Bad Financial Decisions Are Opening Up The Market

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In Q4 of 2021 For every dollar that was spent to buy Real estate what percentage you think Was one was from investors All right tell me 20 cents yeah just 20 Right that's a big part of which you're Right what you're saying is you're Absolutely right the black stones are Coming in they're buying this building Where they're buying that building where They're buying this building for sure Do you know what's happened to that Number in the last quarter they've Dropped 17 percent so meaning they're Not putting their Investments the way They did before right go to builders Here's what's going on with Builders the Amount of things Builders were building To the amount of new loans people are Picking up right now it's such a wide Difference today that Builders are Sitting there saying I know I was giving You this price I'm discounting it now Four times uh instead of 600 000 I'll Give it to you for 550. no let's do 500 No let's do 480. no I'll give it to you For 450. they're discounting it four Times in Big Market

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