“Are They Playing Politics?” – Why Roger Clemens & Barry Bonds Belong In The MLB Hall Of Fame

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Roger Clemens and Adam Sosnick talk about the MLB hall of fame.

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Roger with I was watching a clip uh with Uh what's his name uh Stephen A Smith And he's talking about how the hell do Certain people not belong in the Hall of Fame we have we have to ask the question Because you can't do this without having A conversation about that and the Controversy of it you uh uh I own I want To say I don't know how many rookie Cards of yours I own I think I own 60 Berry bonds PSA 10 rookie cards right I Own uh you know some of the bigger Ted Williams card Yogi Berra you know all Those guys and babe brood PSA 8 1933 Gowdy it's like a million dollar card I Want a lot of these baseball cards I Love baseball cards but there's certain Guys you're like dude I mean this last Hall of Fame you got what 65.2 I think Was a number some number like that you Need to be at 75 that you know with that And you've commented you said something Very important I think it was like 10 Years ago uh where you said in our Family we're not even looking at the Whole concept with Hall of Fame anymore It's not you know the first half of my Career was about you know a generational Wealth I've done that my family's taking Care of second half I wanted to win you Did that great your Champion your Numbers are incredible and there's a lot More people who are critics and not even Fans of yours that would say this guy

Belongs in the Hall of Fame what are Your thoughts you've spoken about this Probably not something you like talking About regularly but what are your Thoughts about this whole there's plenty Of these guys that we feel belongs there What do you have to say about what They're doing right yeah well you said It Pat I mean after year one when it Became political we we quit worrying About it each year that comes you know Writers would call or people would call To say hey can I do an interview and This I go guys I've already made my Blanket statement there's nothing really To add I have zero control over that and Like you said I probably get more uh all My public appearances I probably get More people that that you know wish me And say you said the only answer you say Is thank you I appreciate it yeah Because they look bottom line they Looked at the facts and we did it you Know we went about it the right way what We did was we stopped not one now that I Know of but since three people from Making money off our last name and Trying to and trying to sell themselves On on that fact and so Um Again uh I can tell you when I um General Myers all the guys wanted to Miss they called me after the all the Congress stuff and said hey I had to sit

In that same seat it's not comfortable They were going to try and trick you There was no facts they had some guy Reading a doctor's report that the Doctor never even saw me I mean it was a It was almost like a trap because of What they were doing I think the wax I Called him wax head he was up there Sitting on a stack of phone books just Trying to preach to you and let you get Your story out and what things that Meant to you more than my dad like you Know even even uh that the health risk Of it when I got family heart issues in Our family and stuff that uh that uh Again I I need to write about it one Time because I want it to be a a if I uh I told the family I wanted to be a great Book and I want to give credit where Credits do but I'm gonna cut some guys Off at the knees too about some stuff That's never really been out there or Like I told people if you can read past The third grade uh you would have known What was going on and uh I said I I like Jerry Springer and I like watching this but it turned into a straight Jerry Springer Show but again president uh President Bush called me uh the support That I had from people that know know us And know us as people uh uh you know That's the way it is but the Hall of Fame is not going to change uh who I am As a I tell people that's what I did for

A living is not who I am as a person but I took it very seriously but it's not Going to change uh are you being in the Halls not going to change it are you an NFL guy or no did you did you follow the NFL do you follow the product NFL or not Really I mean I root for the guys uh you Know okay yeah do you remember Sterling Sharp member of Sterling sharp Shannon I Know both of them so uh um Uh one on the golf's a little more who's On TV now this uh Shannon right now is On TV Shannon so it's Sterling's the Golfer yeah yeah did you did you see I Hope I I gotta try to find this man did You see the speech uh uh Shannon gave at His Hall of Fame speech and how he Brought in his brother and what he said About uh uh Sterling sharp oh brother I Mean I I'm out of okay oh thank God I Found it okay I want you to see this and The reason why I want you to see this I Have a couple different things uh where I would go for me uh on you know just Play this person and I'll give my Thoughts I want to kind of get your Commentary on thoughts on this because You know what you've done with your 24-year career of staying in the league That is not easy to do but play this Clip and then It's a tick tock click it's not even a Um It's very emotional very emotional on

