“Bad Taste” – Chris Cuomo CALLS OUT Joe Biden For Celebrating Trans Day Of Visibility on Easter

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss the Biden administration celebrating “International Transgender Visibility Day” on Easter.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

White House doubling down on Biden's tr Day of visibility message which shocked Nearly I think a little over half of 50% Of the nation here because of obviously Catholics Christians the White House has Doubled out on honor and transgender day Of visibility on Easter after sparking a Firestorm of criticism from conservative Lawmakers on Sunday White House Spokesman Andrew Bates Penn a statement Addressing the backlash as a Christian Who celebrates Easter with family President Biden stands for bringing People together and upholding the Dignity and freedoms of every American Bait set sadly it's unsurprising Politicians are seeking to divide and Weaken our country with cruel hateful And dishonest rhetoric President Biden Will never abuse his faith for political Purposes or for profit March 31st will Be designated to honor the transgender Movement internationally since 2009 However this year Co Ides with the Celebration of Easter Rob if you can Pull up the Instagram for the White House which one is this by the way what You have here Rob that was Biden being Asked about it yesterday oh can you pull This up and then Biden was asked about It yesterday and this was his response Go for it Mr President what does what Does Easter mean to you sir sir what Does Easter mean to you time for

Forgiveness and people getting Togethering of love no phon be straight With you and M speaker Johnson the other Day said you sir speaker Johnson said You betrayed the Tena of Easter by Proclaiming Sunday Easter Sunday as Transgender day he called that Outrageous and abhorent what do you say To speaker Johnson he's thoroughly Uninformed uninformed How I didn't do that I think he has a Value tment hat on by the way let's see Does he if he does listen I mean that Dude that was I like his style I like a Sty I think on the bottom I see it says Future looks bright that's right maybe Not his yeah I don't know about his Looking bright man he's got a he's got a Couple more years left but look I mean Half the country wants this guy as a President you know uh that that will Most likely be voting for this guy 47% Of It Whatever the percentage is so Here's a post today we sent a message to All transgender Americans you are loved You are heard and you UND you are Understood uh you belong President Biden Quote right and then if you go to their Instagram account Rob the post right Before this 3 hours before that was Happy Easter so let's read that one it's Just happy Easter okay okay nothing more Nothing less just happy Easter but when It comes down to transgender go to it

Let me read it one more time okay today We send a message to all transgender Americans you are loved you are heard You are understood you belong President Biden he didn't say today the day of Resurrection to all the Christians and Catholics of our country I want to take This moment to nothing like that what You what are your thoughts on this Chris So we know he's a devout Catholic right That's what we're told yeah right the Headline is the the reaction is the Reality you had an extraordinary number Of people who felt that this was done The wrong way not to paint those people Who are upset as being Anti-trans tolerance is fine of course Especially on Easter it's part of the Idea of renewal um and rebirth but Clearly he stepped on people's Expectations of what the holy day was About and they were upset and as a Leader you have to meet people where you Find them and if they're upset at the Way you treated this you have to think About it and they didn't instead they Said no you're wrong to feel that way we Didn't do that I had James Carville on My show say those people are stupid if That's what they think he was doing They're stupid which I felt was a couple More steps down the deplorables road and I said well you they're stupid because They feel that this is supposed to be

About them and you made it about a Different group and he said yeah that's Stupid And I think it's a very big mistake uh For the president to alienate people for No good reason and by the way he didn't Help the trans Community you don't help H a minority Community by setting them Up as opposition to a majority community And it was done in bad taste it was done The wrong way and they failed the major Lesson of leadership which is when you Make a mistake correct it own it and Correct it that's all he had to do here And it would have been very in the Keeping with the season by the way of Rebirth and renewal and getting it right And he didn't is this a clip yeah BR Play this clip of the highest or lowest Depending on your point of view level Chris James what do you think about This well I honestly think it's Profoundly stupid as if Biden even knew It was transgender awareness thing by The way Biden goes to massing communion Every week as you all know you couldn't Find trumping inside of a church Anywhere this I really think this is Utterly absurd I don't think anybody in The White House was was aware of this as You point out it's it's it's a constant Day it's on March 3 I don't know Anywhere in Trump's Bible you can pause It right there you can so I don't think

