“Bad Boy For REAL” – Diddy’s Home Raided As Part of Sex Trafficking Probe

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami homes being raided by Homeland Security following a sex trafficking investigation.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Guys very very weird things happen Rob Can you play this clip out of nowhere Federal agents raid Diddy's LA and Miami Homes okay the searches are part of an Ongoing New York criminal investigation Into the entertainments industry Insider Regarding allegations of sex trafficking In an official statement Homeland Security investigation said it ex Executed law enforcement actions as part Of an ongoing investigation with Assistance from HSI Los Angeles HSI Miami and our local law enforcement Partners this follows from a series of Lawsuits from women allegedly that did He abuse them did he wield a tremendous Influence in the entertainment business During the 1990s and 2000s and all the Victims claim he abused his power Towards sadistic ends inducing including Violence rape and emotional manipulation In February a music produced alleged an AWS that coms coursed her into having Sex with prostitutes and by the way There's if got the video just to show The video and then I'll tell you what They found with his there's a bunch of Things going on with this play this clip Which house is this perhaps being linked To a sex trafficking investigation he Got some shots of a few people coming Out of the home those people have been Detained now we're trying to connect Hill Neighborhood where here that we're

Getting this Information we were actually the first Ones here tell you why 30 different law Enforcement vehicles at least there are Three Barat two of his sons two of his His Son got before the Crime we're Just and think about it helicopter these Guys all the reporters are there before This happened this is a whole there's a Lot of weird stuff happening so the Reporters were there before said it she Knew what's going on do they all know They all know what's happening but yeah I'll let you I'll let you finish let me Let me cuz I have I have a couple of Takes on give me permission to read this Next story and then I'll come to you let Me do this yell at me no no you need 15,000 Vinnie stop interrupting hey guys he Hurt me unusual suspects okay video Foot video footage would never interrupt Pbd on the sa cast Never which I'll be Speaking about dday at 4 p.m. but go we Go so video footage Christian and Justin Comes and handcuffs which is what you Just saw right now but Diddy's private Jet track to the Caribbean island of Antigua Rob if you want to pull this one Up which did's private golf stream 5 Owned by love air LLC was tracked on to Antigua amidst raids on his La home and

According to TMZ the jet which he has Used for years landed on the island Although it's unclear if Diddy was on Board despite the rates Diddy was Spotted at Miami opal Loca uh uh uh Executive Airport town we used obviously Pacing around the customs Office reports Suggest he was waiting on companions Being questioned by federal agents One Source mentions he was said to be never Cuffed or taken into C custody the rates Conducted by Homeland Security as part Of a sex trafficking investigation so Vinnie what do you have going on here And again this is all allegedly just Like when you know when the with the Terrorist attacks in Russia everybody's Like it's this you got to you got to Wait you got to let the Smoke Clear and See what's happening but if you were Going to ask me like it seems as if by You know that the the jet went to the Islands it's weird sex trafficking Allegations blah BL blah you go next to The islands where Epstein's Island was It's Kind it's kind of weird which it's Uh the the the country has no Extradition treaty with the US so he Can't get sent back here but anyway I Think this is me personally people when When it's set up like this and they're Grabbing people and the FBI and Everybody's involved I think people are Looking for the tapes okay think about

Think about all the footage that Diddy Has on all these huge public figures who Have been in his home during all these Types of sexual acts including minor Including minors and people are Panicking remember the Rodney Jones Story that we talked about pbd that Brought he brought him to court uh and Was not disputed by anyone drugging Minors blackmail sexual abuse money Laundering sexual harassment I'm telling You right now with that type of like Assault and that type of and they hit Every single house they're looking for He's going to be the Fall Guy they're Looking for all the [ __ ] that he has Just in case it comes out okay so what You're what you're saying is you're Saying that this is more the powers that Be this is more of a he's like an Epstein guy that's held a lot of people Black it's it's he's the guy like he's The guy that had all the wildest parties Think about this he's the Epstein of of Of and all these Fighters and I'm Telling you since I was young on on the East Coast he was that guy and he's been That guy forever there's a really weird Relationship and you guys could look it Up Clive Owen and him and all these People and all the deaths and all the Whitney Houston involvement when Whitney Houston came in and gave uh I think it Was Jennifer Hudson a note and she was