The angle he takes I had no idea where He was going If you can turn it on his brother this Is right right rewind is he older than No story yes okay so watch this Pray go ahead 267 man that's walked through this This building to my left That can honestly say this I'm the only pro football player that's In the Hall of Fame And I'm the second best player in my own Family Watch this very emotional guys watch [Applause] [Music] This is nothing you have to hear what it Says next [Applause] The Fate have dealt you're a different Hand there's no question there's Absolutely no question in my mind We would have been the first Brothers To be elected to the Hall of Fame The 44 men and women that I thanked and Congratulated early for giving me and Bestowing this prestigious on us upon me All I do is ask All I can do is ask in the most humblest Way I know how Is that the next time you go into that Room or you start making a list Look at Sterling Sharp's accomplishments For seven year period

Of the guys that's in the Hall of Fame At the receiver position And the guys that have the potential To be in this building that's all I ask I don't say hey Just do that the next time you go in That room Think about Sterling Sharp's number for Seven years that's all I ask [Music] [Applause] Ed Managing expectations So for me here's how I see this Uh we had Curt chilling here two months Ago okay you're seeing him give this Speech if you watch the whole speech When he gives and you're seeing Sterling Is just like you know the the Terrell Davis one time was crying and the Broncos were playing like 13 years ago And his tears were dropping do you Remember the running back of course and You're like I've never seen anybody cry Like this before during the Super Bowl It's an emotional moment somebody in Freaking Baseball Hall of Fame needs to Give a speech like this and say there's There's a bunch of guys now you hear the Criticism saying you know the Major League Baseball doesn't allow Republicans in the Hall of Fame because It's become political and you can't make Comments like that or this and this and

That you're you went to a trump rally How dare you go to Trump rally and You're doing this and you're doing that Court chilling you've been saying all This stuff there's a list of names that You can talk about the bagwells the Reigns The Hoffman the Shilling to you The bonds the Martinez musina Trammell Smith McGriff Kent Walker Maguire Sheffield Wagner salsa there's a lot of Names right these are guys that crush it I wasn't I was in the army 1998. And Major League Baseball had just come off The uh uh either strike I think they had Whatever the year was 96 or 95 97 I Don't know what the year was nobody was Watching baseball nobody was watching Baseball nobody was interested in the Product it was boring it was dying Stadiums were empty then all of a sudden These two guys come up And one's name is Mark McGuire the other Guy's name is Sammy Sosa and every night When we would come back to the barracks Dude we would stay up till God knows Once we just wanted to see the you know We just want to it's like it was a Freaking you know rock and roll they Revived baseball Oh's Sammy and Mark McGuire billions of dollars MLB you owe Those two guys revived the flipping game So here's where I take it I watch football and I look at some of

These guys what they look like you know I'm a guy that's uh tried primobolin I Did uh the trt for like five or six Weeks and uh clembuterol some of the Stuff that you know because I wanted to Be bodybuilder and you're kind of like I gotta get into Center you you Really find out what the bodybuilders You're like oh I can't do all that Stuff but trt you know you got these HGH Some of the stuff that Hollywood's doing It football they don't really get tested As much as some of the other leagues These guys playing football by the way If you're not on something and you're Getting hit by 350 I'm worried about Your neck I'm worried about your body I'm worried about what you're doing so To me it's not even about the Conversation about that there are guys That gave their lives to this game that Entertained the hell out of fans like Myself and increased the product of MLB That belong there but I feel like some Of the existing guys are playing Politics and some of them need to grab Their you know what and make a speech And say hey man what are we gonna do Make an exception for these guys to get In I played against these guys so I know You can't say anything about it yourself Because you've already gave your message And I'm not looking for you to have a Reaction to it all I'm saying is this is

