“Austin Is The San Francisco of Texas!” – Priciest Cities In America

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Elizabeth Pipko, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about the priciest cities in America.

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Priciest tent cities number one is New York City three hundred twelve Thousand dollars a year is the Equivalent of a hundred thousand dollars Holy so Hawaii is also 312. do you Have this or no if you can show the Stats Hawaii is 312. San Francisco is uh Uh 311 then it's Oakland why would you What that's insane oh Oakland Highway 245. Rob what are you doing to us here Okay there we go Oakland is right if you Smoke where you didn't get lethargy Oakland 246 La 245 Long Beach DC San Diego Boston Seattle interesting okay go To the other side which is what the 10 Cheapest cities the 10 cheapest cities Is I okay there you go number one Memphis Tennessee Wow El Paso to Oklahoma City Corpus Christi Lubbock Texas shout out to uh Daniel uh uh Houston Texas Houston 125. that's pretty Wild to be look how many Texas is in There Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas One two three if your leaders bulletin Guy seven out of ten is Texas they're Dominating okay that's pretty wild so in Other words if you want to feel rich Move to Texas right yeah you're right if You want to so do do not go to California uh Texas is dominant by the Way there's no Florida nope not with Miami I thought Miami would have been on The what do you call it yeah that's what

I thought yeah but it's not Yeah because people don't make 100 Grand In Miami so if we're going to go based On this we're opening up a studio in Memphis Tennessee okay we're gonna go to Memphis and buy teammates so let's go You're getting content from that place By the way I'm surprised Houston's on This list me too because Houston's got 20 30 million dollar homes you got oil So now the third largest city in America Just passed up Chicago oh really really Yeah Houston's blowing Houston bigger than Dallas Houston is bigger than Dallas please Tell me your joking I mean when you Think of Texas you think of Dallas Dallas Texas yeah nobody thinks of the Houston type and top 10 largest cities In America population All right this is this is pretty Interesting population Oh you mean what You're thinking he's he's lethargy he's There again this is what year Houston just passed Up Chicago The largest wow yeah go Dallas Population Go Dallas population Houston's two Million uh 300 000. It's just low I don't think anybody Would think that Houston is that big I I'm not gonna when you think of major Cities you do not think of Houston well

Houston has double Pam I didn't know that what Yep 2.288 you're telling me when you Think of major U.S cities Houston is on Your list I I wouldn't have thought that Maybe if you're a Hakeem Elijah one fan But yeah no sorry wait you wouldn't want To live in Houston that's not what I Said it's a little one no well yeah yeah I don't want to live in Houston I'm good In Miami I'm good Pat what do you think The poll was for you smoking weed I Haven't I totally forgot 70. totally Forgot about it yeah It dropped I told you six people You said 60. I said 65. you know your Audience wait till the end of the Podcast and see how it looks out but That means yes yeah I can't believe some Late foreign What do you mean you people for 400 Years get cheese get cheese Is hilarious Man so where are you at with these Cities by the way when you see stuff Like this the cities no if I'm right now If I am somebody that is not in the best Of place financially and I'm thinking About having a family and raising a Family if if if I'm doing okay Financially I'm moving to Florida Okay I'm moving to Tennessee you know if I'm not doing well financially and I

Can't afford private school and I'm Thinking next 10 20 years where I'd like To go Pick a city in Texas it's a great place To go to uh Dallas is a great place Plano if you can live in Plano Phenomenal City Dallas got a lot of Great places to be living and Houston's Got a lot of great places to be living We got a couple of our guys that moved To Houston uh uh Austin is very Different Austin is not Texas a lot of People think Austin is Texas until they Go to us and then they realize Austin is More San Francisco really Austin like Alexa is not Texas Because I've been I've been to all these Cities to do comedy shows but what's the Difference between Austin compared to Like uh Dallas or like a Houston it's More hipster oh oh god really you don't Know how how I've never been to Austin I've been in one place so here's what We're gonna do we're gonna go to we'll Go to Joe's new club okay go visit him I Want to give him a gift okay we'll go to His new club okay and we'll also go Around Austin please see what it's like Okay yeah awesome it's crazy What do you like is it like towards a Positive or towards the negative if you Say San Francisco I don't want to even Be there what do I like about Austin Yeah

