Are Side Hustles Worth It?

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Well one thing I often hear from people Is I want to do this side hustle Therefore I'm going to quit my job and I'm going to make it happen I don't feel Like hang on hang on like don't don't Quit your job until you've at least done It for a little while yep in in the Weekends and years weekends evenings Um but I guess these days it's it's sort Of become a bit unfashionable to talk About doing the stuff on the weekends And evenings and things and everyone's Like oh but like sustainability and like You know work-life balance and mental Health and all that kind of stuff Rightly so the people who sort of Succeed are the ones who do add in that Extra level of hustle extra level of Grind if you want to use those words to Make something work there's gonna have To be a period of time when you have to Go outside your comfort zone you're Going to have to work harder than you You probably helpfully should over a Long period of time but you're not doing That forever so that was one year when I Worked crazy crazy amount of hours I was Doing a full-time job with a three-hour Drive backwards and forwards to home an Hour and a half each way yeah and then Working in the evening so there was Crazy hours for a year big deal

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