My opinion these are my thoughts uh I Think uh the game if we were to look at Baseball in a 20-year period and we said Okay during that 20-year period no Problem take moguire out takes us out Take bonds out take Clemens out take These guys out what the hell is baseball Take those products out who the hell is Coming to watch the game who's trying to See the the temperament the mindset the Travel the sacrifice the nine months out Of there you're on the road you're Having kids you're going through all This stuff take all that stuff out Nobody's coming to watch the Commissioner play they're coming to Watch you play right Michael made a Comment about this in the last dance When they were talking about you know They don't come to watch the GM play They don't come to watch the owner play They come to watch us play right he gave A representation for the guys and Michael wasn't the guy that made a lot Of money in the NBA when as in his Contract yes last year he made 33 Million or whatever the number is but he Was never the highest paid guy he set The tone for everybody else afterwards Absolutely but it was also getting some Perspective to say these writers are Voting you in who the hell are you to Vote a player in and you ain't played What what opinion so to me it's a little

Bit uh confusing I watched I watch what They say the speeches this guy's not and He doesn't deserve this he doesn't Deserve that uh Hey writers you don't Have a job without these players if These guys weren't playing putting their Bodies through what they're putting Through you don't have anybody to talk About you have a job because they play So anyways that's my uh that's my rant I Had your ring with it I appreciate your Passion I can hear it in your voice Excuse me uh you know like Greg Maddox Told me he was voting for me mad dog no Knows me as a person and knows the Person and I said I appreciate your vote Doggie but again it's not going to Change me as a person uh either way uh I Heard what I heard from you Entertainment I know we're entertainers But this was still my uh like like you Alluded to earlier my first couple years Has changed the generational difference For my family Um you know pay off my mom's bills you Know get her a car and then it was about Winning championships Um the guys that know me you know I hear Some asinine comments from guys that Have no clue like I said if you could Read past the third grade you would you Would understand what what went down and How it went down I'm never going to play The victim but I am going to stop people

From using my name and and spreading Lies about me when they say it I do that When people on one of my teammates And said hold up you you got him on a Bad day see like being you know signing Autographs I signed 50 the 50 First and I'm you know I'm an ass and so you can't Please everybody all the time so true I'm not going to come off phony because I'm trying to get you to like me and uh You know this is who I am this is how I Was brought up and I let the people uh You know like I said I I did some inner City work in Baltimore this this Baltimore Congressman made a couple uh He made him after I was in his office Took 25 photos with his staff and Interns signed all these autographs and He and he he was one that brought up you Silver silver spoon athlete I go hold up A second you know I gave him the quick Rundown Barry Stern about my background I said you're reading a piece of paper You're coming out here in front of the World and you're getting stats on me Five minutes from an intern And that's what you go off of you didn't You didn't take the time to learn about Me who I am as a person where I came From or what what this might be or you Got some other dude spreading lies just Because he's trying to get my pocket so That's what I should have done when I Went I should have just got my wallet

And laid it on the table I mean that's What that's all it was about so Um I I have some great great friends Like Reggie Jackson that are in the hall And they say stuff all the time uh again I don't think it makes you uh for me Personally I don't think it makes you Hit a ball further I don't think it Makes you throw strikes being a control Pitcher I think it breaks you down and Hurts you a lot of these guys I think it Broke them down a little bit but uh you Know like I said I I'm not going to get Bitter over we just quit worrying about It to come up day after day after day And like you said I remember calling Jim Rice my my former Red Sox and Jimmy got In on his 10th try So you either have the numbers to get in Or you don't they made him wait 10 years Because he pissed off a lot of reporters I caught him and said hey Jim Ed I said Congratulations and everything I said But let me ask them how did you get Better in 10 years did you go play semi Profile and hit another 100 homers I Didn't I didn't see you to read about it But so you know so you're either you're Either in uh the first one or you're not So and I appreciate your perspective Because you're the player but I'll give You the perspective from the players I'm Sorry the fans perspective the fans Perspective I'm a voter you know we're

Voters we're not dude we don't do what You guys I'm a business guy I run Businesses I bust them is the last 20 However many years in Insurance I've Done very well for myself and now we're Building a media company but from the Fans perspective when you're dealing With a million things in your life That's not healthy this guy's going Through this that guy's going through This you're having girlfriend proms You're having kid problems you're having This you just want to sit there and just Watch a damn game and have everything You were stressed out about be gone fans Are voting for you guys bro so it's a Different perspective for us yeah than It is for you when you're like hey what Else can I do I've done my part I get it But a fan is like no I followed this guy For this many years that guy needs to be In so it's a different perspective I get That so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here Foreign

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