Trying to expose them and then she Drowned killed herself whatever that you Want to call it but uh I think it's a It's a black male operation but the Question is for who like he didn't come Up with this stuff by himself he's a Puppet but who's the puppet master and Who knows cuz they're not saying he's on That jet but what if they put all the [ __ ] all the tapes all the information On the Jet and they got rid of it it's Weird to hit every single spot at the Same time Rob can you do me a favor and Tom I'm going to come to you next on This Rob can you pull up for me uh 50 Cents Instagram account and then also if You can get that Cat Williams video While you're doing that I'm going to Kind of show you guys a brief history of Diddy's history of controversies and Allegations this is according to Rolling Stones Magazine okay okay so ccny Tragedy 1991 celebrity basketball event Organized by comes at ccny ends in Tragedy with nine dead overcrowding and Inadequate security blamed com settles Lawsuit with victim's families Jake Robel shootings in 1995 altercation Outside Atlanta nightclub leads to Rob Death implicating comes and shite Conflicting account emerged Colmes Denies involvement in the shooting Attacking Steve Stout 1998 Colmes Assaults Steve Stout over dispute music

Video scene leading to criminal charges Comes admits wrongdoing senten to anger Management class Club New York shooting 1999 altercation in club New York Results in gunfire Combs and shine Implicated coms acquitted shine Convicted com's accused of bribing his Driver scuffled with J.Cole 2013 Allegations altercation at MTV VMA party Involves comes J Cole and Kendrick Lamar Conflicting reports about the abuse About the cause both parties deny a Physical fight next one allegedly Punching Drake in 2014 dispute with Drake outside Liv night club leads to Alleged physical altercation Colmes Denies punching Drake maintains Friendship fights UCLA coach 2015 Confrontation with UCLA coach leads to Altercation during practice comes Claimed self-defense no assult charges Filed Gina honi Uh alleges abuse 2019 colm's X alleges Physical Abuse and Mental manipulation During their relationship accusations of Comparing her to Cassie and condoning Abuse by com Circle Cassie filed civil Lawsuit against comes in 2023 alleging Rape abuse and intimidation by comes Comes denies allegation settles lawsuit For undisclosed amount by the way I'm Not going to read all I'll just tell you All of them Jane do sues for 1991 rape And revenge porn did he face his third

Sexual assault suit in one week this is 199 1991 third Jane do files lawsuit Tiffany red writes an open letter Corroborating Casey's allegations Hulu Scraps family's reality show cancels Reality show featuring coms and family Amid sexual assault allegation multiple Companies sever TI with coms project Project compared to Keeping Up with the Kardashians com settles with dieago Shan Sues for sexual assault by love album Producer authorities raid Shan col's Homes in Los Angeles and Miami none of These stories even bring up the that we Lost two of the greatest rappers of all Time Biggie and Tupac both goes back to Him last night at midnight 12:30 you Know what video I'm watching I'm Watching my interview with Greg Kaden Rob I'm going to send this to you with Greg Kaden when I showed Greg Kaden cuz My entire I any of these stories I've Not followed closely but if there's one Story I followed remember three three People that uh events happen in high School that I clearly remember that Impacted me as a kid Magic Johnson get Engaged Michael Jordan retiring and and Tupac dying those three events I clearly Remember and when I think about Tupac Dying and as a guy just like somebody's Curious about JFK assassination I was Curious about what happened with this Guy Rob I just send you the exact cuts

