“Babe Ruth of Today” – Shohei Ohtani Gambling Scandal ROCKS Major League Baseball

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss the gambling scandal that is rocking Major League Baseball!


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

This weird story comes out with Otani And the interpret and it's changed so Many times Otani denies betting on Baseball saddened shocked by the Scandal Okay sadden shocked by the Scandal Categorically denies involvement in Sports betting asserting I have never Bet on baseball or any other sport he May be right maybe he did through Somebody else is what a lot of people Are saying and expresses profoundly Dismay stating I'm very saddened and Shocked that someone who I trust has Done this Otani refutes allegations made By his former interpreter IE mizuhara Labeling them as a complete lie in Stresses I never agreed to pay off this Debt or make payments to the bookmakers The Scandal triggered by Massive theft From otani's bank account prompts a Formal investigation by Major League Baseball with Otani affirming I'm going To let my lawyers handle this from here On out and pledges full cooperation with The onoin ongoing inquiry Tom so there's A angles here so you got this player and He has an interpreter and the one thing That is not in dispute here and there Were people with the angels that said That muhara liked to play t like to play Tables and he lik to do things and so Mizuhara has a gambling issue mizuhara Getting like 80 to 100 Grand a year paid By the the angels and then the Dodgers

To be an interpreter and by way there's A lot of interpreters in uh Major League Baseball there there's Spanish Interpreters there's all kinds of them Um for uh players that are not yet Bilingual Vinnie had an interpreter in His famous clip yep yep and so mizuhara As a gambling issue he's got a Friendship that's really developed with Otani and mahara said I asked him if he Would pay off my my marker I it was Several million dollars and um you know Like3 and half $4 million I think the Total number was and so apparently over A course of week 500,000 at a time which was the max for A wire transfer which is also confirmed That that was the max went from uh Otani's account to a bookmaker so option One Otani felt bad for his interpreter Who now he has a friendship with and Paid his gambling debt by the way that's Happened before with a lot of people However in baseball you're supposed to Be like light years away from the Gambling establishment so there's option One option Two mohara and Otani were gambling Together and Otani was paying for their Bets oh so option three is Otani said Hey the guy got close to me and has paid Off his gambling debts it's a lie so the One in the middle is missing what we're Having here is

Muhara says my friend paid off my debts Otani is saying no I found out later That he got access to my account and he Transferred it the problem I have with Otani's story Pat is it was multiple Transfers over 3 weeks and and what is He gambling like I get it so if you Stole it from somebody wouldn't you Notice or the business manager say hey Otani what'd you buy you buy another Ferrari uh why uh 500,000 just went out Oh there it goes again 500,000 went out Wait it's three and a half now you are You making payments on a uh uh on on a a Veron no yeah so Otani is saying nope my Lawyers will talk to Major League Baseball I want nothing to do with this I'm here to play ball and this guy stole From me mahara says wait a minute I'm Just saying that I had a gambling Problem and Otani paid my bets and we're Going to find out hopefully from Major League Baseball however Major League Baseball doesn't have the best track Record gambling Major League no no Major League Baseball is very good at Protecting Major League Baseball Major League Baseball frequently leaves Players and owners out swinging in the Wind when things happen and sometimes Take steps that are kind of outside the Lines I mean we've seen that happen so I I think there's something that's really Got to come out here and my gut Pat my

Gut is that the mahara story is probably The one hey man you got to help me with My bets we've been friends like eight Years and everything what oh my gosh This is expensive well I'll transfer it For you I can only do 500,000 at a time Got it I pay it off what do you think so So you make you make very uh uh good Point there's a couple weird things here When you look look at this and I was Looking at a bunch of different things And reading a bunch of different things So Otani first of all says he doesn't Speak English but he does okay so The Interpreter is there but he speaks English so you got rob you can Google This and say does Otani speak English he Actually does speak English chop B but Yes yeah the interpreter says he went to UC Davis and got a degree there but no He never went to UC Davis to get a Degree The Interpreter that was Fabricated so it's not a true right here There's a story from Sports Illustrated Otani can't speak English but he is more Comfortable in his first language Normally he has his interpreter with him Whenever he addresses more American Audience however during his acceptance Speech for his MVP award last night Otani surprised everyone and spoke in English and by the way that was two Months ago when he said that right next Uh uh these two have been friends since

