say her name I said scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want a husband and Family she goes a, I go how um much of a focus is your Careers your job get you know climbing Up the corporate ladder the hierarchy

She goes yeah like a like a six and I go If you could make double what you're Making now double she said she's making Like 75 80 grand if you can make double But never have kids in a family how Would you feel about that she goes I'd Probably kill myself so every Conversation that I have with women out There especially as they're getting Older the young girls never listen to a 22-year-old girl ever they think they're Going to be hot and Young Forever they Think they're never going to want kids I Promise you once you start to hit that 30 or 40s especially as a woman that Maternal instincts are going to kick in Here's a woman she said I totally regret Going to grad school I spent way too Much time on school I was focused on my Career I'm literally thinking about I Would kill this is faci just kill myself If I don't have kids every conversation I have with a woman especially on manck It always grabs gravitates to they want To have a ideal family life kids now I'm Not saying that men aren't immune to That but we all know the following that Women are Beauty objects they're meant To nurture feminine how many girls you Have on man the calls that want to have Kids want to have kids with you how many I'm trying to find zero I'm I'm trying To be an uncle man I mean this is like I I got a Jew to my right and a Syrian to

My left and I'm trying to have some Nephews and nieces we should have Another bed but you know what a good Follow-up question would have been I'm Very very curious do you want to have a Kid with me like For if somebody asked her if you could Go back and that decision of having a Kid or not would you do it she probably Wouldn't have no the opposite of what She's saying she's saying that you got To read the sarcasm you're a comedian You get that she's basically saying the Kids ruined her career because she Couldn't do both but she said they're my Life they're my joy I wouldn't do this I Asked Candace Owens this exact same Thing I said you you've killed it you're Massive you know if you can only do one Or the other be a career woman boss babe CEO or wife and mother she goes wife and Mother 100 out of 100 if you think that Making money and doing the Chelsea Handler route as a woman is going to Make you happy in the end you have Another thing coming now men just have The opportunity to wait a little while Longer women can't wait until their 40s Some men like Vinnie and I wait my my Sperm are Frozen right now they're just In a little thing I'm joking I Didn't they're just like like don't kill Those embryos in Alabama buddy I I stand By what I said but Lily Allen in

Particular the back half of her answer Which I had not seen to the video uh I Respect the back half of her answer and She moderated it and talked about them Being her life and what she wants to do But I stand by what I said about the People who you know decide that oh Having kids was a mistake cuz the M my Couldn't attain this or that it's like Come on let's let's react to this Rob go Ahad and play this clip here go ahead Hod and Jenna women that are initiating Dives in this country I don't think the Old statistics I don't think that's how We think of it you know no we tend to Think of divorce as like um an older man Like leaving his you know wife a younger Woman and it's really it's really women Are breaking and they're breaking when You look at the statistics they're Breaking because of household chores Inequality because they're being held Back in their careers because men add 7 Hours of domestic labor a week Woman's and a woman takes away like Hours from his life and that's adding Hours that like he's not doing you know So like these little inequalities add up And I think especially since pandemic Women are just breaking and they want Another way out and another way to live I like the title of this book because It's so another way to live is to get a Divorce how I left started my life as

Opposed to I started my life by getting Married that's the idea like you get so Way I got to tell you I think it should Be illegal for women to just sit there And talk amongst each other if you don't Have one man to gcheck you like The View They're just going to go off on the Anti- patri Rampage look the whole point Of having a guy with women is to Basically say yeah I don't know about That feminist like to call them out cuz At the at the end of the day they're all Just going to agree and realize the Reality is women initiate 75 to 85% of Divorces they're the ones that file for Divorce not the men you you mean to tell Me you don't absolutely love the view With whoopy and joy I wish that there Was a dude in the middle of the table to Call out this women's hypocrisy and Ridiculousness yeah there's a lot of Hypocrisy here like we add the men add Seven hours of domestic labor I like to Know what it is you know how how does That add up and Men add three hours a Week to the woman's wife that's not true It's 2 minutes and 7 Seconds three times A week I mean what do you mean we add 3 Hours what give a break Tom did you just Reveal a certain number what Robin I Understand We're they text each other after two Minutes they're like you done yeah I'm Done too all righto I'll see you

Tomorrow in the podcast but can we watch The bond uh thing on you you know the The the thing is that you watch Something like This and you have two perspectives one Is saying yeah yeah it did ruin my Career but guess what if I had to do it All over again I'd do it again right cuz She is saying but it's a choice I Decided to make right so she's joking While she's saying that but at the same Time while on the other side is like no That additional work and that labor and This is why and you know D you know Schultz told a joke which was freaking Amazing the joke that he told I love That joke I'm not going to say it but he Said said a joke that's the I and we Joke yeah I I loved that joke when I Heard it I mean it was like fantastic on How he gave credit and then he's like Hey how about this but yeah it it's it's Your living in an era right now where People are so flipping confused when we Were coming up at a couple of my guys And I said this to girls and I said this To guys any chance I get on who I was Mentoring I would always ask who do you Look up to like yesterday we're having Lunch with six of our new guys who are In sales who are you know Rising Stars Coming up so I brought them to the house And I do this on a monthly basis I bring New stars of employees and I bring them

To the house and have lunch with them And you know Alper makes his traditional You know you know food and we kind of go Back and forth and have great Conversations together And one of the guys I asked he was Younger and his hair was a little bit uh He needed a haircut okay and if you're In sales and you're sitting on talking To people you got to be presentable and I asked the question I said let me ask You who do you look up to who's your Male figure in your life he said what do You mean I said I want you to think About it cuz this female figure in his Life was clear mom I said who's the male Example in your life that you follow you Know for like one minute he's just going Like the shaking and said he can't think Of anybody do you know how many people Don't have that on the male or the Female side if you don't have an example If you're dating a guy or a girl and They don't have a man or a woman that They look up To and what their values are if you ask And he says something like you know this Kid um uh hey I follow such and such and So who is this guy I follow you know This is my example of a man this is my Example of a woman yeah bro I'm not for You you go find somebody else or change The people you look up to our people are Looking at the wrong people right now

And these people you look up to they're Setting a bad example and people are Duplicating it kids need better examples Of who to look up to but if they don't Have it they're going to be confused by Messages like this to say this is the Right thing to do by the way this is not Just kids we think that just kids need Better people to look up to you know who Else needs better people look up to Adults married men married women mothers Father s businessmen business women it Doesn't matter what it is everybody Needs better examples to look up to and The more and more I listen to Lily Lily Good for you for I think her daughters Are 12 and 10 years old and she seems Like she's enjoying them so more power To you respect for Lily for doing what She's doing okay let's go I can no Longer remain in today's Democratic Party Tulsi gabard said she is no longer A Democrat a potential tulsy gathered VP Where we are being told that we just Have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an

Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that again Yeah so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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