That I have if you want to pull this up I brought GRE kading in to find out cuz I'm convinced based on my research I'm Not in this world I'm purely curious Just like somebody is with JFK Assassination who is he Greg kading was The leading investigator behind trying To find out who killed Biggie and Tupac And then accidentally he finds out but They don't have enough Intel and then They remove him from the investigation Last minute and they're like no no no You can go work on something else Rob if The video came in if you can pull that Up there's just a lot of things with With Diddy that you know while he's Looking at that and I and I wouldn't be Surprised but I would not be surprised If something happens to him in this Thing cuz think about it all the Information now all all the stories all These girls everybody's coming forward You're hearing about the Justin Bieber Stuff now he getting to a point he has To be the Fall Guy you got to be the Fall Guy they got to find all the Evidence because it's a it's a known Fact that he recorded everything just Like Epstein and can you imagine Tom You're hanging out and you get a phone Call and you're let's just say like Randomly speaking you're Bill Clinton Who's been there 52 times and somebody Goes hey Bill they they just arrested

Him and everything's going to come out And he's going to sing like a canary Guess what you do suicide his ass in Jail that's what that's what happens and I think and Cat Williams I know we're Going to get there but Cat Williams said It's there's God's side you're on that Side or you're on the other side play This clip what we'll go to the other one God's side and the other side and we Don't care nothing about the other side Period period all of these uh big dick Deviant is all catching hell in 2024 It's up for all of them it don't matter If you Diddy or whoever you is TG Jake Any of them the every all lies will be Exposed that's all and and and and Anyone who takes that the wrong way know Why they take it the wrong Way I love truth is theuth The this this is this is Rob I don't Know if the clip ever came through or Not didn't come through Tom what are Your thoughts on this whole story here With Diddy well there's a couple thing While I speak Robert uh excuse me Rob Can can you look up Robert Kardashian Suitcase OJ Tom he's looking for three Other things right now so that but go Ahead give your thoughts so um when OJ Was arrested and there was this big um Scene at OJ's house Robert Kardashian Walks out of the house bag with a uh What's called a suit bag yeah right

After he got back from Chicago right Where where OJ went to Chicago the Garment bag right and so he's seen That's it right there walking out with The garment bag and they believe that That was Bloody clothes and knife in There yep and he was one of the Attorneys so he had the ability to walk Into the house and leave when I look at The plane Diddy wasn't on the plane but What was on the plane exactly I want to Know are there laptops are there hard Drives if Diddy's not on it something Left from LA and went all the way to Antigua without stopping and Diddy was As they said you know pacing around Opaka and the Customs area so if if so Just like this when people get busted There's 's people around you that are Trying to protect you and are moving Stuff maybe they love you maybe they Just work for you whatever but I I my my Big question here okay Diddy wasn't on The plane but who or what was something Left LA and went all the way to the Islands without stopping and right now It's like it's like smoke there's fire What happens is the longer you go in Life the more enemies you make in in This sort of situation and I believe Epstein had a long list of um you know Enemies and like that sign on the wall Epstein didn't hang itself right and so I I I look at all all that and right now

I my sense is that and you know me words Talk number scream but my sense is he's Had a long life of controversy and a lot Of enemies do you think he's a do you Think he's a uh uh a a not sloppy Criminal like a overly arrogant Untouchable they can't do anything to me Type of a criminal where he's like there They can't do nothing like you know the Type of guy that does the crime and then Says nothing can happen to me I'm Untouchable think he's convinced he's Untouchable yes he yes because this is This is the psychological profile of Most people over the course of their Career how did they get the Teflon Dawn How did they finally get they wired they Wired but what was it tapes in what what Years the last two years when he was Arrogant and he was sloppy and and got On they didn't get a year a of evidence On him they got the last two years where He was sloppy and arrogant because You've been going so long getting away With it you're not as careful as you Were in the beginning and your enemy List is Big well I appreciate the the OJ Reference Tom because when I heard he Was on a plane taking off to Antigua I Was like oh [ __ ] it's like oh I've seen This before we'll see what happens white Bronco on the LA freeway so if you this Was about oh two weeks ago there were More stories that came out about Diddy

