BE FOCUSED ON YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

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Tyrese Gibson

Freddy Fri

Jody Urquhart

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Foreign You will grow through what you go Through The question is are you willing to go Through it Sometimes a setback is a setup for an Ultimate blessing sometimes I set back And you being in the dumps and miserable And frustrated about all of these things That keep going wrong and wrong and Wrong and wrong and you're looking for Something to go right When it finally starts going right You're going to appreciate it that much More you're going to recognize how Blessed you are sometimes God will put You through ultimate challenges and Issues and conflicts to Humble you and Remind you Of how blessed you are because when all The issues and the problems in the Heartache go away Then you find yourself being more Grateful About going through that rough patch And getting to the other side of it State of course You listening stay the course Get off the pity party Stop running around here feeling sorry For yourself When you keep signing up for dump You picked that man Nobody forced you to do it you picked

That woman Grow up Be more responsible for your choices get Off the pity party and stop running Around creating these little pity Parties wanting everybody to play sorry For you like you're the victim Foreign Of our illness is related directly to Stress stress is more about how you Perceive things than what actually Happens stress is trying to control the Uncontrollable Most things we can't control But we also don't need to If you're angry something doesn't go Your way your anger won't change it It's possible to push around outcomes to Prove you're right but it won't relieve You of stress because you'll have to Keep on proving you're right you could Become passive aggressive to teach Someone a lesson but it won't it will Just confuse them The only problem is you're trying to Control the uncontrollable but you don't Need to everything around you operates Separately from you it doesn't need your Input and it's likely not asking Things actually are working out just not Exactly the way you thought they would But it's still working out The resilient mindset Keeps swinging

Until it knocks out any devil Whose mission Is to stop it From going to the next level The resilient mindset Blocks out the negative feedback Because it knows That its vision is its own And others will never see that How resilient are you Because the resilient mindset Fights through the pressure With absolutely no whining Because it knows That's the exact reason That one day It would turn into a diamond The resilient mindset Powers through the sour taste of now Because it knows on the other side Is a sweet taste of later Zillion mindset Knows that the strength it has Within Is much stronger than the force That's trying to break it The resilient mindset Knows that people will throw shade and Hate But it also knows That it never ever ever Has to catch it Life will put an obstacle in your way Life will throw drama life would throw Shade life will try to break you

But the resilient mindset knows That each and every obstacle each and Every setback Just builds and builds and builds more Character it builds and builds and Builds More resiliency So why can't you let go of your past In life your sense of yourself merges With traumatic experiences So in that you might have felt fear Shame Now your identity can become invested in The hardship So the guilt the shame it's now required So just to sustain this outdated Identity it becomes a tug of war inside You you want to get rid of these Feelings but you also can't seem to let Go of them It's just because your identity Has become ensconced in an identity it Is no longer useful Just know that these feelings and Experiences they do not define you this Identity was made by you And it can be removed by you Who you are is so much bigger than a Collection of outdated thoughts and Feelings See the resilient mindset Never Settles It's determined to maximize this gift From God

And minimize the deterrence from the Devil The resilient mindset Stands Tall in the Face of it all Because it knows that true Champions Always get back up whenever they fall My question is How resilient are you are you willing to Give every ounce of your soul are you Willing to get back up no matter how Many times you fall down one two three Five ten twenty Thirty a thousand two Thousand three thousand Do you have enough Inner Strength To get back up three thousand and one Times Because the resilient mindset knows That the world would throw bricks But it never stresses It Picks Them Up And builds blocks For future successes The resilient mindset knows Life will put it to the test But it stays ready To pass any test with flying colors Failure is an important part of growth But it also helps you develop resilience The resilient mindset Deletes the hate And activates mental toughness And refuses To ever break

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