Are We More Divided Than Ever Before? Exploring the Desire to Destroy America

Exploring the Deepening Divide: Reflecting on the Desire to Destabilize America

Are We More Divided Than Ever Before? Exploring the Desire to Destroy America


In a recent conversation between renowned entrepreneurs Patrick Bet-David and Bob Woodson, they delved into the topic of division within America and the desire to destroy the country. They shed light on the existence of ill-intended and ill-informed individuals who aim to undermine the unity and fabric of the nation. Through the efforts of Woodson Center, a non-profit organization, they seek to educate and enlighten people with good intentions but lacking accurate information. This article explores their discussion, delving into the various divisions present in society and how they can be overcome.

The Division Epidemic

As Patrick Bet-David and Bob Woodson discussed, it has become increasingly evident that America is facing deep divisions across multiple spectrums. From political ideologies to racial tensions, the country stands at a critical juncture. One of the key points highlighted is the exploitation of America’s historical birth defect, slavery, as a tool to demean and vilify the entire nation. While it is crucial to acknowledge and learn from the past, some groups have weaponized this historical fact to perpetuate division.

Men vs Women, Christians vs Muslims, and More

Among the various divisions in society, the conversation touched on the conflicts between men and women, Christians and Muslims, and even between different racial and ethnic groups. The divisive narrative propagated by certain factions exacerbates tensions and prevents progress towards unity and understanding. It is essential to move beyond discourses focused solely on differences and embrace the common threads that bind us together as Americans.

George Soros and the Funding of Protests

The conversation also shed light on the influence of powerful figures like George Soros, who use their resources to fund protests with the intention of creating further division. While understanding the motives of such individuals can be important, Bob Woodson argues that mobilizing people against perceived enemies can be more effective in generating change. It is essential to focus on empowering communities rather than fixating on the motives behind those who seek to undermine unity.

The Approach of Woodson Center

The Woodson Center is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, focusing on practical change and improvement without necessarily knowing the exact reasons behind the problems. By providing examples of successful initiatives, they aim to inspire and guide well-intentioned individuals who may lack accurate information. This approach recognizes the need for action and unity, while acknowledging that complete understanding of motives and underlying complexities may not always be possible.


While the division within America may seem overwhelming, it is crucial to recognize that solutions exist. By acknowledging the ill-intended and ill-informed individuals seeking to destroy the country, we can work towards the greater goal of unity and progress. The efforts of organizations like the Woodson Center provide a beacon of hope, guiding those with good intentions towards creating meaningful change. Through education, empowerment, and a united front, we can overcome the desire to destroy and rebuild an America that stands united.


  1. What is the Woodson Center?

    • The Woodson Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by providing examples of successful initiatives.
  2. How is America more divided than ever before?

    • America is facing deep divisions across various spectrums, including politics, race, and religion, which exacerbate tensions and hinder unity.
  3. Who is George Soros and what role does he play in division?

    • George Soros is a powerful figure known for funding protests with the intention of creating division.
  4. Is understanding the motives of divisive individuals important?

    • While understanding motives can be important, Bob Woodson argues that mobilizing people against perceived enemies can be more effective in generating change.
  5. What approach does the Woodson Center take towards solving division?

    • The Woodson Center focuses on practical change and improvement, providing examples of successful initiatives without necessarily knowing all the underlying complexities.
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