Ask And It Shall Be Given – Steve Harvey Motivational Speech | This Speech Will Make You Cry

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right. The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.

Steve Harvey is an American television and radio presenter, actor, author, businessman, and former stand–up comedian. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud and the Miss Universe competition, and upcoming limited-run arbitration-based court comedy, Judge Steve Harvey.

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Speaker: Steve Harvey
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[Music] I have to say this first no matter what You hear me Say no matter how I tell my story no Matter what piece of information I lay Out in front of you please tag that with Cause of God my life is Favor when you got favor on your life no Matter what you throw th into you going To always rise to the top I have been Thrown into a lot but because of favor And Grace I just keep I just keep Showing up somehow man no matter what They do and so all of this that I have Is really because of the grace of God Now I'm going tell you Something you got to have a tremendous Work ethic to be successful in here in Other words and you can relate to this You got to have a lot of dogging You really do man if you want to be Successful cuz it's it's going to be a Lot of trying times so you have to have A tremendous workout but you got to have Faith faith without works is Dead Albert Einstein said once he said Imagination is Everything it's the preview to Life's Coming Attractions everything you have Everything everything we have in this World somebody imagined it it's your Imagination is tremendous somebody was Sitting on the phone one day talking

With a cord to the wall and said man I Wish I could just go outside with this Phone everybody in here got a cell phone Somebody imagine that somebody got tired Of riding in a wagon cross country from Slavy to Freedom somebody said I wish we Had something that made these wheels Move by the we drive cars people got Tired of driving from New York to LA Somebody said I wish we could fly we got Airplanes imagination is everything it's The preview to Life's Coming Attractions your real life the one God Really got for you is in your Imagination it is not in your current Situation or your current paycheck and If you've been living like that you have Then restricted yourself to a Commonality that is really not yours Because what really God got for you is Really in your imagin ation faith is the Substance of things hoped for and the Evidence of Things Not Seen so when I Told you a minute ago you got to have a Tremendous work ethic but you got to Have a lot of faith I talked to so many People who get older like some of us are And they've lost the faith well faith is Really simple it's the faith is the Substance of things hope for all that Mean is in the beginning you just hope Something pop off you know you just kind Of hope something happen for you I was Hoping I would get on TV I wrote it on a

Piece of paper when I was 10 I want to Be on TV the problem I had when I wrote It at 10 was I suffered from a severe Stuttering problem I could not talk Outside of my house so can you imagine When I wrote on a piece of paper I want To be on TV and turn that in but when I Wrote it on the paper it wasn't Factual I was just Hoping you just got to start with the Hope faith is the substance of things That you hope for you just hope Something jump then what happened is Through grace and favor he give you a Couple of them things you hope for and Then you supposed to start believing Then because now it turns into Faith but If you take this scripture faith is the Substance of things hoped for and the Evidence of things not Seen what is the evidence of Things Not Seen I just told it to you Albert Einstein said imagination is everything It's the preview to Life's Coming Attraction but guess what your Imagination really is it's the evidence Of Things Not Seen because your imagination you know Why it's evidence of Things Not Seen cuz You're the only one can see it your Imagination is actually God showing you A preview of a Coming Attraction that he Has for you the moment you don't believe In your imagination you negate what he

Got for you your Imagination is to preview to Life's Coming Attraction it is the evidence of Things Not Seen cuz can't nobody see it With you your problem is you keep Telling your imagination to the wrong People see if you want to kill a big Dream tell it to a small-minded Person is dead how many times man have You had a tremendous idea something you Thought was the one and you wouldn't Told It to your loved ones and your so-called Friends and they shot it Down I mean you was convinced that it Was just oh man I just came to you and You told it to me and they shot it down And you thought since they was your Loved ones and they friends and they got Your best interest at heart you believed Them you was wrong they talk you let Them talk you out of what God got for You some of y'all still sitting here With the ambition of opening a business One day but you scared to go start the Business cuz you got a job and you got Bills rich people got bills everybody Got bills hell I got [Music] Bills you going to let the fact that you Got some bills stop you from opening the Business the thing that God done put in Your imagination so you going to squash That cuz you got

Bills everybody got Bills your real life is in your Imagination can can you can you can you Grab what I'm telling you so I don't Know what you thought I was going to say To you I'm just a real dude I don't even Have the education you all have I Flunked out of School I flun I ain't got no education I Don't use four syllable words what I'm Sharing with you is stuff that everybody Can apply Today if you are sitting in here Thinking that you're too old to listen To what Steve hell I'm 60 but I still rely on my imagination See if you think you're too old to make It let me give you a prime Example Colonel Sanders Colonel Sanders has been frying Chicken his whole life he was telling Everybody he had the best chicken in the World ain't nobody beli you they turned Him down everywhere Colonel Sanders Didn't get a franchise till he was in His 60s Kentucky Fried Chicken sell more Chicken than anybody in the world Today so if you sitting here thinking Cuz you got a little gray on You you too Late as long as God waking you up in the Morning that's the sign that he ain't Through with you so what you tripping