They were kids like literally they've Been friends since they were kids and Otani strangely so was at the March Madness game in 2019 that is five years Ago right so why was Otani at March Madness game in 2019 some are saying Well you know March manace is all about Gambling and maybe he has this and he Has it okay no problem that's totally Fine last but not least the way to look At it Pete Rose reacted to this Rob do You have the clip of Pete Rose reacting To this if you don't let me send it to You you should be able to find it on Twitter if you just T right there that's The one right there go Ahad and play That clip watch this hey guys Matt thr Here en jooin some March Madness with my Great friend Pete Rose and uh we just Had a we were talking about the current Goings on in baseball right now and Pete Wanted to mention something well back in The 70s and ' 80s I wish I'd have had an Interpreter i' be Scott Free he would have been there you have It from the hit so here's here's now Where Major League Baseball is in a Pickle okay because you potentially have The Moder day Babe Ruth closest thing We've ever had to Babe Ruth is Otani Correct okay the guy can pitch and win a Saong and the guy can hit and Potentially win a Triple Crown wow this Is a very weird type of an athlete once

In a lifetime so guess who doesn't want To lose a guy like this the Major League Baseball doesn't want to lose a guy like This so if you investigate this and all Of this stuff comes true that he did What are you going to do then are you Going to suspend him for a season and Have the league lose him for a season Maybe maybe not what did you do with the Houston Astros did you ever take the World Series away from them Rob Ben you Never did right you punished two coaches You let the owner go and all players Mean everybody but they kept and he knew Right what what did Aaron judge say About that what did Dodger players say About that what was their reaction cuz Yankees were like dude that should be Ours right the Dodgers could even argue That that should be ours Were they to the Astros they came back And they won afterward saying no we are A good team you got to salute and say Great you Pro your arguments whatever Couple guys left but you know for the Most part the little guy who Altuve Altuve 100% cheater yeah 100% cheater But he won a couple he won once cheating And he W once not cheating so it is what It is so but this could be a little bit Tricky because if if they know all of This happen and everybody else knows and They do nothing to Otani Otani may be The reason why Pete Rose ends up in a

Hall of Fame oh that'd be so great that Would be the weirdest thing on where the MLB has to sit there and say hey you're Going to do this but you're not going to Put Pete Rose the alltime uh hits leader In the history of baseball that would Always jump and slide in face first You're not going to put that guy in There okay what's the difference but There's a lot of weird things going on With this I'm very curious to know Manfred's going to handle this entire Situation Adam here's my biggest beef With the MLB like now i i d i don't even Watch baseball at this point I love Basketball that's what I watch I watch You know some football maybe I'll watch A World Series growing up dude 86 Mets Forget about it okay then I grew up in Miami Marlin's two World Series new franch Amazing since the steroids Era arguably Dozens and certainly top five players Are not in the Hall of Fame Pete Rose is a top 10 player of all Time not in the Hall of Fame Barry Bonds Is a top five player all time not in the Hall of Fame Mark Maguire what they did For the sport with Sammy Sosa during That Home Run Race what was that 1998 ridiculous Rafael P we had Roger Clemons here on the podcast I don't Think he's in the Pod and Hall of is he

Not no he's not okay these are the Greatest players of Our Generation They've signed our walls here not in the Hall of Fame Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame so let's say he is found Guilty of something mhm he is arguably The Babe Ruth of this generation hitter Pitcher Beast now this guy doesn't go in the Hall of Fame something's very weird with Basball very freaking weird that the Best players don't have all right so There you have it Tom final thoughts Baseball I think we you got to let it Play out and this is the this is when Sports gets dirty which is incredibly Disappointing but we're going to let it Play out on a on a good note on the Other side Trevor Bower is is making Progress he had a game recently where he Went up against the uh uh facing the Yankees obviously it's not Major League Baseball but he was pitching 9698 mph Pitches nasty slider three scoreless Innings and he's trying to prove prove a Point that that listen man put me in Coach I'm ready to play pay me the Minimum 720 just give me a shot and I Know a couple teams I know one specific Team that would benefit from having a Guy like this on their team but we'll See we'll see what's going to happen There with that for those of you guys That watch the podcast regularly and

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