ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Video 2023

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

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Trent Shelton

Andy Frisella

Jody Urquhart

Music: Eleftherios

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Foreign I want to be clear Like you guys know this but people will Quit on you okay it's gonna happen in Life some of you already know this Because you already lived it sometimes It's people that you don't expect to to Sometimes it's people that you might Expect to but the point is people quit On you and it's gonna hurt right there's No formula to be like I'm not gonna get Hurt by it but I want to be clear with This Just because people quit on you doesn't Mean that there's something wrong with You you guys hear me just because Someone walks out of your life doesn't Mean there's something wrong with you Like now you have to evaluate now if you Push somebody away that's a whole Different story people will quit on you All right and I get it it hurts you Start to feel sad but I want you to Change your perspective with this don't Feel sad because they left you feel Sorry for them because they lost the Person that would have never quit on Them right they lost a person that would Have never turned their back on them Understand people will leave your life But sometimes when people leave your Life it's just to show you that it's Best for your life when people leave Your life

Is just to make room for what's right in Your life trust me it's happened to me Multiple times in my life I've lost Friends I've lost people that's a part Of my team every time I lose The result of it is a gain even though I Can't see it at the moment because I'm Hurt and it sucks but it's a result it's A game it happens over time I start to See this game right I get more peace in My life more clarity in my life it makes Room for other people to walk in my life That need to be there so understand that Fact okay don't let people quitting on You make you quit on yourself don't let How people feel about you change how you Feel about yourself that is their Opinion okay that is not fact That is their opinion that is not fact Did you accomplish everything you wanted To accomplish some of you did But I bet most of you didn't Say that to take away I don't say that To be a jerk I say that as a matter of Fact And I want you to understand that the Reason most likely that you didn't Achieve what it is that you wanted to Achieve is because you don't truly Believe that you have it in you to Achieve these things you see them as Special you see the people who Accomplish these things as special and What I need you to understand and what I

Want you to understand is that all of These people that you observe living a Better life than you in your opinion all Of these people you admire all of these People that you look up to all of them Every single one of them is no different On the inside than you are you have all Of those same things they have and I Know this sounds Elementary and I know It sounds maybe even childish to say but You are the perfect version of you Already you are the version of you that Other people will love all you have to Do is give yourself permission to go be It and that's going to require you to Get uncomfortable [Music] Odds you limit your future because of Your thoughts Your thoughts deny you have to deny Negative people in your life do things That inspire you believe in yourself Choose to experience something different Right now life is full of possibilities Forget what other people tell you tell Yourself how important you are how Important your life is what your worth Is tell others about your dreams you Have to believe in yourself believe in Your personal power know your worth Foreign [Music] And I know it sucks when someone turns Their back on you when you had their

Back so much I know it sucks when the Person you love the most Might walk out of your life But as I said Even though you lost them it is not your Loss they lost you they lost a loyal Person because a person like you is hard To find right a person that's like you Doesn't just come you know every single Day so when you think about it like that Right it changes your perspective Because I see too many people give up on Themselves because somebody they cared About gave up on them this is life it's Gonna happen hopefully it doesn't happen All the time but it's life is going to Happen but I need you to hold your head High I need you to say okay they walked Out of my life and you know what Sometimes the best way to add to your Life is to subtract from it sometimes The best way to gain The gains of your life is to lose Certain things from your life You are not the people who have walked Out on you in life there's going to be People who don't like a certain thing Like the way you look like the way You're treating them at a time and they Might leave Right they might leave whether you're Building a business whether you're Building a relationship whether you're Building a friendship but regardless

Don't allow people To make you quit on you because they Quit on you they quit on you don't quit On yourself they don't believe in you Don't Stop Believing in yourself right Don't let how they feel about you change How you feel about yourself just because They left your life Right maybe they left your life to show You that they really brought nothing to Your life Sometimes it happens like that [Music] But there's a whole lot of negativity in The world and there's a whole lot of Bitter people and there's a whole lot of Angry people that work very very Diligently to convince you that you are Less than that you are somebody that is Not them that you aren't like them and You'll never be like them and I'm here To tell you guys that's just not proof If you listen to losers you'll be a Loser so don't listen to them okay you Have everything inside of you that all These people have you have the ability You just haven't earned the skill set Yet all right you mistake these Qualities that other people have as Traits in their personality you think They are something they are born with When in reality they are born with Anything more than what you have the Only decision that they've made that you

Have it is they were okay with looking Stupid in front of their friends They were okay with looking stupid in Front of their family they were okay With looking stupid in front of the World and they did so long enough that They developed skills and they developed Their authentic self and they discovered Their voice they learned who they were And then they went out and they started Winning with it and that's what I want You to do in 23. I don't want you to sit Around as a spectator I don't want you To sit around thinking that you are here To observe people like me you are not Here to observe people like me you are Here to become the best possible version Of yourself and the way that we do that Is by stop sitting on the bench and get In the game You know you're living below your Potential I know you're living below Your potential and so let's make this The year we stop that let's make this The year where we stop listening to People who limit our belief system let's Make this the year that we ignore our Friends and our family who say things to Us to Humble us and make us be quiet and Sit down and become irrelevant greatness Is a responsibility of all of us If you become great other people will Win because of that if you persevere and Overcome other people will observe that

And when you do that you're living a Noble purpose so think about what your Purpose is and think about how you've Been living thus far because the reality Is we can all do a better job Foreign [Music]

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