Anybody in the White House was aware of This and this is stupid perfect okay so Let's let's talk about this we're at UFC You and I and we're in the back with Dana White Dana White introduces us to The uh what do you call it to the CEO of Anheiser bush Tom I'm looking at you Right to the SEO of anheiser bush you Know what I'm talking about Las Vegas it Was in Las Vegas I said and this was at The thick of things like the Announcement hasn't been made that UFC Is partnering with them partnering with Them and dropping their old beer Company and then I asked the guy a Question I said let me ask you when a When a marketing campaign like this Happens with somebody from your VP Marketing sending a package of Bud Light With dill M on it to Dill M does it go Through you does does does your C Approve it would it go through through Who does it go through and then he's Like well you know it's kind of like This and he didn't really fully answer The vibe I got is that it didn't go Through him okay that the decision was Made and maybe the buck stopped at the CMO and then they sent him that and Obviously the company lost God knows how Much money and then the other day we're With Bill was it Billy Bush yeah we ran Into Billy Bush who had been on the Podcast talked about his book there he

Talked about the we talked to Billy Bush And Billy Bush I said so Billy we talked To the CEO anheiser bush and here's what He said he said it's funny because that Would have never happened back in the Days every major marketing campaign Would have to go through us so here's a Question for everybody here and Rob can We run a poll on this the poll is the Following do you think President Biden Knew this was happening meaning was this Some Administration thing managing the Instagram account that they posted this Without asking the president or do you Think president knew this was going to Be posted and said on Easter couple Hours afterwards and that Easter message Is Happy Easter two words and Transgender is 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 20 words versus two words me personally I don't think he has this is going all The way back he is making zero decisions I know yesterday we talked about him Mo But it was kind of like of course he Does I personally don't think he makes Any decisions what's what's really Happening let's be honest mission Accomplished from the White House okay If this these are their goals they want To further divide Americans cuz think About it everybody the whole day whoever I ran into was like it wasn't hey happy Easter how you doing any God bless you It was can you believe what they mission

Accomplished they got everybody pissed Off they're taking think about it the Focus away from the day was Jesus Christ Came out of the Tomb he was resurrected That's what the day was about okay and This goes to show you more they never Mentioned Jesus they never mentioned the Resurrection and it's just their way of Taking God remember when I first the Question is is it B do you think it's Biden or is it White House White the Remember the they that he talks about It's them it's not him he he's not a dis What do you think yeah well first of all There I I see three angles on this the First angle I see is is a week ago the First lady was was speaking into the Microphone about Peta and it was going To be a potato roll not an Easter egg Roll on the lawn so it seemed like the Bidens were pretty clued in that there Were different Easter TR I being invoked Here so it seemed like the president and The knew number one number two I think He absolutely knew it because this is a Flag carrier moment for what they've Been doing for Lgbtqxyz r o 519 all of that with they've been doing It's a flag carrier moment but what was Very interesting to me is when he's Walking there on the walkal where the Reporters were there on the clip that Wasn't 20 reporters yelling at the

President maybe there were four Questions there everybody sort of was a Little the D went down and it was a very Clear voice the president clearly turned To the voice and was answering the Direct question and said no I didn't do That so either he's confused or he's Denying it so on that that kind of Shocked me because it led me to believe Maybe Biden didn't know about it but how Did they not know about it because They've been talking about it for week Knew about It here's what I think before we started The show we're dealing with a Transmission issue you asked like 11 Questions MH you have nothing to do with The transmission of this broadcast but It's your company MH this is the President of the United States the idea That something like this is going to Happen and it's okay that he was Clueless is Unacceptable even if this was done Without him which I doubt okay Vinnie And I talk about this I believe the President is plugged in I talk to people Around him they say they interface with Him all the time they have no reason to Lie to me but even if you assume he Didn't know that's worse yeah this was a Big deal it matters and now he's in a Hole about something that matters to Americans and at some point what is a

Leader what is a leader how many times You going to give a guy who's supposed To be in control a pass because he's not Into it but then you don't want to make His competence an issue this was an easy Situation to rectify it should have Never happened this way and and it all They did was hurt they hurt the Transgender Community they hurt the Faith-based community and they hurt Impressions of his leadership so by the Way what a what a great take Rob I'm Going to text you can you go to Twitter For me please thank you Vinnie so so This guy this guy is one thing okay President Biden we can debate the 50/50 and if you can Rob just go to yeah There you go if you can just go to my Profile and uh uh right there it just Popped up boom uh go to the third tweet Keep going down keep going down keep Going down go one more right there go Little L not that one I think it's the Alex SOS one so zoom in on Alex soros's Tweet and just focus on his yeah okay so Trans day of visibility honors the Bravery and resilience of trans Communities let's stand in solidarity And work to create a world where Everyone feels safe and accepted Continuing our fight for the rights of All individuals now this guy is a Billionaire now he's the son of George Soros he's going to be somebody going to

