Anyone Can Capture an Audience!

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This one guy gets up he's won the Keynotes he says I was a lawyer for 20 Years you know what I struggle with as a Lawyer for 20 years what's that you know What I love the most what Disney what do You mean Disney I know everything about Disney really yeah you don't look like a Disney guy he looked like a lawyer he Says I love Disney I said huh So Eventually one day I said you know if I Could do something for the rest of my Life I'm going to talk about stuff with Disney so he started a podcast and a YouTube channel all he talks about is Disney all of a sudden he realizes There's tens of thousands of people Worldwide they feel the way he does that Are his age and showed up then he got Sponsorship they can start making money Then he went from making 200 Grand as a Lawyer to making a half a million Running a podcast talking about Disney Now you can't pull that off I don't Think I can't pull that off on Disney Because I'm not that interested so if You can find multiple things that you're Very very interested in that you can Deliver the message in a way that's Deeper than the average person who only Goes one or two or three layers deep You're gonna have a wider audience

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