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Hey guys welcome to another video change The meaning that you give and in your Life minions are everything how you Define your life will tell a lot about How far you go with your life Your perspective can either be one or Two things that your perspective can it Be your prison or it can be your power The choice is always up to you how you See life is on you your biggest battle Is not with them whoever them is it's Not external your biggest battle is with You inside yourself because how you Think about life it's how you see life How you see life is how you feel about Life how you feel about life is what you Do in life and what you do in life is What you get from life and the beautiful Thing about that is you are in control Of that you're in control of the Meanings and the definitions that you Gave to life sometimes it takes Something going wrong for everything to Go right turn your pain into your power Turn your struggle into your growth I Can promise you that Every single person that has strength The foundation for their strength is Struggle the foundation for growth is Pain there is no way you can grow Without going through Growing Pains You can either live your dreams Or live your fears And I think the majority of people

Actually are not living their dreams But are living their fears So I want to ask you a question What are your fears What are you afraid of What are you scared of Because we all have fears don't we We all have something that's blocking us That's holding us back And as we begin to look at life what we Realize is that the reason that most People are not living out their true Potential and not doing all of the Things that they would really like to do Is because of fear When you try something new you're going To be terrified You're going to be nervous that's normal You're either going to succeed Or you'll survive well you understand That when you succeed or survive you Learn something right And then when you learn something you're Building a skill so when you build Skills you gain competency And what's interesting is the more that You master something whether it's cold Calling Or it's a selling process or it's Negotiating the more that you gain Competency the lower your anxiety drops The more your nerves drop the more your Doubt drops because you're learning it And so what ends up happening when you

Have competencies now you've got Confidence So we talk about this stuff but Understanding that this is the only way To build it you can't think your way to It and I know a lot of us in the Personal development space talk a lot About mindset but it doesn't start with Mindset and this is what I want to pound Into your brains Yes thinking positive helps a lot But confidence and self-doubt they real Breaking the cycle starts with action [Music] I'm one of those people that that Believe that I can accomplish anything No matter no matter what somebody you Know thinks of me because I've been in The dirt I've been in the ground I've Been in tough times And I realized that that's where I'm I'm Growing when I'm when I'm having Adversity or having pain when I'm having Struggle that's where I become the best Need possible now people are afraid of Of many things in this world but I I Tend to to see when I speak to people That you know they're afraid of failing They have fear And they're afraid of success so they Didn't realize it or not people tell you How bad they want something but what are They doing to go out there and actually Get it

They tell you how bad they want Something but what are they doing to put Those words In action Now you have to learn To embrace failure but you have to Embrace failure embrace the burn embrace The pain and just know that without that Failure it is impossible to get success Without those darkest nights it's Impossible to see those beautiful days With the nice sun shining you have to Learn to embrace the grind and know that The harder it gets the more it burns the Closer you are to success the closer you Are to perfection Foreign So deciding as you look at your life as You look into the future and say what Fears am I holding on to What fears that I'm allowing to imprison Me That's keeping me from breaking out That's keeping me from living up to my True potential that's keeping me from Really being happy that's keeping me From having a sense of adventure and Excitement in my life what's what's Keeping me from controlling my destiny What fears That I'm giving that permission to That we must give our permission To fear to immobilize us because Whatever discomfort you experience

Whatever challenges or difficulty that It is You got to handle it Got to go up in there and wrestle with It will it be easy no Will it be challenging yes [Music] See when you accept yourself and you Accept fear as a fact that means that It's something that happens it's Something that you're going to Experience but it is not a force to hold You back it doesn't have any special Power other than that that you give it So you accept the fact that you are Afraid And then you move on anyhow You move on past it and you do whatever You've got to do when you don't have a True appreciation An acceptance for who you are And you allow yourself to be immobilized By fear what happens in the process is That you begin to abuse yourself You begin to sabotage your life you Begin to sabotage your dreams you begin To unconsciously work against yourself You become Your Own Worst Enemy so what Do you do about that well you you begin To realize that your dream And your gifts Have so much meaning and so much value For you till your hunger for them Will begin to push you past the field

Your hunger to have them will give you a Special Drive As you work on yourself as you begin to Acknowledge your true identity the true Power that you have the true capacity You have to bring about change the Miracle working power that you have Within yourself To do the things that you want to do [Music] We all got that inner beast that's Inside of us that's just waiting for That moment To be Unleashed and it's got to be like Controlled Chaos I see that vision of where I want to go Where I want to be what I want to do how I do it what I want to accomplish it and I Channel it I focus it I get after it With an intense laser focus Before anything successful could happen To you in life First step is you gotta believe in it no One else you don't have to talk about it You have to believe in it and it's not Going to be easy People might try to fool you in and act As if they're giving you their all But that person that you stare at in the Mirror that looks back at you you cannot Fool that person that man that woman in The mirror Knows exactly how much you gave that day When everybody else is not looking what

Are you doing Nobody is perfect [Music] But it's that pursuit of perfection That makes us great So I don't know where you are in this World Just know that If you want it whatever it is go out There believe in yourself And show people The greatness that's inside of you go Out there and be great [Music] [Music]

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