Be dealing with for probably 60 years Cuz he's in his late 30 and nowadays With medicine he's going to live 50 60 Years can you actually go on the Tweet Rob that he posted and go to the comment Section go below let's see what people Are saying let's see how many people Agree with them yeah look Soros here's One keep going keep going get get right With Jesus Alex okay keep going okay Keep going that's an ad so Christ is King the world would be a much better Place if your entire Clan were to be Apprehended and prosecuted okay keep Going this message brought to you by an Architect of a regime devoted to look For one positive message that's all I'm Looking for George Sora son Congratulates Muslims on their holiday Before Christian holiday he Congratulates transgenders look at that 31024 Ramadan kareim to all those who Will begin observing tonight God didn't Make trans people celebrate tomorrow on April Fool's Day it's more appropriate The entire sorus family are SP so by the Way by the way you see these posts there Is not one person that's agreeing with Them so now go back to my post on what I Said to him Rob can go back to the top And just zoom in and this is what I said I said Alex you are not dumb just look Through the comments not one same person Supports your Tweet so you're either

Trying to piss off conservatives on Easter trying to inight the next George Floyd type incident violence or Something darker which is it right now This guy knows exactly what he's doing What I want to ask is what do you think They're doing so what is because on one End you're like I can't believe they Said this I can't believe Tom's like They're trying to get Trump to be Emotional because the more emotional he Is the less he talks about policies it's Kind of like what you said exactly what I said good point but what else what Else do you think Alex is doing this for What what is he doing it for you really Think he woke up saying let me Congratulate the 0.1% of America yet let me leave the 55% Of America alone and not congratulate Them Strategically what do you think is as Outcome of that post strategically I Think it's a about ignoring more than it Is about empowering so I think that on The left end of the political Spectrum There is an exaggeration of importance Of minority-based Issues and sometimes that's good because Minorities need attention because They're being overshadowed but this is a Case where trans awareness tolerance Becomes more Important than than the majority aspect

Of the occasion so on the left they're More interested in motivating the trans Movement than they are giving a nod to Christians not that they're Anti-christian but that their mind is on The trans issue that's part of their Agenda Christianity is not part of their Agenda motivating Christians speaking to Christians speaking to devoutly Religious people is not part of their Agenda it's not their base so their head Is on their base this is politics Pat More than anything else I don't know Alex I I wouldn't even have known he was Soros's kid uh I think the Soros stuff Is a little overblown but it doesn't Matter um their agenda is to play to the Base people who are sympathetic to the Trans cause which I have no problem with As a function of Tolerance but they're Not seeing it through your lens your Lens is this is a Christian holiday why Would you start anywhere else because You don't care about the Christian Holiday that's why you just get happy Easter and by the way Easter is the Weakest word for the occasion it's a Pagan word that has to do with estrus The goddess of spring a pagan goddess Rebirth renewal Resurrection he is risen That's what Easter is for anybody who Cares okay Easter is just a word they Don't focus on that they care about the Other agenda and that's what motivates a

Lot of their decision-making process is The agenda a noble agenda or is the Agenda a strategic agenda depends who it Is because on the political side it's Very strategic yeah because look think About it they're setting these people up Trans and their allies to be hated You're putting them in opposition to the Biggest religious holiday for Christians How are you helping them by doing that If you care about them why would you do That it's like raising a Jets flag at a Patriots game yeah why would you do that Speaking speaking of being hated this is And this is speaking as someone who's Jewish I'm not celebrating Easter but I Know you guys were correct me if I'm Wrong this is the single most holy day It is in the Christian faith imagine if They started saying hey by the way Today's Easter yeah uh but don't forget Passover's coming let's give a little Love passover's on its way you'd be like Whoa whoa whoa yeah don't don't bring me Up on this you know what I mean this Isn't my Dayal if the whole goal of this Transgender VIs visibility day like it's Not just transgender day visibility it's To be seen and heard and appreciated we See you this is the antithesis of Helping these people out this will only Make people hate you more and not want To see you you're conflicting with God Yep and not the thing when it comes to