For you sitting up in here like like God Can't do nothing for you cuz you 60 man you know what I'm asking God for Right now and I'm 60 if you could see my Vision board you would be you would be Blown Away cuz I got enough right now I really Know but I ain't in the need business I'm in the want business God got a big Life for [Music] You The smallest scripture I ever read Changed my [Music] Life you have not cuz you ask Not do you know the difference that that Could make in your Life I'm just giving you real talk Now I'm just trying to tell you how I Got here see I I have no education see You have not cuz you ask not when it Last time time you really asked him for Something or do you keep making Requests that's inside the confines of Your Paycheck when you going to get outside Of that didn't I just tell you God ain't In your paycheck didn't I just tell you He ain't in your job title the life God Got for you is in your imagination why You still imagine this stuff why you Keep dreaming of a summer home why you Keep dreaming of retiring leaving your

Grandkids money so I'm at the age now I Think about my grandkids I got seven TV Shows dog I only need One one show pay me enough Money I just need One I do not live my life in the Confines of what anybody says to me I Let my imagination go and now Imagination is a preview to Life's Coming Attraction but what that really Means is is God showing you a preview of What he has for you so now if you have Not cause you ask not do you understand If you up your ask he has to up his GI This period this is simple stuff that Anybody can apply you ain't even got to Have no degree to do this you don't even Have to have no money to do this you can Start this today and change your whole Game cuz you going to need grace and Favor anyway you up your ask he up his Gift you have not cuz you ask Not this ain't a magic trick man I get Tired of rich people talking to people And they make you buy these programs and Stuff so they can drag you out for eight Years you can get the Program I have asked God for some Tremendous Stuff everything he hasn't given to me Is on the way I have no doubt about it Why would he not when I was homeless I Lived in a car for 3 years I made some Decisions in my life man and threw

Myself off a cliff my Decision in October the 8th 1985 I walked into a comedy club for the First Time on a d from a girl I walked into a Comedy club for the first time had never Heard of a comedy Club but all my life I wanted to be on TV had never heard of a comedy club October the 8th I walked into hilarities Comedy club in KY hoga Falls Ohio that's Right outside A I signed up for the following week cuz I just wanted to see what the comedians Did man I wanted I was SAW stand live Standup For the first time they had 10 Act poos to go up nine of them went up The 10th guy got scared and went ran out The door So I had signed up for the following Week the guy says listen we lost our 10th act we're going to go to the phones We're going to go to the week from next Week if Steve Harvey's here come on up Now so I ran up on Stage I don't even know what to do but I Just Started talking about boxing and stuff That happened to me audience was holling Laughing they bought all 10 of us back Up on stage they had a clap off I won The clap off I won $50 I cried from kyoga Falls to Cleveland the girl kept saying why you

Crying it ain't but $50 I said no you Don't understand this way more than 50 This this what I do she said what you Mean this what you do this just your First time you don't understand Something happened to me I won am Tonight I went to work the next day October 9th 1985 and quit my Job now I don't recommend that you do it That Way cuz two years later I was Homeless cuz the first year of Comedy I Made $3,400 the next year I made $4,800 and the third year I made $5,300 I got a wife a set of twins I'm Sending every dollar I got to them so I Tred to live on $50 $75 a week gas was 38 Cent a gallon back then I just stayed In my car so I lived in my car for 3 Years 3 years I lived in my Car and what happened Was I just said man so I used to fish All the time to eat cuz I'm a fisherman I'm a bass fisherman so I used to stop At lakes and ponds and just fish and Every not every month I get run off from Somebody's land hey get away from here Hey Move Along that's not yours hey stop Fishing here I just get run off and he Didn't understand and one time I had Fish on the line he said you got fish on That line I said yeah throw them back I Had to throw them back cuz I used to

Stop at rest areas with them little cast Iron grills I kept charcoal in my car I Start a fire and I eat fish there some Days I wouldn't eat so that they thought I was just fishing but I was eating so I Said one day I said man you know what One day man I'm I'm I'm going give Myself some land I'm I'm buy myself Piece of dirt so fast forward God bless Me I get on TV when I'm 38 I'm on Showtime at the Apollo Lord have mercy They gave me my money I saved my money Up I save $250,000 I said I'm going to give me Some land I went to Texas and I'm about to buy some land but Before I went to buy the land I was Curious I just had the thought I said Man I wonder how much land is on Earth How how many acres is on Earth cuz you Know it's not going to Change you know God let you fly God let You dive on water God don't let you make Dirt can't make dirt so I looked it up It's roughly over just a little bit over 36 billion acres of Land 36 billion acres of Land so I just got a little a bit more Curious and I said well how many people On earth I looked it up and there's About 6 billion people on Earth so I did Some Steve Harvey thinking I said okay If it's 36 billion acres of land and It's about 6 billion people on Earth

