“Atomic Spy Case” – Will TikTok Fight U.S. Government & Refuse To Sell?

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss the implications of ByteDance fighting the U.S. government and refusing to sell TikTok.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Tik tok's us Revenue hit $16 billion at Washington threatens ban that's Financial Times Tik tok's business in Charts according to Wall Street Journal Boasts over 90 minutes of daily average Uh user engagement surpassing major Competitors like YouTube Facebook Instagram and Snapchat according to uh Apptopia apptopia this consistent Engagement underscores its significant Impact on users daily routines and Entertainment preferences despite its Relatively short exist and Tik Tok has Made significant strides in the Advertising space recording a staggering $6.6 billion in US digital ad last last Year figures estimate that by E marketer Reflects a remarkable 32% year-over-year Growth uh uh uh positioning Tik Tock as That that's the one right there take a Look at that as a formidable player and By the way meanwhile their revenue sore To $16 billion in 2023 marking Record-breaking sales for viral video Apps this is all happening so Uh despite T to's profitability Challenge you to exist extensive Global Expansion efforts by Dan reported $28 Billion of n net profits in 2023 with The majority of its Business originating from China so check This out go go stay on that chart R look At that 97 minutes Tik tok's first place YouTube's second let's say 75 80 minutes

Facebook is ahead of instram would you Have ever thought Facebook would be Ahead of Instagram what do people do on Facebook that they're not doing on Instagram it's weird it's like families And sharing look what Tik Tok did to Snapchat because snap would have been There if Tik Tok wasn't around and Pinterest is pretty much gone and Rob do You have the other chart from the same Article showing what percentage of ads Are up or down because there's another One that shows oh yeah I just sent you a Bunch of the charts on slack if you want To check that out Rob if you have Brandon Brandon can can uh uh uh I have It you know which one I'm talking about Oh not that one go to the right that one Right there that one right there nice is Zoom in a little bit to see so that's What quarterly us downloads Tik Tok Number one YouTube number two Instagram 2024 Tik Tok Snapchat interesting YouTube has gone fallen down I think to The fifth spot go Lor 21 they were Number two go on the ads I want to see The ad Revenue cuz ad Revenue showed Which one was up and which one was down That was the next chart that one right There now that's the age go back one Rob Is that it that one um monthly active Users no not that one cuz cuz X is fine Anyways there was one that showed the ad Oh go back it's the bottom go forward go

Forward uh uh you you were just on it Like a second ago no go back to that's All the way Bottom t up 32% that's the One right there t is up look at this go Little okay Instagram's up Facebook's up YouTube's up snap look where I was going Minus 55% year over-year advertising and this Is something that Don Lemon brought up In the interview With Elon for an hour but Tom you look At Tik tok's number Okay and what they're doing this the Question that I have in regards to Tik Tok and I want to ask you guys here okay I was on uh CNBC the other day with Brian um very nice guy really enjoyed Being on it what's his last name Brian I Want to give him credit no not kill me No it was a different Brian if you go on Twitter and uh Brian Sullivan I believe Is that who it is could have been could Have been really enjoyed the Conversation we talked about Tik Tok This gu yes absolutely so he's a and he Asked me questions about Tik Tok and Here's here's what we talked about I Said so you know the whole concern is Well you know what about the ban and What about the bill what's wrong with This Americans are not happy everybody Wants Tik Tok to be gone etc etc I then I POS this question Tom what happens Because most people don't realize how

Big bike how many users Tik Tok has you Know how many users Tik Tok has in us It's 150 to 170 yeah do you know how Many users Tik Tok has worldwide 2.1 to 2 . 4 billion users okay and the name Tik Tock is a different name in China Okay it's the same app but a different App in China but they use the Same technology apparently okay so Tom What if B Dan all of a sudden said the Following we're not Selling then us says we're forcing you To sell you better sell Bon says no We're not selling well then guess what We're Banning you if they ban and what If Tik tock b then says go ahead we Don't care ban Us what happens if that happens because Tik Tok doesn't seem like they're Playing ball with these guys meaning Ban's not playing ban sitting there Saying dude we're not going to play ball With you they've changed their board to Make them happy they've added people you Were talking about this yesterday that They've brought certain people in to Make the market happy that they have Better people on their board but what if All of a sudden B now says you know what Forget it Go Ahad and cancel it Politicians go and cancel it go ahead Turn it off cuz Trump did this with Huawei when at one point just 8 years Ago people were using Huawei phones in

Us and Huawei was a 100 billion a Company overnight there was no more Huawei what are the chances that ban Says screw you us we're not going to Sell in us do whatever you want to do Well there's going to be an economic Fallout the first economic Fallout is Within social media let's look at three Layers the first thing the ad Advertisers go nuts because the Advertising revenue is causing people to Sell products Whether it's blue jeans Pepsi or Whatever it is advertisers see that and It's harder and harder to get um it's Harder and harder to manage we know this We have a lot of our uh clients people Are coming to the Vault uh later this Year they're looking for places to Advertise so the advertisers are going To freak out because the reason all that Advertising dollars is on uh Tik Tok is To get in front of the coveted 18 to 24 And 18 to 30y Old audience so now I Can't advertise to those people to sell My stuff so that's a problem number one One number two Facebook and Snapchat Snapchat has been just languishing and It's like what are they going to become Are they going to pop back up does America's youth turn back to Snapchat For things or do they turn to faceback Facebook so Facebook and Snapchat will Try to jump into the void the