When it comes to Trump and politics 1 Million per this is playing to the base Um the most ironic thing here is Biden who I correct me if I'm wrong is Catholic and apparently goes to mass Every Sunday his base is the Dei woke agenda Females liberals Trump who which is not The Catholic Base by the way you could Argue whether it should be but Catholics Do not align politically they are a Conservative no that's my point Biden is But not his base Trump You could argue Is not the most religious guy I think He'd prefer to be playing golf on Sunday Than being in church but his base is the Evangelical base so you know you talked About in your question on your show who Won the weekend without a doubt Trump Won the weekend Trump as you could say a Million different things bad about the Guy he's the guy that's defending Christianity now he won it with funeral Versus fundraiser exactly yeah big time So it and then you know the the the Thing I mean just to kind of give a Little context here transgender day of Visibility happens on March 31st nobody Knew that um Easter changes every year So if you follow any of the Jewish Holidays dude I never know what day is What what day is what we know Christmas December 25th Boom book it right every Year yum kipor Roshes Shana is a

Different day different week we have no Clue Easter technically it's called a Movable Feast so it falls on the first Sunday after the full moon which occurs After the spring equinox good luck Remembering that but same for Ash Wednesday same for Good Friday same for Bal Sunday so this is just horrible Horrible timing for Biden in an election Year last time this happened was 2013 But but you know to go back to the Sor Side the reason why the Soros comment is A little weird and I said and I know You're kind of like well some people Think of Soros whatever you ever read His article on LA Times the interview he Did no what he told LA times can you Pull up the article I just sent you rob This is an interview go lower so this at All the way at the Top This is times.com George Sor is The God Who carries around Some dangerous demons go la L and I want You to go to the middle of it uh fancies Search the word fancies oh right there Right there right there you just had it You just had it wherever you were at oh You just moved it uh fancy right there It seemed that Soros believes he was Anointed by God I fancied myself as some Kind of a God he wants wrote If truth be Known I carried some rather Potent Messianic fantasies with me from My childhood which I felt I had to Control otherwise they might get me in

Trouble he continues it is a sort of a Disease when you consider yourself some Kind of a God the creator of everything But I feel comfortable about it now Since I began to live it out that's the Father so this is why people are worried About Soros this is a very strange guy If you've never seen the documentary About this guy highly recommend you Watching and mind you this is his son What's his son's name Alex he's taking Over the company George Soros is older And unhealthier than well first and Foremost let's not forget it's election Year everything happens especially at This level for a reason what did Elon Mus say about uh George Soros he hates Humanity for somebody like that that's Pretty smart we could all agree he says He hates uh humanity and let's think About guys this is the trans visibility Day trans falls under the umbrella of What did you say Tom lgbtq2 a plus Elemental people what all that stuff Look at how perfect is what they're Doing they're angering the Christians Against them so imagine now imagine for For this week how much hate that Community is going to get and what have We've been seeing in the past 2 years Pat how many mass shootings have these Lgbtq communities everything is on Purpose everything that they're doing And you nailed it Mo that's exactly what

They're doing you just pissed off the Christian Base which now they're going To start talking and going after Them but they they didn't do this though This was done to them to them yeah Exactly but going back to perfect PL This started with Obama in 2009 right Okay so this isn't horrible timing this Is but the point about this is the Deceptive side the deceptive side yeah You all you had to do was wait just to Wait a few days and give love to Christians and give them their message a Nice message to them respectful about it But you're the way you did it it's very Obvious you're playing the game no Problem now the average individual who's An independent voter cuz your vote's What matters the most the independent The libertarian voter who is paying very Close attention pay close attention You're probably the only vote that Matters in America today right's going To vote right left's going to vote left The middle watch the gamification taking Place so when events take place and There's a shooting at a trans event and Something happens and then they turn That into the next George Floyd and There's ceremonies and protesting and Riots going on remember when the Agitation started on Easter just keep That part of mind let's go to amount of Traffic we're getting right now with

Manck is unbelievable yesterday I can't Even tell you how many mans came through Yesterday for me great conversations People booking 15-minute calls Tom is About to cross 2,000 manets okay he'll Be the first person to have 2,000 paid Mans uh uh there I know Chris uh is Probably one of the fastest to respond On man I think he's a 24-hour guy at 100% responds back to answer so if you Have any questions today if you disagree With me or agree with Tom or Vinnie or Adam or Kom these are their QR codes ask Him any question you want on man there's A 95% chance you get a respond back on Instagram you get respond backs 5% on LinkedIn 5% on Twitter less than 10% on Man there's a 90 to a 95% chance they're Going to get back to you so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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