On the Tim Dylan podcast Vinnie 100% Guilty I was like Tim Dylan quiet for Whatever reason um it's looking weirder And weirder and weirder but listen if You know anything about hip-hop if you Know anything about rap what's the Record label that Diddy founded bad boy He's a bad boy for life he is we all Know that yeah what does that mean Talking about sh Knight about Tupac he's A gangster could he end up on Death Row Records we'll see what happens death row Really exactly so you know the me too Situation you know the reason that I Wasn't like yo he's definitely guilty is Because there's a spectrum on this on One hand you have the Harvey Weinstein Stuff The Bill Cosby stuff the Jeffrey Epstein stuff okay pretty [ __ ] guilty And then you have the other stuff that's Like yeah I don't know about that bro Andrew Tate Johnny Depp innocent Russell Brand I don't know what's going on there Yeah um so there there's a slippery Slope with this so you know on the Tim Dylan podcast I was like look I'm not Saying nothing I've been to some of These Diddy parties bro I'm not trying To catch a on invite here's the reality Of what we don't know nobody knows I Live in Miami I've Liv in Mii my entire Life I've been involved in the who who Said been through some of the Diddy Party I have okay he and I know girls

That so I I have firsthand Knowledge From girls that are like Vinnie you have No idea and I was like I don't want to So here's the deal when you go to these Parties in Star Island I've been on Star Island before told that story about more Um there's certain places you can go Within the house of course or in the Backyard where the party is you don't Get invited upstairs to the master Bedroom so you don't know just CU you Went to a party I've been to the Playboy Mansion a few times I was like oh cool The gr go I'm like oh what's up with the Mansion yeah you're not going in there Buddy sorry so you don't know what's Going on in there I've gone out with the Sarck guys The Rock boys plenty of times Diddy's been in the club plent of times You don't really know of what's going on Behind the scenes what we do know is Something very weird happened it went From startup to entrepreneur do you Remember you ever seen the video of what Diddy makes the call the most famous Video yo nobody can s me I want this Like hungry entrepreneur I was like dude Whatever he's on I want some of that Hungry viable there it is entrepreneur Producer rapper I'll be Miss after Biggie m sarak billionaire and then Sexual deviant where did this all come In rapist sex trafficking where did all Come in I think you're right at

Sometimes at some point the power will Go to your head by the way speaking of Power do you know who Diddy's Mentor is Clive Owen nope who roll the tape Rob you've interviewed him who was the Guy his Mentor Ray doio really Ray doio is Diddy's Mentor why how'd this happen They were both on some list top 100 Influential people whatever it was years Ago so Diddy's real name is what shanes C diio d they're next to each other in Line they become friends look I'm not Saying anything that Ray doio did zero I Have no clue but Ray Delo is his mentor At some point what conver kind of Conversations they have the bottom line Is where you going with all this stuff I'm trying to track like are we getting To a a place were you naked in a room And a are you saying that Ray is linked To something with I'm not saying that But I'm saying like I remember this Interview I watch this interview I think Ray is like Ry is one of the smartest Guys when it comes out to money Y and He's probably getting close to him to Learn anybody would love to go uh and Learn from a guy like doo I don't put Anything with do on this list and uh we Had a very interesting conversation that Was extremely he it but I I think he's Nothing involved in that kind of a Mentor Financial Mentor is different

Than life Mentor I want to categorize That because there's a big difference There fully embalo also raised hundred Million from multiple celebrities to go In a fund and so he sees a guy like that Hey have you ever thought about Investing in stable money blah are you Are you are you anything else cuz I want To I want to move I'm not correlating The two I'm just saying if someone is Your mental cuz if you've been going for 5 minutes I'm trying to see where where Else are we going I'm Tuesday okay no But ahead so Ray doio what else do you Have after doio well I you cut me off I Have no clue where I'm going at this Point well what I'm saying is no because When when you're going I'm trying to Follow to see where you're going with Your point cuz I'm trying to get I'm Trying to Climax and I and I feel like We're doing four play for 6 minutes like Let's go I want some penetration let me Climax all over d right now the reality Is this it's a Spectrum when we talked about the the Tim Dylan podcast V was is like 100% 100% still believe cool in my mind this Is where I'm at and then Rob I sent you Some results of a poll this has now gone From being accusations the Tate stuff The sex trafficking stuff we've all Learned they hit you with the sex Trafficking stuff the sexual allegation