Everybody ought to have six acres of Land I just me you know I just just Thinking so I asked God could I have six Acres that's all I wanted cuz you know The one thing I wanted I didn't care if I put a house on it or nothing I just Wanted to be a stand somewhere and Couldn't nobody run me off so I got this Money man I Sav my money I Sav $250,000 I'm going and I'm looking for Some land the first day I get there I See a piece of land in Texas so Beautiful I couldn't believe it had Rolling heels had a pond on it where I Could fish the dude took me over there I Look at the land and I'm and I'm looking At I said man this is great right here I Said sir how much is this right here he Said well it's about $600,000 I said man I Ain't I ain't got that kind of Money he said well how much do you have I said I got 250,000 I said Well let me think about it man he said Let me think about it and I was standing There and then I stopped I said sir can I ask you a question man how many acres Of land is that he said this is 6 [Music] Acres Six six years Ago I just asked God just give me six See I didn't want a whole lot of Acres I

Just wanted my Cut just give me my six and so I said Ain't this crazy so I thought about it I Said man what can we work out right Before I got ready to say it the guy That took me over and said Steve let me Show you something right quick he took Me over this Hillbilly's house took me Over this hillbilly house named Jerry Campbell I was a little nervous about Meeting him man cuz I ain't like way he Talk but mess around turned out to be One of the finest men I ever met in my Life became a father figure to me it's Old white man he took me to his house he Said let me show you something and took Me off and showed me this land and it Was massive it had three Lakes on it it Had Rolling Hills it had trees it was Unbelievable man I said Man this is incredible I said man how Much is this he said this 16 Acres I Said hey man I ain't got that kind of Money let me go on back over here to This dude where I can Mike can cut a Deal he said let me ask something what Was you going to give that man over There I said well I hadn't worked it out Yet cuz all I got is $250 ,000 he said Well listen I'm in a little bit of a Tight right Now said if you can bring me 250,000 cash by [Music]

Tomorrow I give you this 16 Acres next thing you know I had 270 acres of Land now let me tell you Something I'm so busy now I don't even Get to go to that Ranch I never can go and I thought I was Going to be fishing and saving for my Kids res like God had another plan for Me that's the ranch that I have my Mining camp on I bring a thousand black Boys out there with a thousand single Mothers and that was the purpose of that Ranch I never go there to fish at all But see that's what I wanted I thought That's what it was for but God got Another plan his way is way bigger than Your you can't even see his way but you Got to start to hustle you got to give a God something to work with look if you Start hustling and grinding he'll fill It up for you but if you ain't got no Hustling no grind he can't fill it up so Guess what I don't ever go there to use That land for fishing or not but I'm Changing boys lives over There my story is really a story about Faith Faith really is Man I come out the Dirt I have no college Degree all of my children Do I got three boys two boys come out of Moh house I got a daughter that come out

Of spalman in Berkeley I got two Daughters went to Hampton and I got and Then graduated from Ohio State I made Sure all my kids went to college cuz I Know they got to have that education Well Daddy you didn't go to college well Your ass ain't got no Jokes it's been important for Me to empower my children but not only My children but thousands of young People across the country and education Is the key for a lot of people but when I speak at colleges and stuff I tell People number one thing in your world is Not your Education it's your Dream so what you dreaming about y'all What you still dreaming about what is God still showing you in your Imagination what are you so afraid of Why would you not take that leap and go For it before you mess around and die Why would you not go and see what God Really got for you before you lead this World why would you hang on to a [Music] Job here's what happens with the job If you living paycheck to paycheck right Now when you Retire they going to give you onethird Of what you can't live on Now they going to give you a gold watch And a Turkey and they going to set you on out

To Pastor if I was you before I leave This world i' go see what God really got For me just take a chance now here's why You should take the chance name me one Time God has not pulled you through just name It name the one thing God has never Pulled you through if he ain't pulled You through it he's currently pulling You through it right now and the reason I know I'm telling the truth is cuz you Sitting in here if God was through with You he wouldn't wake you up no more when He wakes you up is because he ain't Through with you yet he got something Else for you so why don't you go see What that is why we got to live our Lives like we owe them something man you Owe your s something go be free go see What God got for you a that's easy for You to say you rich hell did you hear me I lived in the car for three years I Took on October 8th I won $50 October 9th I quit how big a jump you want to Take you ain't even got to do that a lot Of y'all got Savings you may not have three years up But you only need a little bit just jump Go see what God got for you quit sitting Here in your life posturing like it's Okay quit fun in the fake quit faking The Funk quit got people thinking you Something you ain't man when you really

Know you won't be something else I'm Just telling you just like it is you Ain't got to believe me but you can look At me I'm telling you it's proof in this Here now that the god you serve really Will give you what you ask For he Will I'm not your preacher I'm a hood Dude that the messed around with no Education the mess around got to the top Of the TV World balling out of control And I'm telling you I was homeless and Lived in a car and I ain't got no Education now y'all in here got degrees I see it on your forehead I see it on You I feel when I'm around educated People I know you know how to study and Math I I can look at you and I'm so Proud of you but hey man The Next Level A Man Without a dream or Vision Shall Perish it never mentions if you don't Have an [Music] Education

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