Advertisers will be upset but that is Nothing compared to the outcry that will Come from the 16 to 24 year old uh Americans that are completely flipping Out if you take a look at what you're Already seeing in these demonstrations You would have um strong response to our Government as if we took away you know You take away a baby's toy what does it Do it screams and cries Pat they will Freak out the users will absolutely Freak out and the ones that are not Voting the the 18 to 24s that don't vote Don't really pay attention to government Will suddenly be oh hang on a second I Got a text hang on hang on oh it's Z We have closer to 100 million viewers And your back Do's unlocked and your Neighbor's dog pooped on your lawn again That's very nice of him sent me a text To let me know they're close to 100 but That's what I think will happen Pat You're going to have a the user base can You pull up the article I just sent you Tom that joke would be like top 50 you Can do better than this because you Crushed it on the Candace and uh oh and That was number one all time people are Still talking that one that one actually I got calls from Netflix saying does Tom Want to do Having Rob can you pull up this thing I Just sent you this is what I'm Interested in Tom and I want to get a

Real sincere answer from you no jokes I Want a real answer so 16 billion is the Revenue right of the 16 billion Tik Tok Do you know what percentage of Ban's Revenue is Tik Tock Ban's revenue is 120 billion go Lower wow go lower rap so Ban's Revenue Right there if you look at a second Paragraph 120 billion which is up 40% From a year early year but out of the 120 billion only 16 of it is Tik Tok so 16 divided by 120 is 13.3% what if bite Dan is worried Because if we buy Tik Tock in the states And we do a Tik Tock Files and if we find out who did what With Tik Tock what if China's like there Is no what if x calls ban and says Listen I don't give a how they're Going to pay you you can't sell because If you sell I'm shutting down your other Practice in China because there's no way In the world what how much dirt you Think there is if you buy Tik Tok and You're able to see the level of Communication between China and Tik Tok How much dirt and credibility you think They'll lose if we see clear Communication between China telling how To groom and Destroy American Kids how Much credibility will China you lose if We identify that it will make the Twitter files look like a jaywalk that's Exactly what I'm thinking so from my

Perspective as a skeptic as a strategist As a person that's thinking from the Business standpoint China shouldn't let Us buy Tik Tock and I just walked you Through the economic of the US US Audiences here the bigger one is this Would be a controversy of Internet this Is major thing this is like Atomic spy Case between countries yes so that That's the part that concerns me with This because if they all of a sudden say Okay no problem we're out don't worry About it we're not selling what Statement does that send who gets all That power what stock that goes up Immediately overnight if that were to Take place I don't know I think there's A lot of guys right and by the way you Know what names were coming up that Wanted to buy this of course minuchin uh Had the name on the list I know Rumble Made a nice friendly offer but they're Going to need a lot more cash than that Larry Ellison and Walmart together They're on the list as well Larry the Retail power in the audience of Walmart But he already owns a server business That's right you were saying that the Other day and also Microsoft is Interested as well and let's not forget That Microsoft outbid I don't know who It was they outbid when they when they Won over LinkedIn and I think they Bought LinkedIn for what 30 35 billion

And they also own slack they have a Whole they have been successfully Running services like that yeah but it Okay so who would you feel comfortable Who would you feel comfortable Tik Tok Actually buying Tik Tok who would you Say I wouldn't mind that company buying Tik Tok because it would it would reveal The gamesmanship taking place behind Closed doors with China and who would be The last person you would want buying Tik Tok I I'd probably put Larry last I'd put excuse me I'd put um Larry Ellison's last no no i' want him at the Top of the list you know he's first I'd Have Microsoft and Minuchin last because I think they'd Cover it up and I would take Larry and Walmart at the top of the list because I Think Trump would get straight answers From him I want Mark Zuckerberg nowhere Near owning Tik Tok I don't has a Monopoly with hell no everything that's Going on with meta and Facebook Facebook Not on the list at all and uh and Instagram don't they also own WhatsApp Well I I don't I wouldn't I don't want I Don't want to create a bigger Monopoly That we already have in America I don't Think Facebook would bother because Remember it was Biden's uh Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission That blocks Spirit Southwest they would No way allow to buy this and and I think

Cuz you said this earlier P when you Asked uh who's the biggest threat right Now to the administration all that and I You guys said comma which she's up there For me but I think it's it's Elon that Poses the biggest threat because think About it the the free free speech Platforms I know people keep bringing up China and all this money at the end of The day it's the Free Speech platforms Like X and Rumble they're coming after Especially those two because they Counter their propaganda okay we're Seeing it right now with the bloodbath Crap X is the only think about it if x Didn't exist if x wasn't oh my God think About this guys if x wasn't on they Would block all those stories and right Now Trump would be getting into even More trouble because think about it the Deep State at say what you want they're In desperation mode okay they're looking For any angle okay to alter this thing Before November the only way they can Get away with stealing the election is They cut out everybody's tongues cut out Stop X stop Rumble stop all this to Get to regain their Monopoly on the on The narrative that the public is seeing That's the that that to me is the Biggest threat is letting us talk Because if this stops Tom before the Next couple months cuz when's when the Bill it passed where and Senate is going

To the house the Tik Tock ban where's I Know it pass one level it passed in Congress and then Congress going to the But the majority think about it and I I Said this last week anytime Nancy Pelosi Is like hey they're right to you know my Other whenever they say my other my Friends on the other side of the aisle If they're agreeing with those people It's not a good sign that's the threat Is us being able to do this and see Their lot by the way I can no Longer remain in today's Democratic Party Tulsi gabard says she is no longer A Democrat a potential tulsy gathered VP Where we are being told that we just Have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is Pure Life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here


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