These are two different stories no no no No where I'm going is this is now being Categorized from the Tate stuff the Allegations to fullon Epstein type stuff Something different has When all this goes down and your jet Goes to an island that has no Extradition to the US that's you're Telling people exactly what the hell's Going on him on it or not you know what That means we can't send for it that's Whatever is there is gone yeah by the Way I love the look what the audience Says I'm with them so in your opinion is Diddy guilty 4,300 people voted one Innocent 55% 1% innocent innocent until Proven guilty familyes the 1% but the Point is the innocent unto proven guilty You're right let's see what happens and Let's prove it this this clip to me That's where I was going if you if you Can go rob to if you can go rob to the Video with uh uh great kading and by the Way before you play this can you go and Type in GRE kading so people can know Who he is Type in Greg kading go to his Wikkipedia Okay great kading is Right their first Account zoom in so here's who he is American Author he La Department Detective best on working on multiple Law enforcement investiga murders of Rappers Tupac shakor big the mid 2000s Many credit great kiding and his LPD

Task force for 2023 arrest of Dwayne Keith D Davis for the murder of 1996 Tupac Shakur guess who in the Conversations allegedly offered Keith d A million dollar to take out Tupac play The clip you believe behind all of this Is is is Puffy be you've said this Yourself with a million dollars whether It was a million dollars whether it was A half a million dollars tell us a Little bit about that what I believe Happened with with puffy was that again I don't think he wanted this conflict to Get worse than it already was and if he Could figure out a way to quell that he Would in fact uh we have a statement Saying that puffy had reached out to um The members of the Nation of Islam to Approach sugite and say hey let's have a Peace treaty let's squash this thing but Suge wanted nothing to do with it so he Was trying to get out from under this Imposing threat knowing that Suge held Him responsible for the murder of his Friend And whenever he would come to La he knew That Su Knight was trying to hunt him Down wow uh we have a reported incident An investigation where Su Knight had Accosted one of his Associates at a Christmas party in Los Angeles and they Beat the living [ __ ] out of this guy he Almost lost his eye in an attempt uh for These guys to um gain knowledge about

Where he lived in Los Angeles uh so he Undoubtedly becomes aware of the fact That these guys are actively hunting me Kidnapping ass people my life's Definitely In Harm's Way and so I think That out of that desperation and fear he Turned to the streets and said can you Guys kind of handle this for me what Does that me Because if you're going to deal with These gang members then the best thing To do is get their natural enemies to You know to uh to do the work for you And is that the million dollars the Million dollars was on the uh according To Kei D he says there was a kind of a Loose conversations at Green blats up on Sunset in which puffy allegedly tells Kei D um listen I'm whatever it whatever It takes to get these guys off my back I Need you to take care of them he says we Wanted a million dollars did he's like Whatever but again I have to couch that With the understanding that he was in Fear for his Life I fully get that yeah I fully get That but a million dollarss is from him But you don't know really if it's a Million dollars or it's a half a million Dollars because I think it's just Boastful talking okay got you know it's Like I saw if I see a a really nice car That I like to purchase from you and I Just man I'll give you a million dollars

For that yeah it's just that kind of Like loose so about the part where where Zip gives him the gun he says listen Right now is the time to do it every Once in time go to 662 here's the gun That I have he leaves it to him with the Car right he gives him the gun and then Afterwards when they talk on a call he Says was that us and they're on the call Together listening and zip says yes that Was us Kei says yes that was us yes that Was us Kei says that was us and then Then he says we'll take care zip says We'll take care of the money six weeks Later he's not getting the money and you Know he's finding out maybe he didn't Get paid and then afterwards he meets With an Associate of P did he saying Puffy saying yeah we did pay but zip Kept it and then when they met is that All been so you see what happened maybe He did keep the money or they did not so You can pause it if you want to watch But here's the point the point is this Who died first Biggie or Tupac wow who died first Tupac right Tupac died in Vegas so so where is the Where is Keef uh where's he from East Coast or West Coast Keef is he from West Coast ke Keef Keef is who who called Keef did he call did he call ke why why Why did he call Keef why did he call ke Because he got in contact that this is The guy that could take him out and he's

