Are The Rumors True About Apple Buying Disney?

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Kevin Sorbo, Tom Ellsworth & Adam Sosnick discuss Bob Iger potentially selling Disney to Apple.

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Crazy rumor says Bob Iger might want to Sell Disney to Apple in a move worthy of HBO's TV show hit succession Disney Announced late on Sunday that Bob Iger Is replacing chapek as CEO shape was the CEO of Disney for nearly three years he Was iger's pick for the job when he Retired from his tenure as CEO niagara's New mission is to find another Replacement but Disney's insiders now Claim that iger's ultimate goal might be To sell the company with apple being the Most likely buyer we have been we have Seen speculation in the past That either Disney or apple would be Interested in such a deal previously Igor noted that Steve Jobs was a close Friend a Disney Apple merger might have Been on the table if it weren't for jobs Ultimately death in 2011 with Igor's Return to Disney insiders are already Speculating that his mission might be to Sell the company and the Apple's name is Popping up again one such Insider talked To ramp saying that igrow will sell the Company this is the Pinnacle deal for The ultimate deal maker the unnamed Insider claim this is not verified Nobody knows can it happen Tom what are Your thoughts on the story well I think What's going on is it it has to happen What you have to do is don't think if Disney is a Content company right now Think of in this Entertainment Company

So and they have all these legs of Entertainment they got the theme parks They make their own movies but they've Also know that the control has shifted Because all of the the expensive Infrastructure guys are going bankrupt Right it'd be whether it be DirecTV Whether it be dish or delivering hard Cable all of that is a losing business Over the top is everything and we all Call it streaming if you take a look at It Hulu's got about 10 11 of total Streaming market now and Disney plus has Got about 15 so that's 25 percent of it Remember that's of spend because Hulu Gives you live sports local channels all That Disney plus gives you the Marvel Library actually like the Hulu product I Just got turned on to it a recently Product I love the Hulu product I'm a Long time subscriber uh and then Disney Plus has got massive libraries that's Really a Netflix competitor if you think About that they got the Marvel they got Lucasfilms they have all their own stuff Um now you step back and look at it and Say wait a minute what have Apple TV What library do they have well they Don't really how are they able to Compete with YouTube and with Hulu to be The cable provider so you get your local Channels and all the other stuff with it Right the answer is they really can't They're kind of stuck at seven percent

If Apple buys Disney you instantly have One third share of the streaming dollars And a quarter of the over the top cable Subscribers that's huge and so now you Have consolidation and you have to step Back and look at and I'll do a tangent Here but I think people understand it Remember a day about 10 years ago we had About seven mobile phone companies United States now we have basically Three T-Mobile which includes Sprint Verizon ATT that is 95 so the Consolidation happens so Iger Yesterday was asked about Disney uh Selling to Apple and you heard he said He said I don't think Disney is going to Be making any massive Acquisitions for a While I'm very interested in reducing The 1.5 billion loss we had on streaming At Hulu wait a minute wait a minute that Wasn't the question was answered I Wasn't asking if you would make a large Acquisition I was asking if Apple would Acquire you and he very skillfully Answered it a very specific way and I Took I took note of that and I believe What's going to happen here the Over-the-top consolidation has to Continue it's a big if Apple does that They already have a monopoly fully and Twitter over the weekend the last couple Days Yep this would be massive if Apple Pulled this off and by the way if There's anybody that has the cash to

Pull it off that can do the financing It's one company that's Apple border Your future looks bright hat click over Here and to watch the entire podcast Click here take care everybody

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