Um I mean would I live there is if if What you're asking well you're saying How do you compare it to San Francisco It is Texas's version of San Francisco It's the best way to put it liberal like You know you know it's it's by the way Austin is also the Silicon Valley of of Texas as well so it's so silicon silicon Yeah that's silicone leather Jeep so Like that's one of my words that they Correct me up silicone so bad if it's so Liberal and so like that why would Somebody like Joe Rogan go there which Is I think that's wrong not California Well obviously nothing I mean but he Because it's California without the Policies got it okay yeah it's California without the policy got you Okay by the way he moved to the right Place for him yeah okay and his Comedy Club the mother I said I said Joe how's The comedy club eight months Sold out I mean you can't get tickets It's crazy because he'll add a show and Then it'll be sold second without yes Seconds yeah this is you're talking About you know what he's done to Comedy This is like you know like where's the Place basketball players wanted to go Play in New York Rucker Parker park Right like this is the Rucker Park of Comedy wow it's crazy last night they Posted a photo of a drop-in comedian Guess who the drop-in comedian was Bill

Burr Bill Burr just drops in and does The spot oh my God by the way that's Kind of like in New York saying guys There's gonna be a player showing up Tomorrow Kevin Durant shows up like hey Come and play with Kevin Durant that's What happens at the Comedy Cellar in New York you know that Pat I want to go to Austin please yeah man by the way you Got to play a game when you're in Austin Okay it's called homeless or hipster oh God you just gotta guess yes who's who Is that guy homers or hipster I was uh Three for ten I just couldn't figure out I'm like that guy is definitely homeless He's like I own a tech company but wait When you play this game were you smoking Were you laughing no whatever what word Is that no okay let's let's try to hit Two more stories but by the way what What would be good is these stories this Why people are fleeing blue cities for Red States this is kind of basically Proving your point you want to go to That well it's just essentially it's Doubling down by the way it's New York Times which you know this is once where New York Times is and the daily all Right let's go to New York time and Let's see what they got to say here we Go why people are fleeing blue cities For red States okay uh fastest growing States in the U.S between 2010 and 2020 Were mostly red States like Texas

Georgia Florida Tennessee South Carolina The trend accelerated during the Pandemic and most of the population Gaining states are governed by Republicans these states are more Pro-business and have lower taxes and Fewer restrictions on home construction Resulting in lower housing prices and More job opportunities the growth in These states is mostly in their Metro Areas which are often blue cities In red States Republican policies Provide the general business climate but Democrats at the local level influence The schools social services and Civic Atmosphere that attract highly educated Workers a red blue uh uh mashup seems to Work with the conservative States Authorities at odds with the more Liberal cities authorities over things Like minimum wage laws and lgbtq rights Okay so they're kind of trying to Suggest and say hey guys like we Understand you you guys are kicking our Asses but what would be better is if you Guys are willing to work with us a Little bit that's kind of how I read This article but it's known is anyone Surprised who's moving to Red States is This like a story where you're sitting There being flabbergasted saying oh wow Shocking no people like lower taxes People like low regulation people like You when the government States out of

The you know stays out of the business Of how you want to parent and raise your Kids these are all like you went back to You said something you said I want to go Back to what you said the America uh uh Not America First policy you were Talking about what America was founded On the policies that were you know yeah The values that my parents escaped the Soviet Union to you know to be a part of To raise me and that I wish to God will Exist when I have kids one day you know Yeah Uh uh yeah I mean hurry up because it's Like oh my God what these guys are up to Now these crazy things are happening Okay so are you good with that story did You have a comment or did you just want To well there's a I love the quote by Nasim Nicholas Talib you know naseeb Talib he says I am Uh at the federal level level Libertarian right at the state level Republican essentially this right at the Local level Democrat caring about your Community I guess and at friends and Family level a socialist so there's There there's minutia in all this if Saying that doesn't convince you of the The fattestness of the left and the Right labels nothing will so that It kind of just Different Strokes for Different folks but to prove to that Point uh get out of my way let me just

Do my thing as a Libertarian for the Federal government for the state Government obviously if they're Pro-business people are moving to these States but in your family you know maybe You can be a little bit more Left-leaning and give stuff away yeah Very close family yeah did you you Signaling that was a second family Family yeah I think he makes sense this Is the first time we've had two Jews and Two Assyrians on our pocket yes I feel Like Miss book I hear I feel like family We're having a great time I love it yeah And a proud boy yeah That was perfect so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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