Got a reputation for being involved in a Lot of different things Keith just went To jail according to AP News can he go Up I think 2023 he went to jail Rob if He can go when did Keith go to jail very Recent right couple months ago so here's A guy that goes to jail Tupac murder Trial delayed and anyways there's an AP News that Keef gets arrested so but why Would Keef kill Tupac why why would Keith go out there and why would he do That why why would he go do something Like that Would he do it for free no what is his Animosity a guy like that is going to do A job like that based on what go to his Profile okay right there last living Suspect of 1996 drrive by shooting of Tupac indicted in Las Vegas on murder Charge but why would he do that what's His motive it's either because Tupac Said something about him which he didn't Or it's because he's getting paid to go Take somebody out so who paid Kei so why Is Kei going but the guy that paid Keef Is not going where is that involvement So my interest as much as these sto we Read about I still want to know what Happened to the greatest rapper of all Time and I'm not happy with what this Guy did I think he took out both again I Don't know the exact it's my opinion I Think this guy uh uh uh based on what I've read and the investigation I've

Done I think he was behind both Biggy And Tupac and and and that changed that Changed the Dynamics of uh hip-hop and Uh and I don't know I'm I'm not a I I Don't even follow any of these stories My pure interest was with what he did to Tupac and Biggie and I'd like to get to The bottom of that because the guyy is Still around I want to know what this Guy did to those guys y not a fan of What this guy did either by the way just Some food for thought about hip-hop like For our younger audience under 30 I Don't know if you guys have any idea how Big that East Coast West Coast beef was In the 90s Communism had just failed it Was no longer communism versus Capitalism it was pre 20000 it wasn't as Contentious as it was Republicans and Democrats that wasn't a huge narrative At this point um eastern western Civilization Clash of cultures wasn't a Thing really until 2001 in the 90s East Coast West Coast beef Shug Knight Diddy Puffy T talking The Source Awards yeah Come to death row it was the number one Beef in America it consumed us so Everything that's going on there was the Biggest story in the world at that point So and apparently the CIA there's a big Story that came out where the CIA was Involved with making gangster rap Gangster so they would kill each other That's that was a story but

Anyway the point is obviously we're Watching all this stuff to see what's Going to happen with Diddy but this Guy's got a WAP of of a just doing a lot Of shady shady I mean just it's it's Unattractive and even the demeanor it's Not hard to watch someone's demeanor on How they behave you know and how they do Certain things we'll see I mean you know Again innocent until proven guilty but There's something going on right now We'll see what happened that for those Of you guys that watch the podcast Regularly and maybe you have hot tea Like me with honey or you drink your Coffee to the coffee Community I'll most Likely join you guys in 5 years but at This point I still don't need coffee we Have these new mugs and by the way this New mug that just came out is the pbd Podcast mug with future look Sprite on It so let me kind of show this to you And I'll tell you what we're running on This podcast and Kelly took care of this Let me pour this so I don't burn my I'm Taking I'm I'm acquiring one of those After this here so you pour the hot Water in there if it's hot and guess What it turns into by the way while You're having this hot tea or the drink Let me see if this thing is hot it is Hot all of a sudden slowly but surely You see the color changes I see it to The pbd podcast Colors oh that's sick

And yes you'll see the red and the blue Of pbd podcast color coming in I don't Know you like one of those models on Those late night like by the QVC back in The day your pbd QVC here's what we're Doing we got got the value tment mug you Have two different op four different Options on whichever one you want to get Whether it's the gold the black the red The OG red or the black you buy two you Get the third one for free pick and Choose which one you want the Link's Going to be below the discount code is Going to be pbd mugs I believe right Rob Pbd mugs plural pbd mugs and what's the Website to go to VT merch.com find the Mugs order two and you'll get the third One for free so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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