BE FOCUSED ON YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video 2023

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Daniel Pink

Nathan Harmon

Eddie Truck Gordon

Music: Borrtex

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Regret does not feel good okay it's it's A negative emotion area it's never gonna It's never gonna feel great it's always Going to feel uncomfortable if not Painful and and so the question that Becomes what do you do with that so a Lot of us just ignore it and that's a Bad idea there's no growth there but Some of us actually get debilitated by It and we wallow in it we ruminate in it We actually luxury in it that's an even Worse idea what you want to do is you Want to think about it and and the Problem is is that most of us haven't Been taught how to do that Systematically and so to me the way I Look at this now is is that we should Have a kind of a three-step process Inward outward forward So inward you should is how you reframe Yourself And your regret Um we should and basically the the tldr Here is treat yourself with kindness Rather than contempt the self-talk that We use the way we talk to ourselves is Absurd we are brutal and cruel and Talking to Ourselves if we talk to Anybody out if we were in an Organization and talk to other people The way we talk to ourselves we would be Fired I mean it's ridiculous so the solution There is don't do that instead treat

Yourself with kindness rather than Contempt this is something called Self-compassion recognizing your Mistakes are part of the human condition And that any mistake that you make is is Just a moment in your life not the full Definition from you so that's the inward Look outward look there's a lot to be Said for disclosure uh disclosure is an Unburdening uh we fear that disclosure Disclosing our regrets and Vulnerabilities will make people think Less of it less of us we have 30 years Of Behavioral Science showing that in General people think more of us for Disclosing our vulnerabilities and the Other important thing is that when we This when we take our regrets and talk About them and write about them we're Converting this Blobby emotional abstraction into Concrete words and those are less Fearsome and that helps us make sense of It Welcome to the best day of your life Cause you're here You're alive you're breathing you got Air in your lungs and it's time to start Achieving those Vision those goals those Dreams Start working Foreign Visions in your head On a piece of paper write it down every

Day go and Tackle another Obstacle another Vision another another Over and over and over until you wipe That that piece of paper clean Of all your goals and dreams Your achievements are yours they're Waiting for you to put some action to go After it and get it Nobody's gonna sit there and and and Coach you nobody's gonna sit there and Lift you up nobody's gonna sit there and Push you closer to your dreams until you Start pushing yourself Make a conscious effort make a conscious Decision to be great We all got inside of us Some of us just wanted more than others Some of us is a little bit more more Determined a little more passionate Or maybe it's the picture of me in the Ocean and I can shred water and I'm cool I don't need any help but eventually Over time we get tired and eventually Over time you begin to find yourself Just losing the ability to continue To take another step another day another Moment another breath to be honest it Wasn't even the fact that I wanted to Die I just didn't want to deal I didn't want To deal with another Unforeseen challenge or another hurt in A relationship where I felt abandoned or

Broken this this crazy non-stop race in My head and truthfully here's the thing Y'all like I didn't understand when I was a young Kid navigating life the most powerful Tool that I will ever possess that every Single one of us has has in our ability To step into it's the power of Communication it's the power of Vulnerability it's the power of Transparency it's the power of honestly Not giving a rip what anybody thinks Into realizing what makes you and me I Believe is Humanity very unique is our Ability to articulate and to communicate And to realize the power of our words Man like what makes us special as I Believe as just people is our ability to Talk and to communicate and the ability To have the human connection Foreign Ly we were talking about before you got To extract a lesson from and the way you Do that is you take a step back and and You think about who the person you're Going to be what the person and you're Going to be in 10 years wants to do you Think about what you tell your best Friend to do you talk to yourself in the Third person you think about what your Successor would do any of those things And so when we do that it's not that Hard it becomes a habit and so these Regrets the thing about it at some level

What pisses me off is that we've sort of Been sold a bill of goods where we say The way the effective blueprint for Living is to never look backward and to Say you have no regrets and that's a bad Idea it's not bad philosophy I mean I I Think it is bad philosophically but it's Bad not because it's bad philosophically It's bad because it runs against what 60 Years of science tells us yeah 60 years Of science tells us that everybody has Regrets and that done right regrets can Help us make better decisions become Better negotiators become better Strategists become better problem Solvers become better parents and find Greater meaning in our life So anybody who proclaims no regrets is Sort of saying no learning no growth The challenge is is for me as a kid Growing up because of my father Abandoned me and there's hurts and There's pains and there's these places Of disappointment communicating requires Trust And vulnerability requires trust and to Be truthful I trusted none of you and at The end of the day it was easier to Isolate and it's easier to keep Everybody at an Arm's Reach distance The most powerful tool I think we have Is people which is communication it was The very tool that I would not use at All because I wouldn't talk and I

Wouldn't let anybody Make that conscious decision that today Is the day that you're gonna go out There and be great Today's the days you're gonna sit there And not take no for an answer you're not Gonna take no BS from nobody not gonna Allow anybody to dictate your vision Your goals and your dreams I'll tell you guys man My legacy let Bobby fights that winner Because I drive how many homes I own It's about how many lives I can change And impact and I truly truly mean that And believe that I'm gonna touch well Over 10 plus million people in this Planet in this world And that's why I make these so I can Give one person That little extra kick that's again Through the day Dead the next day and the next day until They're finally where they deserve to be Where they urge to be Foreign [Music]

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