Are Men Regressing? Going from Men to Boys?

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I think we're going from men to boys at Times today you know sometimes guys are Feeling bad about being too manly like Here's a man's man oh my gosh she's a Man's man that's not how you're supposed To be you don't have any empathy or Feelings for other people and then Sometimes on the other side is you know You're not bossy enough you're not this Enough do you think there is a identity Crisis right now for both men and women That they don't really know what Position do I need to be to be a real Man or a real woman let's start with a Male part of that I so I think that Right now our society is criticizing Itself There that that's part of let's call it Patriarchy Theory and the idea is the Hierarchies that are characteristic of Our society are male dominated and Predicated on Power and tyranny okay so I don't buy that I think that any Hierarchical structure can degenerate Into tyranny but I think that most of The hierarchical structures in the west Are about as good as hierarchical Structures ever get Foreign

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